Since its debut in 1964, Daredevil has had many talented professionals work on the title in many different capacities. Click on any of the links to learn about the writers, artists, editors and many others who have helped shape the character. If you're interested in learning more about several of the creators involved, be sure to check out the interviews section!


You can judge a DD book by its cover!


Read about the artists who complement the penciller!


From Bill Everett to Alex Maleev; a look at the great artists of DD!


Learn more about the men and women who have crafted DD tales!


Over the years I've been very lucky to have had the chance to discuss Daredevil with over 100 past and present Daredevil creators. Many thanks to all these talented individuals!


197 Chip Zdarsky
(July 2022)
The Daredevil writer talks about the end of Devil's Reign and what's in store for DAREDEVIL #1!


196 Chip Zdarsky
(December 2021)
The Daredevil writer discusses all things Devil's Reign!
195 Alan Cowsill
(April 2021)
The writer of "The Way of the Warrior" talks about all the character profiles in this special martial arts influenced book from DK.
194 Brian Michael Bendis
(January 2021)
The former DAREDEVIL writer talks about his start at Marvel, and his collaborations with David Mack, Alex Maleev and more.


193 Chip Zdarsky
(September 2020)
The DAREDEVIL writer discusses all the revelations from the Annual.
192 Elsa Sjunneson
(June 2020)
The co-writer of JESSICA JONES: PLAYING WITH FIRE talks about writing Matt Murdock in the audio series.
191 Jack DiFalco
(May 2020)
"Kevin Page" from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about working with Deborah Ann Woll in the "Karen" episode.
190 Cori Dioquino
(May 2020)
DAREDEVIL Season 3's "Sophia Carter" talks about her role as the crime lord, and also her arts organization.
189 Will Stout
(May 2020)
"Todd Neiman" from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about playing Karen Page's former boyfriend and filming in a small town for the show.
188 Chris Tardio
(April 2020)
"Detective Blake" from DAREDEVIL Season 1 talks about his role as one of the Kingpin's crooked cops.
187 Holly Cinnamon
(January 2020)
"Julie Barnes" from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about her role and her work with Wilson Bethel in the show.


186 Chip Zdarsky
(November 2019)
The DAREDEVIL writer talks all things Matt Murdock, Wilson Fisk, Cole North and more.
185 Nandita Shenoy
(October 2019)
"Saanvi Nadeem" from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about her role, diversity and family.
184 Wes Louie
(September 2019)
The Concept Illustrator on DAREDEVIL Seasons 2 and 3 talks about some of his designs for the show.
183 Arden Wolfe
(September 2019)
Foggy's niece from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about being part of the Nelson clan.
182 Tony Naumovski
(August 2019)
"Dmitry" from DAREDEVIL Season 1 talks about his role and working with David Vadim and Rosario Dawson.
181 Lalit Kumar Sharma
(July 2019)
The DAREDEVIL artist talks about working on the No Devils, Only God arc.
180 #SaveDaredevil
(January 2019)
A chat with the Daredevil fans who have organized to bring back the Daredevil show.
179 Jed MacKay
(January 2019)
The writer of the MAN WITHOUT FEAR mini series talks about all things Matt Murdock, especially his pain and fears.


178 Peter Halpin
(December 2018)
Theo Nelson from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about working with Elden Henson and comments on the cancellation of the show.
177 Matthew McCurdy
(November 2018)
Agent Wellers from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about working with Deborah Ann Woll and Vincent D'Onofrio.
176 Don Castro
(November 2018)
Agent Arinori from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about working with his "FBI" team on the show.
175 Karina Casiano
(November 2018)
Betsy Beatty from the latest season of DAREDEVIL talks about her role, her theater background and working with Matt Gerald.
174 Sunita Deshpande
(November 2018)
Seema Nadeem from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about her role, the importance of diversity and working with her on-screen husband Jay Ali.
173 Matt Deangelis
(November 2018)
Jasper Evans from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about his important scene with Vincent D'Onofrio and the intense scene at the New York Bulletin.
172 Kate Udall
(November 2018)
SAC Tammy Hattley from DAREDEVIL Season 3 talks about the role and working with Jay Ali.
171 Charlie Cox
(October 2018)
Matt Murdock on DAREDEVIL answers a few questions about his experiences on the show.
170 Loren Weeks
(July 2018)
The Production Designer on DAREDEVIL, JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST and DEFENDERS talks about the set design and challenges of working on the Marvel Netflix shows.
169 Martin Ahlgren
(June 2018)
The Cinematographer on DAREDEVIL Season 2 talks about his background and filming all the action scenes in 4K.
168 Christos Gage
(May 2018)
The longtime comics writer talks about his work on the first season of DAREDEVIL and the recent DD600.
167 Alex Huynh
(April 2018)
The actor/stunt performer from all the Marvel Netflix shows talks about his career and working on DAREDEVIL.
166 Eric Michael Gillett
(March 2018)
"Dr. Gregory Tepper" from DAREDEVIL Season 2 talks about his career and his preparation for his role on the show.
165 Stephen E. Henderson
(January 2018)
The University of Oklahoma's College of Law professor talks about his paper "Daredevil: Legal (and Moral?) Vigilante".


