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December 2004

  • 30/12 - [Elektra movie update]

    From SHH!: New MTV clips from Never Before Scene
    From SHH!: Palms Casino hosts Elektra Premiere

    Both official sites have been updated with more content: ElektraMovie.com and ElektraTheAlbum.com

    Look for information soon on all the props available from the movie available through CAS Iberia!

  • 28/12 - [Wolverine #24/25 pencils]

    Newsarama has posted some pencils from the upcoming Wolverine issue with DD guest-starring...


  • 27/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 29

    * Elektra: The Hand #5 (of 5)
    * Elektra The Movie $5.99
    * Identity Disc TPB $13.99 [Bullseye]
    * New Avengers #1 Director's Cut $3.99
    * New Avengers #1 Finch Variant $2.25
    * What If Karen Page Had Lived? $2.99
    * Daredevil and Elektra Laser Cel $10.99
    * Marvel Milestones Daredevil Statue $175.00

    January 5

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller V1 TPB [new printing]
    * Marvel Knights 2099 TPB
    * New Avengers #2
    * New Avengers Hairsine Variant
    * Powerless TPB

  • 23/12 - [Another Elektra trailer]

    The 2nd domestic trailer is now online, as well as another featurette... more details at SHH!


  • 23/12 - [Elektra comic preview]

    PopCultureShock has posted a preview of next week's Elektra comic adaptation of the movie...


  • 22/12 - [Elektra poster, trailer]

    SHH! has posted the new Elektra movie poster and also a better quality version of the 2nd trailer...


  • 22/12 - [VisionComix sale!]

    VisionComix continues their 50% sale for all ManWithoutFear.com visitors, and they've added several Elektra TPB's this month. So head on over by clicking on the banner below. Every click helps offset the cost of running this site and when you order any comics, it helps maintain their confidence in continuing to advertise on ManWithoutFear.com. Thanks!

  • 21/12 - [McKeever talks Elektra]

    Elektra comic adaptation writer Sean McKeever spoke with the Comics Continuum...

    Comics Continuum

  • 21/12 - [Elektra Extra segment]

    If you missed "Extra" last night, they have posted their segment with Jennifer Garner online...


  • 20/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 22

    * Black Widow #4
    * Ultimate Elektra #5
    * Wolverine #23 [DD cameo this issue, full appearance next issue]
    * Marvel Previews

    December 29

    * Elektra The Hand #5
    * Elektra The Movie $5.99 [not the TPB, just the adaptation]
    * Identity Disc TPB $13.99 [Bullseye]
    * New Avengers Director's Cut $3.99 [Matt, Foggy etc.]
    * What If Karen Page Had Lived?

  • 20/12 - [Misc. Elektra news]

    News from around the 'net:

    Comics2Film: The Dreaming will appear on the Elektra soundtrack: Info

    Comics2Film: More hi-res Elektra pics: Info

    SHH!: There will be an Elektra special on MTV and Jennifer Garner will appear on Saturday Night Live in January...: Info

  • 17/12 - [New Elektra trailer]

    Empire has posted the second Elektra trailer...


  • 16/12 - [Previews preview]

    As always, here's a quick rundown of what to expect in March 2005 that is DD-related... full solicits and pics will be posted soon...

    * Daredevil #71
    * Daredevil Redemption #3
    * New Avengers #5
    * Secret War #4
    * Pulse #8
    * Elektra Daredevil Head & Sweatband $3.99

  • 15/12 - [New Elektra poster]

    Comics Continuum has posted the official Elektra poster on their site...

    Comics Continuum

  • 15/12 - [Avengers #2 preview]

    Newsarama has posted a preview of New Avengers #2, which features Matt and Foggy trying to defend themselves from all the escaped villains in The Raft...


  • 14/12 - [Lark on The Pulse]

    Writer Brian Bendis has announced on his board that new Marvel exclusive artist Michael Lark will be taking over the chores on The Pulse, starting with issue 8. The series will also move to a monthly shipping schedule.

    Bendis board

  • 13/12 - [Official Soundtrack listing]

    Wind-Up Records has revealed the official Elektra soundtrack listing to MTV.com, so head on over for more details...


    The official web site has posted audio clips of 4 of the songs...


  • 13/12 - [UK Sun Elektra exclusive]

    The Sun newspaper in the UK has an exclusive Elektra featurette to download on their site...

    The Sun

  • 13/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 15

    * Daredevil #68
    * New Avengers #1 Quesada variant [Murdock, Nelson, Cage]

    December 22

    * Black Widow #4
    * Elektra Movie TPB
    * Ultimate Elektra #5
    * Wolverine #23 [DD next issue]
    * Marvel Previews

  • 13/12 - [Elektra magazine features]

    With the Elektra movie a month away, several magazines are doing features on the movie...

    This issue of Wizard came out last month...

    SCI-FI magazine's February 2005 issue, coming soon.

    Be sure to pick up Starlog, CFQ and Femme Fatales magazines as well, next month.

  • 09/12 - [4th Elektra Featurette]

    Apple.com has posted a 4th featurette on Elektra...


  • 09/12 - [What If? First Look]

    PopCultureShock has posted a preview of the What If Karen Page Had Lived? special issue, coming out at the end of this month...


  • 08/12 - [New Elektra images]

    Comics Continuum has posted some new images from the Elektra movie...

    Comics Continuum

  • 08/12 - [DD#68 First Look]

    PopCultureShock.com has posted a preview of next week's DD#68... thanks to DG for the tip...


  • 07/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 8

    * Bullseye Greatest Hits #4

    December 15

    * Daredevil #68
    * New Avengers #1 Quesada cover [Murdock, Nelson, Cage]

  • 03/12 - [Recent appearances]

    With Kevin Hall's help, here's a quick little rundown of some recent issues that feature DD or related characters...

    * Marvel Holiday Special #1 - J. Jonah Jameson thinks of DD
    * Powers #6 - Reprint of Bendis article from New York Times, which has DD
    * New Avengers #1 - Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, Luke Cage, Purple Man, Bushwacker, Typhoid Mary...
    * Thunderbolts #2 - Purple Man

  • 03/12 - [New Elektra featurette]

    Apple.com has posted a new martial arts featurette from the Elektra movie...


  • 02/12 - [Maleev talks Daredevil]

    Daredevil artist Alex Maleev spoke with The Pulse and there's lots of preview art from the Golden Age arc!

    The Pulse

  • 02/12 - [Elektra score]

    Music From the Movies has posted info on the Elektra score by Christophe Beck...


    November 2004

  • 29/11 - [Shipping update]

    December 1

    * New Avengers #1 [DD maybe??]
    * Ultimate 2 #1 [Ultimate DD was solicited to have a cameo]

    December 8

    * Bullseye Greatest Hits #4
    * Ultimate X-Men V7 Blockbuster TPB [Ultimate DD]

  • 29/11 - [New Elektra Featurette]

    Moviefone has posted a new clip from Elektra, this time detailing all the fight preparations... this is a large Quicktime movie...


  • 27/11 - [Week in review]

    Here's a quick rundown on items that I didn't have a chance to update during the week while I was away... anything to add, please let me know.

    * New Elektra featurette: ElektraMovie.com
    * Wizard Elektra cover: Wizard
    * Visnjic talks Elektra: Wizard
    * Hine talks Redemption: Newsarama
    * Wind-Up Records is involved with the Elektra soundtrack, so watch for news very soon: ElektraTheAlbum.com

    Shipping lists:

    November 24 (past Wednesday)

    * Daredevil #67
    * Black Widow #3
    * Elektra The Hand #4
    * Powerless #6
    * Ultimate Elektra #4
    * Wizard Elektra cover #159
    * Marvel Previews

    December 1

    * New Avengers #1 (rumours of DD involvement)
    * Ultimate 2 #1 (solicited with 'appearance' by DD)

    * Don't forget, the Elektra contest ends November 30th, 11:59PM EST... get your entry in today before it's too late!

    19/11 - [Elektra opening sequence?]

    A scooper for SHH! details what happens in the opening sequence of Elektra... so if you want to be spoiled, head on over...


  • 17/11 - [DD#67 First Look]

    PopCultureShock.com has posted a preview of next week's DD#67... click on ahead if you're interested...


  • 17/11 - [Previews preview]

    Here's a list of items shipping in February, 2005... more details as soon as its allowed...

    * Daredevil #70
    * Daredevil Redemption #1
    * Daredevil Redemption #2
    * Black Widow #6 (of 6)
    * Official Handbook Marvel Knights 2005
    * Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Volume 3

  • 17/11 - [Morgan talks Widow]

    Black Widow writer Richard K. Morgan spoke with CBR about the series and what back issues influenced him most to write the current story...


  • 15/11 - [Elektra contest reminder]

    Just a quick reminder that the Elektra novelization contest has only 15 more days left to get your entry in...

    Elektra contest

  • 15/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 17

    * Daredevil V10 The Widow TPB $16.99
    * Pulse #6 [Secret War tie-in]
    * Secret War #1 [3rd printing]
    * Secret War #2 [2nd printing]

    November 24

    * Daredevil #67
    * Black Widow #3
    * Elektra The Hand #4
    * Powerless #6
    * Ultimate Elektra #4
    * Wizard #159 [Elektra movie cover, article]

  • 13/11 - [Elektra site update]

    The official Elektra movie site has had a big update, with games, images, a new flash intro and the trailer!


  • 12/11 - [Way, Dillon talk Bullseye]

    The team behind Bullseye: Greatest Hits talked with the Pulse...

    The Pulse

  • 12/11 - [Site downtime]

    My hosting company has informed me that the web site will be unavailable for close to four hours tomorrow in the afternoon. I will not have access to e-mail either. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    -- Kuljit

  • 12/11 - [Elektra posters?]

    Are these some Elektra posters under consideration to be the 'final' Elektra poster?


  • 11/11 - [Trailer now online]

    The Elektra teaser trailer is now available at the Yahoo! Movies site...

    Yahoo! Movies

    In other news, Comics Continuum is reporting that the Elektra HBO First Look special will debut on January 4, 2005...

    Comics Continuum

  • 11/11 - [Elektra news]

    Just a reminder, the Elektra trailer debuts today on Access Hollywood, and will also be posted to Yahoo Movies! as well. If you missed the clip from Access Hollywood, they have posted it online.

    Access Hollywood

    The Comics Continuum has more info:

    Comics Continuum

    And Jen-Garner.net has posted the AH clip and AH screencaps:


  • 10/11 - [Elektra trailer this week]

    If you missed the Access Hollywood clip from yesterday, head on over to SHH! here, where a forum member has posted the clip. It was revealed on the show that the Elektra trailer will debut Thursday, so check your local listings. It should be available online soon thereafter, and probably in theatres attached to "Seed of Chucky".

