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12/20 - DAREDEVIL 600 Variant Ordering

If you've seen yesterday's post of March's solicits for DAREDEVIL 600, you've no doubt seen the numerous variant covers.

Thanks to my buddy Kyle, we have some info on the ratios for each and the crazy requirements for comic shops to get these variants.

  • Thor variant by Leinil Francis Yu if orders of DD600 exceeds DD596 by 100%
  • Trading card variant by John Tyler Christopher if orders of DD600 exceeds DD596 by 150%
  • Blank variant if orders of DD600 exceeds DD596 by 150%
  • Agents of SHIELD variant is 1:10
  • David Aja variant cover is 1:25
  • Alex Ross variant cover is 1:50
  • And get ready for these ratios...
  • Frank Miller variant cover is 1:500!
  • Frank Miller "b&w" variant cover is 1:1000!
  • I don't know about you, but what shop is going to order 1000 copies (let alone 500 copies) of any comic. These might become some of the rarest DAREDEVIL comics. But seriously, Marvel, there must be a better way to increase your orders rather than these kinds of artificial inflations.

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