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12/13 - DAREDEVIL 600 Interview

The milestone DAREDEVIL 600 is coming in March, and ComicBook.com has an exclusive first look of the cover by Dan Mora.

Writer Charles Soule had this to say:

"Well, without getting into too many specifics, it certainly features the biggest villain in Daredevil’s career as a crimefighter – the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk," Soule says. "As we move into #600, we’ve been dealing with a huge story in which Fisk managed to get himself elected as Mayor of New York. This has made Matt Murdock’s life hell in a hundred different ways – among other things, there’s a warrant out for Daredevil’s arrest, his work with the DA’s office is getting tons of pressure from Fisk, and even more than that, he just doesn’t feel like the city is his anymore. So, Daredevil #600 has Matt Murdock fighting his greatest enemy literally for the fate of the city he loves, in multiple arenas. Doesn’t get much bigger."



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