This page showcases various storylines that have been left dangling due to many factors... if you know of any more 'Untold Tales' of Daredevil, please let me know!

Daredevil was Ronin

Originally, the mysterious Ronin who joined the New Avengers was supposed to be Daredevil. After it was revealed that Ronin was Echo, Bendis denied that a switch was made and Echo was always going to be Ronin.

Then, years later, Bendis finally admitted it in the introduction of the New Avengers Omnibus.

Bendis had told a reporter this DD/Ronin information in confidence, but the reporter revealed it in an article. Bendis then thought with Ed Brubaker coming onto the title, DD as Ronin wouldn't work anyway, so Echo became Ronin.

"New York Underground" by Warren Ellis

Writer Warren Ellis was working on a novel featuring Daredevil entitled "Daredevil: New York Underground" and was scheduled to come out in 2000. Unfortunately, due to reasons that are still unknown, the book never was released.

Garrett/Page storyline?

Submitted and written by Sean W. Luck

The following information was taken from Daredevil vol. 1, issues 326-332, 338-342

After Matt Murdock's untimely "demise" Karen Page, still grieving from the loss, is approached by two movie producers, Jim and Artie O'Farell, from her porn star past wanting to draw her back in with the familiar promises of money and fame. The bait the O'Farell brothers had on their hook this time was virtual porn. The power of interactive media meets the original sin.

The brothers handed Karen a CD-Rom. Disgusted, angered and ashamed of what she was seeing she hit her computer throwing the disk askew and revealing a horrible sight: A young girl--too young, no more than 12 or 13-- and older, adult, hands grasping and groping their way toward her. The scene is one described as raw and ugly. She vows to find whoever -- whatever -- did this to the girl and make them pay.

The police are no help though. They have problems of their own and, unable to repeat the glitch, there's no evidence of the child Karen saw. Not willing or able to give up, Karen puts an ad in the paper for a private investigator. The results are less than spectacular until...

John Garrett, rogue SHEILD cyborg, has a new lease on life thanks to the Hand's magic and Nick Fury's willingness to disobey the orders for the cyborg's termination. Unable to find any kind of work through normal means he turns to the newspapers' classifieds.

It's an odd match -- truly Beauty and the Beast -- and who knows what D. G. Chichester had in mind for the duo. Would it be Karen and Garrett alone or would they receive some behind-the-scenes help? Sadly readers will never know what was intended for Karen, Matt, and New York's favorite psychotic cyborg.

Ka-Zar/Daredevil '98?

Ann Nocenti was supposed to return to writing DD with this annual. However, it quickly became apparent that it wasn't going to come out. It was delayed and then ultimately canceled due to low orders. At least that's the official reason. Check out my interview with Ann Nocenti for more info on this comic.

Miller and Simonson on Daredevil?

After Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli completed their Born Again arc in DD#227-233, Frank Miller was going to work with Walt Simonson on a two-part story for issues #235-236. Dr. Strange was going to guest-star in this story. Only the first half was ever written. I own a copy of this script (and for many reasons I cannot post it on my site...). You can read my interview with Walt Simonson where he discusses this story and why it didn't happen.

Original Sin

Dan Chichester and Paul Ryan were planning to do a four issue limited series with Daredevil in the 1800's called Original Sin. Due to some editorial changes at Marvel, the project was never started and once again DD was never given any chance to shine. Check out my interview with Dan Chichester where he talks about this series.

Daredevil as a West Coast Avenger?

Steve Englehart was originally going to take over writing Daredevil after Born Again, and he had plans on moving Daredevil to San Fransisco and make him a member of the West Coast Avengers. Due to editorial problems, Englehart did not become the regular writer (this job went to Ann Nocenti) and DD stayed in New York. You can read my interview with Steve Englehart where he explains why he didn't take on the writing chores. Englehart ended up writing one issue under the name John Harkness.

So what happened to Blackcrow?

Introduced during Denny O'Neil's run, Blackcrow was supposed to 'save' Daredevil from some upcoming doom. This story didn't materialize, as Frank Miller came back to the series for Born Again and O'Neil left. Check out my interview with Denny O'Neil for more info on Blackcrow.

Matt Murdock, mayor of New York!

Karl Kesel had been waiting for approval on an idea to make Matt Murdock mayor of New York. Eventually the idea was nixed by editorial, due to the problems this would have across many of the Marvel titles.
Check out former editor James Felder's interview where he talks about this.

Look! Up in the sky!

During Marv Wolfman's run, a mysterious figure appeared in the sky named 'Skywalker' who was observing DD's fight with Death-Stalker. It appeared this character would become important later on. But he never showed up again. You can check out my interview with Marv Wolfman to find out why.

Daredevil and Iron Man, together in the same magazine

Both of these comics were selling poorly, so there had been plans in the 70's to combine the two characters into a shared title. Thankfully this plan never materialized.

Daredevil and Lightning the Super Dog!

In the 80's, there was a proposal for a Daredevil cartoon, where DD would be helped in crime fighting by his sidekick, Lightning the Super Dog! Check out my cartoon page to see some scans of the cartoon.

So, where have they gone?

Nyla? Grotto? Fatboys? This list could go on...

If you have any 'Untold Tales' of Daredevil, please drop me a line and I'll post them here.



By Siqueira and Duarte


By Siqueira and Duarte

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Marvel Legends Matt Murdock

From Spider-Man: No Way Home

Two covers by Aaron Kuder

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Two covers by Aaron Kuder



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