  • 08/11 - [Michael Lark interview]

    New Marvel exclusive artist Michael Lark spoke with The Pulse about his decision to move to Marvel, and there's some DD preview art to look at from his What If? issue...

    The Pulse

  • 08/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 10

    * Bullseye Greatest Hits #3
    * Pulse Vol.1 TPB (DD-related characters appear)
    * Avengers Finale #1 (DD maybe?)

    November 17

    * Pulse #6 [Secret War tie-in]
    * Secret War #1 [3rd]
    * Secret War #2 [2nd]

  • 08/11 - [Malthe, Lee talk Elektra]

    Elektra actors Natassia Malthe (Typhoid) and Will Yun Lee (Kirigi) spoke with About.com about their roles in the movie...


    And, IESB.net has posted a video interview with the two actors as well...


  • 07/11 - [WWT Daredevil News]

    Greg has posted news from his visit to Wizard World Texas on the message board... lots of news on the Bendis/Maleev run's final issue, a new mini-series and what's up with Daredevil: Father. Head to the message board, and while you're at it, why don't you sign up and join in on the discussion?

    ManWithoutFear.com board

  • 05/11 - [Kirsten Prout interview]

    Elektra actress Kirsten Prout spoke with TeenHollywood.com about her role as Abby Miller...


  • 04/11 - [Bowman talks Elektra]

    Sci-Fi Wire talked briefly with Elektra director Rob Bowman...

    Sci-Fi Wire

  • 04/11 - [Elektra site now online!]

    The Elektra movie site is now online... with some clips of director Rob Bowman (which contains a scene, so spoilers beware!), a wallpaper and a synopsis... with a Flash intro. Check it out!


  • 04/11 - [Elektra characters]

    Empire Movies has posted some pics (that were seen on the Wizard site earlier last week but were taken down...) of 5 villains from the Elektra movie...

    Empire Movies

  • 04/11 - [Upcoming TPB/HC list]

    Marvel has released a list of TPB's and HC's that are coming out early next year... and here's what we have to look forward to:

    January 2005

    ISBN: 0-7851-1594-3
    120 Pages Trade Paperback
    Collects: Elektra: The Hand 1-6

    ISBN: 0-7851-1713-X
    136 Pages Trade Paperback Color
    Collects: Collects the ELEKTRA movie adaptation, DAREDEVIL #168, DAREDEVIL #181 and ELEKTRA MINUS 1

    ISBN: 0-7851-1682-6
    568 Pages Trade Paperback B&W
    Collects: Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man 1-31 [early Frank Miller DD work included]

    ISBN: 0-7851-1613-3
    120 Pages Trade Paperback Color
    Collects: MK Daredevil 2099, MK Inhumans 2099, MK Mutant X 2099, MK Punisher 2099 and MK Black Panther 2099

    ISBN: 0-7851-1693-1
    304 Hard Cover Color

    .Captain America Foils the Traitor.s Revenge,. CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #3, Stan's first story, a two-page text piece!
    .The Red Skull.s Deadly Revenge,. CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #16, the defining Golden Age Red Skull story!
    .The Raving Madman,. SUSPENSE #29, Stan's satire on Frederick Wertham and the comics witch hunts of the '50s!
    .Your Name Is Frankenstein!. MENACE #7, a modern Frankenstein story, featuring many of the elements of the later Marvel books! .Where Walks the Ghost,. AMAZING ADULT FANTASY #11, a short, twist-ending story by Lee and Ditko!

    Plus: .Spider-Man,. AMAZING FANTASY #15; .A Visit With the Fantastic Four,. FANTASTIC FOUR #11; .How Stan and Steve Create Spider-Man,. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1; .In Mortal Combat with Sub-Mariner,. DAREDEVIL #7; .The Final Chapter,. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33; .Bedlam in the Baxter Building,. FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #3; .And Who Shall Mourn for Him?. SILVER SURFER #5; .Brother, Take My Hand,. DAREDEVIL #47; .And Now, The Goblin,. .In the Grip of the Goblin,. .The Goblin.s Last Stand,. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #96-98; No More the Thunder God,. .When Gods Go Mad,. .One God Must Fall,. THOR #179-181; .While the World Spins Mad,. MARVEL PREMIERE #3; and .The Circle of Life,. SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN SUPER-SPECIAL 1995

    ISBN: 0-7851-1511-0
    144 Pages Trade Paperback Color
    Collects: Powerless 1-6

    ISBN: 0-7851-1504-8
    120 Pages Trade Paperback Color
    Collects: Ultimate Elektra 1-5

    February 2005

    ISBN: 0-7851-1696-6
    304 Pages Masterworks HC Color
    Collects: Daredevil 22-32, Annual 1

    ISBN: 0-7851-1697-1
    Variant Jacket
    Collects: Daredevil 22-32, Annual 1

    March 2005

    ISBN: 0-7851-1395-9
    96 Pages Trade Paperback Color
    Collects: Daredevil 66-69

    April 2005

    ISBN: 0-7851-1493-9
    144 Pages Trade Paperback Color
    Collects: Black Widow 1-6

    ISBN: 0-7851-1512-9
    120 Pages Trade Paperback Color
    Collects: Bullseye: Greatest Hits 1-5

    ISBN: 0-7851-1783-0
    336 Page Hard Cover Color
    Collects: STRANGE TALES #94 , Help!, STRANGE TALES #97 , Goodbye to Linda Brown, TALES TO ASTONISH #42 , I Am Not Human!, AMAZING ADULT FANTASY #12 , Something Fantastic, AMAZING ADULT FANTASY #14 , The Man in the Sky , AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1, The Chameleon , HULK #6, The Metal Master , STRANGE TALES #110, Dr. Strange, STRANGE TALES #115, Origin of Dr. Strange , TALES OF SUSPENSE #48, Mister Doll , AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1, "The Sinister Six" , AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1, How Stan and Steve Create Spider-Man , STRANGE TALES #126, The Domain of the Dread Dormammu , STRANGE TALES #127, Duel with the Dread Dormammu, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31, If This Be My Destiny, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #32, Man on a Rampage!, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33, The Final Chapter, STRANGE TALES #146, The End--At Last, DAREDEVIL #162, Requiem for a Pug, HULK #249, Jack Frost Nipping at Your Soul, MARVEL SUPER-HEROES SPECIAL, Iron Man and Squirrel Girl, SPEEDBALL #1 , Origin of a Masked Marvel, and more

  • 03/11 - [Avengers sketches]

    Newsarama has posted some sketches from the Avengers, and there's a better look at the mystery Avenger...


  • 02/11 - [Elektra movie gifs]

    The X3Movie.net site has posted three animated gifs with scenes from the Elektra movie... I'm not sure if they are supposed to be available or not, so check them out while you can...


  • 01/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 3

    * Avengers #503 [DD cameo]
    * Marvel Age Spider-Man #15 [DD appearance]

    November 10

    * Avengers Finale #1 [DD appearance possible?]
    * Bullseye Greatest Hits #3 (of 5)
    * The Pulse V1 Thin Air TPB [DD-related characters]

  • 01/11 - [Final month for contest]

    Just a reminder that the Elektra movie contest closes Dec. 1, so please get your entries in as soon as you can. For more details:

    Elektra contest

    October 2004

  • 30/10 - [More Director's Cut reviews]

    Just a reminder that there's an exclusive clip from the Director's Cut listed in the item below this one...

    Some more sites have posted their reviews of the Director's Cut DD DVD:

    * Coming Soon!
    * DVDFile.com
    * DVDDebate.com
    * CHUD
    * CurrentFilm.com

  • 28/10 - [Exclusive Director's Cut clip]

    Fox Home Entertainment has provided ManWithoutFear.com with a clip from the Daredevil Director's Cut. Here, writer/director Mark Steven Johnson talks about Matt Murdock and how the theatrical release short-changed some aspects of the character for pacing considerations. Many thanks to Fox for providing this look!

    Windows Streaming [HI] [LO]

    Quicktime [HI] [LO]

    Windows [HI] [LO]

  • 27/10 - [Other January items]

    In case you don't pick up Previews, here's a quick rundown on other items that you may want to purchase:

    * Daredevil Father #1 Poster $5.95
    * DF Daredevil 40th Anniv Statue MP Edition $69.99
    * Daredevil & Elektra Laser Cel $14.99
    * Elektra novelization (late Dec.) $6.99
    * Elektra VII T-Shirt by Sienkiewicz $17.95/$20.95
    * Elektra VIII T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * Other old Elektra T-Shirts available again
    * Femme Fatales (Elektra cover) $6.99

  • 27/10 - [New Elektra pics]

    Today's Wizard magazine has an interview with Elektra director Rob Bowman, along with some new pics... and the complete interview is now online with more pictures at Wizard's site:


    UPDATE: Looks like Wizard has removed the pics... but the interview is still there.

    And in case you don't pick up Marvel Previews, there is another pic in this month's edition for the Elektra movie TPB, but it's listed as "Not Final Cover".

  • 25/10 - [Another DC review]

    IGN has posted their review of the DD Director's Cut... along with some screen caps...


  • 25/10 - [Typhoid's Kiss]

    USA Today spoke with Natassia Malthe, who plays Typhoid Mary in the Elektra movie...

    USA Today

  • 25/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 27

    * Daredevil #66
    * Black Widow #2 (of 6)
    * Elektra: The Hand #3 (of 5)
    * Powerless #5 (of 6) [Alt. Univ. DD]
    * Ultimate Elektra #3 (of 5)
    * Wolverine #21 [Elektra, The Hand etc.]
    * Marvel Previews

    November 3

    * Avengers #503 [DD cameo?]
    * Marvel Age: Spider-Man #15 [DD guest-stars]

  • 22/10 - [New Trailer date?]

    SHH! is speculating that the Elektra trailer will now be released during the week of Nov. 1...


  • 20/10 - [DD66 preview]

    PopCultureShock has the first few pages of next week's issue... check it out!


  • 19/10 - [Previews preview]

    Here is a sneak peek at the titles shipping in January 2005. Full details and pics next week!

    * Daredevil #69
    * Wolverine #24 [Daredevil guest-stars]
    * Black Widow #5 (of 6)
    * Bullseye: Greatest Hits #5 (of 5)
    * Pulse #7 [Cage, Jones, Urich etc.]
    * Elektra: The Hand TPB
    * Elektra Movie TPB [collects movie, DD168, DD181, Elektra #-1]
    * Ultimate Elektra: Devil's Due TPB
    * Spider-Girl #82 [Darkdevil]
    * Marvel Visionaries: Stan Lee HC [DD#7, DD#47 included]
    * Marvel Knights 2099 TPB [DD 2099 included]
    * Powerless TPB [Alternate Universe DD]

  • 19/10 - [Review: DD Director's Cut]

    There's a review of the forthcoming DD Director's Cut at Comics2Film... and it's got some positive and negative things to say about the new version... but overall, the reviewer has a new appreciation for the movie.


