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December 1997

  • 28/12 - For those of you who remember the DD team of Ron Wagner and Bill Reinhold, you may want to check out _Rogues_ from the New Year's Evil books by DC.
  • 28/12 - With Scott Lobdell (apparently) taking over DD for a few issues after Joe Kelly leaves, you may want to check out Journey Into Mystery #517-519, a Black Widow arc, written by Lobdell.
  • 28/12 - Make sure to pick up Shadows and Light #1, with a DD story and a Black Widow story.
  • 20/12 - Check out Iron Man #1 for an appearance by Foggy and 'Razor' Sharpe.
  • 14/12 - Cully Hamner of Gaijin Studios has confirmed with me that he is the penciler of Scott Lobdell's arc (#376-379). Jason Martin is inking.
  • 11/12 - Scott Lobdell is doing a story arc after Joe Kelly leaves the comic. After Lobdell, the writer of DD is still unknown...
  • 08/12 - Warren Ellis has been confirmed to be the writer of the next DD novel, out in 1999 by Byron Preiss Multimedia.
  • 02/12 - Tomorrow DD#372 is out, along with the delayed Kingpin #1
  • 01/12 - A new DD T-Shirt is available in this month's PREVIEWS. Check it out!

    November 1997

  • 27/11 - In the new Shadows and Light series, there may be a new DD comic-strip by Stan Lee and John Romita in the works.
  • 27/11 - Guess who's back on Daredevil? Ann Nocenti returns in February 1998 with the Ka-Zar/Daredevil '98 Annual.
  • 26/11 - Check out _Earth-X_, the free comic by Alex Ross in Wizard #77. It has a pin-up of a future version of Daredevil.
  • 26/11 - Issue #375, Joe Kelly's last issue, will take place over a week's time, and each chapter will be drawn by a different artist.
  • 25/11 - Newcomer Rich Acosta is doing the art chores for issue #373.
  • 18/11 - On the RACMU newsgroup, Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort had this to say about the rumours concerning DD:
    I've been running damage control on this thing for two days now. Enough's enough.

    While there's a nugget of truth poking out here and there in the original post, 98% of this stuff is pure fabrication, guesswork, and rumor-mongering.

    Never, never, never trust anybody who won't give out their sources.

    Tom Brevoort

  • 16/11 - The Black Widow is the star of an upcoming arc in Journey To Mystery
  • 16/11 - There are rumours circulating now that DD will be canceled at issue 375. The rumoured deal with Event may fall through due to the financial situation at Marvel. Will DD start all over at #1 if/when Event takes control of the comic? Stay tuned...
  • 16/11 - Another comic rumoured to be on the chopping block is Elektra. It may be canceled at #17.
  • 12/11 - The new Daredevil Web Force figure is now available. Of course, Toy Biz spelled Daredevil wrong on the packaging. He's called 'Tank Attack Darevil'. Doh!
  • 10/11 - This is what NEWSARAMA is reporting about the EVENT Comics situation and Joe Kelly's departure from the comic...
    Newsarama Daily
    by Michael Doran

    Things got mighty interesting in Hell's Kitchen over the weekend.. Here's two different stories involving EVENT COMICS, and JOE KELLY, respectively, that just may have a common thread without fear..


    Those guys at EVENT Comics, JOE QUESADA & JIMMY PALMIOTTI certainly are making news lately. Last week, Newsarama was first to report on possible negotiations between Event and MARVEL Comics involving their respective characters. And earlier this week, other news sources pitched in to add more fuel to the fire, reporting that the deal possibly being discussed was a HEROES REBORN-type scenario that could see Event "produce & package" titles featuring Marvel characters. The rumors have it these titles would REMAIN in mainstream Marvel continuity and be done in close association with Marvel editorial proper. And while DAREDEVIL has been named as one of the possible titles involved (with filmmaker KEVIN SMITH attached as writer), so far EVENT (or Marvel) has not officially endorsed these rumors. But that didn't stop Quesada and Palmiotti from making a curious announcement Friday afternoon. According to their press release, EVENT will temporarily SUSPEND operations for 6 months in order to re-organize its internal operations and EXPAND its current monthly publishing schedule. The temporary suspension will go into effect following the publication of ASH: CINDER AND SMOKE #6 (the miniseries' conclusion), and PAINKILLER JANE #5, both of which will ship late this month. And they are very excited about the news... "We couldn't be more thrilled about this opportunity to grow and expand," said Palmiotti. "When fans and retailers find out what we've got coming up in the next year, they'll be as excited as we are!" "When publishers have suspended operations in recent years, it was an indication that the company was in trouble or going under," said publisher and co-owner Laurie Bradach. "In our case, that couldn't be further from the truth. Event is fully solvent and, for a small publisher in today's market, very successful." "Believe me, Event is definitely resuming publication in 6 months...I personally guarantee it!" said Quesada. "We've got some incredibly exciting things coming up, and we'll be kicking off our new publishing schedule early next year with the new monthly ASH series, scripted by JAMES ROBINSON!" How this development effects, and/or what relation it has to the possible Marvel deal, remains to be seen.


