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Every so often, I will ask readers a Daredevil-related question and post all the answers I receive in my mailbox at question [at] manwithoutfear [dot] com.

Was there a time when you stopped reading Daredevil?

Kuljit Mithra - For me, I stopped reading just after the Fathoms of Humanity arc (but still got the issues), and got back into it because of some website.

David Gallaher - After Fall from Grace / Marvel Knights

Alex Lynch - I'm not even much of a DD fan. Only really read "Yellow" and the first volume of Waid's run. Oh, I just wanna mention that I don't like Waid's Daredevil. Not cuz it's bad, but I prefer the grim and dark atmosphere.

Jeff Rothman - Waid's DD was the 1st time I've ever read about the character. Now I LOVE DD & DD DARK NIGHTS.

A[Ar]on - Almost got out on Shadowland but I keep reading because I love DD so much.

Marcus Plato - I've only thought about giving up DD twice; when Chichester gave him the stupid armoured costume and Shadowland. Glad I didn't!

Steven Springer - Never stopped buying, never stopped reading. My interest ebbed and flowed depending on stories and art.

Ryan K Lindsay - I stopped because of university/funds/girls/etc. I came back because of eBay/Kevin Smith's run.

Brian Winkeler - Loved Miller. Think Nocenti is worst writer in history of comics. Returned for Bendis, stayed for Brubaker and now loving Waid.

Cape Killer - Stopped when Diggle took over, just awful! Mark Waid has brought it back!

DurrDevil - Shadowland. Because it was Shadowland. And then the current run brought me back because it's just basically fantastic.

Jamie Gambell - Fall From Grace. Came back for Shadowland. It fell apart during Fall From Grace, I'd stopped reading comics.

EarthAD - Stopped reading Waid's run. Glad there's been End of Days and Dark Nights to give me my fix.

phillip. - Was into Smith and Bendis's run then stopped collecting comics all together for years and right into Waid's DD run.

Dennis Mercier - I stopped because of Shadowland. Came back for Waid's first issue.

The Taskmaster - Made it through Tree of Knowledge and Fathoms of Humanity. Stopped at return to been-theresville afterward (Kesel/Kelly)... Till Smith.

Dimetre Alexiou - I was reading Daredevil and other comics in the mid 80s, but dropped all comics (shortly before Born Again) after a friend stole one of my comics and wouldn't confess. (I didn't want to be like him.) I picked up Daredevil much later, during Guardian Devil by Kevin Smith, but dropped it after Vision Quest, because I couldn't stand Bendis. I didn't pick it up until Brubaker started with #82.

Clint Lowe - Lack of money in my youth and the provider stopped carrying. being young, you are at the mercy of the local grocery mart. it stunk. I've been catching up on the last volume. I'm am one volume away from lark becoming the new artist. I got back on because I prerfer daredevil over most street level heroes. plus, shadowland was really good.

Maurizio Tommasini - Stopped during the Chichester run with the new costume. Awful art, terrible stories. Started again with vol.2 on and off trough the years. Definitely on on the Waid run.

Timothy H.S. Wessel - I didnt start reading DD until 2011 and have not stopped.

Stache Biggins - I was a sporadic DD reader in the 80's and 90's and juped on DD full time w/ the Guardian Devil stroyline, mainly because of Quesada's art (not Smith's writing). I followed DD until Shadowland came along, just didn't enjoy the creative team and direction. Been with Waid since issue 1! I go back and pick up DD storylines from the 90's here and there still, just to check out a particular artists take on DD (thanks to your list of pencillers!!!)!

Aris Georgiadis - I echo a few folks here. I stopped after Born Again when I ran out of money as a kid. And by then, I stopped with comics. I picked up Shadowland as a lark -- heard what it was about and was intrigued -- and while I wasn't blown away by it, I remembered why I liked comics and DD in particular. I quickly bought the Bendis & Brubaker trades, caught up on a whole decade, and have been enthralled with Waid's run since No. 1. One of the best decisions I've made! I even recently picked up a Nocenti trade.

Jordan James Holliday - Shadowland was the closest i've got, i was going to buy into all the tie ins but stuck with the main series instead. After shadowland i stopped and didnt buy the 'black panther: man without fear' issues. started again with daredevil reborn though. Also ive bought but not read any of the daredevil dark nights. Not really into it, thought the first issue was ok but would rather juat read the main series, rather than jumping between different writers and artists.

Gloria Porta - The black and metal costume years: Mostly because those issues were badly distributed around my place, but: well, not among my favourite runs...

Peter Walberg - I collected DD from the early 70's through the 80's. Then stopped just out of lack of interest. In the 90's I rediscovered my collection and realized I missed reading comics. Back to the stores and ebay, and now I have a collection that is missing only 3 issues and includes Annuals Specials and crossovers. All of them. Like Matt says, never EVER give up.

NotInYourCountry - Stopped after the Bendis-Maleev run (I didn't want to get into another lengthy run). I'm back to see new artists' work.

James Castle - Skipped Vision Quest. Came back when it was a DD book again. Also skipped Daredevil: Reborn because Shadowland blew.

Gael Mansard - I stopped right after "Born again", against my wish : French editor Lug / Semic stopped the publication of DD in their flagship magazine "Strange" due to "the excess of violence" of the second Miller run. Strange was supposed to be a kid magazine... (At the same time, I was 8 years old so they weren't wrong). I came back with "Guardian devil", and never gave up the title again ! (Even if it was close with "Shadowland")

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