  • 18/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 20

    * Identity Disc #5 (of 5) [Bullseye]
    * Bullseye T-Shirt by Deodato $17.95/$20.95

    October 27

    * Daredevil #66
    * Black Widow #2 (of 6)
    * Elektra: The Hand #3 (of 6)
    * Powerless #5 (of 6) [Alternate universe DD]
    * Ultimate Elektra #3 (of 5)
    * Wolverine #21 [Elektra, The Hand]
    * Marvel Previews

  • 18/10 - [Special sale and contest]

    The sale continues on many DD TPB's and HC's at VisionComix's exclusive ManWithoutFear.com visitor prices... please help out my site by visiting this great site!

    Daredevil V1-3 are on sale for $14.99 each, the DD Visionaries are $12.45 and more are available, some as low as $9.99!

    And also be sure to enter the Elektra novelization giveaway!

    You can win one of 25 copies of the Elektra novelization!
    Click here for more details!

  • 18/10 - [Director's Cut fan analysis]

    Contributor to the site Christopher Krupa has begun his own page in celebration of the forthcoming director's cut of DD... check it out!

    DD: Director's Cut DVD - A celebration of a new vision

  • 15/10 - [Affleck talks DD2]

    The Star Wars fan site IESB.net posted a video of Ben Affleck on the red carpet for his new movie Surviving Christmas, and he talks briefly about what he'd like to see in a DD sequel... warning, there is coarse language...


    If your internet connection is too slow, basically Affleck says right now he'll return as DD if they want to make another one and he's interested. He'd like to see a story based on Guardian Devil with Mysterio, or maybe even Born Again, but it would take some negotiation with Fox to do these kinds of dark tales.

  • 14/10 - [PR: Marvel Mega Bloks]


    Press Release

    Construction toy manufacturer Mega Bloks Inc., which leads its category in innovation and product diversity, announced today that it has entered into a licensing deal with global character-based entertainment licensing leader Marvel Enterprises to create a comprehensive line of toy products featuring Marvel's ever-popular super hero franchises. The deal was announced by Vic Bertrand, Executive Vice President and COO , Mega Bloks and Tim Rothwell, Marvel President Worldwide Consumer Products Group.

    Pursuant to the multi-year agreement, Mega Bloks has obtained the rights to develop an assortment of playsets, vehicles and other building-themed products featuring several premiere Marvel classic and movie based properties including Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Captain America, Daredevil, Silver-Surfer, Punisher, Blade and Namor. The initial licensed product offerings are expected to be available at retail in time for the 2004 holiday season.

    "Mega Bloks is focused on providing children the opportunity to use their imaginations and build worlds. Marvel's well-known character brands with retail sales over $2 billion enable us to offer children an enhanced experience in the construction category worldwide," says Mr. Andrew Witkin, Director of Marketing for Mega Bloks. "The nature of the Marvel Universe also allows us to leverage our brand and expand our entire collection from preschoolers, to older kids as well as adult toy enthusiasts."

    Mr. Rothwell added, "Mega Bloks is one of the pre-eminent toy brands, known for high-quality products that encourage learning and creativity, in a very contemporary and original fashion. Mega Bloks is an ideal partner for us in that we are now aligned with a category leader and innovator that has the ability to bring our characters to life in a new way."

  • 14/10 - [PR: New Evanescence DVD/CD]

    October 13, 2004

    WIND-UP RECORDS ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF EVANESCENCE'S TWO DISC DVD/CD anywhere but home ON NOVEMBER 23, 2004 Hamish Hamilton directed concert offered in 5.1 and two-track mixes alongside an hour of behind-the-scenes footage and the band's four music videos with special surprises.

    Additional bonus content includes the studio recording of "Missing," which is previously unreleased

    New York --- Amy Lee's passionate vocals, combined with the band's aggressive muscularity have helped Evanescence's debut album Fallen sell over 12 million copies worldwide. Beyond the slew of awards received, which included two Grammy Awards in 2003 (Best New Artist, and for "Bring Me to Life," Best Hard Rock Performance), the band became a touring phenomenon across The World. In cities across The United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Evanescence sold-out venues, which by the Summer of 2004 regularly averaged 15,000 fans a night. Few other bands saw each appearance bring out exponentially larger turn-outs with each new visit, and by the end of the run Evanescence had performed live for over a million fans.

    On November 23, 2004, Wind-up Records will release Evanescence's anywhere but home, capturing one night of the magic as cameras entered The Zenith in Paris to capture the phenomenon. The two-disc DVD/CD features Evanescence's recent sold-out European tour and is offered in both 5.1 and two-track audio mixes. In addition to the live concert DVD, which was directed by Hamish Hamilton (U2, Peter Gabriel), anywhere but home also includes a CD of the concert presented in a two-track mix, and the previously unreleased studio recording of the composition "Missing." The DVD features the bands four music videos ("Bring Me to Life," "Going Under," My Immortal," and "Everybody's Fool,"), an hour-long behind-the-scenes program, and some special surprises in addition to the concert film. The special surprises will be discovered by the viewer as they navigate the menus designed exclusively for this special release.

    All of the hits are included on anywhere but home, in addition to a cover of Korn's "Thoughtless" which has become a fan favorite. The track listing of the performance in running order is "Haunted," "Going Under," "Taking Over Me," "Everybody's Fool," "Thoughtless," "My Last Breath," "Farther Away," "Breathe No More," "My Immortal," "Bring Me to Life," "Tourniquet," "Imaginary," and "Whisper."

  • 11/10 - [Jenny Lee interview]

    Marvel editor Jenny Lee was interviewed by Newsarama, where she talks about DD, Black Widow, Wolverine and other series... with lots of preview art!


  • 11/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 13

    * Bullseye: Greatest Hits #2 (of 5)
    * Secret War #3 (of 5)
    * Ultimate Nightmare #3 (of 5) [Ultimate Black Widow]
    * She-Hulk #8 [Matt Murdock on cover only]
    * Dynamic Forces 40th Anniversary Statue $69.99

    October 20

    * Identity Disc #5 (of 5) [Bullseye]

  • 08/10 - [PR: Signed DF comics]


    Press Release


    December Shipping Items Available For Order NOW!

    The following items are available for PRE-ORDER from your local comics shop, or directly from Dynamic Forces (and are scheduled to ship in December):

    ASTONISHING X-MEN #4! . Signed by artist John Cassaday!


    The astonishing happens! Everything has led up to this issue! GIFTED" PART 4 (OF 6) The X-Men storm the Benetech labs to confront Ord -- and find the shocking secret behind the new "Cure..

    $29.99 Suggested Retail Price!

    ULTIMATES #1 - Signed by Mark Millar!

    This is it! Season 2 of the Ultimates is finally here! This is the biggest book to hit at the end of 2004, don.t miss out on this special signed edition!

    $29.99 Suggested Retail Price!



    Marvel relaunches the What If.? Series and the this issue features a tale by fan-favorite writer Peter David . who signs this exclusive signed edition for Dynamic Forces! And could this special issue feature everyone.s favorite Green Eyed (and skinned) Mighty Marvel Hulk? Well, YEAH! That makes it even more special!

    $19.99 Suggested Retail Price!

    WHAT IF... KAREN PAGE HAD LIVED? - Signed by Joe Quesada!

    This brand-new look into the Marvel Universe answers the question, .What If.?. and this first issue is signed by Marvel EIC Joe Quesada! Joe Quesada is drawing the first cover to this cool series, and DF is fortunate enough to bring you, the fans, the signature of Marvel.s mighty


    $29.99 Suggested Retail Price!



    Last month.s launch of Iron Man #1 gets the deluxe treatment as Marvel prepares a special Director.s Cut of #1 and DF prepares a special signed edition featuring the authenticated signature of artist Adi Granov!

    $39.99 Suggested Retail Price!

    X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR #1 - Signed by Pat Lee!

    Marvel two super-teams collide! And DF marks the event with this special edition signed by series artist Pat (Transformers) Lee! This cosmic event features Marvel.s Mighty Mutants against the first family of Marvel Comics! And to top it off, fans can get copies signed by top notch artist Pat Lee (allllllll the way from Canada!)

    $29.99 Suggested Retail Price!


    ULTIMATE SECRET #1 - Signed by artist Steve McNiven!


    Another new Ultimate mini-series, this time featuring the incredible work of Steve (Marvel Knights: 4) McNiven who signs this edition exclusively for DF! This is the first time EVER that Steve has signed for DF on an ultimate book, so hurry, as these are sure instant sell outs!

    $29.99 Suggested Retail Price!


    Each signed copy is hand-numbered, features a certificate of authenticity and is sealed with a DF Holo-Foil sticker!

    For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com

  • 07/10 - [PopCultureShock previews]

    PopCultureShock has more previews online this week, and Bullseye: Greatest Hits #2 and Ultimate Elektra #3 are among them...


  • 06/10 - [Official Elektra poster]

    The Elektra teaser poster has been seen this past weekend in theatres and it's shown up online, unfortunately, in low quality. So now Fox has provided ManWithoutFear.com with an official copy! Have a look here!

    If you'd like to see a higher resolution copy (1000x1500 pixels), let me know. I had to shrink the image so it wouldn't use up too much bandwidth.

  • 05/10 - [Giveaway, sales continue]

    The sale continues on many DD TPB's and HC's at VisionComix's exclusive ManWithoutFear.com visitor prices... please help out my site by visiting these great sites!

    Tales of Wonder still has a sale on the set of 3 DD hardcovers for only $39.99 US, a savings of 56% off the retail price!

    You can win one of 25 copies of the Elektra novelization!
    Click here for more details!

  • 04/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 6

    * Marvel 1602 Vol.1 HC [Matt Murdoch] $24.99
    * Wolverine #20 [Elektra, The Hand in storyline, also has variant]

    October 13

    * Bullseye Greatest Hits #2 (of 5)
    * Secret War #3 (of 5)
    * Ultimate Nightmare #3 (of 5) [Ultimate Black Widow]

  • 01/10 - [Elektra poster]

    A source at SHH! sent in an image of the first Elektra movie poster... check it out... hopefully an official copy is released soon.


    ALSO, remember the Elektra novelization giveaway!

    Elektra novelization giveaway

    September 2004

  • 29/09 - [DD 40th Anniversary interview]

    Close to 30 past and present DD creators reveal what working on Daredevil meant to them... personally and professionally. I hope all of you enjoy this little article/interview I've put together to help celebrate DD's 40th anniversary.

    DD 40th Anniversary interview

  • 28/09 - [Gossett talks Elektra: Hand]

    Elektra: The Hand artist Christian Gossett, spoke with the Pulse about the series, and there's lots of preview art for issue #2...


