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Bought/Thought 8-9

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Fall From Grace

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 4:06 pm    Post subject: Bought/Thought 8-9 Reply with quote

Ultimate Spider-man Annual #2: It was pretty good. I guess it would be hard to top the greatness that was last year's annual. I liked that it settled the story with the cop that works for the Kingpin, and I like what it set up with Moon Knight and Daredevil at the end, but for the most part the Moon Knight-related stories in USM haven't done much for me. The art was good, especially Spider-man himself. 8/10

Iron Man: Extremis HC: Bought it because my interest in Iron Man has been raised by the upcoming live action film and how he is protrayed in the Ultimate Avengers movies. Looks good so far. Still working on it.
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Playing to the Camera

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I didn't think I had anything coming in this week, but stopped by my local shop to drop off my latest order and was pleased to find Transformers: Stormbringer #2 waiting for me. This continues to be a HUGE step up from the very weak Infiltration arc and I'm really enjoying Don Figueroa's return to a TF book. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds with the possible resuscitation of Cybertron.

I also read through my co-workers copy of the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2. Not bad, but not as enjoyable as last year's annual. I did like the return of Ultimate Moon Knight though.


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Flying Blind

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 5:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My choices were kinda weird this week, for me anyway, I started reading Ultimates recently and it's made me obsessed with the Avengers so I picked up:

essential Avengers vol. 3

kinda hated it, because I felt Roy Thomas's scripts were too overwritten and he rarely let John Buscema work his story telling majic properly.

essential Avengers vol. 5

Steve Englehart was sooo cool, I especially enjoyed the Avengers, Defenders crossover, this volume also had some great art by both Buscema brothers and my all time Comic God or all artists Barry Windsor-Smith.

Ultimate Avengers 2

I liked it, it was alot better than the first one , I can't quite put my finger on why, but it just was, maybe cause the characters didn't come off as annoying as they did the first time to me, I don't know.

and then I bought this really cool Captain America poster by Travis Charest and staired at it until I blacked out and dreamed that I was Captain America and I'd attack my fellow Avengers for shouting out "Avenger's Assemble" when they all know good and well that that's my catch phrase...
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