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December 2011

  • 23/12 - [DD 8 and 9 Sneak Peeks]
  • DAREDEVIL editor Stephen Wacker shared some more artwork on Twitter today... a page from DAREDEVIL 8 and a penciled page from DAREDEVIL 9.

  • 22/12 - [Favourite Daredevil Cover 2011]
  • 2011 saw 7 issues of DAREDEVIL, with 17 different covers (variants and second printings). Which one do you think was the best DAREDEVIL cover of the year?


    "Man w/o Fear"/"A Bonus Tale"



    "Man w/o Fear"/"A Bonus Tale"



    "Man w/o Fear"/"A Bonus Tale"



    "Man w/o Fear"/"A Bonus Tale"



    "Man w/o Fear"/"A Bonus Tale"



    "Man w/o Fear"/"A Bonus Tale"



    "Red, White, Black and Blue!"



    "Red, White, Black and Blue!"



    "Sound and Fury!"



    "Sound and Fury!"



    "Daredevil Back in NYC!"



    "Daredevil Back in NYC!"



    "Daredevil Back in NYC!"



    "High Wire Act!"



    "Bruiser Beatdown!"



    "The Most Wanted Man Alive"



    "The Most Wanted Man Alive"


    Please visit the board and have your say! If you're not a member of the message board, please register and join in the discussion!

    Vote for your favourite cover here!

  • 22/12 - [Daredevil Motion Comic]
  • While not an official Daredevil motion comic, this class assignment by Atom Phly Media utilizes MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #72 (from 1988) which features Daredevil. It's a pretty good project, so have a look!

    Daredevil Motion Comic from Atom Phly Media on Vimeo.

  • 19/12 - [Daredevil March 2012 Solicits]
  • March 2012 solicits are now up! DAREDEVIL #10, DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE PREMIERE HC, NEW AVENGERS #23 and a new collection for ELEKTRA BY GREG RUCKA! Also be sure to order the DAREDEVIL #10 poster as well.

    Daredevil March 2012 solicits

  • 18/12 - [DAREDEVIL 10 Cover Process]
  • The Comic Archive has posted a cool time lapse video of Paolo Rivera completing the cover to DAREDEVIL 10, which ships in March. Enjoy!

  • 14/12 - [DAREDEVIL 8 Sneak Peek]
  • DAREDEVIL editor Stephen Wacker posted a page from issue 8 on Twitter... have a look!

  • 14/12 - [Daredevil Sales Data]
  • November sales estimates are now in and Daredevil #6 saw a slight decline to 38.3K, down from 39.4K in October, giving it a ranking of 58. Hopefully this downward trend is just a blip as stores adjust their orders because of the critical acclaim the title is getting under Waid, Rivera and Martin. As always, check back for updates on sales data here on the site (and forthcoming promos to boost sales!).

    Daredevil Sales Data

  • 14/12 - [Rare Louis Williams Interview]
  • Back when Steve Englehart and Ann Nocenti were writing DAREDEVIL, a young new artist at Marvel named Louis Williams was drawing our favourite hero in battles against Rotgut and the Nameless One. I've stumbled upon a rare interview with him from a newspaper in 1986 that was archived on google. Williams was just starting out (only two months in). Enjoy!

    Interview with Louis Williams

  • 11/12 - [The Year in Daredevil]
  • It's been quite the year for DAREDEVIL, considering the uncertainty with the title at the start of the year. SHADOWLAND and DAREDEVIL had ended in late 2010 and DAREDEVIL: REBORN was set to come out in January... but no word on when or if DAREDEVIL was going to return anytime soon after. But as we all know, the relaunch of DAREDEVIL has been critically well-received under Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin. The year is almost over, so let's have a quick look at all the highlights from the year.


    DAREDEVIL: REBORN #1 ships, by Andy Diggle and Davide Gianfelice.


    Marvel announces BIG SHOTS, with news of DAREDEVIL returning in July... but no word on who the creative team is.


    VARIETY reports that David Slade will be directing the DAREDEVIL movie for FOX.

    The DAREDEVIL team of Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin is announced at C2E2.


    The final issue of DAREDEVIL: REBORN ships.

    Colour preview of DAREDEVIL #1 is released by Marvel.


    VARIETY reports that Brad Caleb Kane has been hired to write the DAREDEVIL movie.

    Daredevil joins the New Avengers!

    Marvel does a week long feature on the World of Daredevil.

    DAREDEVIL legend Gene "The Dean" Colan passes away.


    DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE is announced by Antony Johnston & Wellinton Alves.

    DAREDEVIL #1 ships with 5 covers, and places in the Top Ten. Issues #1-4 will all go back for second printings.


    Marvel releases an audio edition of DAREDEVIL #1.


    Marvel says DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS is still on track for 2012.


    News of crossover with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and PUNISHER.


    IGN names DAREDEVIL "Best Marvel Comic" of 2011!

    Hope you enjoyed this look back at the big DD news from the year. DAREDEVIL #7 ships next week, and we will be getting lots of great DD comics next year. As always, check back for updates!

  • 07/12 - [Avengers vs X-Men]
  • Marvel conducted a livestream chat with all the writers & editors involved with the Avengers vs. X-Men event that will be coming in 2012. And if you've forgotten, Daredevil is now a New Avenger and possibly will be a part of this 12-part story. Check out the video below and DD appears in some of the promo art for a few seconds...

    Avengers vs X-Men livestream

  • 07/12 - [Rothman confirms Daredevil movie]
  • While we knew the Daredevil movie was being written, FOX has never officially said the movie was an actual project... until now.. FOX's Tom Rothman spoke with MTV Splashpage and discussed a number of FOX comic films in development!

    Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog

  • 03/12 - [Slade gives movie update]
  • Forthcoming Daredevil movie director David Slade gave a brief update on Twitter today about the project:

    DD still on track @Bradcalebkane did an amazing job on script with high pressure deadline. We will be doing more work on it. News in N-year

    Brad Caleb Kane, of course, is the man who has been hired to do the screenplay, which will be based on the Born Again storyline.

  • 02/12 - [Lots of Previews]
  • CBR's Axel-in-Charge column for Friday has lots of previews that are DAREDEVIL-related. There's a page from DAREDEVIL #7, the variant cover to DAREDEVIL #8 by Lee Bermejo and a great cover to DAREDEVIL #10 by Paolo Rivera. There's also artwork from PUNISHER #7 and #8, which features some artwork by Marco Checchetto and Michael Lark, and guest-stars Daredevil. And there's some preview artwork from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, which will also guest-star DD in the coming months. Check 'em out!


    November 2011

  • 28/11 - [Mark Waid Interview]
  • CBR has posted another Mark Waid interview, and Dave Richards speaks with the writer of DAREDEVIL about issues 6-8. There are also several sneak pages of this week's issue!

    Mark Waid Interview

  • 26/11 - [New Fan Art, Sketch]
  • If you've never checked out the FANS section of the site, have a look at some of the new contributions.

    Daredevil sketch by Mitch Breitweiser, submitted by Darediva

    Daredevil fan art by Art For Strangers

    If you've got any Fan Art, Sketches, Costumes, Tattoos, or cool pics of your Daredevil collection, please send 'em my way. CONTACT ME with your pics!

  • 23/11 - [DAREDEVIL 6 Preview]
  • Next week's DAREDEVIL 6 is now available for preview, by Mark Waid and Marcos Martin! The concluding issue to the current arc ships November 30th!

    DAREDEVIL 6 Preview

  • 18/11 - [Mark Waid interview]
  • Tucker Stone has a new interview up at ComiXology with DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid. They discuss plenty of things, including Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin (and the search for his replacement) and what's to come for the title.


  • 17/11 - [Greg Rucka interview]
  • PUNISHER writer Greg Rucka was interviewed at CBR, and he discusses the series and the forthcoming story which will feature Daredevil. That issue will be drawn by Michael Lark. There are also clues from a past Punisher/DD crossover that you may want to read.


  • 17/11 - [DAREDEVIL 7 Preview]

    Superstar artist Paolo Rivera re-joins blockbuster writer Mark Waid in Daredevil #7 for a perfect jumping on point in the life of Matt Murdock. Daredevil can't shake the target he's painted on his back and as a result of the shocking discovery in Daredevil #6, everyone is in danger! There's an important decision that Matt must make and it's result will forever change those closest to him... friend and foe alike. This December, find out why fans and critics can't get enough Matt Murdock in Daredevil #7!

    DAREDEVIL #7 (OCT110644)
    Written by MARK WAID
    Art and Cover by PAOLO RIVERA
    FOC . 11/28/11, ON SALE . 12/21/11

    DAREDEVIL #6 (SEP110560)
    Written by MARK WAID
    Art & Cover by MARCOS MARTIN
    ON SALE . 11/30/12

  • 17/11 - [February 2012 Solicits]
  • Full solicits are now up on the site. DAREDEVIL #9, the final issue of BLACK PANTHER #529, and a double dose of NEW AVENGERS #21 and #22!

    Marvel February 2012 Solicits

  • 15/11 - [Some Sneak Peeks]
  • DAREDEVIL editor Stephen Wacker posted some images to Twitter today, and they certainly are interesting...

    First up is the first page to DAREDEVIL #7 by Paolo Rivera:

    Next is a panel from PUNISHER #7, which gives a big clue about the story... I suggest you read up on your old Punisher/Daredevil crossovers, like say, issue 257:

  • 14/11 - [De La Torre interview]
  • I recently had a chance to speak with former DAREDEVIL artist Roberto De La Torre about his stint on the title. Hope you enjoy it and thanks to Mr. De La Torre!

    Interview with Roberto De La Torre

  • 12/11 - [NEW AVENGERS 19 Preview]
  • Daredevil returns to the pages of NEW AVENGERS!