  • 28/09 - [Bendis interview]

    Fanboy Planet interviewed Brian Michael Bendis, and first up is a discussion on the "Golden Age" arc...

    Fanboy Planet

  • 27/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 29

    * Daredevil #65 Anniversary Special $3.99
    * Elektra: The Hand #2 (of 5)
    * Marvel Knights 2099: Daredevil #1
    * OHOTMU: Daredevil/Elektra 2004 $3.99
    * Powerless #4 (of 6)

    October 6

    * Wolverine #20 Variant [Elektra, The Hand]

  • 24/09 - [Elektra giveaway!]

    You can win one of 25 copies of the Elektra novelization!
    Click here for more details!

  • 23/09 - [First Looks]

    Next week's DD#65, MK DD2099 #1, and Powerless #4 are all available for preview at Comics Continuum...

    Comics Continuum

  • 21/09 - [Bendis NY Times cartoon]

    Brian Bendis has written and drawn a cartoon in today's NY Times, and DD makes a small appearance...

    NY Times

  • 21/09 - [Hardcovers sale]

    Tales of Wonder has a sale on the set of 3 DD hardcovers for only $39.99 US, a savings of 56% off the retail price!

    Also, the sale continues on many DD TPB's and HC's at VisionComix's exclusive ManWithoutFear.com visitor prices... please help out my site by visiting these great sites!

  • 20/09 - [Quesada interview]

    The Pulse spoke with Joe Quesada about a number of things, including when we may see the next issue of DD: Father... there's also some art to check out.


  • 20/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 22

    * Black Widow #1 (of 6)
    * Avengers #502 (DD appears)
    * Ultimate Elektra #2 (of 5)
    * Marvel Previews #14

    September 29

    * Daredevil #65 $3.99
    * Elektra: The Hand #2 (of 6)
    * MK 2099: Daredevil #1 (of 1)
    * OHOTMU: Daredevil/Elektra 2004 $3.50
    * Powerless #4 (of 6) [Alternate universe DD]

  • 15/09 - [Previews preview]

    December 2004 solicits have leaked onto the internet, so you can find the full blurbs elsewhere, but here's a quick rundown of what to expect at the end of the year. As always, once it's allowed, I'll post full details and pics as well.

    * Daredevil #68
    * Elektra: The Hand #5 (of 5)
    * Black Widow #4 (of 6)
    * Bullseye: Greatest Hits #4 (of 5)
    * Elektra The Movie (by McKeever and Perkins)
    * What If Karen Page Had Lived? (by Bendis, Smith and Maleev)
    * Ultimate Elektra #5 (of 5)
    * Wolverine #23 [Elektra, The Hand appear in this storyline]
    * Ultimates V2 #1 [Ultimate DD is solicited to guest-star]
    * Ultimate Nightmare #5 [Ultimate Black Widow]
    * Identity Disc TPB [Bullseye]

    * Wizard #159 - Jennifer Garner Elektra special 3rd cover
    * Wizard Mega Postermania - DD by Joe Quesada
    * Daredevil Director's Cut DVD
    * CFQ V37 #1 - Jennifer Garner/Elektra feature
    * Starlog #331 - Jennifer Garner/Elektra feature

  • 13/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 15

    * Daredevil #64
    * Ultimate Nightmare #2 (of 5) [Ultimate Black Widow]

    September 22

    * Black Widow #1 (of 6)
    * Ultimate Elektra #2 (of 5)
    * Avengers #502 [may have DD appearance]

  • 13/09 - [VisionComix sale continues]

    VisionComix has added several hardcovers to its sale this month... so if you've been waiting to buy them, they are now on sale for $14.99 (50% off!). Remember, this is a sale only available for ManWithoutFear.com visitors and helps support the costs of running the site, so a big thanks in advance.

    Special 50% off Daredevil sale ONLY for ManWithoutFear.com visitors.
    20%-40% discounts everyday & free shipping on all orders over $30.00

  • 11/09 - [Elektra novelization excerpt]

    Yvonne Navarro, writer of the Elektra movie novelization, has let me know that she has posted an excerpt from the prologue. Head on over if you're interested...


  • 10/09 - [More previews]

    PopCultureShock has posted some more previews, including DD#64, Daredevil 2099 and Black Widow #1 etc., so head on over if you're interested...


  • 08/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 8 (or 9)

    * Identity Disc #4 (of 5) [Bullseye]
    * Pulse #5 [Jones, Urich, Cage etc.]
    * DAREDEVIL III T/S LG (O/A) $17.95

    September 15

    * Daredevil #64
    * Daredevil V4: Underboss TPB (new orders)
    * Ultimate Nightmare #2 (of 5) [Ultimate Black Widow]

  • 08/09 - [More DD65 preview]

    CBR has posted more pages from this month's DD65 anniversary issue! Check out pages by Michael Golden, P. Craig Russell, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Frank Quitely, Greg Land and Alex Maleev.


    You can still check out PopCultureShock's preview as well, in case you missed it:


  • 07/09 - [Creators talk Elektra: Hand]

    CBR spoke with Elektra: The Hand artist Christian Gossett and editor MacKenzie Cadenhead...


  • 04/09 - [Director's Cut artwork]

    DVDAnswers.com has posted the box art for the Daredevil Director's Cut, which comes out November 30.


  • 04/09 - [PopCultureShock previews]

    PopCultureShock.com has a new look and has plenty of previews of DD-related comics...

    * Black Widow #1
    * Daredevil #65
    * Pulse #5


  • 04/09 - [Dillon talks Bullseye]

    Artist Steve Dillon talks with Newsarama about the Bullseye mini-series and other forthcoming work...


  • 03/09 - [DD#191: An Appreciation]

    Alan David Doane has written an excellent piece on "Roulette", the final issue of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's run on the title. Check it out at the Comic Book Galaxy site.

    Comic Book Galaxy

  • 02/09 - [Garner talks Elektra]

    Here are some recent interviews with Jennifer Garner...

    * News.Com.Au
    * About.com

    Sources: SHH!, Comics2Film

  • 01/09 - [DD 40th interview]

    To celebrate DD's 40th anniversary, I'm contacting as many past and present DD creators as possible to ask them one question:

    "What did it mean to them personally and professionally to work on Daredevil?"

    Check out the message board for full details...

    Message board

    August 2004

  • 30/08 - [Shipping update]

    September 1

    * Bullseye: Greatest Hits #1 (of 5)
    * Daredevil vs. Bullseye Vol. 1 TPB $15.99
    * Elektra: The Hand #1 (of 5)

    September 8 (or 9)

    * Identity Disc #4 (of 5) [Bullseye]
    * Pulse #5 [Urich, Jones, Cage, etc.]

  • 30/08 - [TPB's 50% off]

    VisionComix has updated their DD listing to now include many DD trade paperbacks at 50% off for ManWithoutFear.com visitors. So if you ever wanted to buy Born Again, any of the Visionaries books, DD Yellow etc., head on over and check out the deals. It also helps pay some of the costs of running this site.

  • 23/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 25

    * Powerless #3 (alternate universe DD)
    * Ultimate Elektra #1 (of 5)
    * Marvel Previews

    September 1

    * Bullseye: Greatest Hits #1 (of 5)
    * Daredevil vs. Bullseye TPB $15.99
    * Elektra: The Hand #1 (of 5)

  • 23/08 - [DD essay at ComiXtreme]

    Adam Chapman has written a DD essay entitled "My Friend the Devil" over at the ComiXtreme site. Head on over and give him some feedback on it.


  • 19/08 - [Director's Cut details]

    DVDAnswers apparently has been the official confirmation of what was posted here a few days ago... along with some details of what we can expect on the DVD. Thanks to Tjarren.


  • 19/08 - [Powerless #3 preview]

    Comics Continuum has posted a first look of next week's Powerless #3 (with a DD cover and DD-styled logo), so head on over if you're interested...

    Comics Continuum

  • 19/08 - [Previews preview]

    Each month, I post a list of items to look for in the next Preview magazine... full details will follow in the coming week. These are items shipping in November 2004.

    * Daredevil #67
    * Daredevil V10: The Widow TPB
    * Elektra: The Hand #4 (of 5)
    * Black Widow #3 (of 6)
    * Pulse #6
    * Powerless #6 (of 6)
    * Marvel Age Spider-Man #15 - guest-starring DD!
    * Ultimate Elektra #4 (of 5)
    * Daredevil Father #1 Poster
    * Elektra Nuff Said Poster

  • 18/08 - [Wolverine, Bullseye previews]

    Comics Continuum has posted some info on Mark Millar's Wolverine run, and there is a cover of Wolverine and Elektra by John Romita, Jr. Also, be sure to check out the preview of Bullseye #1 on the same page.

    Comics Continuum

  • 16/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 18

    * Daredevil #63

    August 25

    * Powerless #3 (Alternate universe DD)
    * Ultimate Elektra #1

  • 15/08 - [New advertising affiliate]

    Hi guys, the fine folks at VisionComix.com wanted to do a special promotion on my site ONLY for visitors of my site, which I think is very cool of them. If you want to buy some DD comics and also help offset some of the costs of running this site, please click on the banner.

    Special 50% off Daredevil sale ONLY for ManWithoutFear.com visitors.
    20%-40% discounts everyday & free shipping on all orders over $30.00

  • 13/08 - [Bendis's panel]

    If you're a visitor to the Bendis boards, you probably saw that he was going to announce something at a WWC panel that Marvel was trying to distance itself from... well, here's the announcement... and think of the possibilities that are stopped in their tracks...


  • 13/08 - [What If? story revealed]

    Today's at Wizard World Chicago, it was revealed at the Marvel Panel, that there will be series of 7 What If? one-shots in December 2005. Included among them is: "What if Karen Page hadn't died?" written by Brian Michael Bendis AND Kevin Smith, with art by Alex Maleev. More details on all of Marvel's news at the Wizard site.

    Wizard World

  • 13/08 - [Director's Cut Date]

    Here's a scoop for you...
    A source at Fox Home Entertainment has just informed me of the street date for the Daredevil Director's Cut DVD. Watch for this version of the movie to ship on November 30, 2004, just prior to the release of the Elektra movie, in January.

  • 12/08 - [DD #63 First Look]

    The first 4 pages of next week's issue is now available for preview at PopCultureShock...


  • 12/08 - [Christophe Beck's Elektra score]

    SHH! is reporting that composer Christophe Beck is currently attached to write the score for Elektra...


  • 11/08 - [Elektra Hand Preview]

    CBR has posted a 6 page preview of the upcoming Elektra: The Hand series... check it out if you're interested..


  • 11/08 - [Elektra Teaser Oct. 8]

    SHH! has learned that the Elektra teaser trailer will be shown in theatres Oct. 8 attached to the movie "Taxi"...


