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08/20 - Daredevil News Roundup

Is this a promo for Season 2, or is it a continuation of promos that Marvel has been doing for Daredevil? Fans have been saying the costume is slightly different... but it may not be.

Also to confuse things, fans are seeing pics from this tweet, thinking it's a Season 2 design as well, but it was featured in a panel with many costume designers... and Stephanie Maslansky (Daredevil costume designer) has confirmed the pics are from Season 1, but it's not stopping everyone from saying it's from Season 2.

Taylor Browne forwarded me some pics of the DAREDEVIL panel from Wednesday afternoon in New York City! Check out some of the designs.

Have you picked up SECRET WARS: SECRET LOVE #1 yet? It's sold out at Diamond and may be going for a second printing. It has a Daredevil/Karen Page/Typhoid Mary story by Michel Fiffe.

Fiffe shared some of his page process on his site:

If you're going to NICE, make sure to get this great print by Ben Oliver!

Make sure to catch this panel at the LBCC next month!

If you had a look at the November solicits, you'll notice DAREDEVIL #1 is still not there, so hopefully we'll see the first issue by Charles Soule and Ron Garney in December!


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