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12/31 - Daredevil Year in Review

DAREDEVIL has had an interesting year... Issues #16-19 all shipped on time, but the pandemic caused a severe delay, as Diamond shut down for months and comic stores were unable to open due to quarantine.

April's DAREDEVIL #20 finally shipped by June and eventually DAREDEVIL #25 shipped by December. There was also a big reveal in the DAREDEVIL ANNUAL as well.

Speaking of DD#25, it caught retailers and fans by surprise, as the revelation inside caused the issue to skyrocket in price and several second printings were announced (coming in January).

There were some collections as well, as the third and fourth DD BY CHIP ZDARSKY shipped, a MAN WITHOUT FEAR Select edition, some Marvel Masterworks and more.

DAREDEVIL #16-25, Annual #1

I also had a chance to interview quite a few people this year from the comics and the show. Have a read!



193 Chip Zdarsky
(September 2020)
The DAREDEVIL writer discusses all the revelations from the Annual.
192 Elsa Sjunneson
(June 2020)
The co-writer of JESSICA JONES: PLAYING WITH FIRE talks about writing Matt Murdock in the audio series.
191 Jack DiFalco
(May 2020)
"Kevin Page" from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about working with Deborah Ann Woll in the "Karen" episode.
190 Cori Dioquino
(May 2020)
DAREDEVIL Season 3's "Sophia Carter" talks about her role as the crime lord, and also her arts organization.
189 Will Stout
(May 2020)
"Todd Neiman" from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about playing Karen Page's former boyfriend and filming in a small town for the show.
188 Chris Tardio
(April 2020)
"Detective Blake" from DAREDEVIL Season 1 talks about his role as one of the Kingpin's crooked cops.
187 Holly Cinnamon
(January 2020)
"Julie Barnes" from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about her role and her work with Wilson Bethel in the show.


The rumored "two year" non-use clause came and went, and it appears that Daredevil is being considered for small roles in the next Spider-Man, or She-Hulk, or none at all... everything is still a rumor at this point.

The Save Daredevil folks organized their own online convention and you can view all the videos here.

I make an appearance in the Discussing Daredevil: A Fandom Roundtable Podcast, where I pretend to be making sense while nervous.

What's ahead?

The site will be celebrating its 25th year in January! Working on some interviews that hopefully can be posted in time. I appreciate all of you who still visit all these years later.

Let's hope 2021 brings us relief from Covid-19. Wishing all of you the best in health. Talk soon.

--Kuljit Mithra


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