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03/26 - Short List Set Visit

Short List had a chance to visit the Daredevil set and their report reveals quite a number of new details...

"Movies are two hours long -- you set it up, go in and get out," explains showrunner Steven S DeKnight, best known for his work on Spartacus. "This is very Marvel, in its size and scope. But because it's a television show, and because it's going on for 13 hours, you'll get to know the characters in a way you've never known any of them before."

The show's appeal also lies in characters you can't help but feverishly swap sides over: do you love Fisk because he (like many men) turns into an awkward mess when speaking to women he likes, or despise him because he later decapitates someone with a car door when it all goes wrong? Fisk is as comfortable in an art gallery as he is covered in blood, and it's terrifying. "There's no end to what makes him who he is," explains D'Onofrio, who looks like he's been plucked straight from legendary Daredevil writer David Mazzucchelli's pages. "In two sentences, Fisk can move from a child into a monster."



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