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Every so often, I will ask readers a Daredevil-related question and post all the answers I receive in my mailbox at question [at] manwithoutfear [dot] com.

Which one of Matt's love interests is your favorite character?

Kuljit Mithra - For me it's Natasha.

Emma Campbell - Karen. The first and last comic to ever make me cry was the one shot "What if Karen Page had lived"

random-shane - I always liked Milla right from the get go, very under rated love interest, glad Waid brought her back for an appearance.

Gerald So - I'd say Natasha (Black Widow), too. Runner-up: Elektra.

Cameron Carpenter - Karen. Always and forever. Might have been the only DD relationship to go through every major dynamic of love and loss.

Frisco Del Rosario - I don't think he really loved anyone after Karen left, and Elektra was just a dream.

Charles King - Echo was an interesting love interest, being deaf and all...

Jason Versaggi - Karen Page.

Ian Austin - Karen Page.

Comic Book Worm - Elektra. I love Milla's character a lot too.

Kevin Walters - Does Foggy count? They were together for the longest time. Work wives count.

Jeff Gibson - Elektra. I still hold out for Elektra.

MacKenzie Clayton - Karen Page because out of all of his many love interests, she's the only one I think he really, truly loved.

Christine - It's a tricky question and depends on the era. Can I vote for 70s Natasha, 90s Karen and early (but not late) Milla?

James Castle - Elektra when done right. Karen is a very close second. Milla was a wasted opportunity.

Lewis McGregor - Maya Lopez.

Tyler Orr - Without a doubt Moondragn. Just kidding. I just want the record to show Marvel let that happen. Black Widow all the way.

Ben Croghan - As a character I would agree with you on Natasha. But as a love interest I really loved what Bendis and Brubaker did w/ Milla.

Martin Michaud-Couch - One of my first reads was DD: Yellow. So for me Karen Page.

Gabriel McCormick - I appreciate that Natasha doesn't put up with Matt's BS. She wins for that.

Evil David - Milla - Karen - Natasha.

bad haole boy - Maya, then Natasha.

steve duckworth - Karen, defo!

Jack's Wasted Life - I'd say Foggy. With the current Waid and Samnee run, Matt & Foggy are the most loving duo in comic books today.

Doddy Ariawan - Elektra for sure

Benny Gelillo - Hands down: Elektra!

Clayton Scholefield - Tough on. I'd have to pick Elektra. Her origin, her rise and fall, plus drawn by Sienkiewicz is just stunning.

DurrDevil - The one that was a drug addict pornstar and then thought she had AIDS but didn't.

Ali Miller - Elektra! I do love Maya and Natasha almost as much, though.

Jon Bender - Karen Page. Loved every story I read, especially by Smith.

Hoodlum_Honcho - Typhoid Mary.

Sarah Bowden - I am actually a fan of Ms. McDuffie. She takes care of business.

Jeff Pettit - Typhoid Mary. Loving a guy so much you drop him off a bridge? Now THAT'S true love!

Gigamyt3 - The one that hasn't died or had their life scarred by being with Matt Murdo--- OH WAIT!

Glen Newman - Elektra. I was quite interested to see where Waid was going with the McDuffie relationship. We'll never know now.

Daniel Forsythe - Natasha Romanova.

Laura - I had to think on it a bit... but I think I've settled on Echo.

The Gael - I really liked Karen Page (the post Born again one) as a love interest, but the one I like the most is Natasha Romanov / the Black Widow. Two superheroes plagued by the tragic death of their loved ones, they have so much in common.

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