164 Josh Turi
(October 2017)
The Emmy Award winning special makeup effects designer for the Marvel Netflix shows talks about working on DAREDEVIL, DEFENDERS and more!
163 Chloë Levine
(September 2017)
"Lexi Raymond" from THE DEFENDERS talks about working with Krysten Ritter and Charlie Cox, and her characters ties to Jessica Jones.
162 J. Mallory-McCree
(September 2017)
"Cole" from THE DEFENDERS talks about his role, some of his scenes and working with Mike Colter.
161 Chris Brewster
(August 2017)
Charlie Cox's stunt double on DAREDEVIL returns to discuss his work on the new DEFENDERS series.
160 Nikolai Nikolaeff
(July 2017)
"Vladimir Ranskahov" from DAREDEVIL Season 1 talks about working on the show and reveals some interesting easter eggs.
159 Ben Torres
(July 2017)
The artist on the KINGPIN series and the DAREDEVIL Annual talks about his art and design background and working with Matthew Rosenberg and Roger McKenzie.
158 George Papadimatos
(June 2017)
Elektra's driver from season 2 of Daredevil talks about comics and working with the cast.
157 Matt Gerald
(June 2017)
Melvin Potter from the Netflix Daredevil show talks about his experience from the first two seasons and what future projects are ahead.
156 Susan-Varon
(May 2017)
Josie from Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix talks about working at her "bar" and the real location in Brooklyn.


155 Paul Young
(December 2016)
The author of FRANK MILLER'S DAREDEVIL AND THE ENDS OF HEROISM discusses the book and his interest in telling his personal history with collecting Frank Miller comics.
154 Paul Crilley
(September 2016)
The writer of the Man Without Fear novel adaptation talks about the additions and changes in his story, and his new book!
153 Jose Guns Alves
(August 2016)
The actor who portrayed "Teardrop Brother" from Daredevil Season 2 talks about his role in the prison with two major characters on the show.
152 Ray Iannicelli
(June 2016)
"Jerry" the building landlord from Daredevil season 2 talks about his scenes with Jon Bernthal.
151 Reza Salazar
(June 2016)
The actor from Daredevil season 2's opening episode talks about filming his infamous scene in the meat freezer.
150 Zachary Zirlin
(June 2016)
The graphic designer on Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage talks about his concepts used through the shows on Netflix.
149 John Pirkis
(June 2016)
Stan Gibson from Daredevil season 2 talks about preparing for his role and his theatre background.
148 Suzanne H. Smart
(May 2016)
Hospital Administrator Shirley Benson from the Daredevil show on Netflix talks about working with Vondie Curtis-Hall and Rosario Dawson.
147 Lauren Mary Kim
(May 2016)
Elodie Yung's stunt double in Daredevil talks about her work on the show and showcases her new demo reel.
146 Danny Johnson
(May 2016)
The actor who portrayed Benjamin Donovan on Daredevil talks about keeping his role a secret for so long and working with Vincent D'Onofrio.
145 Peter Shinkoda
(January 2016)
The actor who portrayed Nobu on the first season of Daredevil on Neflix talks about living the dream of a Daredevil fan.
144 Chris Brewster
(January 2016)
Charlie Cox's stunt double talks about working on the Netflix show and being a part of Daredevil fandom


143 John Patrick Hayden
(September 2015)
The actor discusses his role as Jack Murdock in Marvel's Daredevil.
142 Elastic
(June 2015)
The team behind the great Daredevil titles sequence talks about the designs and concept.


