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DAREDEVIL #1 First appearance and origin of DD, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page
DAREDEVIL #3 First appearance of Owl
DAREDEVIL #4 First appearance of Purple Man
DAREDEVIL #5 First Wally Wood art
DAREDEVIL #6 First appearance of Mr. Fear
DAREDEVIL #7 First appearance in red costume. Sub-Mariner appearance.
DAREDEVIL #8 First appearance of Stilt-Man
DAREDEVIL #16-17 Two-part team-up with Spider-Man (first John Romita Spider-Man)
Also first appearance of Masked Marauder
DAREDEVIL #18 First appearance and origin of Gladiator (Melvin Potter)
DAREDEVIL #20 First Gene Colan art
DAREDEVIL #25 First appearance of Mike Murdock
DAREDEVIL #26 Masked Marauder revealed to be Matt and Foggy's landlord.
Also return of Stilt-Man
DAREDEVIL #27 Apparent death of Masked Marauder, who is revived later in Iron Man. MM also appears in Miller's Spectacular Spider-Man story later
DAREDEVIL #37-38 Dr. Doom switches costumes with DD as part of a plot to attack the FF. Crossover with FF #73
DAREDEVIL #41 Death of Mike Murdock, events set up storyline that concludes in #158
DAREDEVIL #42 First appearance of Jester
DAREDEVIL #43 Captain America appearance, with Jack Kirby cover. DD breaks up with Karen Page for the first time.
DAREDEVIL #47 DD goes to Vietnam to entertain troops. Intro of Willie Lincoln, a blind African-American ex-cop
DAREDEVIL #48 Foggy wins election as D.A.. Karen briefly reconciles with Matt, but is put off when Matt pulls a ruse to get Foggy out of the office, since the Stilt-Man is coming to assassinate Foggy.
DAREDEVIL #51 Starr Saxon becomes first villain (of many) to discover Matt's identity.
DAREDEVIL #52 Black Panther appearance. He finds out DD's identity too.
DAREDEVIL #53 Origin re-told, with same script of #1, but with Colan's pencils.
DAREDEVIL #54 Cover price raised to 15 cents. DD fakes death of Matt Murdock.
DAREDEVIL #57 DD reveals secret identity to Karen
DAREDEVIL #62 Karen leaves NYC for her acting career in California
DAREDEVIL #67 Another Stilt-Man story and another Matt/Karen break-up.
DAREDEVIL #77 Guest appearances by Spider-Man and Sub-Mariner
DAREDEVIL #81 First appearance of Black Widow
DAREDEVIL #87 DD and Black Widow move in together - set precedent for first time comics showcasing unmarried couple living together
DAREDEVIL #92 Black Widow becomes co-star
DAREDEVIL #99 Guest appearance by Hawkeye. Crossover to Avengers #110-111
DAREDEVIL #100 DD gives interview to Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner
DAREDEVIL #107 Captain Marvel appearance
DAREDEVIL #108 Foggy is shot, DD returns to NYC
DAREDEVIL #114 Man-Thing guest appearance
DAREDEVIL #125 DD and Widow break up, first appearance of Heather Glenn
DAREDEVIL #131 First appearance and origin of Bullseye
DAREDEVIL #158 First Frank Miller art, death of Death-Stalker
DAREDEVIL #168 First appearance of Elektra
DAREDEVIL #170 First appearance of Kingpin in _Daredevil_
DAREDEVIL #174 First appearance of The Hand
DAREDEVIL #176 First appearance of Stick
DAREDEVIL #181 Death of Elektra
DAREDEVIL #190 Return of Elektra
DAREDEVIL #191 End of original Miller run
DAREDEVIL #196 Wolverine guest-stars
DAREDEVIL #208 Written by Harlan Ellison
DAREDEVIL #219 Miller returns as writer for one issue with John Buscema
DAREDEVIL #220 Death of Heather Glenn
DAREDEVIL #223 Matt regains sight for a day, thanks to Beyonder
DAREDEVIL #227-233 "Born Again" by Miller/Mazzucchelli
DAREDEVIL #252 Fall of the Mutants
DAREDEVIL #254 First appearance and origin of Typhoid Mary
DAREDEVIL #297-300 Fall of the Kingpin
DAREDEVIL #319-325 Fall from Grace, return of Elektra, new costume
DAREDEVIL #326 Tree of Knowledge
DAREDEVIL #333-337 Fathoms of Humanity by Wright/Grindberg
DAREDEVIL #348 Foggy discovers Matt's identity
DAREDEVIL #353 Kesel/Nord begin, return of Matt Murdock
DAREDEVIL #-1 Flashback issue, return of Gene Colan
DAREDEVIL #376-379 Flying Blind by Scott Lobdell
DAREDEVIL #380 Final issue of volume 1 by Chichester/Weeks
DAREDEVIL #1 Marvel Knights imprint debuts with Smith/Quesada/Palmiotti
DAREDEVIL #5 Death of Karen Page
DAREDEVIL #9-15 David Mack's Parts of a Hole, Kingpin blinded, intro Echo
DAREDEVIL #16-19 Bendis/Mack Wake Up arc
DAREDEVIL #20-25 Playing to the Camera by Gale/Winslade/Ross
DAREDEVIL #26-31 Underboss by Bendis/Maleev
DAREDEVIL #32-37 Out by Bendis/Maleev
DAREDEVIL #38-40 Trial of the Century by Bendis/Gutierrez/Dodson
DAREDEVIL #41-45 Lowlife by Bendis/Maleev
DAREDEVIL #46-50 Hardcore by Bendis/Maleev, declares himself "Kingpin of New York"
DAREDEVIL #51-55 Echo: Vision Quest by David Mack
DAREDEVIL #56-60 King of Hell's Kitchen by Bendis/Maleev
DAREDEVIL #61-64 The Widow by Bendis/Maleev
DAREDEVIL #65 40th Anniversary Special
DAREDEVIL #66-70 Golden Age by Bendis/Maleev
DAREDEVIL #71-75 Decalogue by Bendis/Maleev
DAREDEVIL #76-81 Murdock Papers by Bendis/Maleev, sent to prison
DAREDEVIL #111 Intro of Lady Bullseye
DAREDEVIL #500 Daredevil becomes leader of The Hand
DAREDEVIL #512 Shadowland ends, Matt leaves NYC
DAREDEVIL #1 Volume 3 #1 by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin

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