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01/26 - Checchetto and Hawthorne Interview

DAREDEVIL #26 comes out tomorrow, and Newsarama had a chance to speak with DAREDEVIL artists Marco Checchetto and Mike Hawthorne about what's ahead for DD and Elektra.

Some snippets:

Marco Checchetto

"I am very happy to be working on this series. Daredevil is a character I love so much and Chip writes him so well that even though it's been two years, I still don't feel the need to draw anything else. In this long period we have given our vision to the series, introducing new characters or giving a precise designs to others. I hope these 25 issues, along with the ones we will do in future, will remain in the heart of the readers and beautiful part of the history of Daredevil."

Mike Hawthorne

"I like the visual contrast of Matt's scruff to Elektra's razor sharpness. DD's cast of characters are perhaps my favorite of all the Marvel U, and it's because of that kind of contrast. Plus, on the few occasions I've had to draw Elektra, I've played to that as best I can. Elektra is someone that should steal the show the moment she walks in a room, whereas Matt could be a guy you might miss if you weren't paying attention."

Good news is that Checchetto has no plans to leave the title and is still enjoying the book two years in.

DAREDEVIL #26 ships January 27th.



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