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Daredevil (Movie Adaptation)


Science Fiction
Book Club

By Greg Cox, based on the screenplay by Mark Steven Johnson
With picture insert from movie
$6.99 US
$9.99 CAN
From Onyx, a division of Penguin Putnam (C)2003
ISBN 0-451-41080-7
Length: 250p.



Blinded in a tragic accident, Matt Murdock discovered that the radioactive isotope responsible for his condition also heightened his other senses, creating an acute awareness of his surroundings that enables him to "see" with more clarity than those with sight can possible imagine.

By day, Matt Murdock is an attorney for the downtrodden souls of New York City, fighting the good fight against corrupt political and corporate machines to the fullest extent of the law.

By night, Matt Murdock wages a different kind of war. With his heightened senses to guide him through the seedy labyrinth known as Hell's Kitchen, he joins the battle against the criminal underworld in order to dispense justice to those the law cannot touch.

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Elektra (Movie Adaptation)

By Yvonne Navarro, based on the screenplay by Zak Penn
With picture insert from movie
$6.99 US
$8.55 CAN
From Pocket Star (c) 2005
ISBN 1416505059
Length: 288p.

Elektra Natchios died, once. But the beautiful, dangerous heiress was resurrected and recruited by a mysterious group who trained Elektra in the art of combat, then cast her out when her anger and lust for vengeance became more than they could bear. Now she works as a paid assassin -- the very best that money can buy, notorious for her lethal speed and precision. Elektra is careful to treat each assignment as just another job, providing a service she can perform better than anyone else.

When Elektra is hired to eliminate an attractive, friendly widower and his young daughter, she finds that things aren't so simple anymore. Soon Elektra is engaged in an all-out war with the powerful criminal organization known as The Hand for the lives of one man and his child -- but the ultimate struggle may be for Elektra's soul....

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Elektra Junior Novel (Movie Adaptation)

By Stephen D. Sullivan, based on the screenplay by Zak Penn
With picture insert from movie
$4.99 US
$6.99 CAN
From HarperKids Entertainment (c) 2004
For ages 9-12
ISBN 0060787066
Length: 144p.

Driven by the rage she has felt ever since her mother's untimely death, Elektra has become the world's most dangerous assassin. After her wise mystical-arts mentor sends her away for her bad attitude, Elektra must take any assignments she can find. But when Kirigi, the leader of a group of ruthless hired guns called the Order of the Hand, sends Elektra to kill a man named Mark Miller and his young daughter, Abby, she decides to befriend and protect the pair instead. Now Elektra must battle the evil ninjas of the Hand while struggling with her own troubled past. Will she be able to defeat Kirigi and save Mark and Abby, or will this change of heart destroy her?

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Daredevil: Predator's Smile

By Christopher Golden
With Illustrations by Bill Reinhold
and Cover by Matt Wagner
$5.99 US
$7.99 CAN
From Byron Press Multimedia (C)1996
ISBN 1-57297-010-3
Length: 400p.


An arsonist's twisted handiwork claims hundreds of lives in the roughest neighbourhood in New York-Daredevil's turf. Daredevil digs up the root of the problem and comes up with a ruthless crime boss bent on brutally wrestling control of New York's underworld from the Kingpin of Crime. The new crime boss's enforcer? The bloodthirsty Bullseye, master assassin with a pathological enmity for Daredevil. Bullseye takes to his work with deadly efficiency, killing his way towards the Man Without Fear Daredevil is forced to ask for help from the Kingpin-his deadliest foe-before Bullseye's fatal obsession and an explosive gang war destroy the city he's sworn to protect.
(This novel's events occur in between DD#233-#234)

Review by Peter James Gallacher:
(*** 1/2) three and a half stars
A plain and simple good read. Daredevil has always struck me as a character with literary potential. One of the strengths of the comic has always been the rich supporting cast and Golden uses them to the fullest. Karen Page, Ben Urich, Turk, Sister Maggie and Foggy Nelson are all there. The Black Widow also makes an unexpected appearance. Other surprise players are Betsy and Melvin Potter (aka, the Gladiator). Golden's portrayal of the Gladiator is one of the book's high points.The only area in which the book falls seriously short is in the villain department. No, not the Kingpin or Bullseye (they're great...I only wish there was more of them!), but Gary Wiezak. Who?, you ask. Exactly. Who indeed. I mentioned in my review of What Savage Beast that Golden tackles the continuity problem differently the PAD and the approach directly affects the story...and also leads to Gary Wiezak. Golden states that this story takes place between Daredevil #233 and #234, therefore the reader knows that nothing significant can happen to most of the characters in the story, because we've read about them after Daredevil #234. This makes Gary Wiezak stick out like a sore thumb. The reader knows Wiezak, who is the key antagonist, is going down (and hard) because in the world of comics he's a nobody. Now this might not be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that Wiezak is written as a two-bit loser in waaaay over his head. If Daredevil can't take this guy out he should seriously consider an other profession. Without a strong lead villain, an otherwise well written book suffers. Fortunately the host of other strong characters makes up for Wiezak's deficiencies. Daredevil fans should enjoy the book and consider it worth the cash.

