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10/17 - New York Comic Con News

If anyone noticed, I was away this past week for a much needed vacation and had to hear about all the great news from New York Comic Con while I was on a tropical island with spotty wi-fi. I know, priorities.

Here's a round-up of everything Daredevil and Jessica Jones (and Defenders) fans learned...

Marvel/Netflix had some great promotions in place for NYCC, with some Nelson and Murdock bench ads, some posted bills and... free transportation!

Some Daredevil promos, and make sure to visit NelsonandMurdockLaw.com to see some David Mack artwork.

Another Jessica Jones teaser that showcases Killgrave...

An exclusive Jessica Jones poster, and there were business cards for Alias Investigations and Nelson & Murdock

Fans were given a free ride in these special vehicles...

And then there was a Daredevil signing at the Marvel booth...

The Daredevil and Jessica Jones panel on Saturday

The full panel video here:

The full official teaser here with glimpses of Elektra and Punisher:

Marvel interviewed the cast, producers of Daredevil and the cast of Jessica Jones

Entertainment Weekly interviews


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