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01/27 - Woll and Henson Interview

Collider has a nice feature with Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson as they discuss season two of Daredevil and what the Punisher brings to the show.

Some interesting quotes:

Woll: "For a lot of different reasons, I have a policy that I don't actually watch the work that I do. There are all kinds of reasons to do that, but one really interesting side effect that has come about from that is that I have no imagery of the show that isn't from first-person, through Karen's eyes. So, I haven't actually seen Daredevil more than twice, in my life."

Henson: "This is just from a personal standpoint, but the energy and excitement that people bring, being new on the show, gets us all super pumped. When we heard Jon [Bernthal] was going to play The Punisher, I know I was like, 'That’s perfect casting!' He's like an exposed nerve. He's just really, really intense. I was excited. We just have such a great group of people on our show, with cast and crew and everyone, so any time we can get more people at the party, it's always good."



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