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Every so often, I will ask readers a Daredevil-related question and post all the answers I receive in my mailbox at question [at] manwithoutfear [dot] com.

What was the first story you read with Daredevil? Was it in his own title, or an appearance in another book? Who was the writer & artist?

Kuljit Mithra - Daredevil #6 by Lee and Wood!

Paolo Rivera - Guardian Devil!

Andrew E Plotkin - First story I read was Shadowland arc. Dug back from there.

The Real Manu - I met DD in a Spec Spidey by Peter David. But my first comic book was issue #245 by Nocenti and Romita.

Duhitn Duhn - I think DD#6 by Lee and Wood was my first, but I sought the Frank Miller run and fell in love.

Christine - It was the one that starts in the middle of a story featuring the Unholy Three.

Ian Wells - Mine would have been Daredevil: Yellow followed by #248-249 cause it had Wolverine in it.

DospinchesA-ron - Don't remember which number exactly, something about #70 or so, a Decalogue number by Bendis & Maleev.

Sam Marx - Frank Miller's Man Without Fear!

THE James - Daredevil #306 was the first DD issue I owned.

Keil - The Marvel Team-Up when Spidey had the black suit was my first DD.

Stephen T. Shaffer - Definitely Kevin Smith's Guardian Devil series.

The Flash(light) - Bendis/Maleev - Hardcore was the DD I ever read.

Scott Olsen - Man Without Fear #1-5 Miller and Romita Jr. -- SO GOOD!

Flodo Span - I can't remember the exact title but I'm pretty sure it was one of DD's earliest appearances in a Punisher book.

Frisco Del Rosario - #158, I think it was.

DuggiDouglas = Guardian Devil by Kevin Smith.

Steven Springer - Summer of '65, Daredevil #9, "That He May See" by Lee and Wood.

Carrie S - I don't recall details, but it was in a Mighty World of Marvel publication (in the UK) in the 1970's. I loved those comics!

Tyler Orr - Friend lent me a copy of Essential Daredevil 1. Ever since then I've been reading them in order. I'm on issue 55 v2.

Mark D. White - Mine was Ed Brubaker's first issue (with Lark on pencils, I think).

random-shane - Nocenti and Weeks - Daredevil #284 was the first issue, the return of Bullseye; Man without Mercy.

ElephantRiders - My first was later in his history with Kevin Smith's 8 issue run to start vol. 2. Hooked ever since.

Juan Gabriel - Mark Waid run. Daredevil is a great character.

Israel Suarez - Guardian Devil by Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada.

Alex - Born Again!

Paul Hix - Bought the Miller Daredevil V1 based on its influential reputation. Took it from there buying all the collections.

Sarah - I only started reading recently, with Mark Waid's stuff. But I've loved the character so much, I've picked up older stories.

Kyle Ross - First DD story was Guardian Devil. First exposure to DD was '90s Spidey cartoon.

Art Reese - DD#1 by Waid, I had zero interest in DD till I picked that up on a whim.

Stephen Sanghera - Amazing Spider-Man #16! Naturally I then went and read DD#1.

Jordan Holliday - I first picked up Daredevil as a kid when I found a copy of issue 300 in a charity shop.

Paul Johnston - Someone got me the Miller trades for xmas about 10 yrs ago couldn't put them down for the next 2 days.

Greg Carpenter - DD#180 by Miller. He gets put in a shark tank, if I remember correctly.

NotInYourCountry - Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra, by Rucka and Larroca.

Dallan Baumgarten - My 1st DD issue was #158. Plucked it from a spinner rack. That cover! Oh, that cover!

Keith Spragg - Guardian Devil, only because of the doc on the Daredevil DVD.

Steve Duckworth - Ann Nocenti was my first. Typhoid Mary et al, still my fave, even over Miller!

Doddy Ariawan - I dunno what's the title or the artists, but it was DD against Gladiator & Beetle at the subway.

Svenska Superserier - "The blind leading the blind!" was the first I read about Daredevil. Possible also the first I read about Spider-Man.

G Investor - Either Daredevil #1 (coverless) or #4. Uncle gave them to me when I was a kid. Sadly, long gone.

Mike West - Daredevil #159, the Marked for Death arc. It's now my goal to collect the original Miller & Janson run!

James Castle - #247 by Nocenti and Giffen. Completely bizarre jumping on point.

Swamp Wizard - First DD I started reading was actually the Waid and Samnee run. Started at issue 9 then went back.

Zac Goyette - I don't remember the specific issue number, but he was facing off against the Bullet and I believe it was drawn by JRJr.

Cook Mast Babtridge - It was Daredevil #187. I was six. Now I'm almost 28 and I own every single original issue bar a couple.

Clayton Scholefield - #172 Gangwar!

Tom McKenna - I got so into DD after reading Devil in Cell Block D, that I went back and read everything back to Guardian Devil. Hooked!

Tim Stevens - Daredevil #232, the penultimate chapter of Born Again. A friend's dad had it. Although my first Daredevil encounter ever was the TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk.

Joel Meadows - I think it may have been Born Again.

Dave DSG - DD The Man Without Fear by Miller and Romita Jr.

Joe Burris - Daredevil 183&184 Child's Play by Frank Miller, was about 10 years old. Big Punisher fan this turned me 2 Daredevil fan.

Tyler Barlass - Spectacular Spider-Man #107

VaultMan Inc. - Daredevil #165

Danger Zone - Roulette. Suffice to say, it set the bar rather high.

Seamus Fox - Daredevil Yellow was my first. Read issue 1 digitally then the rest at library.

Zach - Daredevil #318 from a random supermarket spinner rack. I'll never forget that damn cockroach in the corner.

Ben Croghan - My RA in college had the Brubaker issues of DEVIL IN CELL BLOCK D. I remember sitting on his couch n blasting thru each one.

Nick C - I think the first issue with DD I ever read was the 2002 Marvel Knights one-shot Spider-Man/Daredevil.

Alice Lynch - I'm not sure!

Alex Lynch - Yellow

Lewis McGregor - Daredevil: Yellow! My first ever book too! Only last year haha.

DJ Hufford - Right around issue 260 I believe. No special reason, I just liked the cover.

Tracey - I kept hearing how good DD was so I picked up Guardian Devil last year. I've now read the last 15 years worth of comics.

DurrD - A one shot a few years back. Around the time of #500. Had about 4 mini stories, it was great. Lovely stylistic artstyle.

Anthony T - Daredevil #104. Found it in a back issue bin and have been reading Daredevil ever since.

Scott Sackett - Literally it was [the Marvel Superheroes anthology book].

Laura - Pretty sure my 1st was "Guardian Devil". Hadn't read comics b4 that, wanted 2 learn more about the character after the movie.

Tony Howson - It was Marvel Superheroes Annual #1 in 1966 that reprinted Daredevil #1 by Stan Lee & Bill Everett. I bought it because it had the Avengers and the Human Torch on the cover, but the DD story proved to be my favourite of the issue. Shortly after that I bought DD #26 off the stands (Stilt Man and Masked Marauder with Gene Colan art work) and I've been reading on and off ever since.

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