Daredevil #334

Title:"Bearing False Witness"
Writer:Gregory Wright
Penciler:Tom Grindberg
Inker:Don Hudson
Cover:Tom Grindberg
Colours:Eva Grindberg
Letters:Bill Oakley
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Matt Idelson
Date:Nov. 1994
Cover Price:1.50,2.05


Ed Arthur
Foggy Nelson
Jack Batlin
Lamar Sanders
Mr. Jenkins
Peacekeeper (Joshua)
Ralphie Jackson
Randi Jillette
Sinclair Spectrum

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Don Hudson
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Gregory Wright
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Tom Grindberg
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Issue Summary

Summary/Review by Michael Deeley

Daredevil is surprised to learn many of the tunnel people chose to live underground. The cops show up and arrest Ed and Ralph for bombing buildings. Joshua thinks they're being framed, but his people won't do anything to attract more attention. Daredevil, as Jack Batlin, has his friend Sanders ask Nelson to help clear Ralphie and Ed, but Nelson's too busy with paying clients. "Jack" then asks "psychic" Randi and young hacker Sinclair for assistance. They discover the bombing victims had criminal connections. When they hit dead ends, DD "interrogates" crooks for more info. One of them says, "only Joshua knows", before being shot by Bushwacker. He's been hired by the person behind the bombings to kill Daredevil and the tunnel people.

Meanwhile, The King searches the sewers for an altar.

Also included is a 4-page story with Elektra, by D.G. Chichester, Scott McDaniel, and Hector Collazo. It's promoting the then-upcoming mini-series 'Elektra: Root of Evil'.

Young Sinclair returns from the "Tree of Knowledge" storyline.

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