This is compilation of the "DD facts you may not know" that I've been posting on Twitter.
  1. There was going to be a Ka-Zar/Daredevil Annual in 1998, written by Ann Nocenti.
  2. Steve Englehart was going to write DD after Miller's Born Again, and move DD to join the West Coast Avengers.
  3. Dan Chichester planned a 4 issue series with a time traveling DD in the 1800's called "Original Sin".
  4. Volume 1 ended with issue #380, but there were 381 issues in the first volume.
  5. "Alan Smithee" wrote DD338-342. His real name is Dan Chichester. He was protesting his dismissal from the book.
  6. Karl Kesel wanted to make Matt mayor of New York City, but idea was nixed by editorial.
  7. Ben Affleck originally auditioned for Bullseye. So did Vin Diesel.
  8. There has only been one time when the entire editorial team on DD were all women: Javins, Watson and Chase.
  9. The Miller/Simonson story that was never completed was titled "The Devil's Own". TwitPic
  10. While the collection is better known as "Born Again", the first issue of the arc is entitled "Apocalypse".
  11. Todd McFarlane drew an issue of Daredevil, issue #241.
  12. There were plans to combine DAREDEVIL & IRON MAN into one title in the 70's, because of poor sales.
  13. Frank Miller has drawn DD after his run on the title. The covers to the Visionaries TPBs & MSH Megazine #2.
  14. David Bowie's ex-wife Angie Bowie planned a Black Widow/Daredevil TV series in the 70's. Getty Images
  15. A planned cartoon in the 80's would have had DD and his trusted sidekick "Lightning the Super Dog".
  16. Gwenyth's daughter from "Guardian Devil" was revealed to be the reincarnation of Stick, in "Daredevil: Ninja"
  17. "Playing to the Camera" (#20-25) is the only arc from Vol.2 that has not been collected or reprinted.
  18. Joe Rosen lettered over 100 issues of DAREDEVIL (from 165-279 he only didn't letter 4 of them).
  19. Max Scheele coloured over 100 issues of DAREDEVIL. Her real name is Christie.
  20. The prostitute DD thought he accidentally killed in Man Without Fear survived and she became... Typhoid Mary.
  21. If DD had shipped monthly and never missed a ship date since 1964 it would be on issue 555 right now not 508. (as of July 2010)
  22. The type logo for the "Man Without Fear" mini was created by Pat Garrahy, and even includes his thumbprint.
  23. The "target" in the incomplete DAREDEVIL/BULLSEYE: THE TARGET series was going to be Captain America.
  24. Alex Maleev's wife was the model reference for Milla Donovan. Maleev himself is Sammy Silke.
  25. Artist Amanda Conner was the model reference for Bill Sienkiewicz's ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN.
