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02/17 - Frank Miller Daredevil Box Set

UPDATE: Click HERE for the solicitation.

Coming in October is a new paperback box set that will contain all of Frank Miller's work on DAREDEVIL (and also Elektra).

Here is all the information so far (the cover has not been released yet):

By: Frank Miller, Bill Mantlo, Roger McKenzie, David Michelinie, Klaus Janson, John Buscema, David Mazzucchelli, Bill Sienkiewicz

ISBN: 9781302919108
Publisher: Marvel
Imprint: Marvel
On Sale: Oct. 15, 2019
Edition: N/A
Price: $250.00 ($300.00 In Canada)
Pages: 1,896

Description: Visionary creator Frank Miller's complete saga of Matt Murdock and his first love, the lethal assassin Elektra Natchios - in a single, exhilarating box set! One of the greatest runs not just in Daredevil history but in all of comics, Miller also introduced Stick and the Hand to the DD mythos, and established the Kingpin and his sadistic marksman Bullseye as Matt's deadliest foes. Plus the stunning graphic novel Love & War, Miller's revolutionary revisit of the origin of the Man Without Fear, the starling continuation of Elektra's story, and much more!


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