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07/04 - Soule & Garney Details

With Charles Soule and Ron Garney coming onboard in October, we're learning more about what to expect... from editor-in-chief Axel Alonso and Soule himself.

From Alonso, in his CBR column:

Charles and Ron come in with a vision for what they want to do with Daredevil. While this series definitely builds on what came before, they are going to leap headfirst into noir -- delving into the darker corners of Murdock's world without getting lost in it. And they are going to bring in a host of fascinating new characters that are going to make Daredevil's job a lot more complicated. Oh, and Charles is a practicing attorney, so expect Matt Murdock's closing arguments to be really on-point. And the rumor sites have one thing wrong -- that's not Gambit next to him.

From Soule, on Twitter:

So, I am writing Daredevil. I would have commented earlier, but I wasn't actually sure if it had been officially announced.

Following @markwaid and @ChrisSamnee is no joke, but @rongarney and I will do our damnedest to carry the torch. (And yes, pun intended.)

Speaking of @RonGarney, dear god, wait until you see his pages. Beautifully fluid. Dark. Whole bottles of ink being used.

I'll talk more about my take down the road, but I've been thinking about my version of Daredevil for years and years. This will be that.

It won't be She-Hulk, but my lawyerly background will still come into play in a big way. A very different kind of legal feel.

First two planned bad guys are new. And weird.

Also - THAT IS NOT GAMBIT. More on that fellow soon.

DAREDEVIL #1 by Soule and Garney ships in October.


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