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12/27 - Deborah Ann Woll Interview

Collider recently spoke with actress Deborah Ann Woll about her work on PUNISHER and also asked her a few questions about what she'd like to see for Karen Page in DAREDEVIL Season 3.

On Karen Page having agency in her own story:

"That was true, at the very beginning, and that’s the kind of thing that’s true with every character. In the beginning of a show, as an actor, I don’t have a lot of say, in terms of storyline and what they want to do with [my character], at least in my position, in my career. So, for me, it is within the acting. How do I make every moment active and make choices that make her interesting and complex? And then, as the years have gone on and you start to know your character better than some of the writers and directors do, you get a little bit more of a world in which you can say, “I think it would be really great, if this year, her fate wasn’t determined by the boys,” or that kind of thing. You have to pick your battles and make sure that you’ve earned the right to talk about that."

On if Karen Page is a hero:

"Karen does that, too. She screws up her own life, and the lives of people around her, as well. You can’t aspire to have heightened senses, whereas you can aspire to tell the truth, every single second, and you can aspire to be dogged and just never let anything be enough, never give in, and never give up. That’s the kind of person that Karen is, and I think that’s what makes her a valuable role model. You can actually become Karen Page. It would be very hard to become Daredevil."



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