    Norman Osborn's new Dark Avengers are put to the test next month in New Avengers #19, courtesy of the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato! The new and improved H.A.M.M.E.R., led by Osborn, is out for revenge and failure is not an option for his new Dark Avengers. And when the New Avengers find out who their doppelgangers are, it will send shockwaves throughout the team. Get your front row ticket to the action in New Avengers #19!

    Pencils & Cover by MIKE DEODATO
    FOC . 11/14/11, ON SALE . 12/7/11

  • 10/11 - [Stuart Moore interview]
  • I've posted a new interview with former DAREDEVIL editor Stuart Moore, where we talk about Wake Up, Playing to the Camera, Underboss, Out and Trial of the Century! I hope you enjoy this look into these great arcs from the Marvel Knights era of Volume 2. Many thanks to Mr. Moore for this opportunity!

    Interview with Stuart Moore

  • 09/11 - [Mark Waid interview]
  • Fanboy Video had a chance to do an interview with Mark Waid when he made an appearance at Zeus Comics in Dallas. Waid talks about DD's recent history and where he wants to take the title. Please check out the video! Thanks to Alice for the tip!

  • 08/11 - [Alex Maleev interview]
  • CBR has posted an interview with former DAREDEVIL artist Alex Maleev, that was conducted at the recent New York Comic Con. Maleev talks about working with Brian Michael Bendis and discusses his art technique.

  • 07/11 - [DAREDEVIL 6 Preview]
  • Your First Look DAREDEVIL #6!

    It's Daredevil vs. the Bruiser: Round One, as Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Daredevil #6! From the critically acclaimed creative team of Mark Waid and Marcos Martin, Daredevil must go head to head against a contract fighter who can't be put down and making Matt's life a living nightmare. How Daredevil survives, you'll have to read to find out... but the result makes him the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe. Get in on the action this November in Daredevil #6!

    DAREDEVIL #6 (SEP110560)
    Written by MARK WAID
    Art & Cover by MARCOS MARTIN
    FOC . 11/7/11, ON SALE 11/30/11

  • 03/11 - [Digital Daredevil]
  • One of the most popular questions I get asked in email every single day is "When is DAREDEVIL going to be available digitally?"... and it looks like we finally have an answer. Marvel will be making all their superhero comics available digitally the same day as print. By the end of March, 2012, all your favourite Marvel comics will be "day and date" digitally. What do you think? Are you going to make the switch?


  • 02/11 - [New Fan Costume]
  • Got a new set of Fan Costume pics to share, this time submitted by "frankiebeans", who attended the NY Comic Con dressed as our favourite hero!

    Daredevil Fan Costume submitted by frankiebeans

  • 02/11 - [Greatest DD Stories]
  • The Comics Should Be Good column at CBR has posted their results for the "Greatest Daredevil Stories Ever Told!". Some good choices but, of course, some of your favourites might be missing. Check out the results!


    October 2011

  • 31/10 - [Daredevil 8 cover process]
  • Paolo Rivera has posted some info on the cover to DAREDEVIL 8 and the process he used to create it. Check out his blog!

    The Self-Absorbing Man

  • 31/10 - [Daredevil Cookies!]
  • Just wanted to share something cool I got last week... a delicious plate of Daredevil cookies! My friend Leena made them for me, using Daredevil covers printed on edible paper. How cool is that?

    Yes folks, I got Daredevil cookies for my birthday! on 

  • 25/10 - [Slade directing COWARD]
  • Forthcoming DAREDEVIL director David Slade has another gig on his plate... directing Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips' COWARD story from CRIMINAL! Brubaker will be adapting his own story. No word on which project happens first, but maybe Brubaker can give Slade some tips whenever DD happens.


  • 25/10 - [Original Art Sale]
  • DAREDEVIL artist Paolo Rivera's original artwork from the first few issues of the relaunched series are now available for purchase. Pages are going fast, but there's still plenty of great pages left. Even if you can't afford the pages, check them out to see the linework before they were coloured.


  • 23/10 - [Daredevil January 2012 Solicits]
  • Marvel's January 2012 solicitations are now up, and we've got confirmation of the news reported here in the shipping updates for the past few months... that DAREDEVIL by Mark Waid Vol. 1 HC and DAREDEVIL by Brubaker/Lark Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 TPB are both coming in January. Also, DD is crossing over with ASM, as you already know, and BLACK PANTHER continues his battles with a certain well-known villain.

    Daredevil January 2012 Solicits

  • 22/10 - [New Daredevil HeroClix]
  • WizKids has announced some new Daredevil Heroclix that will be released, including a Matt Murdock and Shadowland version!

    Daredevil HeroClix

  • 20/10 - [DAREDEVIL 5 Preview]
  • The wait is over, as next week's DAREDEVIL 5 is available for preview! By Mark Waid, Marcos Martin & Javier Rodriguez and ships October 26th!

    Daredevil 5 Preview

  • 19/10 - [New Waid Interview]
  • The Mutant A Day web site caught up with DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid at his appearance at Zeus Comics in Texas, and recorded an interview. We learn more about what villains will be coming up and where Waid gets his inspiration for Matt Murdock's characterization.

  • 14/10 - [NYCC Daredevil News]
  • There was some pretty big news from the Amazing Spider-Man panel at this weekend's New York Comic Convention... looks like we will be getting a crossover between Spidey and DD, starting with DAREDEVIL #8 and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #677. Check out CBR's report of the panel, with lots of preview artwork!


  • 12/10 - [Daredevil Fan Collection]
  • Another DD fan has sent me pics of their collection to display on the site. Dimitris Pap sent me pics of all his statues, figures and posters. If you've got some pics of your collection send 'em my way!

    Daredevil Fan Collection submitted by Dimitris Pap

  • 12/10 - [DAREDEVIL 7 Sneak Peek]
  • Editor Stephen Wacker posted a penciled page from DAREDEVIL #7 by Paolo Rivera, on Twitter today. Check it out! DAREDEVIL #7 ships in December.

    DAREDEVIL #7 Sneak Peek

  • 12/10 - [Daredevil Sales Data]
  • Sales data for September has now been updated on the site, and DAREDEVIL #3 & #4 are holding steady around the 40K mark. It's good to see there hasn't been a drop off from #2 and #4 is actually higher than #3.

    The archive has data in place from 1996, so check it out if you want to see how DD and other DD-related titles have done over the years.

    Daredevil Sales Data

  • 11/10 - [New Minimates]
  • The next Minimates set has been revealed and it will be based on the Death of Jean DeWolff storyline from Spider-Man. In the set, there's going to be Punisher, Spidey, Sin Eater and... Daredevil!


  • 11/10 - [Daredevil Shipping update]
  • Here are the latest updates to let you know what is coming that is DAREDEVIL-related. Marvel hasn't announced it yet, but DAREDEVIL #4 is going back for a 2nd printing.


    * DAREDEVIL #5
    * DAREDEVIL #2 (2nd printing)
    * DAREDEVIL #3 (2nd printing)
    * BLACK PANTHER #524
    * NEW AVENGERS #17


    * DAREDEVIL #6
    * DAREDEVIL #4 (2nd printing)
    * BLACK PANTHER #525
    * NEW AVENGERS #18


    * DAREDEVIL #7
    * BLACK PANTHER #526 & #527
    * NEW AVENGERS #19








    * DAREDEVIL ANNUAL by Alan Davis
    * Daredevil project by Lee Weeks

  • 04/10 - [Interview with Tim Tuohy]
  • I had the chance to interview former DAREDEVIL editor Tim Tuohy about his time at Marvel and what it was like to really work on the Flying Blind arc, MARVEL VISION and lots more. Hope you guys like it!

    Interview with Tim Tuohy

  • 01/10 - [Daredevil '83 Interview]
  • As you've no doubt seen last week, the Daredevil '83 fan film was released, and I've had a chance to speak with director Chris .R. Notarile, and actors Nick Groch and Mandy Evans. Hope you guys like this chat about the story and filming.

    Interview with the Daredevil '83 creators

  • 01/10 - [Elektra appearance]
  • I know a lot of you are Elektra fans as well, so be sure to check out upcoming issues of Herc, as she will be making an appearance there. Be sure to check out the latest AXEL-IN-CHARGE column at CBR for some preview art. Also, be sure to check out the latest PUNISHERMAX arc, as Elektra is appearing there as well.


    September 2011

  • 29/09 - [Wellinton Alves Interview]
  • DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE is coming in April of next year and iFanboy has a new interview with artist Wellinton Alves. There are also some cool early pages from Alves, so check it out!


  • 28/09 - [Waid talks current arc]
  • DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid spoke with Marvel.com today about the current arc that just started with issue #4 last week. There are several preview pages from issue #5 and some hints at what is in store for DD's supporting cast and where future storylines may be headed...


  • 27/09 - [DAREDEVIL 5 Sneak Peek]
  • DAREDEVIL editor Stephen Wacker shared a page from the next issue on Twitter!

  • 27/09 - [December 2011 Solicits]
  • Marvel's solicits for December 2011 are now posted on the site. Paolo Rivera returns, and there will be two covers... one by Rivera and one celebrating Marvel's 50th anniversary (didn't we just have the 70th anniversary?) by Alex Maleev in homage to a familiar Spidey pose. There's also some interesting developments in BLACK PANTHER and NEW AVENGERS!

    ManWithoutFear.com Daredevil Previews

  • 26/09 - [New Printings]
  • As reported last week here, DAREDEVIL #2 will be going back to press for a 2nd printing on October 19th. Today comes news that DAREDEVIL #3 is also going back for a 2nd printing, which will ship October 26th. If you'd like to order these issues, let your comics shop know. The code for #2 is JUL118242 and for #3 is AUG118052. More details at:


  • 25/09 - [Daredevil '83]
  • The new DAREDEVIL '83 fan film from Blinky Productions is now online! Watch for some appearances from some familiar faces in the Marvel Universe. The story is a spin-off from the PUNISHER '79-'82 series. I will be conducting an interview with actors Nick Groch (DD) and Mandy Evans (Typhoid Mary), so watch for that coming soon. The fan film does have coarse language and violence, so it's not for kids.

