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04/05 - Epic Collection Update

Back in March we learned that the next Daredevil Epic Collection would be coming later this year via Near Mint Con.

Volume 16 would follow "Last Rites" but it was unclear what issues would be in the collection.

Info is now online via booksellers and now we have a better idea what's in store this November:

Who will claim the Kingpin’s empire? Wilson Fisk has fallen — and would-be crimelord the Owl sinks his talons into New York City! Meanwhile, the sinister Surgeon General slices her way through unsuspecting victims — and her next “patients” may be Daredevil and Spider-Man! But when Nelson & Murdock roll the dice on a big case in Las Vegas, DD finds a cabal of criminals looking to step into Fisk’s oversized shoes! With Tombstone, Hammerhead, Silvermane and Justin Hammer mingling with representatives of Hydra, the Secret Empire, the Hand and more, chaos is in the cards — and when violent vigilantes Nomad and the Punisher arrive in Sin City, all bets are off! Plus, can Daredevil defeat his own twisted doppelganger?

The collection will contain Daredevil (1964) 301-311, Daredevil Annual (1967) 8, Nomad (1992) 4-6, Punisher War Journal (1988) 45-47, material from Marvel Holiday Special (1991) 2.

Some of the creators in the TPB include DG Chichester, Glenn Herdling, Gregory Wright, Fabian Nicieza, MC Wyman, Ron Garney, Scott McDaniel and Pat Ollife.

Price: $44.99 ($56.99 Canada)
Pages: 472

Some other news to share...

DAREDEVIL #30 was to have a "Predator" variant by Bill Sienkiewicz, but it appears Marvel has cancelled orders for the Predator series (and all its variants).

Rumors online point to a November release, so we'll most likely see all of these resolicited sometime in September.

Also, a new printing of DAREDEVIL: YELLOW will be coming in August.

The DAREDEVIL BY CHARLES SOULE OMNIBUS is also now showing up on Amazon and other online booksellers. Scheduled for early September.


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