Daredevil #2

Title :"Guardian Devil Part Two: The Unexamined Life"
Writer:Kevin Smith
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti/J. Scott Campbell/Alex Garner
Colours:Avalon Studios' Laura & Drew
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Liz Agraphiotis
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:None
Cover Price:2.50,3.50


Black Widow
Foggy Nelson
Karen (baby)
Karen Page
Kim (receptionist)
Lydia McKenzie
Matt Murdock
Mr. Gabriel
Nicholas Macabes

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Alex Garner
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J. Scott Campbell
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Jimmy Palmiotti
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Joe Quesada
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Kevin Smith
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Issue Summary

The second issue of DD has a splash page with the Black Widow saying "Don't even try to tell me it's mine". This, of course, is in reference to the baby that is in Matt's care. The Widow is at Matt's apartment because she saw that Matt had called her and then hung up before she could pick it up. Matt tells her all about the baby and the troubles Gwyneth had. He explains that the child is the saviour of mankind. However, he also says he didn't call her about the baby. The Widow realizes that Karen and Matt have broken up and she gets upset. She thinks Matt only called her to get nostalgic about old times. Surprisingly, she puts her anger aside and proceeds to ask where the two of them could... ahem... get reaquainted. She's interrupted though, when Matt hands her the baby and tells her to take care of it while he goes to the office and checks hospital records on Gwyneth. The Widow is obviously not amused, and when Matt tells her to change the baby's diaper too, she exclaims 'Good God, I was an Avenger!'.

At the office, Matt is looking at the birth and death records of St. Anthony's Hospital. Half the babies born at that hospital have died recently. He's interrupted by Kim, the new secretary. Matt has an unscheduled 11:30 appointment. The person comes in...

The man introduces himself as Nicholas Macabes (and if you notice, he's holding a cane like the mystery man from last issue). Macabes bluntly says that he knows about the child in Matt's care. He goes on to explain that he is serving society and there are forces at work in the world. He says the baby is the main cog for the end of the world. Matt dismisses him. Macabes then says that he knows that Matt is Daredevil. Matt goes berzerk and grabs the man by his collars. He demands to know what is going on. Matt lets go, and Macabes explains that Matt is being used and his (Macabes) organization is trying to stop the apocalypse. The baby is really the anti-christ. Matt reads Macabes' heart rate. Macabes is telling the truth. Matt is then told he should kill the baby to save the world. He also learns that Macabes is part of the Sheol, an organization that has been on Earth for many years, guiding the way for humans. He also learns that if he continues to keep the child in his care, his life will have 'upheavels'. Macabes says Matt has 48 hours to hand over the child.

Foggy walks in as Macabes leaves. Matt notices that Macabes has put an amulet in his hand without him noticing. Foggy wants to use the company card to take Lydia McKenzie out for dinner. Matt throws the card Foggy's way.

Matt leaves the office, trying to think who is doing this to him. Is it the Kingpin? A mugger attacks him, but Matt subdues him. Then the mugger says something about Matt's mother, and Matt goes berzerk again. He attacks the mugger and beats him to a pulp. He is interrupted by a group of kids playing street hockey (I think this is some reference to the upcoming Dogma movie), and Matt doesn't understand what is happening to himself. He runs away from the scene.

Switch to a scene with Gwyneth, who is doing her best to stay in hiding. However, as she steps out of a subway station, she runs right into Mr. Gabriel (from last issue) and she is taken away in a limo.

DD is on a rooftop, doubting himself and doubting God. The Widow meets up with him, with the baby in her arms. DD wants the baby from her. He says the world is a dark place for a child. He asks the Widow if she had the chance, would she have killed Hitler when he was a kid. DD holds the baby over his head and uncharacteristically attempts to throw the baby down to the street. The Widow stops his attempt and trips DD for good measure. DD manages to say that the baby is the anti-christ, and the Widow laughs at him. While DD calls the baby a 'he', the Widow informs him that the baby is a 'she'. It's probably an important plot point for later issues I suppose. The Widow takes the child away and she tells DD to stay low for a while to get over whatever is troubling him.

At Lydia McKenzie's home, Lydia kisses Foggy and asks him to join her in her bedroom. Foggy tries to tell her that he's involved with Liz Osborn, but she says she won't tell anyone. Foggy follows Lydia into the bedroom. However, there is someone in the hall watching from the shadows. He's wearing a hat and an overcoat.

Matt is back at his apartment, holding the amulet. He then realizes that he recognizes a smell in the air. He can't believe it. At the door... is Karen Page. She's acting very frantic and she's going on about God and her life. She then drops a bombshell. She has AIDS.


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