141 Sergio Cariello
(December 2014)
The former artist on DAREDEVIL talks about Tree of Knowledge, Annual #10 and more!
140 Alan Brennert
(December 2014)
The former writer on DAREDEVIl talks about his Ben Urich tale in issue #192.
139 Manny Mederos
(March 2014)
The designer of the new DAREDEVIL logo talks about working in the production dept at Marvel.
138 Haden Blackman
(March 2014)
The writer of the new ELEKTRA series discusses what drew him to the character and what to expect in the book with artist Mike Del Mundo.
137 Daredevil Volume 3
(February 2014)
Many of the creators on DAREDEVIL Volume 3 discuss what working on the title meant to them.
136 Thony Silas
(February 2014)
The artist on DAREDEVIL: DARK NIGHTS talks about his arc with Jimmy Palimotti and his work on BATMAN BEYOND!
135 Mark Waid
(January 2014)
The DAREDEVIL writer talks about Volume 3 and the forthcoming Volume 4!


134 Jason Copland
(November 2013)
The forthcoming artist on DAREDEVIL #33 talks about working on his favourite character.
133 Javier Rodriguez
(October 2013)
The artist and colorist on DAREDEVIL talks about working on the relaunched series with Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Chris Samnee.
132 Stefano Gaudiano
(August 2013)
The former artist on DAREDEVIL talks about his work on the title with Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, Matt Hollingsworth and a host of other top talents.
131 Lee Weeks
(August 2013)
The writer/artist on the "Angels Unaware" arc in DAREDEVIL: DARK NIGHTS talks about working on the story and the challenges along the way!
130 Matt Costello
(January 2013)
The writer of the DAREDEVIL: GUILT BY ASSOCIATION book from TSR talks about the adventure story from 1988.
129 Ryan K. Lindsay
(January 2013)
The editor of THE DEVIL IN THE DETAILS book from Sequart talks about the project and what Daredevil fans should expect from all the essays within.
128 Thomas Baxter
(January 2013)
The Canadian illusionist talks about his job as Magic Consultant on the 2003 Daredevil movie.


127 Seth Peck
(November 2012)
The writer on X-MEN talks about the Domino/Daredevil team-up story in issues #38 and #39.
126 Tony Salmons
(October 2012)
The artist on MARVEL FANFARE #27, which features the Daredevil story "Cars", talks about working on the issue in the 1980's.
125 Alejandro Arbona
(July 2012)
The former assistant editor on DAREDEVIL talks about his work at Marvel, and specifically the job of an editor!
124 Khoi Pham
(July 2012)
The former artist on DAREDEVIL talks about his past education as a lawyer, and discusses issues #10.1 and #13!
123 Scott Dunbier
(June 2012)
The editor on the DAREDEVIL BORN AGAIN ARTIST'S EDITION talks about the collection and working with David Mazzucchelli!
122 Josie DiVincenzo
(April 2012)
"Josie" from the Daredevil movie talks about her role and her views on the director's cut which brought her scenes back that had been cut in the theatrical release.
121 Spoken Comics
(March 2012)
Student coordinator Alexander Booker talks about the Spoken Comics project at Pepperdine University for an Arabic audio edition of DAREDEVIL #1.
120 Danny Bulanadi
(March 2012)
The former inker on DAREDEVIL talks about working with William Johnson and David Mazzuchelli on the title.
119 Robert Rodi
(January 2012)
The former writer on ELEKTRA talks about his stint on the title and his views on the character.


