Several people have played Daredevil in cartoons, videogames and movies... here's a quick rundown of the actors!

Frank Welker

Voice Actor, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated TV series (1980's)

Welker has played well over 1200 roles for a variety of projects. He portrayed DD in the "Attack of the Arachnoid" episode, where DD appears very briefly.

Rex Smith

Actor, The Trial of the Incredible Hulk television movie (1989)

In this role, Smith is probably best known for wearing a black costume, instead of the traditional red costume. There were plans to spin-off the role into a series, which never materialized.

Bill Smitrovich

Voice Actor, Fantastic Four animated TV series (1994)

Smitrovich is a well-known actor. He has appeared in many TV shows including Crime Story, Life Goes On and The Practice. Daredevil appears in the "And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them" episode.

Edward Laurence Albert

Voice Actor, Spider-Man: The Animated Series animated TV series (1994)

The son of Green Acres' actor Eddie Albert, Edward Albert is best known for his work on the TV series Beauty and the Beast. Albert passed away in 2006. Daredevil appears in the "Framed" and "The Man Without Fear" episodes which are in the Daredevil vs Spider-Man DVD.

Dee Bradley Baker

Voice Actor, Spider-Man: Web of Fire video game (1996)

Baker has done voice work on many cartoons and video games, including Ben 10, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, SpongeBob SquarePants and Avatar. Daredevil is a playable character in the video game.


Actor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie (2002)

In the "deleted scenes" of the movie, there is a fake Daredevil movie being shot, with an unknown actor portraying DD... anyone know who he is?

Ben Affleck

Actor, Daredevil movie (2003)

A lifelong fan of Daredevil, Affleck donned the red leather costume for the movie... and has sworn he would never return to the role.

Scott Terra

Actor, Daredevil movie (2003)

Terra portrayed the young Matt Murdock. Some of his credits include Eight Legged Freaks, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and appearances in several TV shows.

Steven Blum

Voice Actor, Punisher video game (2005)

Blum is well-known voice actor who has worked on Cowboy Bebop and also has played Wolverine in games and the Wolverine and the X-Men show. He also provides the voice for Bullseye in this game. Matt Murdock appears as well, as he is appointed the Punisher's lawyer.

David Kaye

Voice Actor, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects video game (2005)

Kaye is probably best known for playing Megatron in several of the Transformers cartoon shows. Daredevil is a playable character in the video game.

Cam Clarke

Voice Actor, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game (2006)

Clarke is best known for playing Leonardo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series. Daredevil is a playable character which has to be unlocked by collecting items in the game.

Brian Bloom

Voice Actor, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 video game (2009)

Bloom is best known for his roles in many TV movies and the soap opera As The World Turns. Daredevil is a playable character, who can also be played in his Secret War costume.

Charlie Cox

Actor, Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix (2015)

The star of Stardust and Boardwalk Empire signed on to be Daredevil in the new Netflix show that premiered in 2015.

Skylar Gaertner

Actor, Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix (2015)

Gaertner played the young Matt Murdock on the Netflix show.

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