Daredevil #51

Title:"Run, Murdock, Run!"
Writer:Roy Thomas
Penciler:Barry Windsor-Smith
Inker:George Klein
Cover:Barry Windsor-Smith/Johnny Craig
Letters:Artie Simek
Editor:Stan Lee
Assistant Editor:None
Date:Apr. 1969
Cover Price:0.12


Biggie Benson
Dr. Roberts
Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Saxon Robot
Starr Saxon

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Johnny Craig
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Roy Thomas
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Issue Summary

Summary by Eric Shaw

The story opens right where we left off last issue. Biggie Benson is holding an unconscious Daredevil as the android bursts through his prison walls. The android is now programed to kill Biggie and once again the ex mob boss is crying like a baby. The prison guards bring up Tony Stark's Stunulator to blast the mammoth plastoid. As the Stunulator pins its target the plastoid grows and eventually collapses right on top of Biggie! Its target dead, the gigantuan plastoid turns itself off.

Back inside the prison DD is seen to by a doctor who notices that our hero is healing at an incredible rate. Daredevil wants to split but the inspector on the scene wants the ok to dismantle the plastoid. Meanwhile Starr Saxon making his getaway remembers a tracer on the plastoid that will detonate a self destruct mechanism! The tracer is found in Matt Murdock's apartment where the plastoid attacked DD. Daredevil senses the mechanism, throws a perfectly placed billy club at the plastoid, and bomb is diffused! Starr is understandably furious and swears revenge on Daredevil. He pieces together that Murdock and Daredevil must be the same person and that Matt is only playing blind. He plants some bugs in the lighting to confirm his suspicions.

Meanwhile, DD is swinging back to his pad when he uncharacteristically misses a swing. He limps back to the ruined apartment and calls up Karen. They arrange to meet with Matt planning on telling her he's DD. He then calls Foggy and apologizes for being a twit. They too agree to meet the next day.

On the way to meet Karen at Dulcie's he begins to feel woozy. Then Starr Saxon arrives and offers to help him cross the street while addressing Matt as Daredevil! Starr splits and DD wasn't even aware of him moving off. Rushing into an alley he has a panic attack and names Daredevil as his most bitter enemy! He rushes to meet Karen but as soon as they begin to talk Matt's super senses begin to fail him. He rushes from the restaurant without explaining to Karen and again Starr Saxon appears out of nowhere offering to explain things to Karen! Matt is again in an alley way to going through more psychodrama feels that perhaps DD isn't the enemy but Starr is. While our hero fights with his ID, The prison Dr. continues his tests on Daredevil's blood. The blood is found to have high doses of radiation in it! DD needs an antidote and stat! A city wide man hunt is called while we glimpse our hero beginning to fade in an alley way!

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