  • 09/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 11

    * Identity Disc #3 (Bullseye)

    August 18

    * Daredevil #63
    * Daredevil: Father #2 (not on list, but Diamond updates suggest this is the date)???

  • 06/08 - [Identity Disc Preview]

    Comics Continuum has a preview of Identity Disc #3...

    Comics Continuum

  • 04/08 - [DD in Avengers 501]

    Daredevil makes a cameo in Avengers #501, and Newsarama has a small preview...


  • 02/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 2

    * Ultimate Nightmare #1 (Ultimate Black Widow appears in this series)

    August 11

    * Identity Disc #3 (Bullseye)

    July 2004

  • 31/07 - [Complete Miller review]

    Check out David Wallace's review of Frank Miller's work on Daredevil, over at the Silver Bullet Comic Books site. Leave him some feedback here or at their site!

    Silver Bullet Comic Books

  • 29/07 - [Affleck Elektra cameo]

    Seems like the rumours were true...


  • 26/07 - [San Diego Elektra panel]

    Comics Continuum has some info on the short presentation of Elektra footage at the San Diego Comic-Con...

    Comics Continuum

  • 26/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 28

    * Powerless #2 (of 6)
    * Daredevil 2005 Calendar $12.99
    * DF Daredevil Premiere Litho $19.99

    August 4

    * Ultimate Nightmare #1 (Ultimate Black Widow)

  • 24/07 - [San Diego news]

    Newsarama has posted info from the Marvel Universes Panel at the San Diego Comic Con... some items on Bullseye, the DD anniversary special, DD#66, DD: Father #2, Milla Donovan, Powerless, Secret War, Pulse and more!


  • 24/07 - [New Bullseye figure]

    Action-Figure.com has posted images from the San Diego Comic Con, where Bullseye will be part of a new wave of Marvel Legends figures. Check it out!


  • 21/07 - [Elektra, DD previews]

    Check out today's Marvel Previews... you can check out a preview of Ultimate Elektra #1 and also... the beautiful cover to DD#66! Alex Maleev has posted it on the Bendis board if you want to have a look...

    Bendis board

  • 21/07 - [Yoshida talks Elektra: Hand]

    Writer Akira Yoshida talks with Newsarama about the upcoming Elektra: The Hand mini-series. He discusses DD history and his origins of The Hand...


  • 19/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 21

    * Daredevil #62
    * Daredevil V9: King of Hell's Kitchen TPB $13.99

    July 28

    * Powerless #2

    August 11

    * Daredevil: Father #2

  • 16/07 - [Elektra in January]

    Fox has decided to move the Elektra release date up a month to January 14, 2005... more details about this and mall promotions planned, at SHH!...


  • 14/07 - [DD#62 First Look]

    PopCultureShock has posted a first look of DD#62, so head on over if you're interested...


  • 13/07 - [National Post interview]

    Source: Hollywood North Report

    Yesterday's National Post had an interview with Jennifer Garner in the Arts and Life section, and the online edition is available...

    National Post

  • 12/07 - [Previews preview]

    Here's a quick list of what to expect for October's solicits... full details soon!

    * Daredevil #66
    * Black Widow #2
    * Ultimate Elektra #3
    * Elektra: The Hand #3
    * Bullseye: Greatest Hits #2
    * Identity Disc #5
    * Powerless #5
    * Daredevil Father #1 poster
    * Marvel Milestones Daredevil Statue

  • 12/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 14

    * Captain America #29 (Mr. Hyde)
    * Identity Disc #2 (Bullseye)
    * MK Knights Spider-Man #4 (Owl)
    * Pulse #4 (Urich, Jones etc.)
    * Daredevil Hell's Kitchen T-Shirt ($17.95/$20.95)

    July 21

    * Daredevil #62
    * Daredevil Vol. 9: King of Hell's Kitchen TPB $13.99

  • 08/07 - [More Widow #1 preview]

    If you missed the Marvel Previews with the first 6 pages of Black Widow #1, you can check out Newsarama for the first 10 pages now...


  • 08/07 - [Elektra news - UPDATED]

    These items are courtesy of Comics2Film.com

    Cinema Confidential has posted their report of the Elektra set visit...


    Jason Isaacs spoke with About.com about his role in Elektra...


    Canada.com has an interview with Kirsten Prout about her role in Elektra...


    And finally, will Colin Farrell have a cameo in the movie? Aint It Cool News seems to think they've spotted him on set...



    Sci-Fi Wire spoke with Goran Visnjic about his role as Mark Miller...

    Sci-Fi Wire

    Sci-Fi Wire also had a report from a few days ago as well...

    Sci-Fi Wire

  • 07/07 - [2099 designs]

    In a follow-up to a story about the 2099 one-shots, Newsarama has now posted design sketches, including one of DD 2099.


  • 07/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 7 (or 8)

    * Nothing DD-related shipping

    July 14

    * Identity Disc #2 (Bullseye)
    * MK Spider-Man #4 (Owl)
    * Pulse #4 (Urich, Jones etc.)

  • 06/07 - [Set visit part 4]

    SHH! concludes their Elektra set report...


  • 05/07 - [Set visit part 3]

    SHH! continues their Elektra set report, with part 3 posted today...


  • 03/07 - [More Elektra pics]

    Comics Continuum has some vidcaps from MTV's TRL, which shows a fight scene from the Elektra movie...

    Comics Continuum

  • 02/07 - [SHH! report part 2]

    SHH! has posted part 2 of their Elektra set visit...


  • 01/07 - [Another Elektra report]

    Latino Review has posted their version of the Elektra set visit, with an extensive Q&A with the stars of the movie! Lots of spoilers!

    Latino Review

    And if you want to see a bigger version of the Elektra pic released today, SHH! got their hands on a copy...


  • 01/07 - [Elektra in red!]

    USA Today has a small pic of Elektra's red costume in the upcoming movie, along with a short interview with Jennifer Garner... Thanks to Ben for the slightly larger pic.

    USA Today

    Next, SHH! has an Elektra set visit, and here's part 1 of their report...


    Also, SHH! has more info, including some rumours of a possible return of a certain villain, and lots of spoilers for characters appearing...


    MTV has reposted their set visit as well... it also has lots of video!


    June 2004

  • 30/06 - [Elektra, DD2 news?]

    Dark Horizons got a anonymous scoop from the set of Elektra, and also some unconfirmed news of the DD sequel... it's all rumours at this point...

    Dark Horizons

  • 30/06 - [News tidbits]

    * In all the hoopla for the Indian version of Spider-Man, did anyone notice that Gotham Comics sells Indian editions of Daredevil?

    Gotham Comics

    * Is the Elektra movie costume going to be revealed this week? Seems MTV jumped the gun on that Elektra article from last week and had to remove it...

    * Mile High Comics posted full previews of upcoming comics, and some DD-related villains make an appearance in Captain America #29 and MK Spider-Man #4

    * Have you picked up the latest wave of Maisto DD and Elektra cars? How about the DD Slammer milkshake?

    * The Kingpin and Matt Murdock make appearances in the fan parody film "The Super Life"...


    * Thanks to Don for this one... Daredevil beats Spider-Man at poker!

    Ben Affleck Wins $356,400 at Poker

    (c) The Associated Press

    COMMERCE, Calif. (AP) - Ben Affleck won $356,400 at a poker tournament that also earned him a seat in next year's World Poker Tour Championship, casino officials said.

    The 31-year-old actor outlasted a field of 90 players to capture the Commerce Casino's California State Poker Championship.

    At the final table, Affleck beat poker pro Stan Goldstein, who finished second, and knocked out Chuck Pacheco, president and co-founder of Castle Rock Entertainment, who finished third.

    Fellow actor Tobey Maguire went out on the first day of the three-day tournament that ended Sunday.

    The win in the $10,000 buy-in event earned Affleck the opportunity to take a $25,000 seat in the World Poker Tour Championship to be held next April in Las Vegas.

    * Watch for a alternate costume worn by DD in the Secret War series... if you check out today's Wizard, you can catch a glimpse

  • 28/06 - [Bullseye #1 preview]

    Newsarama has posted several pages of Bullseye: Greatest Hits #1, drawn by Steve Dillon!


  • 28/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 30

    * Elektra V4: Frenzy TPB $17.99
    * Powerless #1 (of 6) (features alternate universe MM)
    * Daredevil Ace Edition #1 (O/A) $13.99

    July 8 (due to holiday)

    * Nothing DD-related yet

  • 23/06 - [Widow #1 preview]

    If you'd like to read a 6 page preview of the new Black Widow series, be sure to pick up Marvel Previews in your comic store this week. It's 99 cents when bought on its own, or free with Previews magazine.

  • 22/06 - [Kirkman discusses 2099]

    Writer Robert Kirkman chatted with Newsarama about his 5 one-shots coming in September, and he briefly discusses Daredevil 2099's identity and story.


  • 21/06 - [Elektra news, novelization]

    Thanks to Comics2Film for the link... MTV visited the set of Elektra, and they got more details on the film from Jennifer Garner and director Rob Bowman...

    UPDATE: It appears MTV wasn't supposed to post this yet, so the link now no longer points to the interview...


    Also, SHH! got a scoop that author Yvonne Navarro will be writing the Elektra novelization...


    Finally, Comics Continuum mentioned today that pics of Elektra's red costume will be released shortly...

  • 21/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 23

    * Nothing DD-related...

    June 30

    * Powerless #1 (of 6) [Matt Murdock without "powers"]

  • 21/06 - [DD Father update]

    Thanks to Robin, who informed me that the next issues of DD Father have been rescheduled for July 14 (#2) and August 25th (#3). #4 and #5 have not been solicited yet in Previews.

  • 18/06 - [Isaacs joins Elektra]

    SHH! is reporting that Jason Isaacs has a cameo in the Elektra movie, and they've also posted more information on other characters appearing... spoilers ahead...


  • 15/06 - [Upcoming DD titles]

    I can't post anything in full yet, but here's a list of what's coming up in September... lots of surprises!

    * Daredevil #64 by Bendis/Maleev
    * Daredevil #65 by Bendis/Maleev/Guest Artists, cover by Land
    * Black Widow #1 (of 6) by Morgan/Sienkiewicz
    * Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Daredevil/Elektra 2004 by Christiansen/Byrd/Hoskins
    * Elektra: The Hand #1 & #2 (of 5) by Yoshida/Gossett, cover by Sienkiewicz
    * Bullseye: Greatest Hits #1 (of 5) by Way/Dillon, cover by Deodato, Jr.
    * Marvel Knights 2099: Daredevil #1 (one shot) by Kirkman/Epting, cover by Pat Lee
    * The Pulse #5 by Bendis/Bagley
    * Ultimate Elektra #2 (of 5) by Carey/Larroca
    * Powerless #4 (of 6) by Cherniess/Johnson/Gaydos
    * Identity Disc #4 (of 5) by Rodi/Higgins
    * Daredevil vs. Bullseye Vol. 1 TPB (reprints #131, 132, 146, 169, 181, 191)

  • 14/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 16

    * Daredevil #61

    June 23

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 09/06 - [DD#65 artists revealed]

    Brian Bendis has let the cat of the bag, revealing by way of his message board, the solicit info for DD#65, coming later this year!

