Daredevil #335

Title:"Not In My Backyard"
Writer:Gregory Wright
Penciler:Tom Grindberg
Inker:Don Hudson
Cover:Tom Grindberg
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Janice Chiang
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Matt Idelson
Date:Dec. 1994
Cover Price:1.50,2.05


Deathlok I
Peacekeeper (Joshua)

Daredevil #334

Daredevil #336

Don Hudson
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Gregory Wright
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Tom Grindberg
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Issue Summary

Summary/Review by Michael Deeley

Daredevil fights Bushwacker. 'Wacker's weapon shoots near DD's ears, temporarily deafening him. He retreats into the sewers. Meanwhile, The King sacrifices two of his underlings at a Mayan altar built by the Devourer, from DD Annual #9. It creates a new Devourer that The King sends after DD. All this is witnessed by Luther Manning, formerly known as Deathlok.

Daredevil finds Joshua who makes DD think his attempts to help are attracting more trouble. Joshua leaves to meet with Wilson Fisk. DD is then attacked by both Bushwacker and the new Devourer. Just then, Deathlok shows up.

A little Marvel history: Deathlok first appeared in 'Astonishing Tales' #25 in 1974. Luther Manning was a soldier in an alternate future. Most of his body was replaced with cybernetics and a computer installed into his brain. Codenamed Deathlok, he broke free from his government controllers. He fought a vigilante named Godwulf who sent Deathlok into limbo. Villains from the main Marvel Universe pulled him into their timeline. Ironically, Deathlok would again be captured by the Marvel U versions of the scientists that originally built him. Their experiments with him resulted in the creation of two more cyborgs called "Deathlok"; one of whom became Seige, seen in the "Fall From Grace" story arc.

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