  • 22/09 - [Bullseye Song]
  • Comics and Daredevil fan feildmouse let me know of a song he's written about Daredevil's former foe... Bullseye! Have a listen and let him know what you think! Listener discretion advised!

    Offbrand Entertainment

  • 22/09 - [Rivera Reference]
  • DAREDEVIL artist Paolo Rivera posted some reference pictures and sketches from issue #3 on his blog. Rivera shows some of his layouts, pencils and blue-line prints.

    Self-Aborbing Man

  • 22/09 - [Daredevil Shipping update]
  • Some updates to let you know about... including a second printing of DAREDEVIL #2, which is coming October 19.


    * DAREDEVIL #5
    * DAREDEVIL #2 (2nd printing)
    * DAREDEVIL #3 (2nd printing)
    * BLACK PANTHER #524
    * NEW AVENGERS #17


    * DAREDEVIL #6
    * BLACK PANTHER #525
    * NEW AVENGERS #18


    * DAREDEVIL #7
    * BLACK PANTHER #526 & #527
    * NEW AVENGERS #19






    * DAREDEVIL ANNUAL by Alan Davis
    * Daredevil project by Lee Weeks

    Also, worth noting is that DAREDEVIL #5 was incorrectly solicited with a variant Bryan Hitch cover. Diamond has updated comic stores that this will not ship.

  • 22/09 - [December 2011 Solicits]
  • Marvel's solicits for December 2011 are trickling online on various sites, and IGN has DAREDEVIL #7 info, exclusively. Paolo Rivera returns, and there will be two covers... one by Rivera and one celebrating Marvel's 50th anniversary (didn't we just have the 70th anniversary?) by Alex Maleev in homage to a familiar Spidey pose. Be sure to check back as full solicits come online soon!


  • 20/09 - [Law Firm interviews Waid]
  • AbnormalUse.com, a blog run by lawyers to discuss Federal and State Products Liability Litigation, has a new interview up with current DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid, where they discuss Matt Murdock's job, and the research Waid does for the comic. Interesting stuff!

    AbnormalUse.com Interview with Mark Waid

  • 19/09 - [Daredevil Sales Data]
  • Sales data for August has now been updated on the site, and DAREDEVIL #2 has had a slight drop to 41K from DAREDEVIL #1's 65K. Issue #2's numbers are in line with the last few issues of Volume 2.

    The archive has data in place from 1996, so check it out if you want to see how DD and other DD-related titles have done over the years.

    Daredevil Sales Data

  • 14/09 - [Daredevil Fan Collection]
  • If you've never seen his first batch of pics he sent me last year, Daredevil fan Marcus Plato has sent me a new set of pics of his great collection of DD merchandise. Check out his rooms full of posters, statues, figures and lots more! If you've got a collection you'd like to share, please let me know!

    Daredevil fan collection submitted by Marcus Plato

  • 13/09 - [Daredevil '83]
  • Coming September 25th... the latest fan film by Chris .R. Notarile (ELEKTRA: THE HAND AND THE DEVIL)... entitled: "DAREDEVIL '83". Looks like Typhoid Mary will be making an appearance...

    Mandy Evans is playing Typhoid Mary and Nick Grock is playing Daredevil. It will be inspired in part by the Daredevil/Deadpool '97 annual, which focuses on Matt's history with Typhoid Mary. It is going to be filmed in Hell's Kitchen at St. Paul the Apostle's Cathedral. So, check back on the 25th, when the film will make its debut!

    Chris .R. Notarile has another DD fan film coming out... DARE... on 
Twitpic ...and here's a pic of Typhoid Mary from the DAREDEVIL &... on 

  • 09/09 - [Shipping update]
  • I've found out some new information on Daredevil collections coming our way, and I thought I'd give a quick update on items shipping that will be of interest to DD fans!

    Of course, always visit the PREVIEWS page, for all the latest updates on ship dates.


    * DAREDEVIL #3
    * DAREDEVIL #1 2nd printing variant
    * NEW AVENGERS #16 [first appearance as an Avenger, multiple covers]
    * BLACK PANTHER #523


    * DAREDEVIL #4

    Lots of items coming in 2012!







    Also, worth noting is that DAREDEVIL #5 was incorrectly solicited with a variant Bryan Hitch cover. Diamond has updated comic stores that this will not ship.

  • 09/09 - [Daredevil movie update]
  • The DAREDEVIL movie reboot is currently being written by Brad Caleb Kane and will be directed by David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, Twilight: Eclipse).

    Slade had this to say on Twitter, when asked the status of the reboot: "The Daredevil news is simply that we are taking the time to get the script right. No casting, or other decisions will be made until then."

    Kane also tweeted last week, asking this curious question: "I've always wondered what The Wire would be like with a superhero on it?"

    I had also asked Kane in July what his favourite "Born Again" quote was, and he responded "Who's gonna talk about Matt Murdock????".

    As always, please check out the DAREDEVIL MESSAGE BOARD for discussion on the movie reboot!

  • 09/09 - [Latest Daredevil Previews]
  • Next week's Daredevil previews are now available, including DAREDEVIL #3, DD's first issue in the NEW AVENGERS #16, and BLACK PANTHER #523!

    Marvel Previews at CBR

  • 06/09 - [Waid Radio interview]
  • The UK's Insight Radio had a chance to speak with DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid and have posted an mp3 of the interview. Insight Radio bills itself as Europe's first radio station for blind and partially sighted people. Interviewer Stephen Carroll and Waid discuss the history of DD and the character's "blindness".

    Insight Radio mp3

  • 04/09 - [Fan Expo pics]
  • Fan Expo Canada was last weekend, and I went to the show on Sunday. I thought I'd share some of the cool Daredevil things I purchased.

    Some new Elektra mini-busts I got... on 

    Some new Elektra mini-busts!

    A Daredevil print that reminds me of Romita. on Twitpic

    Daredevil print by Peter Repovski

    Daredevil & Kingpin print by my friend Hugh Rookwood. on 

    Daredevil print by my friend Hugh Rookwood

    Daredevil print by Michael Cho. on 

    Daredevil print by Michael Cho

    A mini Daredevil made with a ping pong ball. on Twitpic

    Mini Daredevil made with a ping-pong ball

    And the final pic, I got my buddy Hugh Rookwood to create a s... on 

    Daredevil sketch cover drawn by my buddy Hugh Rookwood!

  • 02/09 - [END OF DAYS update]
  • In the new Cup O' Joe column at CBR, editor-in-chief Axel Alonso hinted that we will be getting some news shortly about DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS and he provided a new preview page...


    August 2011

  • 31/08 - [Rivera Reference]
  • DAREDEVIL artist Paolo Rivera shared some behind-the-scenes reference work for a page from issue #1 with Matt and Kirsten McDuffie. There are also some preliminary sketches. It's a cool look at what Rivera researches and prepares before the final product.

    Self-Absorbing Man

  • 25/08 - [DAREDEVIL 4 Preview]

    Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Daredevil #4! Superstar artist Marcos Martin joins fan-favorite writer Mark Waid for the series that fans and critics can't get enough of! Matt Murdock begins a new career, and it's one that will expose Daredevil to crime and evil in a whole new way! And that's not all because for those who missed the death defying debut issue of this hot new series -- Marvel's got you covered by going back to press with the Daredevil #1 Second Printing Variant!

    Everyone agrees, Daredevil is a hit! But don.t take our word for it, see what everyone has to say:

    "[T]his is a fine comic." -- Humphrey Lee, AintItCoolNews.com

    "Try it now. At the very least you'll be seeing a set of creators working at their utmost, and showing you why a guy like Mark Waid is such a treasured institution in comics, and why Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin are some of the best the future has to offer." -- Josh Flanagan, iFanboy.com

    "Finally, yes, you read that right: five stars. I reserve those for the books I want to share and will most likely buy again to replace the copy I just gave away." -- Doug Zawisza, ComicBookResources.com

    "There's no better place to start with this character, so whether you've read Daredevil in the past, or you're just curious, this is a must-read title." -- George Marston, Newsarama.com

    "Forget DC's tubthumping about their range of new '#1' issues that are going to reintroduce company characters with a fresh new spin: Marvel have just shown them how its done." -- Dave Wallace, ComicsBulletin.com

    Get in on all the action this September, only in Daredevil #4 and Daredevil #1 Second Printing Variant!

    DAREDEVIL #4 (JUL110652)
    Written by MARK WAID
    Art & Cover by MARCOS MARTIN
    FOC . 8/29/11, ON SALE . 9/21/11

    Written by MARK WAID
    Art & Cover by PAOLO RIVERA
    FOC . 8/29/11, ON SALE . 9/21/11

  • 24/08 - [Waid video interview]
  • MTV is at it again, this time bringing us an interview with DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid conducted at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Waid talks about DD's new direction and his collaborators Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin!

    Get More: Geek: Event Coverage, MTV Games

  • 24/08 - [SEASON ONE interview]
  • MTV interviewed forthcoming DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE writer Antony Johnston and artist Wellinton Alves about the original graphic novel that will be coming our way in April 2012. They discuss the origin story and what original issues serve as a reference.


  • 23/08 - [Waid interview]
  • Marvel has posted a new interview with DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid, and there's also lots of preview artwork from issue #3 by Paolo Rivera!


    Editor Stephen Wacker also shared a page from DAREDEVIL #3 on Twitter a few days back as well...

