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01/16 - 20 Years of manwithoutfear.com!

And here we are.

I don't believe it, can you? I've been working on this site for twenty years. I've known my site longer than I've known my wife and kids!

In 1996, I was a university student, struggling to get myself through my final year and the World Wide Web was still really new. Some of my classmates were making "home pages" and learning this new language called HTML.

I really can't tell you why I made a Daredevil site to learn HTML. He was my favourite character, but I had really stopped reading for a few years, as I just bought the issues following "Tree of Knowledge" but never read them. By this time, the JM DeMatteis/Ron Wagner/Bill Reinhold arc was almost done.

But a strange thing happened... I enjoyed updating the site, cataloguing the information, and helping people learn about the character. Corresponding with fans all over the world was such a new concept (to me anyway).

It helped me rediscover my appreciation of the character.

And so, here we are.

Thank you for visiting, if this is visit 1000 for you, or visit 1. It's great to have "met" all of you.

To help celebrate, I'm going to post two new interviews later today and the first part of the DAREDEVIL: LOST TALES feature on the Irwin Allen unproduced TV show.

Hope you enjoy all of those, and thank you once again.

-- Kuljit Mithra


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