  26. David Mack named the Cebulski bros. from "Parts of a Hole" after Marvel talent scout CB Cebulski.
  27. Ed Brubaker's characters Chico & Merv were based on comedians Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn.
  28. DD co-creator Bill Everett was related to the poet William Blake. His full name was William Blake Everett.
  29. Bridget Moynahan was up for Elektra, but execs worried cuz she did recent movies with both Affleck & Farrell.
  30. If you've got issue #290, check out some of the obscured headlines on the splash page
  31. The guys in this DD page are former editors Warren Simons and Alejandro Arbona TwitPic
  32. There was a DD action figure released in 1997 called "Tank Attack Darevil", spelled incorrectly.
  33. Although he didn't appear in Secret Wars, DD does have an action figure in that toy line from 1984.
  34. DD once worked undercover for SHIELD, had plastic surgery, regained his sight & was named Laurent Levasseur.
  35. Because of that SHIELD arc, Kevin Smith almost gave up writing DD, because he wanted to write DD with sight.
  36. Ralph Macchio edited over 100 issues of DAREDEVIL (from #212-337, and that doesn't include his asst. editing)
  37. The Chaste were named by Dan Chichester. The closest Frank Miller came to naming the group was "The Seven".
  38. After "Fall From Grace", Dan Chichester was planning a "DD Year 2"-type mini-series called "Hell's Kitchen".
  39. At that time, Marvel was also considering a DAREDEVIL/PREDATOR crossover.
  40. The story in 317-318 was inspired by real events of old cooking grease being sold on the black market for $$$
  41. That same story is an homage to "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".
  42. The Daredevil movie was not the 1st time Affleck & Garner were in the same movie. They were in Pearl Harbor.
  43. The DD movie costume was designed by James Acheson, who also designed the Spider-Man movie costume.
  44. Daredevil was killed and brought back to life in the NIGHTHAWK mini-series by Jim Krueger.
  45. Because of shipping delays w/ DAREDEVIL, Kingpin's blindness was spoiled by the DAREDEVIL/SPIDER-MAN series.
  46. The 7 issues of "Parts of a Hole" took 16 months to come out.
  47. Until "Guardian Devil", Sister Maggie had never been officially confirmed as Matt's mother, only hinted.
  48. Before her return to the pages of DD in "Born Again", Karen Page hadn't been seen for almost 90 issues.
  49. The Daredevil "armoured" costume was inspired by the field of science called biomemetics.
  50. Some guy helped with the text commentary on the Daredevil DVD.
  51. Mark Waid wrote a proposal for a DAREDEVIL 2099 series.
  52. A former DD writer was asked to write an ULTIMATE DAREDEVIL series a few years ago. I can't reveal who.
  53. David Mack gave Wilson Fisk his middle name of "Grant".
  54. Palmiotti, Gray, Leonardi & Conner worked on an Elektra comic that was only available in the Elektra DVD.
  55. There have been 4 people named Mr. Fear, and one Mistress of Fear.
  56. Former Rolling Stone magazine editor Jann Wenner appeared in DD#100.
  57. 3 former DD creators appeared in the movie... Stan Lee, Kevin Smith and Frank Miller.
  58. Mentalist Uri Geller teamed up with DD in issue #133 against Mind-Wave and his awesome Think-Tank.
  59. DAREDEVIL: REDEMPTION was based on the real life case of the West Memphis Three. - Link
  60. A new Ultimate Daredevil makes his debut in Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #1.
  61. At the time, DAREDEVIL was the lowest grossing movie to make over $40 million on its opening weekend.
  62. Cuba Gooding, Jr. wanted to audition for the role of Daredevil, but was never approached by the filmmakers.
  63. Walt Simonson has only ever worked on one issue of DAREDEVIL, the cover to issue #236 (inked by Sienkiewicz).
  64. Ann Nocenti was once the editor of High Times magazine.
  65. Miller's Elektra was inspired in part by Will Eisner's Sand Saref character from The Spirit.
  66. DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS was announced in February 2007, and hasn't been seen since (as of Aug 2010)
  67. GREY'S ANATOMY'S Ellen Pompeo played Karen Page in the DD movie. Her role is expanded in the director's cut.
  68. Before his work on DAREDEVIL, Scott McDaniel worked as an engineer.
  69. Mike Oeming worked on the Fall From Grace arc when he was a teenager.
  70. The playground scene from the movie is based on the Echo/DD story from Parts of a Hole.
  71. While never working on DD together, Ann Nocenti & David Mazzucchelli did an Angel story in MARVEL FANFARE #40
  72. DD once fought a demonic vacuum cleaner, during the Inferno storyline.
  73. Writer George Alec Effinger appeared in DAREDEVIL #79, as one of Man-Bull's potential victims.
  74. "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson's cousin spots DD hiding in the rafters of Josie's Bar, in the movie.
  75. In a deleted scene from ELEKTRA, Ben Affleck appears in a dream sequence as Matt Murdock.
  76. Klaus Janson was, at times, the penciler, inker and colorist on DAREDEVIL.
  77. When the Visionaries TPB's were made, all the pages were rescanned from original plates & colors reseparated.
  78. Miller and Sienkiewicz worked on ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN and DD: LOVE & WAR simultaneously.
  79. Every final page of each ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN issue is a full-page image; done on purpose.
  80. Writer Dan Slott was once an assistant editor on DAREDEVIL.
  81. The ELEKTRA SAGA series is an abridged version of her story from DD. Issue #1 contains some new material.
  82. The DD: FALL FROM GRACE TPB contains about 10 pages of story not seen in the individual issues.
  83. The glow-in-the-dark cover to #321 does not have any "glow" on Hellspawn, to mimic how DD could not "see" him.
  84. When Erik Larsen was writing NOVA in 1999, he wanted to reveal that Elektra was a Skrull.
  85. There were a lot of ideas for DD's costume in Fall From Grace - Link
  86. Lee Weeks was originally going to draw the first BATMAN/DAREDEVIL crossover.
  87. DD battled Vapora in a special produced for the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association about danger of fumes
  88. DD had a 2-part crossover with Billy Tucci's SHI, in 1997.
  89. Warren Ellis and Tommy Lee Edwards were planning a DD one-shot in 1998, but Marvel Knights deal stopped it.
  90. Warren Ellis was writing a novel called "DAREDEVIL: NEW YORK UNDERGROUND" in late 90's; canceled by publisher.
  91. Bullseye once dressed as DD to commit crimes, so DD dressed as Bullseye to stop him.
  92. Black Panther once posed as DD to help keep DD's identity a secret.
  93. The ELEKTRA movie promotion didn't mention any ties to DAREDEVIL until the week before its release.
  94. DD co-creator Bill Everett's daughter Wendy is legally blind.
  95. One of Wally Wood's last comics work was inking Frank Miller's cover of DAREDEVIL #164 in 1980.
  96. Frank Miller was 22 years old when he started drawing DAREDEVIL.
  97. Karin Fong designed the opening title sequence for the DD movie - Link
  98. Yuriko Oyama made her debut in DAREDEVIL #197. She later became the villain Lady Deathstrike.
  99. Harlan Ellison wrote DD #208 as a favor to Denny O'Neil, who was entering the hospital for a short stay.
  100. Some guy you might know wrote the DD section of the Marvel Knights Encyclopedia.

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