  • 18/08 - [November solicits]
  • Full Marvel solicits for November are now up on the site as usual... lots of stuff, including DAREDEVIL #6, NEW AVENGERS #18, BLACK PANTHER #525, a TPB of DAREDEVIL: REBORN and a new PREMIERE EDITION of ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN!

    Marvel November 2011 solicits

  • 17/08 - [New Avengers 16 Preview]
  • CBR has an exclusive look at Daredevil's first issue as a New Avenger... and check out the weapon he is using!

    CBR New Avengers #16 Preview

  • 16/08 - [Daredevil 1 Audio Edition]
  • Marvel.com has produced a very cool audio edition of DAREDEVIL #1, with writer Mark Waid, editor Stephen Wacker, associate editor Tom Brennan, assistant editors Ellie Pyle and Jordan White, and Marvel.com editor Ben Morse providing voices. The idea is that visually impaired DD fans can also enjoy the first issue for the relaunch. Good job, Marvel!

    Marvel.com Daredevil #1 Audio Edition

    UPDATE: Here's an interview with Stephen Wacker conducted by the Associated Press - Kansas City Star

  • 11/08 - [Daredevil 2 Preview]
  • Next week's DAREDEVIL #2 is now available for preview, by Mark Waid & Paolo Rivera!

    DAREDEVIL #2 Preview

  • 10/08 - [Rivera Art Process]
  • Daredevil artist Paolo Rivera has been posting some sketches and art processes used for the book, on Twitter. Check them out!

    DD #1, page 1 Layout: on Twitpic @elhuasoladino The next step is a digital 
composite: on Twitpic Then Pencils: on Twitpic Inks by dad: on Twitpic And here's the digital composite of that Cap/DD spread: on Twitpic

  • 07/08 - [Minimalist Posters]
  • Marko Manev has produced some really cool minimalist posters based on superheroes, and my favourite, of course, is the Daredevil one!


  • 01/08 - [Daredevil Season One]

    Next year, immerse yourselves in the Marvel Universe like never before as the world's greatest super heroes star in a line of all-new graphic novels with Marvel: Season One! Aimed at new and old readers alike, the first wave featuring Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil and The X-Men, brings readers a complete story, modernizing the seminal origins of these characters while also offering new revelations for long-time fans. There will be one graphic novel on sale each month starting in February.

    "With Marvel Season One we've assembled a group of great creators who're delivering exciting, iconic, in-continuity stories of our most popular heroes," said Tom Brevoort, Marvel SVP/Executive Editor. "If you're a new fan, you can start your journey into comics with Season One and if you're a seasoned fan you'll find some thrilling new insight into your favorite characters."

    The complete first wave of Season One graphic novels includes:

    * Fantastic Four: Season One by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Stephen King's The Stand, Television's Glee) and David Marquez (Secret Warriors), on-sale in February 2012

    * X-Men: Season One by Dennis Hopeless (Legion Of Monsters, Lovestruck) and Jamie McKelvie (Generation Hope, Phonogram), on-sale in March 2012

    * Daredevil: Season One by Antony Johnston (Daredevil) and Wellinton Alves (Nova), on-sale in April 2012

    * Spider-Man: Season One by Cullen Bunn (Fear Itself: The Deep, Sixth Gun) and Neil Edwards (Fantastic Four), on-sale in May 2012

    "Marvel: Season One is all about bringing new readers to comics and comic stores around the world", said David Gabriel, Marvel SVP of Sales. "We've been working on these for over a year and can't wait for fans to see the results... they're stunning! More news about the promotional and incentive plans for retailers will follow in the next few weeks."

    Whether you're picking up a comic for the first time, or looking to add more to your comics reading experience, then it's time to discover the world's greatest super heroes all over again in Marvel: Season One!

    Stay Tuned for updates and announcements over the next few weeks.

    July 2011

  • 28/07 - [Farewell to the Dean]
  • Longtime Daredevil fan and regular contributor to the message board, Pete Gouldson, wrote this poignant obit for "The Dean" Gene Colan, and wanted to share it with all the readers of this site. Here it is in its entirety, and thanks Pete, and thank you Mr. Gene Colan.

    Farewell to The Dean

    It couldn't have been easy, being Gene Colan. The artist himself spoke at length about the sacrifices involved in his craft, the time spent in lonely solitude long into the early hours, meeting deadlines in the days when deadlines meant something. At great personal loss to his family, and to the deep regret of the man himself in later life, the time that could have been spent with loved ones would often instead find him slumped over his drawing board. Hours ticked by, deep into weekends, deep into night. The burning glow of the table lamp pierced the dimness and cast long shadows on the wall as his pencils gave texture to his own imaginary shapes with their own imaginary shadows. Here a unique world was conjured within the itself unique world of comic books. A fine wine of the rarest vintage, here was a rare cinematic elegance in an industry which then as now looked at the bottom line, where copy was everything, and successful formulas were understandably copied and churned out. Although such a mindset is prevalent within most other artistic forms, many within and around comic books suffer an inferiority complex and see it most of the time as silly, escapist, fun for kids. But Gene Colan was serious about his work, and he wanted us to be serious about it too.

    At Marvel, as the Sixties turned into the Seventies, the dynamic style and vision bestowed to the form by Jack Kirby had started to be copied and regurgitated. Many of the new artists emerging where producing, in retrospect, just a watered down version of Kirby's genius. But it could never be equalled. Many like Barry Smith would go on to evolve their own distinctive style, others such as Neal Adams where often held up as superior to 'The King', but much of his work and others at this point still use the language and syntax of Kirby. Stan Lee was at pains to get Kirby to show the likes of John Romita and John Buscema just how it should be done. But Lee was astute enough to know that in Colan he had an artist who was just, well, different. As early as the mid 1960's Colan had managed to evolve a style and storytelling technique all his own. A man, when let loose by Lee using the famous 'Marvel Method', who had left the scribe exasperated when pencils came back on an early Daredevil with a whole page devoted to someone turning a doorknob and walking through a door. Left of field, a loose canon perhaps, but it seemed somehow beneficial to keep Colan around the by-then imaginary Bullpen, a gentle breeze wafting through the open curtains; an understated complement perhaps to the Kirbyesque tornado pulverising all in its path.

    On first sight, to these then young eyes, Colan's gentle breeze actually felt like a tornado and was something of a shock. It certainly wasn't easy to discern the feelings I felt when viewing his artwork for the very first time. In retrospect I was lucky, I've always preferred the Colan experience to be in glorious black and white, and I was doubly lucky in that his work graced the pages of my then, as now, favourite Marvel character, Daredevil. It was the 26th January 1974, and the character had just returned by popular demand to the weekly anthology flagship title 'The Mighty World of Marvel'. The strip had earlier ran through reprinting DD Volume 1, #1 through #6, each split into two parts alongside other reprints featuring early issues of The Incredible Hulk and The Fantastic Four. The strip was a hit, but had given way to make room for a double helping of the more popular Hulk. After the demand for the strips return saw a return to the Hulk/DD/ FF line up, before carrying on where they left off with DD#7, the editors quite rightly decided to reintroduce the character with an origin story, a reprint of the Roy Thomas / Gene Colan DD #53 from the late 1960's. Despite Thomas using the same linier progression and even much of the very same dialogue as originally used by Lee, the artwork inhabited a different dimension from the original Bill Everett depiction. Here, in black and white, alongside a Herb Trimbe Hulk and a Kirby FF, Colans pencils ooze mood and menace. The atmosphere created is one of high tension; there are things at stake here, beyond the usual superhero ballyhoo. As a young reader, the safety net somehow seemed to be missing, the panel layout itself was disorientating, the unusual shapes swirl around the page avoiding the guidelines I'd been used to. The angles each panel were 'shot' were unusual, body proportions looked odd, looking as we were from obscure angles. Colan 'shoots' a good Samaritan asking a newly blinded Murdock if he needs help crossing the road from the bottom up, giving a visual that seems seeped in intrigue and drama so strong it could warrant a cliff hanger ending. I sensed that here was an artist who didn't play by any rules I'd come across as yet. The whole thing almost made me dizzy, Gene had made me work harder than I ever had thus far, trying to decipher his visual cues, even in this retelling of a story I already knew and had read less than a year earlier. It was almost a relief when the strip soon carried on where it had left off; a week or two later we had exquisite Wally Wood artwork back and this strange two week aberration was almost forgotten.

    But not quite. Because once you've seen Gene Colan's stuff, you can't really forget it. The title eventually started reprinting Colan's DD work from the beginning. Using what I later discovered to be the 'correct' American numbering of the original book, he had started at #20, getting into his stride in my eyes by #25, and in his long run never looked back. Gene was the artist on Daredevil and that wonderful long run of issues mean for many today he still is the Daredevil artist. My lucky break in finding so much of this stuff in the reprint pages of British Marvel meant that the mood and atmosphere created by many Gene Colan pages were witnessed in the first instance in glorious black and white, many of which for me (later purchasing the American originals), had their power and impact diluted with the gaudy addition of colour. I remember one issue being mesmerised by Mr Fear, a Marvel 'B List' ham villain. As realised by Colan, a black and white full page reveal night shot looking up at the character through the rain on a rooftop remains the closest a comic book page has ever come to terrifying me. In retrospect, it's the precise moment that Gene Colan became one of my favourite artists.