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Daredevil: The Cutting Edge

By Madeleine E. Robins
With illustrations by Max Douglas (Salgood Sam)


A mysterious marauder called "The Cutter" is murdering innocent people in Hell's Kitchen - Daredevil's turf. But the man without fear may find that this is a foe he cannot face, for the Cutter has been enhanced by a revolutionary new procedure that makes him immune to Daredevil's superhuman senses.
(Putnam) (0-425169-38-3)
SC, 272 $6.50

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The Devil is in the Details: Examining Matt Murdock and Daredevil

Edited by Ryan K. Lindsay
Cover by Alice Lynch

This book from Sequart Research & Literacy Organization, edited by Ryan K Lindsay, collects essays about Marvel's Daredevil from some of today's best writers about comics. It is slated to be published in early 2013, Diamond order codes will be made available once solicited. Created in 1964, Matt Murdock has a long and storied history which this book unpacks and discusses through a variety of concepts covered over decades of comics. This book is the definitive guide to Daredevil and his entire world.

'Daredevil's Origin' by Will Murray discusses how Marvel came to publish a character named Daredevil.

'Daredevil: Not Ready for Primetime?' by M.S. Wilson discusses how Daredevil works better as a character on his own rather than integrated with others.

'Daredevil and the Missing Father' by Forrest Helvie delves into the concept of fatherhood in Daredevil's creation.

'Grabbing the Devil by the Horns' by Matt Duarte looks at the early rogues of Daredevil's crime fighting days.

'Being Mike Murdock' by Tim Callahan is an interesting take on the imaginary brother Mike Murdock.

'The Life and Times of Foggy Nelson' by Christine Hanefalk deconstructs the life of Matt Murdock's best friend.

'When Things Fall Apart in Hell's Kitchen: Postcolonialism in Bendis's Daredevil' by Jon Cormier is an educational look at the role the location plays in the book.

'There Will be Blood: Daredevil's Violent Tendencies' by Henry Northmore considers the effects of Daredevil's violent adversaries.

'Science Fact!' by Stéphane Guéret, Manuella Hyvard, Nicolas Labarre, and Marie-Laure Saulnier considers the realistic possibilities of Matt Murdock's unique medical situation.

'Blind Dates and Broken Hearts' by Ryan K Lindsay investigates the deep and treacherous love lives of Matt Murdock.

'Daredevil: Intermediate Superhero Film Making' by Geoff Klock is a discussion about the 2003 movie adaptation.

'Daredevil and Spider-Man: Dark Alleys and Bright Lights' by Vinny Murphy is an analysis of the relationship between Daredevil and Spider-Man.

'What Fall From Grace? Reappraising the Chichester Years' by Julian Darius looks over the much maligned Chichester run from the 90s.

'Daredevil and Punisher: Polar Opposites? ' by M.S. Wilson investigates the themes connecting Daredevil and the Punisher.

'.22 Caliber, A Girl's Gun: Vanessa Fisk & Freedom of Action' by Kevin Thurman discusses the role of Vanessa Fisk in the Bendis/Maleev run of the 2000s.

'The Only Way Is Down . Brubaker's Saga as 70s Cinematic Noir' by Ryan K Lindsay analyses the Brubaker/Lark/Gaudiano run against the cinematic noir cornerstones of the 70s.

A variety of topics and approaches are presented in this book. This is a creation all about Daredevil by people who love Daredevil.

Featuring a Foreword by 'Born Again' editor Ralph Macchio.

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Blind Dates and Broken Hearts: The Tragic Loves of Matthew Murdock

Written by Ryan K. Lindsay
Cover by Alice Lynch

This short book reprints the essay previously featured in the "Devil is in the Details" book above.

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Daredevil Vs Kingpin In The King Takes A Dare

Become Daredevil or Kingpin in this unique adventure book by James Ward.

Here Comes... Daredevil!

This black and white book reprints classic DD tales.

The Marvel Superheroes

Review by Peter James Gallacher:
(***) three stars
As a collection of four short stories, The Marvel Superheroes has its ups and downs.
(***) three stars
Blind Justice, by Kyle Christopher, is a solid little pre-Miller Daredevil story. Christopher spends much of the story successfully taking us into the blind, yet radar-sense enhanced, world of the Man Without Fear. The story is a quite readable, though not inspiring, little adventure that should entertain most readers.

Spider-Man Super Thriller: Deadly Cure

By Bill McCay
Byron Preiss Multimedia
A scientist finds a way to create perfect humans, heal the lame and cure the sick. Dr. Aron Esterhazy's new formula can even turn the ordinary people into superbeings. Everyone who finds out about it wants it-but who will control it? Spider-Man wants to make sure the serum dosen't wind up in the worng hands . . . but it may also cure his Aunt May. Hobgoblin wants to become a superpowered player . . . but it may also allow him the revenge he seeks. The Kingpin wants it to create an army of super- thugs . . . and cure his wife. Daredevil wants to keep it out of the Kingpin's control . . . but it may also restore his sight. One person will use it. One person will die. But who? (Thanks to Jason Barker for this info...)

Marvel Illustrated Book

This black and white book reprints "The Fellowship of Fear" and "The Stilt-Man Cometh!".

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