    Spoilers ahead!!!

    Written by Brian Michael Bendis
    Penciled by Alex Maleev & FRIENDS
    Cover by Greg land

    Daredevil headlines this special, oversized issue celebrating both the 40th anniversary of the character AND the 5th anniversary of the groundbreaking Marvel Knights imprint!

    The Eisner-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev invite some of the greatest comic artists who have never before drawn Daredevil to answer the question: How has the public revelation of Daredevil's secret identity affected the rest of the Marvel Universe?

    This once-in-a-lifetime gathering of super heroes and superstar talent includes Spider-Man, Captain America, The Punisher, Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, Elektra, and many more. Artists include Maleev and a band of stars including Chris Bachalo, Michael Golden, Greg Horn, Jae Lee, Mike Mayhew, Frank Quitely, and P. Craig Russell (AND MORE SURPRISES)!

    48 PGS. / MARVEL PSR ...$ 3.99
    UPC: 5960604706-06511

  • 08/06 - [Powerless #1 online]

    Mile High Comics has posted more previews of the entire contents of upcoming comics... this time, check out Powerless #1, where we learn what Matt Murdock would be like if he wasn't gifted with his powers! Spoilers ahead!

    Powerless #1 at MHC

  • 08/06 - [More Elektra pics]

    HNR has a few more pictures from the Elektra set from a few weeks ago... check them out!


  • 07/06 - [Cast in Stone]

    SHH! has link about Bob Sapp, who will be playing Stone in the Elektra movie... and look for more set pics from Hollywood North Report today or tomorrow...


  • 07/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 9

    * Identity Disc #1 (Bullseye)
    * MK Spider-Man #3 (May have ties to Pulse storyline)

    June 16

    * Daredevil #61

  • 03/06 - [Morgan talks Widow]

    Newsarama caught up with Black Widow writer Richard Morgan, where he talks about his fiction writing, working with Bill Sienkiewicz and more!


  • 01/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 2 (or 3 in US)

    * Spider-Girl #75 (MC2 Elektra)
    * Daredevil Silk Mini-Wall Scroll $PI

    June 9

    * Identity Disc #1 (Bullseye)
    * MK Spider-Man #3 (May have connection to Pulse)

    May 2004

  • 28/05 - [DD Game cancelled]

    Thanks to Justin for the heads up... it appears the cancellation of the DD video game for the PS2 was revealed in Encore's quarterly financial report. More details at IGN:


  • 24/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 26

    * Secret War #2 $3.99
    * Marvel Previews #10

    June 3

    * Daredevil Hardcore TPB $13.99

  • 22/05 - [New Black Widow series]

    This weekend's Wizard World Philadelphia revealed some news at the Cup O' Joe panel, hosted by Joe Quesada... There will be a new Black Widow series coming in September, written by Richard K. Morgan and drawn by... Bill Sienkiewicz! With covers by Greg Land!


  • 22/05 - [Carey talks Elektra]

    New Ultimate Elektra writer Mike Carey spoke the Pulse's Jen Contino and revealed what readers have in store for this version of Elektra...

    COMICON's Pulse

  • 22/05 - [Complete DD#61 online]

    Mile High Comics has posted the entire Daredevil #61 online... so if you can't wait for next month, head on over! The Widow returns!

    Thanks to Carrie and Brian for the heads up.

    Mile High Comics

  • 19/05 - [Ultimate Elektra]

    As always, here's a quick rundown of what's coming in August of this year that is Daredevil-related. More details on all of these items once it's allowed... including ULTIMATE ELEKTRA by Mike Carey and Salvador Larocca!

    * Daredevil #63
    * Ultimate Elektra #1 (of 5)
    * DF Ultimate Elektra Signed #1 $19.99
    * Secret War #3 (of 5)
    * Identity Disc #3
    * Powerless #3
    * Marvel 1602 Vol.1 HC $24.99

  • 19/05 - [Rodi talks Identity Disc]

    COMICON.com's Pulse has an interview with Identity Disc writer Robert Rodi... he talks about the series, and there are many scans for your viewing pleasure...

    COMICON.com's Pulse

  • 17/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 19

    * Daredevil #60
    * Daredevil Father #1 Poster $5.95
    * Dynamic Forces Daredevil Father Signed #1 $29.99
    * Daredevil Father T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95

    May 26

    * Secret War #2 $3.99

    April 2004

  • 29/04 - [More with Quesada]

    Part two of Joe Quesada's interview with Newsarama is now up...


  • 29/04 - [Hayter on Widow confirmed]

    A follow-up to a rumour posted earlier in the month... X-Men writer David Hayter has been confirmed as the director of the Black Widow movie. More details from the Hollywood Reporter...

    Hollywood Reporter

  • 28/04 - [Quesada talks DD: Father]

    Newsarama has posted a new interview with Joe Quesada, where he expands on the series that made its debut today... part two of the interview comes tomorrow...


  • 27/04 - [Bendis/Maleev MasterClass]

    Taken from the Bendis! board...

    The upcoming Supanova Pop Culture Convention (May 1 and 2, 2004, Sydney, Australia, www.supanova.com.au) is sporting two comic book MasterClasses, the second of which has tickets now on sale.


    Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev comic book MasterClass

    The awesome talents of comic-book's current greatest team are to be shared in a wonderful, not be to missed opportunity, 8.00pm Friday April 30th at the University of Technology, Sydney. As the creative team on Daredevil they have reached exhilarating heights of comic-book drama; Brian Michael Bendis' superbly paced writing corresponding seamlessly with Alex Maleev's groundbreaking sequential art storytelling. Having now been together for close to thirty issues their success can no longer be considered a fleeting moment in Daredevil's star studded history, with many comparing their run positively against the benchmark setting Miller/Jansen run. And with Brian Michael Bendis you really do have the world's number one writer with a staggeringly prolific body of work as his ambassadors. From Ultimate titles of Spider-Man, X-Men, Six, & Fantastic Four, to Alias, Powers, The Pulse, Secret War, Elektra, Sam & Twitch, Hellspawn and more. So don't miss this chance to hear from these industry professionals, to get an insight into how to succeed in putting together a quality comic, to glean from these masters pearls of comic-book wisdom.

    Tickets: $40 (+ booking fee) from www.ticketek.com or $45 (gst inc) at the door
    Visit: www.supanova.com.au
    When: 8pm, Friday 30th April, 2004
    Venue: Room: 410, Building 2
    University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)
    15 Broadway, Sydney, 2000

  • 26/04 - [Typhoid Mary cast?]

    Got another article on casting of the Elektra movie, this time from IGN Filmforce (thanks Reinaldo!)... their sources say Typhoid Mary has been cast and the actress is Natassia Malthe. More details:

    IGN FilmForce

  • 26/04 - [Wizard World DD exclusive]

    If anyone is ordering advance tickets to next month's Wizard World show in Philadelphia, check out this exclusive Daredevil Father #1 sketch cover given to everyone who orders tickets beforehand...

  • 26/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 28

    * Daredevil Father #1
    * Black Widow by Alex Horley Laser Cell $19.99
    * Daredevil Justice 3ft x 4ft Framed Superlitho $244.95
    * Elektra Excellence 18x24 Unframed Superlitho $24.95
    * Marvel Universe Daredevil Unmasked Bust (Blister exclusive) $45.00

    May 5

    * Secret War #1 Commemorative Edition $3.99

  • 26/04 - [ER's Visnjic in Elektra?]

    The Hollywood Reporter says ER's Goran Visnjic is in talks to star in Elektra as the main lead opposite Jennifer Garner. Presumably he will play the Mark Miller character. Thanks to SHH! and Comics2Film. More details:

    Hollywood Reporter

  • 22/04 - [Stamp as Stick]

    To confirm earlier reports, Terence Stamp is in negotiations to play Stick in the Elektra movie...

    Hollywood Reporter

  • 20/04 - [Complete DD Father #1 online]

    Mile High Comics has posted the entire first issue of Daredevil: Father #1, which ships next week...

    Mile High Comics

  • 19/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 21

    * Daredevil #59
    * Essential Daredevil Vol.2 $16.99
    * Daredevil Justice 18x24 Unframed Superlitho $24.95
    * Elektra Excellence 18x24 Unframed Superlitho $24.95

    April 28

    * Daredevil Father #1
    * Essential Daredevil Vol.1 $14.99

  • 16/04 - [Stamp, Prout join Elektra]

    According to a USA Today article, actor Terence Stamp has joined the cast of the Elektra movie, but his role was not mentioned... more details at SHH!


    UPDATE: IGN Filmforce has confirmed Stamp has been offered the role of Stick, but the deal is not finalized. Also, Kirstin Prout has been cast in the role of Abby.

    IGN FilmForce

  • 15/04 - [DD#59 First Look]

    Next week's DD#59 preview is now up at Comics Continuum... head on over if you're interested...

    Comics Continuum

  • 14/04 - [News briefs - UPDATED]

    Just a few items to pass along...

    There is a Dare Devils Den Bosch inline hockey team in the Netherlands. Bart Klinckenberg is a member of the team and sent this along to me... he also submitted a few pics of his DD tattoos... for more info on the team, check out Dare Devils

    * Mark Millar hinted on his site that Elektra will be a major part of his forthcoming Wolverine arc...
    * What villain usually associated with Punisher will be making an appearance in DD soon?
    * The King of Hell's Kitchen will be collected in July...
    * Want to buy a DD coin? Go here...
    * For those of you who enjoyed my interview with Dan Kish, he informed me of a new video his organization has posted, which describes his echolocation methods... check it out at World Access For The Blind under the "information and publications" link called "Seeing without Sight."


    Here's a quick look at some DD items shipping in July... (with proper solicits coming as soon as its allowed...)

    * Daredevil #62
    * Powerless #2
    * Identity Disc #2
    * Pulse #4
    * DD Vol. 9 : King of Hell's Kitchen TPB
    * Daredevil #1 Wizard Ace Edition (O/A)
    * Daredevil Hell's Kitchen T-Shirt ($17.95/$20.95)
    * SNAP Daredevil CD-ROM Comic Book Library $4.99 (more info on this here)
    * Elektra "Nuff Said" Poster $5.95

  • 13/04 - [Name your artist!]

    In preparation for special DD projects for the 40th anniversary, Brian Bendis posted this on his message board:

    We are working on some ideas for DD's fortieth anniversary this fall. one involves a project that would feature art by people who have never drawn daredevil before.


    Who would you love to see draw Daredevil?