    It was during the 1970's when much of Marvels output began to be rendered in a poor dilution of the wonderfully epic Kirby formula. With the King gone however, and Lee himself taking on a less hands on role in the day to day running of the books, Gene was one of a small handful of artists who actually blossomed. Even if he had always been one of the artists who 'did his own thing', his vision became even more focused at the very point when it became more versatile. Marvel seemed to use him to wide effect, and having already had much success with the likes of Daredevil, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, he seemed to thrive even in realms outside of the usual super heroics. The somewhat odd, left of field style of Colan became the cornerstone of one of Marvels best loved 1970's titles, Tomb of Dracula, and he took to it as if here at last was the title he was born to draw. As good as Wolfman's imaginative scripting is, the macabre shadows so central to the world of the Lord of Vampires could not have been rendered than anyone apart from Colan, for much of the time aided by his best inker, Tom Palmer. The art was such an integral part of the book, that when Gene begged off the title due to burn out after a staggering 70 issue run, scribe Marv Wolfman decided that continuing was rather pointless, and the title was cancelled.

    At the other end of the scale, Gene relished the comedic aspects of Steve Gerber's scripts for Howard the Duck, a cult title that, if dated now, is only down to the fact of Gerbers then relevant social observations, rather than the wonderfully loose and flowing pencils that gave shape to the crazy world of Howard. Gene had a blast having the rare opportunity that he could 'do' comedy and satire too.

    If regime change at Marvel suddenly saw Colan's style as somewhat out of date as we entered the harsh 1980's, with new young blood entering the fray, rivals DC eagerly employed him to great effect, where work on Batman, Wonder Woman and Night Force among others showed readers what Marvel was missing. Marvel themselves could quite rightly with retrospect look back on their decision to oust Gene as perhaps being correct ( the new young blood on Daredevil went by the name of Frank Miller who went on to revolutionise first the book and eventually, along with the likes of Alan Moore, the industry), but while this particular reader loves what came after as well, he remembers entering the harsh 1980's reliving and enjoying more than ever some wonderful black and white reprints of Colan's work in the UK Marvel Super Adventure weekly.

    He left us with a lot we can relive and enjoy. Rest In Peace Gene, and thanks for everything.

    Pete Gouldson

  • 27/07 - [Fear Files - Daredevil]
  • Marvel.com has a feature today that examines several "fear"-related questions about Daredevil, with current DD writer Mark Waid! Daredevil may be called the man without fear... but is he really a man without fear?


  • 26/07 - [October Daredevil solicits]
  • Marvel has released the latest solicits for October 2011, and among them are DAREDEVIL #5, NEW AVENGERS #17 and BLACK PANTHER #524 (which seems to have dropped its "Man Without Fear"). Have a look at the solicits if you don't mind spoilers!

    October 2011 Daredevil solicits

  • 23/07 - [Saturday SDCC News]
  • A little bit more Daredevil news came out on Saturday at the show, so here goes!

    Some preview art for DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE has been posted at: iFanboy

    Looks like we're getting a DAREDEVIL #.1 in November! CBR

    Not really SDCC news, but Katie Sackhoff still wants to play Typhoid Mary: Screen Rant

  • 22/07 - [Friday SDCC News]
  • The Spider-Man and his Avenging Friends panel has just ended, and we got lots of interesting news and previews for DAREDEVIL!

    Panel info and previews: CBR and Marvel.com

    Some info:

    Mark Waid joked that the response to DAREDEVIL #1 has been so good, he's quitting before issue #2

    Lee Weeks will be working on a DAREDEVIL project!

    There are plans to have Black Widow appear in the title because she needs to have a conversation with Matt.

    PUNISHER and DAREDEVIL will crossover, with tentative plans around issue #9.

  • 21/07 - [Thursday SDCC News]
  • Some Daredevil-related news coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con today...

    BLACK PANTHER remains as the MOST DANGEROUS MAN ALIVE, as he will take on the Kingpin, Lady Bullseye and Typhoid Mary! More details at: Newsarama, CBR, Marvel.com

    The HEROES FOR HIRE become... VILLAINS FOR HIRE! More details at: CBR, Marvel.com

    DD editor Stephen Wacker sneaked a page from the next issue of DAREDEVIL!

    Just to whet your appetite here's a page from #Daredevil... on 

  • 20/07 - [DAREDEVIL Volume 3]
  • The debut issue of DAREDEVIL Volume 3 is now out, by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin and many other talented people. What did you think? Have your say on the message board!

    DAREDEVIL #1 Ratings, Preview and Discussion!

    How many of the covers did you pick up?

    Daredevil #1 Daredevil #1 Daredevil #1 Daredevil #1 Daredevil #1

    You can check out the latest volume now in the database, as all the coding was completed a few months back in preparation for the relaunch.

    DAREDEVIL #1 issue information

  • 20/07 - [Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom in Shadowland]
  • Some details of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom game were released today, and although Daredevil will not be a playable character, there will be a Shadowland stage, with DD sitting in the background amongst the Hand ninja.

    Daily Daredevil artwork: A screenshot of the Ultimate Marvel ... on 
Twitpic Daily Daredevil artwork: Another screenshot from the game. No... on 

  • Marvel has announced a new line of hardcover original graphic novels to help celebrate the company's 50th anniversary next year. And among the first titles is DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE by former DD writer Antony Johnson and artist Wellinton Alves. The line is geared towards younger readers to help introduce the characters. More details at:

    USA Today

    UPDATE July 23: Preview pics at iFanboy

  • 12/07 - [More Preview Art]
  • Earlier today, editor Stephen Wacker posted a great splash page by the great Gene Colan. I asked him if it was too late to dedicate next week's issue of Daredevil to Mr. Colan, and he said he was already ahead of me. Here's a look at the letters page of DAREDEVIL #1!

    Later in the day, Agent M posted a Paolo Rivera page from DAREDEVIL #2!


    Excited for the relaunch of DAREDEVIL yet?

  • 12/07 - [Fan Trailer]
  • Will Devokees has completed his Daredevil fan trailer, that he hopes will help him get an audition for the DD movie in production. Please have a look and comments/feedback are welcome!

  • 08/07 - [DD Pin at SDCC]
  • Going to SDCC? Be sure to pick up the Daredevil pin, only at ... on 

    The San Diego Comic Convention is almost here, and Marvel has released all its panel information. Daredevil fans will want to attend the Spider-Man panel on Friday at 1:45, because they are giving away an exclusive Daredevil pin (shown above).

    July 22 - 1:45 - 2:45 PM MARVEL: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AVENGING FRIENDS -- Spider-Man's riding high after hitting the Big Time, but it'll all come crashing down this summer in Spider-Island! It's the fight of his life and we've got an in depth look inside the event that changes the course of Peter Parker's life. But ol' Web-Head isn't the only New Yorker with a major storyline this summer! Daredevil makes his return, Punisher wages a new war, Venom explores the dark side of saving the world and more of your favorite heroes are back with a vengeance! Sit down with our spectacular panel of creators, including Zeb Wells (Avenging Spider-Man), Rick Remender (Venom), Mark Waid (Daredevil), Greg Rucka (Punisher), Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man), Senior Editor Steve Wacker, Editor in Chief Axel Alonso and more as they lay the groundwork for New York City's greatest heroes. And don't forget to grab your exclusive Daredevil pin -- only at this panel! Room 6DE

    June 2011

  • 24/06 - [RIP Gene Colan]
  • Sad news to report, as Gene Colan has passed away. You may be a Miller fan, a Maleev fan... but to me, my Daredevil was drawn by Gene Colan. He made DD swing through the air like a true man without fear. You will be missed, Mr. Colan.

    I was lucky to have had a chance to correspond with Mr. Colan a few times, and work on his website with Kevin Hall. I am also lucky to have had a chance to get an original piece drawn, with DD and Black Widow.

    A sketch of Daredevil & Black Widow done for me by Gene Colan! 
on Twitpic

    Gene Colan worked on over 96 issues of DAREDEVIL!

    Volume 1: -1, 20-49, 53-82, 84-98, 100, 110, 112, 116, 124, 138, 153-154, 156-157, 363-368, 370

    Volume 2: 20, 50, 100

    Go read some DD comics by Gene Colan!

    Here are some prints that I own of Colan art. I hope you enjoy them!

    A Christmas card from Gene Colan. I'm going to share 
som... on Twitpic A Christmas card from Gene Colan

    Captain America vs Red Skull by Gene Colan. on Twitpic Captain America vs Red Skull

    Batman & Robin vs Joker by Gene Colan. on Twitpic Batman & Robin vs Joker

    Daredevil vs Mr Fear by Gene Colan. on 
Twitpic Daredevil vs Mr. Fear

  • 23/06 - [Daredevil Liveblog]
  • Marvel.com will have a special live blog on FRIDAY JUNE 24, at 3PM EDT, with DD writer Mark Waid, artist Paolo Rivera and editor Stephen Wacker. If you can't make it, the transcript will be available on the same page afterwards. So, sign in at 3PM on Friday and get your questions answered!


