Daredevil #352

Title:"Smoky Mirrors"
Writer:Ben Raab
Penciler:Shawn McManus
Inker:Shawn McManus
Cover:Shawn McManus
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele/Malibu
Letters:Michael Higgins
Editor:James Felder
Assistant Editor:Joe Andreani
Date:May 1996
Cover Price:1.95,2.75


Foggy Nelson
Matt Murdock
Ms. Martinique

Daredevil #351

Daredevil #353

Ben Raab
Volume 1 - 352 373
Volume 2 - None
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Volume 6 - None
Shawn McManus
Volume 1 - 351 352
Volume 2 - None
Volume 3 - None
Volume 4 - None
Volume 5 - None
Volume 6 - None

Issue Summary

DD drops in on Foggy and notices his former partner is discussing something with a woman about real estate. But DD finds something is weird about the woman and follows the two to Coney Island. There, he comes under attack by some of his foes, like Typhoid Mary, Owl, Kingpin, and then he comes across Foggy tied up. But in the room are Bullseye and Elektra. Bullseye forces DD to choose whether to save Foggy or Elektra. DD saves Foggy. Then of course we realize that all this illusion is the work of Mastermind, the woman from the office. She seems to have become the owner of Arcade's Murderworld (See X-Men comics) and she was just doing some 'research'. Then she and the illusions disappear and DD is left with Foggy. DD tries to reconcile his partnership with Foggy, but Foggy walks away...
So next issue Matt returns, but does the firm of Murdock and Nelson still exist?
Next issue, Kesel and Nord begin! And Mr. Hyde shows up too...

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