118 Roberto De La Torre
(November 2011)
The former artist of DAREDEVIL discusses Shadowland and working with Andy Diggle!
117 Stuart Moore
(November 2011)
The former editor of DAREDEVIL discusses all things Marvel Knights!
116 Tim Tuohy
(October 2011)
The former editor of DAREDEVIL discusses Flying Blind, Just One More Story, working on MARVEL VISION and what it was like to work at Marvel in the late 90's.
115 Daredevil '83
(October 2011)
The team behind the Daredevil '83 fan film discuss shooting the movie in NYC!
114 Will Devokees
(August 2011)
The man behind the Daredevil fan trailer talks about the project and his hope to get an audition for the Daredevil movie reboot.
113 Stephen D. Sullivan
(June 2011)
The author of the Elektra Junior Novel talks about adapting the movie and what he thought of the original screenplay.
112 Marco Checchetto
(April 2011)
The former artist on DAREDEVIL talks about "Left Hand Path" and sharing art duties with Roberto de la Torre!
111 Karin Fong
(March 2011)
The designer behind the opening credit sequence for the DAREDEVIL movie talks about working on the braille and buildings theme.
110 Christie "Max" Scheele
(January 2011)
The former DAREDEVIL colorist talks about her nickname, her early work, and why she has no regrets about leaving the comics industry...
109 Billy Tan
(January 2011)
The SHADOWLAND artist talks about working with Andy Diggle on the mini-series, and provides some cool sketches for his cover to issue #1!


108 Mahmud Asrar
(December 2010)
The artist of SHADOWLAND: POWER MAN talks about the mini-series with Fred Van Lente!
107 David Liss
(December 2010)
The writer of BLACK PANTHER: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR talks about what's ahead for T'Challa as he takes over for Daredevil in Hell's Kitchen.
106 Jason Henderson
(November 2010)
The DAUGHTERS OF THE SHADOW writer talks about the SHADOWLAND tie-in series.
105 John Figueroa
(October 2010)
The former writer on Marvel Knights talks about the series from 2002, and his work with Alberto Ponticelli.
104 Daredevil: Black and White
(September 2010)
Jason Latour, Peter Milligan, Rick Spears, Mick Bertilorenzi, Ann Nocenti, David Aja and editor Jody LeHeup all discuss the DAREDEVIL: BLACK AND WHITE one-shot!
103 Joe Caramagna
(April 2010)
The Daredevil letterer discusses his work by giving some background on several pages from issues 501-506!


102 Justin F. Gabrie
(December 2009)
The editor of the What If? Daredevil vs. Elektra one-shot talks about the long journey to get this tale told...
101 Fall From Grace
A retrospective with
Dan Chichester, Scott McDaniel and Hector Collazo
(April 2009)
The Daredevil: Fall From Grace creative team looks back at their arc in this special retrospective look 15 years later.
100 Alex Irvine
Tomm Coker
(April 2009)
The Daredevil Noir team talk about the first issue of the series and the choices made for this take on the character.
99 Shane McCarthy
Martin Redmond
(April 2009)
The creators of the Astonishing Tales: Daredevil #1 talk about their original tale for Marvel's Digital Comics.


98 Elektra: Hand & Devil
(November 2008)
Director Chris .R. Notarile, and actors Kim Santiago, Adam Shorsten and Damine Colletti talk about working on the Elektra fan film "The Hand and the Devil".
97 Tito Faraci
(November 2008)
The writer of Daredevil/Captain America: Dead on Arrival talks about the project and its release through Marvel. Thanks to Francesco for all his help with translation.
96 Clay Mann
(September 2008)
The artist of Daredevil #111 talks about his Lady Bullseye debut issue!
95 Chris Samnee
(April 2008)
The artist of Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula talks about the special and provides some behind the scenes character sketches.


94 Zeb Wells
(November 2007)
The co-writer of Daredevil: Battlin' Jack talks about the limited series and his collaboration with Carmine Di Giandomenico.
93 Carmine Di Giandomenico
(September 2007)
The co-writer/artist of Daredevil: Battlin' Jack talks about the limited series and his collaboration with Zeb Wells.
92 Scott Lobdell
(April 2007)
The writer of "Flying Blind" shares his experiences on the title before the Marvel Knights relaunch.
91 Warren Simons
(February 2007)
The editor of Daredevil discusses the Brubaker/Lark team and provides a sneak peek of forthcoming projects.
90 Matt Hollingsworth
(January 2007)
The Daredevil colourist answers questions submitted by fans of the site!


89 Ed Brubaker
(June 2006)
The writer of Daredevil talks about the genesis of "Devil in Cell-Block D" and what's ahead in DD's future.


88 David Hine
(April 2005)
The writer of Daredevil: Redemption discusses the real case that inspired the limited series.
87 Richard K. Morgan
(March 2005)
The writer of Black Widow: Homecoming talks about his first comics work and his views on the Widow character.
86 Yvonne Navarro
(February 2005)
The writer of the Elektra movie novelization talks about her experience on that project.