    UPDATE: A full write-up of the blog is up on CBR, along with more preview artwork and covers! CBR

    Some quotes from the liveblog:

    "Gene pretty much invented the way he drew. Nobody else put a page together, put a panel together, told a story the way he did. He was notoriously difficult to ink because so much of what he did was in shades of gray." - Tom Brevoort

    "As a person, this might be a strange thing to say, he [Gene] was like a muppet. He was a very gentle and sensitive sort of a guy who had a real almost childlike wonder about the stuff that he was into." - Tom Brevoort

    "For the first couple of years of its existence, the Daredevil book didn't have much of an identity. It kept changing direction, it kept changing tone, it didn't quite know what it was until Gene came along and very quickly gave it a tone. Even more than Stan Lee, he was the key in giving that book an identity." - Mark Waid

    "My first introduction to Daredevil was through Gene Colan. For me, he's synonymous with the comics of my youth, the first comics that I read." - Axel Alonso

    "When it comes to Daredevil, Gene Colan wasn't my introduction to the character, but he's the one that I think of. " - Paolo Rivera

    "All three of these guys have been doing top shelf work for me on Spider-Man over the past couple of years. Daredevil was just a tough nut to crack." - Stephen Wacker

    We're following nothing but class acts and nothing but really good runs of the book. Readers expect a certain tone for the book and a certain tone. We all knew that Daredevil needed a little something." - Mark Waid

    "Without getting rid of the noir feel of the book, the realism of it, let's take the super hero dial and move it up just a few notches to get back to a bigger sense of adventure, a bigger sense of a world outside of Matt Murdoch. Let's fold him a little more rigidly into the Marvel Universe. He's always been the outsider, always. He always got along with the heroes but was never a team player." - Mark Waid

    "Matt's not scared of anything anymore, he has no fear because nothing else can happen to him. He can pretty much stand whatever happens." - Stephen Wacker

    "We wanted to give him a win every once in awhile." - Mark Waid

    "There's a bit of a location change for Matt. He's been in Hell's Kitchen for a long time now because it fit the character. I look around Hell's Kitchen now in 2011 and I think 'mission accomplished, Matt. You've done it.' We're making all of NYC a part of the book." - Stephen Wacker

    "You're following the work of guys who have really set a bar with the character. But what excites me, outside of Captain America, Daredevil was always my favorite Marvel hero growing up. Here was a guy who always solved his problems by diving headfirst into them. I love the fact that in some ways he was the most vulnerable of the Marvel heroes because of his personal setbacks and his power set." - Mark Waid

    "He is not defeated. His father always taught him to get up from the canvas no matter what." - Mark Waid

    "Foggy is the most important member of the supporting cast, always has been. I love their friendship, I love their partnership, I love that he's the brains of the outfit." - Mark Waid

    "Even though they're allied as legal partners again Foggy has his suspicions. There's something that's just not right about Matt, there's just something off. That's going to drive their relationship for the near future." - Mark Waid

    "Dakota North is out there. We have a new Assistant District Attorney who I love. As far as the villains go, I think we've played out ninjas and the Kingpin plenty for the time being. Let's start mixing it up with villains that we're not used to seeing in Daredevil." - Mark Waid

    "The idea of Daredevil fighting Silver Surfer appeals to me." - Stephen Wacker

    Lots more quotes from the blog... click on the link above to read the replay!

    From the DD liveblog today: DD#1 variant cover by John Romita! on 

    From the DD liveblog today: DD#4 variant by Bryan Hitch! on 

  • 20/06 - [Bendis Interview]
  • Newsarama has a new interview with NEW AVENGERS writer Brian Michael Bendis, where he goes into further details about DD's membership in the group. There's also a sneak peek of the cover to issue #17!


  • 13/06 - [World of Daredevil]
  • Marvel.com will be having a week-long feature on our favourite hero, as writer Mark Waid answers questions about the character and his supporting cast. The first part is now up, and Waid answers a lot of questions that relate to "Who is Matt Murdock?". On Tuesday, Waid will focus on DD's rogues gallery, so be sure to check back this whole week. There are also two new preview pages of DAREDEVIL #1 by Paolo Rivera, which feature Matt Murdock and an unknown female.

    UPDATE: Second part is now up! Waid looks at DD's villains.
    UPDATE: Third part is now up! Some sneak peeks at DD artwork.
    UPDATE: Fourth part is now up! Waid talks about DD's supporting cast.
    UPDATE: The final part is now up! Waid talks about Daredevil himself...

    World of Daredevil Part 1
    World of Daredevil Part 2
    World of Daredevil Part 3
    World of Daredevil Part 4
    World of Daredevil Part 5

  • 08/06 - [DD joins the New Avengers]
  • The Daredevil news keeps on coming, as now we learn that our hero will be joining the New Avengers starting in September. USA Today has an interview with Brian Michael Bendis about this latest development, and there's also news that the long-delayed DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS will finally come out this fall as well.

    USA Today

    So what do you think? Have your say on the MESSAGE BOARD!


    Interview with Brian Michael Bendis at Marvel.com

    Also, here's the official press release for New Avengers #16:


    With the chaos of Fear Itself running rampant on the Marvel Universe, there's only one man who can help the New Avengers in their fight, Daredevil -- the Man Without Fear! That's right True Believer, this September courtesy of Marvel Architects Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato, the guardian devil himself finally joins the ranks of Earth's Mightiest in New Avengers #16! But is the assistance of Matt Murdock be enough to help the New Avengers make it out in one piece? The Man Without Fear enlists in the fight against the God of Fear in New Avengers #16!

    For more on Daredevil joining the New Avengers, check out Marvel.com!

    Pencils & Cover by MIKE DEODATO
    Marvel Architects Variant also available
    Marvel Architects Sketch Variant also available
    Rated T+ .$3.99

  • 07/06 - [FRINGE writer on movie]
  • The Daredevil reboot has long been rumoured to be based on a certain well-known DD arc, and on June 3, VARIETY reported that Daredevil is being written by David Scarpa & Brad Kane, and produced by Peter Chernin & Dylan Clark:


    Today, several online sites posted more about Brad Caleb Kane, including some confirmation of sorts of the rumour of the storyline. Kane is a writer on FRINGE and is a big DD fan.


    Kane responded to a "good luck" tweet of mine by saying "Thnks. We'll do our best to do right by him (and the fans!)"

    Director David Slade also tweeted "Yes, Brad and I are meeting daily to work on the script, and yes "Born Again" is our main source material with all its grittiness."

    So, what do you think? Have your say on the MESSAGE BOARD!

  • 07/06 - [BLACK PANTHER news]

    Find out what has made the Man Without Fear the Most Dangerous Man Alive only at Marvel.com!

    Written by DAVID LISS
    Penciled by JEFTE PALO
    Rated T+ .$2.99


    Does this mean DAREDEVIL will get its MAN WITHOUT FEAR title back?

  • 02/06 - [USAToday Daredevil Preview]
  • USAToday has a feature on the new DAREDEVIL series, including some comments from writer Mark Waid, artist Paolo Rivera and editor Stephen Wacker. There are also some coloured pages that we have not seen yet with Foggy and Matt.


  • 01/06 - [Interview with Stephen D Sullivan]
  • You may not know this book exists, but there was an ELEKTRA JUNIOR NOVEL when the movie came out. I got in touch with the writer, Stephen D. Sullivan, and we discussed adapting the movie and what he felt about the final product. Hope you guys enjoy!

    Interview with Stephen D. Sullivan

    May 2011

  • 26/05 - [Color Preview of Daredevil 1]
  • Your First Look At DAREDEVIL #1!

    Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Daredevil #1, from the creative dream team of Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin! Daredevil's exciting new journey begins as he retakes the alleys and rooftops of New York City with monumental life changes, new enemies, new friends and a new role in the Marvel Universe! Billy club in hand, Matt Murdock must tackle his greatest challenges yet, but will he be welcomed back to New York with open arms? Who will stand in his way and can Daredevil be trusted? Find out as Daredevil soars to new heights in the double-sized Daredevil#1, this July!

    DAREDEVIL #1 (MAY110660)

    Written by MARK WAID
    Cover by PAOLO RIVERA
    Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA SR.
    Variant Cover by MARCOS MARTIN
    Variant Cover by NEAL ADAMS
    Blank Cover also available
    Rated T+.$3.99

    FOC . 6/27/11, ON SALE . 7/20/11

  • 24/05 - [Latest Previews]
  • Some new previews have been added to the site, so please check them out!



  • 19/05 - [Marvel Podcast with Waid]
  • Marvel Senior Art Director Jeff Suter chatted with Mark Waid recently about all things DAREDEVIL for the new Mighty Marvel Podcast. Have a listen as they discuss comparisons to Spider-Man, past DD stories and who may be appearing in the pages of DAREDEVIL #1 that ships in July.

    Mighty Marvel Podcast with Mark Waid

  • 17/05 - [August solicits]
  • Marvel's August solicits are now up, including DAREDEVIL #2, a BIG SHOTS special, and most of the SHADOWLAND TPB's. If you don't mind being spoiled, then please click on through to see all the solicits!

    August 2011 DAREDEVIL solicitations

  • 17/05 - [Rivera interview]
  • DAREDEVIL artist Paolo Rivera spoke with Newsarama today and we learn more about what we will see when DAREDEVIL returns in July!

    Newsarama interview with Paolo Rivera

  • 16/05 - [Interview and Preview artwork]
  • DAREDEVIL: REBORN is done, and the new DAREDEVIL series is coming in July. CBR has a new interview with writer Mark Waid and artist Paolo Rivera, and there's lots of preview artwork to check out exclusively on their site.

    CBR interview with Mark Waid & Paolo Rivera

    Comment on this story

  • 14/05 - [Elektra Bishoujo Statue]
  • As mentioned here a few months ago, there was going to be an Elektra Bishoujo statue... and now we have the first official pics of it! The statue is scheduled to ship in December.

  • 11/05 - [DD 1 Sketches]
  • From the latest Marvel Previews comes this one page look at some sketches by Paolo Rivera. There are some designs of the new billy club which will have 3 pieces (in a 3-part holster) and will rotate into a hook (and also will be white and red).

    DAREDEVIL #1 Sketches

  • 10/05 - [Unused REBORN cover]
  • DAREDEVIL REBORN cover artist Jock shared an unused concept on Twitter:

    Jock concept cover on Yfrog

  • 09/05 - [Upper Deck cards]
  • Upper Deck has a new line of Marvel cards coming out soon which feature cards made from the actual comic. The Marvel Beginnings line will have insert cards made from cut out panels from vintage comics! There will be many DD cards. Have a look!

    Upper Deck

  • 08/05 - [DD Syroco statue]
  • Marvel characters are going to be a part of Dark Horse's Syroco line of statues, and DD will be featured in his yellow costume. Each statue comes in a tin box, with a booklet about the character and a button. More details:

    Dark Horse

  • 06/05 - [DD REBORN preview]
  • The final issue of DAREDEVIL: REBORN is finally coming out next week and here's the preview, along with the new BLACK PANTHER issue as well!



