Daredevil #373

Title:"Weight of the World"
Writer:Joe Kelly/Ben Raab
Penciler:Richie Acosta
Inker:Bud LaRosa
Cover:Richie Acosta/Bud LaRosa
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's KF
Editor:Jaye Gardner
Assistant Editor:Dan Hosek
Date:Mar. 1998
Cover Price:1.99,2.80


Candace Nelson
Charles Borroughs
Foggy Nelson
Judge Chalmers
Karen Page
Kathy Malper
Matt Murdock
Mr. Fear (Lawrence Cranston)
Rosalind Sharpe

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Ben Raab
Volume 1 - 352 373
Volume 2 - None
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Bud LaRosa
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Joe Kelly
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Richie Acosta
Volume 1 - 373
Volume 2 - None
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Volume 5 - None
Volume 6 - None

Issue Summary

Matt and Karen are in their apartment, and Matt is getting pampered by Karen. The two discuss their past few days. Matt talks about the Rikers situation and Ghost Rider. Karen talks about the new producer, Ian Hunter. The two aren't aware that they aren't listening to each other.
Meanwhile, in a rundown building, 'Charlie' is talking with his boss, and their plan for Karen Page. It is finally revealed who Charlie's boss is. It's Mr. Fear.
At city hall, Kathy Malpher is on her way out. She picks up a donut. Her and the donut are lifted off the ground by Daredevil. After getting over the shock, Malpher finally settles down to business away from curious eyes. They go over the story of Mr. Fear at the prison and the riots and Ghost Rider. However, DD finds out that Ghost Rider went to Riker's and burned all the evidence. DD's going to talk with the judge.
At Foggy's apartment, Candace and her brother are talking about relationships. They are interrupted by Rosalind. She meets her 'daughter' and son, and she lets them know that there is an opening for a secretary at the law office. The job can be Candace's if she wants it. Candace decides to leave the other two alone.
DD hangs outside the judge's window and discovers someone else is in the judge's chambers. Charlie is talking with the judge and Mr. Fear is 'there' by way of a security camera. It seems the judge is seeing his part of the deal is not working out. Charlie slips away. DD realizes that the voice was that of Mr. Fear. The judge leaves and DD follows.
At WFSK, Karen gets a delivery of roses from Ian Hunter, and forgets that she's on the air... She's so taken by her new producer...
DD finally catches up to the judge and just as he's about to talk to him, a SWAT team appears to protect the judge. They pretend that DD is about to attack, giving them reason to attack DD. DD takes care of them in quick fashion. He threatens the judge and wants to know what he's hiding. He gives the judge the night to think about taking responsibility for the prison break.
Candace returns to her apartment, only to find it empty. Marissa is nowhere to be found. However, a bloody '3' is dripping from the ceiling. Candace doesn't notice it.
The judge calls Malpher and he wants to meet with her. Malpher quickly rushes to meet him.
Back at WFSK, Karen gets a call from Charlie and somehow he is on every line as the radio workers try to cut him off. Charlie is talking about what he wants to do to Karen.
Malpher meets the judge, and he gives her a UPC code/serial number. DD is hiding in the shadows. As the judge leaves, DD appears to understand what it is...
Back at Candace's place, she is sitting on her front steps when Charlie comes by. He's dressed as a cop. He wants her to come to the station to talk about her friend. Candace believes him to be a cop, so she goes with him...

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