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07/25 - DEFENDERS Reviews

Netflix sent the first four episodes of DEFENDERS to members of the press a few weeks ago, and on Monday the embargo was lifted.

The following are some of the reviews that have surfaced online.

TVGUIDE - "Marvel's The Defenders Isn't The Avengers – and That's the Point"

"The good news? Defenders isn't here as a placeholder until the characters get back to their main series (which is often how mashup movies like Avengers or Captain America: Civil War feel, at least on the individual scale versus pushing the whole universe forward)."

TV Guide

WASHINGTON POST - "‘The Defenders’ is the Marvel team-up you hoped for — Iron Fist and all"

"The coming together of the streaming service’s four superhero shows — each with varying styles on how to be a hero — works in part because of how they focus on why such a get-together shouldn’t work at all."

Washington Post

EMPIRE MAGAZINE - "The Defenders – Episodes 1-4 Review"

"The good news is The Defenders comes in at a leaner, punchier eight episodes. And showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez (fresh from Daredevil’s second season) do have some crowd-pleasing fun with the lead characters’ interactions. When Luke and Iron Fist (who in the comics are partners and best buds) first meet, they have a full-on punch-up — and we get to see what happens when chi-infused knuckles hit a bulletproof jaw."


COLLIDER - "‘The Defenders’ Review: Marvel’s Netflix Heroes Assemble, but Not Soon Enough"

"If you were hoping that The Defenders, with its short 8-episode run, would rectify some of the issues of the solo series regarding pacing and narrative choices, it does not. But like in those series, there are still things to enjoy."


DECIDER - "‘Marvel’s The Defenders’ Delivers The Superhero Sparks You’ve Been Waiting For"

"The Defenders feels like a true hybrid, the sum being impossibly more enthralling than its charismatic parts. You can practically see the sparks flying as soon as these rock solid characters strike against each other. You see just how good each performer is in their respective role once they’re put in context of the other three. These interactions even make them feel more like their comic counterparts; Matt’s more tortured, Luke’s even cooler, Jess is way flippant."


INSIDER - "REVIEW: Netflix's big superhero teamup 'The Defenders' is slow to start, but fun when the heroes are united"

"Way too much time is spent showing the individual characters doing their own thing. The way the initial episodes are strung together, it feels more like we're watching separate, new seasons for each of the four shows rather than one show connecting different characters."


COMING SOON - "Marvel’s The Defenders Review: Episodes 1-4"

"For fans, this is definitely worth a watch, though getting to the actual story might be frustrating for some. When the team up finally does happen, it’s pretty satisfying. If you haven’t seen all the other series, fear not. A lot of time is spent explaining. Hopefully we can let that go in the second half."



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