  • 02/05 - [DF DD Editions]
  • As you all know, there will be 5 covers for DAREDEVIL #1 coming in July, but I noticed that there were going to be some Dynamic Forces signed editions as well. I got in touch with DF, and they let me know about some specials that DD fans may be interested in. Some of the offers expire on May 4th!

    DAREDEVIL #1 signed by Paolo Rivera ($6.99 until May 4th, $29.99 after)

    Two copies of DAREDEVIL #1 signed by Paolo Rivera ($10.00 until May 4th, $59.98 after)

    DAREDEVIL #1 signed by Paolo Rivera & Mark Waid ($24.99 until May 4th, $59.99 after)

    DAREDEVIL #1 signed by Mark Waid ($19.62 regular price)

    DAREDEVIL #1 signed by John Romita ($69.99 regular price)

    April 2011

  • 29/04 - [Latest Previews]
  • Some more previews to peruse as we wait for the final issue of DAREDEVIL: REBORN to ship...



  • 26/04 - [Westfield Waid interview]
  • The good folks at Westfield Comics have an informative interview with forthcoming DD writer Mark Waid, where we learn about a new character that will be in the series...

    Westfield Comics

  • 25/04 - [Gene Colan auction]
  • DD legend Gene Colan has been hospitalized again, and can use your help with medical bills. Clifford Meth is helping auction some cool items, so please help out if you can:

    Gene Colan

  • 19/04 - [Lots of links]
  • Lots of new DD-related stuff on the web recently, so here's a quick rundown of links (and news!)...

    DAREDEVIL: REBORN #4 has been pushed back to May 11, from the original date of April 20.

    Artist Dave Crosland gives us his great take on Daredevil

    In addition to the 5 covers for DAREDEVIL #1, there will be two Dynamic Forces signed editions for sale in July as well... one signed by Mark Waid ($19.62) and one signed by John Romita, Sr. ($69.99)

    DD fan Chase March shares his latest additions to his DD collection

    Former DD artist Chris Samnee draws a great sketch of our hero...

    Did Bill Everett cause The Avengers to be created... because he was late with Daredevil?

    DD makes an appearance in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 game, but not as a playable character...

  • 12/04 - [DD1 Solicit]
  • July 2011 solicits have been released, and included is the DAREDEVIL #1 solicit. As always, you can check out the full details in the PREVIEWS section (so not to spoil), but here's a look at 3 of the 5 covers... by Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin, Neal Adams (and not shown, ohn Romita, and a blank cover)...

    What do you think?

  • 12/04 - [Marco Checchetto interview]
  • Here's my new interview with former DD artist Marco Checchetto, who will be taking on the art duties for PUNISHER in the summer. I hope you enjoy this Q&A about "Left Hand Path" and working with Roberto De La Torre!

    Interview with Marco Checchetto

  • 10/04 - [Recent purchases]
  • I had a chance to go to the Toronto show over the weekend (and also a small trip to Niagara Falls), where I picked up some DD-related merchandise. Just wanted to share:

    Daredevil Marvel Adventure City pin
    This arcade no longer exists in Niagara Falls (it's now just "Adventure City") but I found this pin there when I visited on Thursday amongst the prizes. I asked if I could buy it and the manager let me have it for free!

    First up, the Daredevil Marvel Adventure City pin I got in Ni... on 

    Elektra key chain

    Next, an Elektra keychain I got at the Toronto show yesterday. on 

    Elektra print by Arnold Trinidad

    An Elektra print by Arnold Trinidad of Spent Pencils: on Twitpic

    Elektra print by Marc Wolfe

    Another Elektra print, by Marc Wolfe:  on Twitpic

    Daredevil print by Valentine De Landro

    And the last piece, a Daredevil print by Valentine De Landro:  on 

  • 08/04 - [DD cover revealed!]
  • You've seen the initial promo piece for DAREDEVIL #1... now check out the finished cover by Paolo Rivera!

    Paolo Rivera's blog

  • 05/04 - [MTV interviews Waid]
  • MTV Geek has a new interview with forthcoming DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid, where we learn more about the new series... including DD's move uptown, and maybe some appearances by surprise villains!

    MTV Geek

  • 05/04 - [DD REBORN motion comic]
  • No, it's not official, but here's a really cool fan-made motion comic for DAREDEVIL: REBORN #1!

    March 2011

  • 31/03 - [Interview with Karin Fong]
  • I hope you enjoy this new interview I've posted today with Karin Fong of Imaginary Forces. She and her team designed the opening credit sequence for the Daredevil movie (the 2003 version!) and we talked about some of the other ideas they considered before going with the braille and buildings theme.

    Interview with Karin Fong

  • 29/03 - [Lots of links]
  • Lots of stuff this week, so let's get right into it...

    Comics Professor has a very good analysis of Matt Murdock's self-loathing in DD: Reborn #3

    Editor Stephen Wacker shared another page from the final issue of DD: REBORN by Davide Gianfelice!

    I've spent the last few weeks getting the full database in place, and now I'm pleased to say I've added 4 new sectons to the site:



    Laura Sneddon gives us Daredevil 101!

    If you missed it, here's the video interview with Mark Waid, talking all about Daredevil!

  • 28/03 - [Black Panther News]
  • Here's the latest preview for BLACK PANTHER: MAN WITHOUT FEAR! Looks like some interesting developments are ahead for the title, which may mean the tagline "MAN WITHOUT FEAR" could go back to DD... more details after the preview!

    Black Panther 

    As mentioned, looks like BLACK PANTHER is going to become... AMERICAN PANTHER! CBR has the exclusive promo!


  • 20/03 - [Waid talks Daredevil]
  • Newsarama has a new interview posted with Mark Waid, where the new DAREDEVIL writer discusses what readers can expect in July.

    "Shadowland was about as dark as Matt could go, and while Daredevil will not be a happyshinyretrobright series by a long shot, we are gonna tweak the tone a bit and have Matt play a little more firmly in the Marvel Universe proper. A little more humor (people tend to forget that Matt's actually a clever wit), still plenty of danger and menace, still at heart a crime book...but we plan to deliver a Marvel comic that, you know, despite its excellence, won't drive you to drink."


    Newsarama also had this video interview:

    Newsarama video

    CBR also has an interview with Waid as well...

    "Tonally, it's still very much a crime series, but we're toning down the noir a bit and playing up the high adventure a bit more. He's the Man Without Fear. I want to see that constantly. I want to see him diving face-first into perils that would make Green Lantern shriek like a little girl."


    Marvel.com posted this interview when the announcement was made...

    "I love playing with how Matt has come to accept and deal with the fact that his dual identity is fairly common knowledge, and how he's now turned that to his advantage."

    And finally IGN has got an interview as well...

    "Oh, they don't trust Matt a lick. To them, Daredevil's become that guy you want to like but who has a reputation of disappointing you at all the wrong times. No one's sure WHERE Matt's head is at when this series begins, including the readers, and together we'll find out."

  • 20/03 - [Slade discusses rumours]
  • DAREDEVIL director David Slade posted some info on Twitter today about the movie:

    "Forgot to look at the internet for a few weeks and its a litany of false (and not so far off) rumours."

    "So without breaking confidentiality, yes Daredevil, we have a great outline for a very strong character driven take on Mr Matt Murdock."

    "It will bare no relation to the previous Daredevil movie in any way. We are at early planning stages and have not yet discussed any cast."

  • 19/03 - [Waid, Rivera, Martin!]
  • The news is finally here... your new team on DAREDEVIL is Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN fans will definitely know all three. More details here:


    And if you want to see how Paolo Rivera painted his DD artwork, check out this video from thecomicarchive.com!

    Timelapse of Paolo Rivera Painting Daredevil #1 from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

  • 17/03 - [Daredevil Reborn Preview]
  • DAREDEVIL: REBORN #3 ships next week and here's the preview! By Andy Diggle, Davide Gianfelice, Matt Hollingsworth, with cover art by Jock!

    Daredevil: Reborn 3 DAREDEVIL: REBORN #3

    POWER MAN AND IRON FIST #3 also ships next week!


  • 16/03 - [New DD team reveal at C2E2]
  • DAREDEVIL #1 Creative Team Revealed At C2E2!

    For more information, be sure to check out the MARVEL: CUP O'JOE panel (room #471) this Saturday at 5:30PM during this year's C2E2 convention in Chicago!

    Can't make it to Chicago this year? No problem! Marvel.com has you covered with their extensive coverage of C2E2 and they'll be there live blogging the entire event!

    UPDATE: The information about who is taking over DAREDEVIL is out there on the internet, so you can find out (and you don't have to look too hard). I will not post it until it is officially announced on Saturday.

  • 15/03 - [Slade directing Daredevil!]
  • We've been hearing the rumours for a long time and today we've finally learned that "30 Days of Night" and "Twilight: Eclipse" director David Slade will be guiding the new movie which will be a "continuation" of the first movie, but not contain material from the original.

    More details at Variety!

    UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter's sources say the storyline will be based on a very familiar arc.

    So, what do you think? Have your say on the Message Board

  • 04/03 - [Lots of Links]
  • As we wait for the next issue of DAREDEVIL: REBORN to ship, and the reveal of who will be taking over volume 3 of DAREDEVIL, how about some DD links to bide the time?

    Hitman director Xavier Gens shares his vision of Daredevil reboot

    A new Interview with Dan Kish who is blind but uses echolocation to "see"

    Shipping today is this Bullseye costume T-Shirt: on Twitpic
    This Bullseye T-Shirt shipped this week!