85 40th Anniversary
(September 2004)
Many past and present DD creators all chime in with their thoughts on Daredevil and what it meant to them personally and professionally to work with the character.
84 Daniel Kish
(March 2004)
Daniel Kish is the Executive Director of World Access For The Blind, an organization that teaches blind people how to use echolocation.


83 Jon Mefford
(September 2003)
The producer of the many documentaries on the Daredevil DVD talks about interviewing the Daredevil greats in "Men Without Fear" and meeting Tom Sullivan.
82 David Mack
(June 2003)
The Kabuki creator speaks about "Parts of a Hole", "Wake Up" and his Echo storyline starting with issue #51.
81 Caleb Howard
(March 2003)
Rhythm and Hues' Digital Effects Supervisor discusses "Shadow World" and the other effects used in the Daredevil movie.
80 Tim Flattery
(March 2003)
The illustrator on the Daredevil movie talks about designing the billy club, the Kingpin's offices, costumes and more!
79 Graeme Revell
(February 2003)
The Daredevil film scorer talks about his ideas for the movie, and working with the many people involved.
78 Greg Cox
(January 2003)
The author of the DD movie adaptation talks about the challenges of writing the novel.


77 Scott Terra
(September 2002)
The actor who plays Matt Murdock in the Daredevil movie talks about his role!
76 Vatche Mavlian
Brett Matthews
(July 2002)
The team on the Spider-Man/Daredevil one-shot talk about the comic and their views on Spidey and DD!
75 Bill Reinhold
(May 2002)
The former inker on DD talks about working with Ron Wagner on the title.
74 Mark Steven Johnson
(March 2002)
The writer/director of the upcoming Daredevil movie answers a few questions about the cast, locations, costumes and more!
73 Luke McDonnell
(January 2002)
The former artist of Iron Man and the Phantom talks about his fill-in issues of DD with Denny O'Neil.


72 Kim DeMulder
(December 2001)
The inker of a few fill-in issues of DD in the 80's, talks about working with David Mazzucchelli on the title.
71 Matt Ryan
(November 2001)
The former inker of Daredevil talks about working with Cary Nord and his new career with CrossGen Comics.
70 Jason Martin
(August 2001)
The inker on 'Flying Blind' talks about working with Cully Hamner.
69 David Sarrio
(July 2001)
The director of the 'underground' French DD movie talks about producing the film on the streets of Paris.
68 Ben Abernathy
(May 2001)
Marvel's Collections Editor talks about the Miller Visionaries TPBs and what's next for DD collections.
67 Ron Wagner
(May 2001)
The former artist on Daredevil talks about his arc with J.M. DeMatteis and Bill Reinhold.
66 J.G. Roshell
(May 2001)
The 'Fontmeister' of Comicraft talks about designing the DD logo and the Miller Visionaries TPBs.
65 Steve Buccellato
(May 2001)
The colourist of the Visionaries Miller TPBs talks about working on the classic comics collection.
64 Chuck Dixon
(April 2001)
The writer of Birds of Prey, Robin and Nightwing talks about his Marvel Knights work.
63 Ariel Olivetti
(March 2001)
The former artist on X-Man talks about his DD work and other projects.
62 Larry Hama
(March 2001)
The former writer of G.I. Joe and many other titles talks about his Daredevil work as writer and artist.
61 John Rozum
(January 2001)
The former writer of X-Files and Xombi talks about his Daredevil fill-in issue.
60 Phil Winslade
(January 2001)
The artist of Daredevil/Spider-Man talks about the heroes and villains in the series.


