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01/24 - Zdarsky & Checchetto DAREDEVIL Interview

CBR's Dave Richards has a new interview with forthcoming DAREDEVIL creative team Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto.

Zdarsky: "Daredevil especially feels like a character you can explore more through a lens of reality than, say, the Fantastic Four, or even Spider-Man. He’s the most human and complex of the Marvel characters, I find."

There are several preview pages by Checchetto and Sunny Gho which look amazing.

Checchetto: "For Daredevil, I'm playing a lot with shadows and silhouettes to accentuate his darkness. For Matt, I was inspired by the young Robert Redford of The Three Days of the Condor. I opted for his old black glasses and I changed his way of dressing. So, he's less like a lawyer at any moment of his life. [Laughs] I made some variations to the costume of Daredevil to make it visually a bit more realistic, but without distorting it, and I'm trying to curate every little detail."

This CBR exclusive interview will be the only one Zdarsky does for the first arc of the relaunch, so make sure to read on ahead for more details...



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