    Matt Damon reveals he turned down Daredevil

    And so did Guy Pearce

    Here's the new Panini TPB (in 
Spanish) for DAREDEVIL #26... on Twitpic
    The latest DD TPB from Panini (in Spanish!) from Nocenti/Romita Jr.

    Here's some concept art for 
Kotobukiyaâ..s Elektra Bisho... on Twitpic
    Concept art for a new Elektra statue!

    Don't forget to follow ManWithoutFear.com on Twitter and on Facebook!

    And I know no one actually cares, but I've finished all the programming involved to have Volume 3 of Daredevil ready to go (created and modified over 50 pages for that) in July.

    February 2011

  • 26/02 - [Heroes For Hire Preview]
  • HEROES FOR HIRE #4 ships March 2 and here's the preview!

    Heroes For Hire 4 HEROES FOR HIRE #4

  • 21/02 - [Murdock Interviews]
  • Longtime contributor to the site, JP Nguyen, has started a new webcomic based on Matt Murdock's professional life, entitled "The Murdock Interviews". He plans to complete 12 parts, and has posted his third comic this weekend. Have a read and let him know what you think!

    Murdock Interviews

  • 19/02 - [Another REBORN sneak]
  • We've got another sneak peek at a DAREDEVIL: REBORN page, this time courtesy of Stephen Wacker on Twitter:

  • 19/02 - [PMIF 2 Preview]
  • The second issue of POWERMAN and IRON FIST ships next week and here's the preview!


  • 17/02 - [DD returns in July!]
  • Marvel is proud to announce Big Shots! A brand new initiative, Big Shots spotlights three major launches of all-new ongoing series for the Marvel Universe's hardest hitting heroes by the comic industry's top creative talent! Kicking off with Moon Knight #1 in May, the Eisner Award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev as they delve deep into the psyche of the titular hero and embark on his greatest adventure yet. Then, the world's most feared vigilante -- Frank Castle -- returns to clean up the streets of Marvel Universe this June in The Punisher #1, from a blockbuster creative team that will have everybody talking. Finally, Matt Murdock returns to New York this July in Daredevil #1 to reclaim his place in the Marvel Universe. But where does the man known as Daredevil belong?

    "Fans are going to love what we have in store with Big Shots," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. "We're taking some of the best Marvel characters that we all know and love and sending them in a brand new direction with some Grade A talent. We want to reach a whole new set of readers while at the same time appeal to long time fans of these great heroes and Big Shots is how we're doing it."

    This summer, prepare to be blown away by the Big Shots!

    Want to know the masterminds behind Daredevil and The Punisher? Be sure to check out the Cup O' Joe Panel at this year's C2E2 in Chicago and stay tuned to Marvel.com for more info!

    Pencils and Cover by ALEX MALEEV



    So, who do you think the new team is? Have your say on the Message Board.

  • 10/02 - [DD Reborn 2 Preview]
  • DAREDEVIL: REBORN #2 ships next week and here's the preview! By Andy Diggle, Davide Gianfelice, Matt Hollingsworth, with cover art by Jock!

    Daredevil: Reborn 2 DAREDEVIL: REBORN #2

  • 09/02 - [Antony Johnston interview]
  • The Other Murdock Papers has a new interview up with former DD writer Antony Johnston! They discuss SHADOWLAND, and BLOOD ON THE STREETS and more!


  • 04/02 - [Shadowland Minimates]
  • Art Asylum has released pics of series 38 of the Marvel Minimates... the Shadowland edition!

    slminimates slminimates slminimates slminimates slminimates slminimates slminimates slminimates

  • 03/02 - [DD Reborn pages]
  • Over the past few weeks, DAREDEVIL: REBORN writer Andy Diggle has been posting some pages from the series drawn by David Gianfelice. Also, if you want to buy the cover to issue #1 by Jock, it's now on sale!

    DAREDEVIL: REBORN #3 page 5 by Davide Gianfelice. Somebody gi... 
Twitpic Ladies and gentlemen, Mister Matt Murdock by Mister Davide Gi... 
Twitpic Nothing to see here. Move along. on Twitpic

    SplashPage Art DD REBORN #1 cover

  • 03/02 - [Latest Previews]
  • Three new previews have been added to the site, and all three ship next week!

    Black Panther 

    Heroes For Hire 3 HEROES FOR HIRE #3


    January 2011

  • 30/01 - [Interview with Kuljit Mithra]
  • Yes, it's a silly headline, but Colin Bell of ComicBooked.com contacted me a few weeks back to see if I'd be interested in chatting about this site. Comic Booked has been showcasing DD all this month, and Colin wanted to chat with people who ran DD websites. So, here we are, after trying for a few weeks to schedule it. Many thanks to Colin for the interview and I hope all of you enjoy it. Hopefully my rambling doesn't embarrass me too much.


  • 25/01 - [Daredevil Dialogues]
  • CBR's Tim Callahan and Ryan Lindsay have started a conversation about Daredevil's history, and part 1 is now posted. It's an interesting look at their views of what makes the character tick and which creators are worth reading.


  • 24/01 - [Reborn Script]
  • Thanks to DD fan Aron, who pointed me to DAREDEVIL writer Andy Diggle's web site. Diggle has various scripts available for download, including the full script for DAREDEVIL: REBORN #1. It's an interesting look at the format he uses and the notes he made for artist Davide Gianfelice. Click on the SCRIPTS link in the top nav.


  • 24/01 - [Elektra Cosplay]
  • This set of pictures is from late last year, but I only saw it this week as DD fan Joe F. sent me the link. It's a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot for Jay Tablante, taken by former ELEKTRA artist Carlo Pagulayan. They even used Pagulayan's costume designs.


  • 20/01 - [DD Logo Study]
  • Letterer Todd Klein has just finished a great study on all the DAREDEVIL logos over the years. I bet you don't know who designed the very first logo! Klein analyzes all the fonts and styles used, and who was responsible for each (with a little help from yours truly as well). Check out all four parts!

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

  • 16/01 - [15 years!]
  • Another year has passed and suddenly it's 15 years that manwithoutfear.com has been around. Things certainly are different now. When I first started the site, JM DeMatteis was finishing off his run on the title. I hand scanned images to upload, using my 486DX-33 computer and 14.4 modem. Marvel.com didn't even exist yet.

    I've often been asked why I started the site and why Daredevil in particular. The first part is easy to answer. I was bored. I was studying at university in 1996 and one of my friends was experimenting with this "HTML" thing he was learning. I started playing around with it and put together a pretty basic page. And I kept at it, just adding more info, more images, etc. Back then, it was really difficult to find any DD images online. I was just doing it for myself really. Suddenly, people started emailing me, letting me know they'd checked out the site and liked it.

    So why Daredevil? Not sure, to be honest. I'd always been a fan and it was the only comic I was collecting at the time. As many others, I had drifted in and out of the comic collecting hobby, but kept getting the latest DD issue. There's something about the character that I've admired ever since I picked up my first Wally Wood issue of DD.

    Over the years I've had the chance to correspond with hundreds (thousands?) of DD fans all over the world, and even DD creators that I never dreamed I would get a chance to speak with. It is very humbling for me to hear that DD fans know about the site and visit. The site was created to be my way of showing my appreciation for this character and it serves as a resource for old and new fans alike. It's not about me. It's about Daredevil. If you've ever met me, you know it is embarrassing when people make a big deal about the site (or me).

    I have been very lucky (and I say this every year). I was just in the right place at the right time. It could have been anyone who started a DD site and kept going with it. I spend more time on the site than I really should. But it's worth it.

    Here are some pics of past incarnations of the site. Hope you guys enjoyed the 2 interviews I posted to help celebrate the anniversary. There might be a surprise interview coming later this month too.

    Once again, thank you.

    -- Kuljit Mithra

  • 11/01 - [REBORN Interview]
  • The DAREDEVIL: REBORN interviews continue, as writer Andy Diggle speaks with Newsarama. Remember, DAREDEVIL: REBORN ships tomorrow!


  • 07/01 - [More Previews]
  • In case you missed it, here's the DAREDEVIL: REBORN #1 preview again, along with BLACK PANTHER #514 and HEROES FOR HIRE #2, all shipping on the 12th!




  • 07/01 - [Two new interviews!]
  • To help celebrate the 15th anniversary of my site, I've prepared two new interviews...

    First up is SHADOWLAND artist Billy Tan...

    Interview with Billy Tan!

    We discussed all things SHADOWLAND and he shared some cool sketches.

    And the second one is former DAREDEVIL colorist Christie "Max" Scheele...

    Interview with Christie "Max" Scheele!

    We discussed her early work and why she left the comics business (and has no regrets about it).

    I'm working on some more cool things for the anniversary, and hopefully they work out too. I'm glad these two worked out and hope all of you enjoy them!

  • 06/01 - [DD Reborn Preview]
  • Next week's DAREDEVIL: REBORN #1 is now available for preview at CBR. Written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Davide Gianfelice, with covers by Jock!


  • 01/01 - [Happy New Year!]
  • Happy New Year! The year ahead for Daredevil fans will be an interesting one, as we may not even have a regular DD title to read. REBORN comes our way on the 12th (it was pushed back a week). Brian Michael Bendis has mentioned on his board that DD: END OF DAYS will be coming our way this year as well. So, hopefully, we still have some DD to read and discuss this year.

    As you've probably noticed, I've changed up the look a bit, in preparation for the 15th anniversary of the site coming on the 16th of this month. I've got quite a few cool things on the go and I hope all the stars align to get those to work out. Anyway, I'll talk about those more if/when they happen on the 16th. And I'll talk more about the anniversary later this month. I can't believe I've been doing this for so long either.

    So, I hope you continue to enjoy visiting the site and wish you all the best for the new year!

    -- Kuljit Mithra

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