59 Salgood Sam
(November 2000)
The artist of the Daredevil: Cutting Edge novel talks about his creator-owned work and the comic community in Montreal.
58 Jeph Loeb
(October 2000)
The writer of Batman: Dark Victory and Superman For All Seasons talks about the Daredevil: Yellow limited series coming next year.
57 Tom DeFalco
(September 2000)
The writer of Spider-Girl talks about the mystery of Darkdevil and the upcoming Spider-Man: Mysterio Manifesto series.
56 Pat Garrahy
(June 2000)
The former assistant editor on DD talks about the Chichester/McDaniel issues and his current colouring work.
55 Eddy Newell
(June 2000)
The artist of the Marvels Comics Daredevil one-shot talks about his collaboration with Tony Isabella.
54 Marc Siry
(June 2000)
The former assistant editor on Daredevil talks about his work with Ann Nocenti, Ralph Macchio, John Romita, Jr., and others.
53 Cully Hamner
(March 2000)
The artist of the Flying Blind arc talks about his work with Scott Lobdell on the title.
52 Jim Krueger
(March 2000)
The writer of Nighthawk and Earth X talks about heroism and how the ending of the Nighthawk limited series is important for events in Universe X.
51 James Felder
(January 2000)
The former editor of Daredevil talks about his work on the title with J.M. DeMatteis and Karl Kesel.
50 Bill Sienkiewicz
(January 2000)
The artist on the Daredevil graphic novel and the Elektra Assassin series, talks about his work with Frank Miller and his work in other media. Many thanks to Mr. Sienkiewicz.
49 Jonathan Barron
(January 2000)
The writer of issue 374 talks about his work on DD and his subsequent efforts to get work in the comics industry.
48 Dave Hunt
(January 2000)
The inker of many titles, including Superman and Legion of Superheroes, talks about his issue of DD, as well as his work for various comic companies.
47 Bob Budiansky
(January 2000)
The former editor of Daredevil talks about his work in the early 200's of volume 1 with Denny O'Neil, William Johnson, David Mazzucchelli and Harlan Ellison.


46 Hector Collazo
(December 1999)
The inker of Fall From Grace, Tree of Knowledge and the Elektra: Root of Evil limited series talks about his collaboration with Scott McDaniel on Daredevil.
45 Dick Ayers
(December 1999)
The 50+ year veteran of the comics industry talks about his work on Daredevil and other titles in this quick Q+A session.
44 Harry Candelario
(November 1999)
The inker of many titles at Marvel talks about his inking work for Daredevil and his work in the Marvel Bullpen.
43 Michael Avon Oeming
(November 1999)
The inker of some issues during Fall From Grace talks about inking styles, the recent DD stories, and his upcoming projects.
42 Glenn Alan Herdling
(October 1999)
The writer of a few DD issues during the Chichester/McDaniel run on the series, talks about his past editing jobs at Marvel and what's in his future at Wizard. Thanks to Scott McDaniel for his help.
41 Fabian Nicieza
(October 1999)
The writer of many titles over the years talks about his fill-in DD issue, Dead Man's Hand, and DD's appearance in Gambit.
40 Richard Isanove
(August 1999)
The colourist of the Marvel Knights Daredevil series talks about the process of computer colouring and what he thinks of the series.
39 Christopher Ivy
(July 1999)
The former inker of titles such as Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Avengers, talks about his work on Daredevil with M.C.Wyman and Scott McDaniel.
38 Kieron Dwyer
(July 1999)
The former artist of Captain America, and many other titles discusses his few Daredevil issues and his Lowest Comic Denominator project.
37 Madeleine E. Robins
(May 1999)
The writer of The Stone War talks about her Daredevil novel, The Cutting Edge, and the challenges involved with its creation. Thanks to Keith DeCandido for his help.
36 Ande Parks
(March 1999)
The inker of Daredevil #338-340 talks about his collaboration with Alexander Jubran and his views on DD in general.
35 Devin K. Grayson
(February 1999)
The writer of the Black Widow series answers a few quick questions about the Widow's age, DD's relationship with the Widow and how she feels about the character in general.
34 Randy Bowen
(January 1999)
The designer of the Daredevil statues talks about the processes involved with creating his work. He also talks about upcoming projects.
33 Keith R. A. DeCandido
(January 1999)
The editor of the Marvel Novels at Byron Preiss Multimedia talks about the first DD novel, his take on DD, and the upcoming DD novels.