    Try to be realistic. As in people who are alive or not under contract elsewhere.

    Alex [Maleev] is still the DD artist. Don't start rumors or start to panic.

    Post your thoughts on his site at: Jinxworld board

    or post your ideas on the board here!

  • 12/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 14

    * Marvel 1602 #8 (final issue, Matt Murdoch, Black Widow etc.)

    April 21

    * Daredevil #59
    * Marvel Previews May 2004

  • 08/04 - [Eisner Nominations]

    The Eisner nominees have been released, and Daredevil is a big part of them...

    Nominations include:

    * Best Serialized Story for Alias #22-28 and Daredevil #46-50 (Bendis/Gaydos, Bendis/Maleev)
    * Best Continuing Series for Alias and Daredevil (Bendis/Gaydos, Bendis/Maleev/Mack)
    * Best Writer - Brian Michael Bendis (Alias/DD/Ultimate Spider-Man etc.)
    * Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team - Alex Maleev (Daredevil)

  • 08/04 - [Hayter on Black Widow?]

    IGN FilmForce has learned that X-Men screenwriter David Hayter is in negotiations to write and direct the Black Widow movie at Lions Gate.

    IGN FilmForce

  • 07/04 - [Proctor on final Elektra]

    The Pulse has an interview with artist Jon Proctor, where he talks about the final issue of Elektra, which ships this week.

    The Pulse

  • 06/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 7

    * Elektra #35 (final issue, DD appearance)

    April 14

    * Marvel 1602 #8 (conclusion)

  • 05/04 - [About.com Elektra interview]

    Jennifer Garner spoke with About.com during her promotions for her new movie "13 Going On 30". She does go into details about her costume...


    March 2004

  • 29/03 - [Rodi talks Identity Disc]

    Former Elektra writer Robert Rodi spoke with Newsarama about the upcoming Identity Disc mini-series, which features Bullseye...


  • 29/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 31

    * Pulse #2 (Urich, Jones)
    * Alias Vol.4: Secret Origin of Jessica Jones (Murdock references)
    * Wizard #151 (Daredevil cover, article)

    April 7

    * Elektra #35 (final issue, #36 will not ship)
    * Essential Punisher Vol.1 (reprints DD/Punisher arc)

  • 28/03 - [USA Today Elektra article]

    Thanks to Steven for the tip...

    Today's USA Today has a little snippet on the Elektra movie in an interview with Jennifer Garner, Avi Arad, Gary Foster and Kevin Smith...

    Garner's 'Elektra' may need her shots

    Jennifer Garner says she will have "a female foil" in Elektra, her Daredevil spinoff set to film in May. "I'm getting ready to train to battle Typhoid Mary," she says. Complete article here:

    USA Today

  • 23/03 - [Garner talks Elektra]

    Jennifer Garner spoke with Access Hollywood on her promotion for "13 Going on 30" and hinted at a twist in the Elektra movie...

    Access Hollywood

  • 22/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 24

    * Marvel Previews

    March 31

    * Pulse #2 (Urich, Jones)
    * Wizard #151 (DD cover)

  • 19/03 - [Identity Disc & Powerless]

    Newsarama has posted info on some new titles coming in June, and there are two titles which will definitely be of interest to DD fans.

    The first is Identity Disc, a 5 part series written by Robert Rodi, with art by John Higgins and Jimmy Palmiotti. The preview blurb reads as follows:

    When six of Marvel's most violent and cunning villains join forces, the fate of every hero in the world is at stake. Sabretooth, Bullseye, the Juggernaut, Deadpool, Sandman and the Vulture -- are forced to work together by a mysterious agent who somehow knows every dark and dirty secret in their violent lives. Their mission: to retrieve the nearly priceless Identity Disc -- purported to contain the true identities, the home addresses and even the credit reports of every hero in the Marvel Universe. To obtain the disc, hidden deep in the bowels of a practically impenetrable A.I.M. terrorist base, this agent will need an army. Or six super-villains. But how long can these psychopaths work together before the chaos begins?

    The other title is Powerless, written by Matt Cherniss & Peter Johnson, with art by Michal Gaydos. What if Matt Murdock didn't have his powers? Would he still be a hero?

    What makes a hero? Is it his actions, or is it the results of those actions? POWERLESS explores what it means to be a hero in very human terms. By re-imagining Marvel.s most popular characters without superhuman powers, this series will strip down to the core heroes we have all come to know and love. These characters . including Peter Parker, Matt Murdock and Logan -- were fated to be heroes. Just because Peter Parker wasn.t bitten by a radioactive spider doesn't mean he didn't do battle with a madman named Norman Osborn. Matt Murdock? Blinded, yes -- but with no heightened senses. However, he did become a legal champion of the poor in Hell's Kitchen, and he did cross paths with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. And Logan is, of course, the enigmatic -- and amnesiac -- drifter on the run from his past.

    More info and the covers available at Newsarama

  • 17/03 - [Previews preview]

    As always, here's a quick peek at what to check out in next week's Previews for items shipping in June...

    * Daredevil #61
    * Daredevil: Father #3
    * Elektra Vol. 4: Frenzy TPB $14.99
    * Daredevil 2005 Wall Calendar $12.99
    * Daredevil Father II Quesada T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * Marvel Previews June 2004

  • 16/03 - [No action for Affleck]

    Just to reinforce the fact Ben Affleck doesn't want to be involved in any DD sequel, this comes from USA Today (thanks to Steve for the pointer)...

    "I can't imagine doing another action movie. I'm not interested."

    USA Today

  • 15/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 17

    * Daredevil #58
    * Elektra #34
    * Daredevil Vol. 8: Echo - Vision Quest TPB $13.99

    March 24

    * Marvel Previews #8
    * Wizard #151 (DD cover)

  • 11/03 - [DD#58 First Look]

    Comics Continuum has posted next week's First Looks and DD#58 is among them... looks like the cover is what was initially thought to be issue #60... anyway, if you don't want to know anything about it, don't click ahead...

    Comics Continuum

  • 11/03 - [Elektra, other news]

    * Seems like the Elektra movie is setting up shop in Vancouver... SuperheroHype
    * It looks like the cover for #60 that Marvel released a while back is actually issue #58...
    * That del Toro Daredevil 2 rumour that was floating around is definitely false...
    * Brian Bendis said on his message board that he and Alex Maleev are definitely on DD for at least 3 more arcs...
    * Anyone else see that Wahl ad, with Marvel Heroes, in this week's books?

  • 08/03 - [Interview with Dan Kish]

    If you recall from a few weeks ago, I posted information about Dan Kish and his organization called "World Access for the Blind", where he teaches blind students how to use echolocation to "see" the world. I had a chance to ask Mr. Kish some questions since I thought it would be of some interest to DD fans. Hope you enjoy it!

    Interview with Dan Kish

  • 08/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 10

    * Classic DD II Symbol T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * Classic DD II Symbol Long Sleeve Shirt $23.95/$26.95

    March 17

    * Daredevil #58
    * Daredevil Vol.6: Lowlife TPB
    * Daredevil Vol.8: Echo - Vision Quest TPB
    * Elektra #34

  • 01/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 3

    * Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 5: Marvel Knights HC $29.99
    * Classic DD I Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95

    March 10

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

    February 2004

  • 26/02 - [Black Widow movie]

    Lions Gate Films has been granted the license to produce a Black Widow movie. Here's a snippet from their press release:

    One of Marvel's most prominent female characters, the Black Widow has been thrilling readers with her adventures for 40 years. Trained by the KGB to be the Soviet Union's premier spy, Natasha Romanov found herself a woman without a cause or a country to serve when the Berlin Wall came down. International intrigue and suspense meet the hi-tech gadgetry and spectacle that can only be found in Marvel Comics as the Black Widow tries to find her place in a world without borders.

    More details at Newsarama

  • 26/02 - [Random notes]

    * Black Widow will be making a guest appearance in the Hawkeye series, and is featured on the cover to #8
    * Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne Vol. 2 reprints FF#241-250, which has an appearance by DD
    * Wizard #150 says Bullseye may be getting his own series...
    * There's also some features on movies in the issue of Wizard... including news you already know about Elektra
    * Wizard #151 will have a DD cover, and a feature on DD: Father. Wizard #152 also has DD on the cover...

  • 22/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 25

    * Daredevil Vol. 3 HC $29.99
    * Marvel Masterworks DD Vol. 2 2nd edition HC $49.99
    * Marvel Masterworks DD Vol. 2 Variant edition HC $54.99
    * Daredevil II Symbol Long Sleeve Shirt (O/A) $19.99/$23.95
    * Daredevil Symbol Long Sleeve Shirt (O/A) $23.95/$26.95
    * Marvel Previews

    March 3

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 21/02 - [MK Encyclopedia interview]

    With the Marvel Encyclopedia: Vol. 5 - Marvel Knights coming out very soon, ComiX-Fan interviewed all the contributors to the book, so if you want to learn more about the book and the writers, please check out the interview.

    ComiX-Fan interview

  • 20/02 - [Elektra plot details]

    Thanks to FilmJerk.com (through Comics2Film and SHH!), more details have been revealed about where Elektra will be filming and what characters will make an appearance (a few surprises!). Lots of spoilers, so if you don't want to know, don't check out the link!


  • 19/02 - [Bowman directs Elektra?]

    Variety is reporting that "Reign of Fire" director Rob Bowman is in talks to direct the Elektra movie, which looks like it will begin shooting in May. More details at Variety (with subscription) or Comics Continuum.

    Comics Continuum

  • 18/02 - [Previews preview]

    Here are some of the comics/merchandise to look for in next week's Previews for items shipping in May, 2004! Full solicits with images coming soon.

    * Daredevil #60
    * Daredevil: Father #2
    * Pulse #2
    * Secret War #2 $3.99
    * Daredevil: Father T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil Silk Mini Wall Scroll
    * Black Widow by Alex Horley Laser Cell $19.99
    * Elektra with Sai Poster $5.49
    * ACTOR Witchblade Elektra Variant Cover #1 $5.00

  • 17/02 - [Appearance in PvP]

    Thanks to wayner3e who posted on the Bendis! board about this...

    Scott Kurtz's PvP features a guest appearance by Nelson and Murdock, attorneys at law. The link below is the first comic, and hit "next" to read today's comic.


  • 16/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 18

    * Daredevil #57
    * Elektra #33
    * Pulse #1
    * DFE Marvel Knights Alt Cover #1 (O/A) $5.99

    February 25

    * Marvel Previews #7

  • 16/02 - [Black Widow Legends figure]

    There will be a chase figure in the Marvel Legends line of Natasha coming this year... check out 411mania for the pic!


  • 12/02 - [DD#57 First Look]

    Comics Continuum has the first 4 pages of next week's battle in DD#57! Click on ahead if you're interested...

