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Every so often, I will ask readers a Daredevil-related question and post all the answers I receive in my mailbox at question [at] manwithoutfear [dot] com.

What Daredevil story do you read over and over again?

Kuljit Mithra - For me, it's Born Again, because it showcases the "never give up" component of Matt's character.

Comicbook Cricket - Daredevil: Yellow because they made the yellow suit and the early villains work.

Glen Newman - Not to sound predictable but it has to be Born Again. Second is the Bendis/Maleev run, once I start I have to finish.

Nicolas Miranda - Born Again, it's the first I read and made me love him.

Frisco Del Rosario - Guardian Devil, for the same reason I watch Serenity repeatedly. I keep hoping the death at the end changes.

Ian Wells - I'd go with #181, people forget it's from Bullseye's thoughts for most of the story and it was the last comic not spoiled by the internet.

Joebi-wan Kenobi - Born Again is a must read. Last Rites is an exceptionally overlooked story though the whole of Miller's run is always worth rereading, as is Brubaker's.

CT - Yeah, Born Again for me too. Can't get enough of Mazzucchelli's art in that.

Lewis McGregor - Yellow. It was my first and a lot of good memories are shared with that book.

Joshua Allen - Man Without Fear. I just love that telling of the origin.

RepStones - Born Again, just the perfect iteration of the character IMO.

Tony Wolf - It is truly hard to beat DD: Born Again. I saw the Artist's Edition recently and was just stunned. It's a masterpiece.

Paul Bowler - I really like Guardian Devil, awesome story & art. I always enjoy reading that one.

Tyler Orr - Born Again. It's just so dramatic and climatic.

Kyle Ross - The entire Bendis run. The Murdock Papers especially is like "The Empire Strikes Back" of DD stories.

Steven Springer - I'll also go with Born Again. Probably Miller's best writing in his entire DD run. Mazzucchelli's art was brilliant.

David II - The entire Bendis/Maleev run, followed very closely by Born Again.

Mac - Guardian Devil by Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada.

House O'Neill - Miller's Man Without Fear, just great writing and art. Bendis run is my fave though.

James Castle - Born Again because it's a complete story with an amazing arc.

Doddy Ariawan - Born Again and Guardian Devil because the storylines are very deep, touching and timeless!

Brad Paige - I read Daredevil: Father every Father's Day.

David Wood - Frank Miller's Daredevil - Groundbreaking & Epic.

BTRO - not like actually DD but Echo: Vision Quest. I read it yearly (at least).

fazamor - Guardian Devil and the whole Bendis/Maleev era, cuz it was the first DD books I've read.

Cameron Carpenter - Redemption, because it's just so blisterin' good every damn time. I return to Love and War, too, thanks to Bill's art.

Andre with an eye - Born Again because of the impact it had on my view on Comics for lie. Also Daredevil #191 with the Russian Roulette story.

Christopher - DD 191. Roulette. Best single comic ever written.

The Mighty Jerd - Hands down "Born Again"... it is the defining Daredevil classic.

Larry Teague Jr. - Probably Guardian Devil or Yellow. Loved both. Redemption as well. Have read the DD parts of 1602 quite a bit too.

Ali Miller - Born Again b/c it showcases Matt's resilience -- even after a total breakdown he still isn't beaten, and finds himself again.

Mike West - Man without Fear. Miller and Romita Jr or Marked for Death. Miller and Janson.

Christine - I would have to say Daredevil #191 (Roulette)

Tom McKenna - Just one? Today, the first story that jumped in my mind was Decalogue. Very talkie, but really interesting presentation.

Anthony T - Man Without Fear. Great origin story. Plus you can't go wrong with Miller and Romita Jr. on DD

Laura - I know I've read the Echo arc many times. The story is great and the artwork is AMAZING.

Wednesday's Heroes - I keep coming back to two... #163 and Born Again.

Dimetre - I'm assuming an enormous number are going to say the same thing, but it would have to be Born Again. After that it would have to be #181, just for the craftmanship alone. The fact that Bullseye narrates the entire issue, but we're shown things he can't see, is headspinningly amazing.

Gael Mansard - I won't be original but for me it's "Born Again" I discovered the story when I was 8 years old. It was the first DD story I have ever read, and It's the only one which has kept the same impact on me nearly 30 years later.

natshuck44 - "The Devil in Cell Block D". Why, because Bendis had written the narrative into a proverbial dead end and it was up to Brubaker and Lark to get Matt out. The art is spectacular, characterization spot-on. Kudos!

Stache Biggins - Born Again.

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