32 Kevin Smith
(November 1998)
The writer/director of Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma talks about his work on DD. Thanks to Joe Quesada for his help.
31 Jimmy Palmiotti
(October 1998)
The inker of several titles, including Ghost Rider, Vampirella and Ash, talks about the new DD relaunch under Event and what he thinks of the character.
30 Cary Nord
(October 1998)
The former artist of Daredevil talks about his work on the title and his now delayed work on the proposed Micronauts series. Thanks to editor Julio Soto for his help with the interview.
29 Ann Nocenti
(October 1998)
The former writer of Daredevil talks about her work on the series and what she has been writing lately. Thanks to Keith DeCandido, editor of the Marvel Novels for helping me with the interview.
28 Tommy Lee Edwards
(July 1998)
The artist of Moon Knight, Gemini Blood and Zombie World: Winter's Dregs talks about his upcoming DD one-shot and his stint on DD that got canceled due to the Event deal with Marvel.
27 Jim Shooter
(July 1998)
The former editor-in-chief of Marvel talks about his writing stint on DD and what Marvel was like during his stay there.
26 Joe Quesada
(June 1998)
The upcoming artist of Daredevil talks about the Event deal and his views of Daredevil.
25 Ben Raab
(June 1998)
The writer of Excalibur and New Mutants talks about his new column 'Shop Talk' and his few issues of Daredevil.
24 Gene Colan
(May 1998)
Kevin Hall talks with the Daredevil legend about his career and influences. Thanks to Kevin for letting me archive the interview on my site.
23 John Ostrander
(May 1998)
The writer of Heroes For Hire and Martian Manhunter talks about his work and his views on DD.
22 Brian Denham
(April 1998)
The artist of American Woman for Antarctic Press talks about his new series and his work on DD#375.
21 Christopher Golden
(April 1998)
The writer of Predator's Smile talks about the novel and his upcoming work on the Punisher.
20 Ron Garney
(March 1998)
The artist of Captain America talks about the new Cap series and his early work on Daredevil.
19 Steven Grant
(March 1998)
The writer of Wetworks and Challengers of the Unknown talks about his issue of Daredevil and his upcoming work.
18 John Byrne
(March 1998)
The upcoming writer of Twice Told Tales talks about his work on Daredevil #138, and why he didn't do any more issues of DD.
17 Dan Jurgens
(March 1998)
The writer and artist of many titles, including Zero Hour, Superman and Spider-Man, talks about his upcoming Thor series and his work on issue #224 of Daredevil.
16 Gregory Wright
(March 1998)
The former writer and colourist of Daredevil discusses his work on the annuals and the Fathoms of Humanity storyline.
15 Tom Lyle
(March 1998)
The former artist of Spider-Man, Punisher and Robin talks about his work on those titles and his views on Daredevil.
14 Uri Geller
(February 1998)
The controversial Mr. Geller talks about his 'abilities' and his appearance in Daredevil in the 70's.
13 Dennis O'Neil
(February 1998)
The former editor and writer of Daredevil talks about his stint on the comic.
12 Lee Weeks
(February 1998)
The former artist of Daredevil talks about why his work on the title was important to him.
11 Bernard Chang
(February 1998)
The artist of the Daredevil/Deadpool '97 annual discusses his work on that comic and all the Valiant questions I could throw at him. :)
10 J.M. DeMatteis
(February 1998)
The writer of many titles over the years talks about his short stint on Daredevil and the screenplay he wrote for a planned DD movie.
9 D.G. Chichester
(February 1998)
The former writer of Daredevil talks about his work on the title and the problems he encountered along the way...
8 Scott McDaniel
(January 1998)
The artist of Nightwing talks about his early days on Daredevil and the origins of the armoured costume. He also discusses the return of Elektra.


7 Steve Gerber
(December 1997)
The creator of Howard the Duck talks about his career, Daredevil, and his comic series for Vertigo.
6 Marv Wolfman
(November 1997)
The writer and creator of many titles for Marvel and DC discusses his work on DD and all his other media related projects.
5 Karl Kesel
(September 1997)
The former writer of Daredevil discusses why he left the title and his upcoming projects, including the new Access limited series and Superboy.
4 Walt Simonson
(August 1997)
The well-known former writer and artist of Thor talks about his 'Untold' tale of Daredevil with Frank Miller, and his future as part of the Legend imprint at Dark Horse.
3 Joe Kelly
(August 1997)
The writer of Daredevil talks about the comic and his forthcoming work on X-Men.
2 Steve Englehart
(June 1997)
The writer of countless titles discusses his aborted stint on Daredevil and his new television series based on Night Man.
1 Tony Isabella
(May 1997)
Mr. Isabella talks about his career and his short but memorable stint on Daredevil in the mid-70's.

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