    Comics Continuum

  • 10/02 - [Elektra ends with #35]

    Thanks to Rco for the pointer... It appears another Elektra series has come to an end. Even with #36 solicited (a DD guest-appearance), Marvel is cancelling the series. More details at Newsarama.


  • 09/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 11

    * Essential Punisher Vol. 1 TPB (reprints some DD issues)
    * Marvel 1602 #7
    * Secret War #1
    * DD/Elektra T-Shirt XL (O/A) $17.95

    February 18

    * Daredevil #57
    * Elektra #33
    * Pulse #1

  • 04/02 - [Dynamic Forces DD items]

    From Dynamic Forces:

    Exclusive Signing, Lithograph and Statue Set For April and June! Order Now!

    February 4, 2004, Runnemede, NJ -- DF is celebrating an anniversary, beginning in April, as Marvel's Daredevil turns 40! With a big-screen adventure behind him, and a new DD project by Joe Quesada which will have fans talking for years to come, 2004 is turning into Daredevil's year!

    Just look at the new, and exclusive merchandise DF has planned to kick off the celebration:

    DAREDEVIL 40th ANNIVERSARY STATUE DIORAMA -- Inspired by Joe Quesada!

    Inspired by the rebirth of Daredevil by Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti (from the Marvel Knights Daredevil series), DF had taken Joe Quesada's 2D pencils and turned them into a 3D diorama statue!

    This year marks Daredevil's 40th anniversary and we're proud to present the ultimate Daredevil collectible. Standing just under 7" tall and 4" wide (and 7" front-to-back), sculptors/designers/painters The Gore Group has truly crafted a magnificent piece and DF is pleased to offer this at an introductory price of just $69.99!

    $ 69.99 Suggested Retail Price


    DAREDEVIL PREMIERE LITHOGRAPH -- by artist Joe Quesada!

    Now, the exclusive cover image from DF's alternate cover from Marvel Knights: Daredevil #1 by Joe Quesada is available as a high-quality DF Lithograph!

    Measuring 18" by 24" and printed on 80 LB. Gallerie silk Stock this high-quality exclusive DF Lithograph is a must-have for your collection!

    $19.99 Suggested Retail Price

    DAREDEVIL: FATHER #1 -- Signed by writer/artist Joe Quesada!

    The pulse-pounding first issue of Daredevil's rebirth is now available as a special signed edition! Not just any signing though, master DD artist and Marvel EIC Joe Quesada is on board to sign this issue exclusively for DF!

    Each Signed copy is hand-numbered, sealed with a DF Holo-Foil Sticker and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity!

    $29.99 Suggested Retail Price


    Retailer Note: Special Ordering incentives are available, please contact Dynamic Forces for more details.

    For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases - including more MarvelComics Product, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com

  • 03/02 - [Director's Cut Delayed?]

    Saw this over at Comics2Film which linked to DVD Answers.com... not confirmed yet, but the DD Director's Cut may be taking its time getting to stores...


  • 02/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 4

    * Punisher V6 Confederacy of Dunces TPB (DD, Spidey, Wolverine try to take Punisher down - reprints Pun.33-37)
    * Ultimate Spider-Man (may have appearances by Ultimate Elektra, Kingpin)
    * DD/Elektra V1 Digital Comic DVD (O/A)
    * DD V1 Digital Comic DVD (O/A)

    February 11

    * Marvel 1602 #7 ("Matt Murdoch")
    * Secret War #1 (DD has major role in series)

    January 2004

  • 30/01 - [Appearances]

    Here's a quick rundown on DD-related appearances from the last few weeks:

    * Captain Marvel #54 - 1 panel of Daredevil, not part of main story
    * 1602 #6 - Matt Murdoch, Natasha appearance
    * Spider-Girl #69 - Darkdevil appearance
    * Marvel Previews - has another image of DD: Father that you may have not seen
    * Wizard #149 - interview with Joe Quesada on DD: Father, DD on cover for Secret War, also SHIELD files article

  • 30/01 - [More Than Human]

    Matt Powers sent me this item in e-mail this morning, and it should interest Daredevil fans!

    There was a show called More Than Human on the Discovery Channel. It featured a blind man named Dan Kish who uses a form of echolocation (the stuff that bats and dolphins use) to locate objects around him. He uses tongue clicks to make sounds that bounce off objects and tell his ears where they are. In a way allowing him to see. It is being repeated on February 1st at 1 PM (Eastern Standard Time in the US... check local listings).

    Here is the episode link on the Discovery Channel website:
    Discovery Channel

    And here are links to Dan Kish's sites:
    World Access for the Blind
    Team Bat

  • 28/01 - [Quesada talks DD: Father]

    Joe Quesada talked with Newsarama about his Daredevil: Father mini-series coming in April!


  • 28/01 - [Upcoming items]

    In addition to the comics coming in April, check out these items also coming out:

    * Daredevil statue 40th anniversary - Dynamic Forces

    * Need more info on Daredevil: Father? Check out Wizard today, or this article - Wizard

    * If you haven't seen it yet, check out JQ's redesign of DD's costume for DD: Father - Previews

    * Still no word on when the DD video game will definitely ship, but if you've seen the ads in the comics, you'll know that there is a special comic being offered with purchase of the game. That web site is now online with more details - Daredevil Game Offer

  • 27/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 28

    * Marvel Previews
    * Earth X Vol. 5 Paradise X Book 2 TPB (has appearances of this reality's Matt Murdock, Daredevil, Kingpin, Elektra, Bullseye etc.)
    * ACTOR Classic Spider-Man Daredevil Litho $24.99
    * Elektra in White Wall Scroll $17.99

    February 4

    * Punisher Vol. 6 Confederacy of Dunces TPB (DD, Wolverine, Spidey try to take down Punisher (#33-37))

  • 22/01 - [DD Director's Cut news]

    The Comics Continuum spoked with Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige and got some more details on the DD DVD coming this spring.

    Comics Continuum

  • 21/01 - [Daredevil: Father - UPDATED]

    What is Daredevil: Father?
    Here are the details!


    Newsarama also points to the Diamond site too...


    Here's a look at titles shipping in April, with more details coming soon.

    * Daredevil: Father #1 (of 5) (DF signed edition as well)
    * Daredevil #59
    * Elektra #35
    * Elektra #36
    * Essential Daredevil Vol. 2
    * Wizard #151 Daredevil cover
    * DF Daredevil 40th Anniversary Statue $69.99
    * DF Daredevil Premiere Litho $19.99
    * Daredevil Unmasked Bust (Blister exclusive) $45.00

  • 19/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 21

    * Daredevil #56
    * Elektra #32
    * Elektra T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95

    January 28

    * Marvel Previews

  • 19/01 - [Dave Cockrum benefit book]

    If any comics fans are interested in helping out comic artist Dave Cockrum, please read the following from Clifford Meth/Aardwolf Publishing.

    Thank you for inquiring regarding Dave Cockrum. As you may know, Dave has been very ill and his friends are putting together a tribute book and auction to help Dave and his wife Paty.

    The Uncanny Dave Cockrum Tribute will be an art portfolio celebrating the works of Dave Cockrum and the characters he created. Edited by Clifford Meth, the book will include artistic and written contributions by many of Dave's friends and admirers, including Murphy Anderson, Dick Ayers, Mark Bagley, Chris Claremont, Gene Colan, Peter David, Harlan Ellison, Mark Evanier, Neil Gaiman, Ron Garney, Tony Isabella, Mike Pascale, Johnny Romita, Marie Severin, Dam Sim, Walt Simonson, Mark Texeira, Roy Thomas, Lee Weeks, Len Wein, and Marv Wolfman.

    Please order your copy now by using PayPal, or send Aardwolf Publishing a check for $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Ship date to be announced.

    You can also help by ordering signed copies of Aardwolf #1 (signed by Dave Cockrum) for just $5.00 each (post paid) and/or The Futurians #0 for $5.00 each (postage-paid)

    or order both books for $7.50 (postage paid). All monies will benefit the Cockrums at this crucial time.

    Aardwolf Publishing
    179-9 Rt. 46 West
    Box 252
    Rockaway, NJ 07866

    If you need more info, please let me know.

  • 16/01 - [DD, Elektra First Looks]

    You've probably already seen the DD#56 preview, but if you haven't, you can view the first 4 pages at Comics Continuum and also Elektra #32!

    Comics Continuum

  • 16/01 - [8 years later...]

    Today marks 8 years I've been running this site, and I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone. I've been extremely lucky with this site... meeting great DD fans all over the world and chatting with DD creators... something I never thought I'd be doing when I sat down in university one day and threw together a DD site to pass the time between classes. If I got just one person interested in this character, I'm glad the site did its job.

  • 15/01 - [Elektra movie update]

    The Comics Continuum spoke with Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios, and there is a small update on the progress of the Elektra movie!

    Comics Continuum

  • 12/01 - [Daredevil #59 cover]

    Newsarama has a story on the Marvel Knights plans for April, and there is a sneak peek of Daredevil #59's cover. Go take a look!


  • 12/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 14

    * Marvel 1602 #6 ("Matt Murdoch" appears in series)
    * Captain America V4 Captain America Lives Again TPB (Alternate Reality Matt Murdock appears in story) $12.99
    * Ultimate X-Men V7 Blockbuster TPB (Ultimate Daredevil appears in story) $12.99

    January 21

    * Daredevil #56 (Bendis/Maleev return)
    * Elektra #32

  • 12/01 - [Videogame news]

    As I'm sure most of you have seen, there was an ad in most Marvel books this past week for the DD video game. I spoke with Encore Software and the game is still on schedule for Q1 this year. This can mean anything from January to March. Of note, there will be a special comic offered with a proof of purchase from the game. The URL is not active yet for the details, but I'll let you know as soon I find out...

  • 12/01 - [DD statues, bookends]

    Thanks to Riff on the mailing list who found these images from the Action Figure.com site of new DD related statues and bookends coming from Dynamic Forces!

    DD statue

    Bullseye & Elektra bookends

  • 08/01 - [Another Mack interview]

    This time at Silver Bullet Comics...

    Another Mack interview

  • 06/01 - [Mack interview]

    There's a new interview with David Mack at Sequential Tart, and it touches on DD a bit, as well as Kabuki. Thanks to Alice for the pointer.

    Mack interview

  • 05/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 7

    * Elektra #31
    * Elektra V3: Relentless TPB $14.99
    * Ultimate Spider-Man #52 (Elektra)

    January 14

    * Marvel 1602 #6
    * Ultimate X-Men V7 Blockbuster TPB (Daredevil) $12.99
    * Captain America V4 Captain America Lives Again (Matt Murdock) $12.99

  • 04/01 - [Elektra #31 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted next week's preview for Elektra #31 (and others). Head on over if you're interested.

    Elektra #31 First Look

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