Daredevil #351

Title:"Helping Hands"
Writer:John Rozum
Penciler:Shawn McManus
Inker:Shawn McManus
Cover:Shawn McManus
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele/Malibu
Letters:Jim Novak
Editor:James Felder
Assistant Editor:Unknown
Date:Apr. 1996
Cover Price:1.95,2.75


Karen Page
Vice Agent

Daredevil #350

Daredevil #352

John Rozum
Volume 1 - 351
Volume 2 - None
Volume 3 - None
Volume 4 - None
Volume 5 - None
Volume 6 - None
Shawn McManus
Volume 1 - 351 352
Volume 2 - None
Volume 3 - None
Volume 4 - None
Volume 5 - None
Volume 6 - None

Issue Summary

Summary written by Cliff Strickland

A long awaited lighter-hearted Daredevil kicks some petty criminals butts while a menacing costumed big guy with a big gun strapped to his wrist and calling himself The Vice Agent starts shaking down the various street hoodlums for a percentage of their stolen loot. All the while, Daredevil is having a great day; saving lives, getting applause and loving life. DD happens upon Turk and a couple of other goons while trying to purchase some illegal guns. He assumes the guns are to be used on him. Turk convinces DD that they're actually for use on The Vice Agent.
Later Hornhead confronts The Vice Agent as he is collecting from some thugs. The ensuing battle is easily won by DD and The Vice Agent is exposed as a fraud. His big gun was only plastic. 3 cool bonus pin-ups at the end.

Guest Appearance:
The Vice Agent

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