    In a Saturday statement to fans and comics news outlets, writer JOE KELLY addressed rumors of the Event/Daredevil connection, and the made a surprising announcement of his own. "To start, I don't know if EVENT thing is true as far as whether or not KEVIN SMITH is really going to take over DD. There has been talk about QUESADA doing the repackaging thing and bringing him in, but nothing is official yet," wrote Kelly. "However, it is official that I'll be LEAVING DAREDEVIL after issue #375." Kelly continued, "There are a few reasons why I'm leaving the book, but at the top of it all...I'M OVERWORKED! Taking on X-MEN, fleshing out year 2 of DEADPOOL, and working on Hornhead was really starting to take its toll on me. I began to fall behind on my workload, and felt that my overall quality (on DD especially) was beginning to suffer. So I decided that instead of trying to bulldoze my way through to the end of a full year-run just for the sake of it being a year, I'd take a step back now before I did any damage to the three books I love. Better to do good work on 2 books than mediocre work on 3." "I love Daredevil, so this was not an easy decision for me to make. The run has been good fun so far, and I have plans for DD that still get me excited, but I had to move on. I've had a blast working on this character, and hope that someday I'll have the opportunity to run the rooftops with Matt again."

    This currently leaves the title without a regular writer or penciler. When plans for the future of DAREDEVIL and /or EVENT are revealed (whatever they may be), Newsarama will try to bring them to you.

  • 07/11 - It's official ladies and gentlemen. Joe Kelly is leaving the book. His last issue will be #375. That 'Event Comics' rumour may be coming true... I'll keep you posted.
  • 05/11 - Look for Ghost Rider in the next issue of DD372. GR's book is being canceled at #94.
  • 05/11 - X-Man (Nate Grey) also makes a cameo in DD371 along with Cecelia Reyes. Check out Uncanny X-Men #351 this month for a DD appearance.
  • 05/11 - RUMOUR: ZENtertainment is reporting that DD has been offered to Joe Quesada (Event Comics) to produce it. Kevin Smith of _Clerks_ fame, will write it.
  • 03/11 - This Wednesday, check out the new DD issue, as well as the new Moon Knight limited series by Tommy Lee Edwards and JLA:Paradise Lost #1 by Ariel Olivetti

    October 1997

  • 23/10 - Elektra #13 is now out, with the conclusion to the American Samurai storyline
  • 18/10 - Look for a new Blade one-shot in January with art by none other than Gene Colan and written by Christopher Golden
  • 17/10 - Gene Colan has indeed left the book (I'm still waiting on OFFICIAL word from Marvel before I can post why...) and the next few issues will be by Ariel Olivetti until a replacement is found. The leading candidate right now is Tommy Lee Edwards (see below).
  • 12/10 - Following up on the Tommy Lee Edwards rumour... Mr. Edwards has contacted me and has confirmed that he has been offered the book and is currently in negotiations with Marvel. More details to come...
  • 08/10 - X-Man Cecelia Reyes has a cameo next issue (#371)
  • 08/10 - DD 370 came out today, along with Amazing Spider-Man 429, which guest-stars DD
  • 05/10 - Check out Comic Book Marketplace #54 in November, where there will be an article on DD concentrating on the works of Lee to Miller.
  • 01/10 - There are rumours circulating that Tommy Lee Edwards has been offered the penciling job on DD... more news on this when I find out if it's true or not...
  • 01/10 - DD #370 has been delayed... it didn't come out this week.
  • 01/10 - Matt makes a cameo in Ka-Zar #8 as the Plunder's lawyer.

    September 1997

  • 24/09 - Ex-DD artist Cary Nord is the artist on the next Star Trek/X-Men project
  • 24/09 - Comic Book Marketplace has an interview with Al Williamson
  • 24/09 - Marvel Vision has an interview with ex-DD writer J.M.DeMatteis
  • 24/09 - Wizard #75 has a lengthy interview with Joe Kelly, and news on the DD movie
  • 05/09 - Watch for my interview with Steve Gerber, coming soon...
  • 03/09 - Due to Labour Day, the new DD issue will arrive in stores on Thursday.
  • 02/09 - There will be another DD novel from Byron Preiss (same folks who did Predator's Smile) coming in 1999. It will not be a sequel. No word on who is writing it.

    August 1997

  • 25/08 - Daredevil Movie News! According to various sources, the 'planned' DD movie will be produced by Chris Columbus (Mrs. Doubtfire), directed by Carlo Carlei (Fluke), and written by ex-DD scribe J.M.DeMatteis. Of course, this is all 'rumour'... who knows if this will ever be made.
  • 22/08 - Check out Thunderbolts #8 where DD and many other Marvel Heroes make cameos.
  • 17/08 - Anyone going to the Comic Convention next weekend in Toronto? I'll be the guy buying all the DD stuff. Hope to see you guys there.
  • 17/08 - Watch for the return of the Kingpin in Kingpin #1, by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr., in November.
  • 13/08 - With the continuing UPS strike, some stores may not receive the already late DD#368 today. Most stores (in the States) should receive their comics tomorrow.
  • 06/08 - This month's Marvel Vision has an interview with Joe Kelly, and a profile of two former DD writers - Steve Englehart and Steve Gerber
  • 06/08 - You may want to get the Comics Journal this month. There is a profile of great DD artist Wally Wood.
  • 05/08 - The interview I had with Joe Kelly is now in the INTERVIEWS section.

    July 1997

  • 23/07 - Check out Uncanny Origins #13 out today for the origin of DD
  • 17/07 - I'm interviewing Bernard Chang (of the DD/DP '97 annual) and I hope to post that soon
  • 17/07 - For those you wondering, DD met Deadpool in Silver Sable #23
  • 08/07 - There is a major revelation in Daredevil/Deadpool '97. You don't want to miss it.
  • 03/07 - In September, What If #102 asks the question... 'What if Jack Murdock took the dive?'. Should be interesting...
  • 02/07 - Surprise, surprise! Matt Murdock has a cameo in Ka-Zar #5. Check it out!
  • 02/07 - You may want to check out Deadpool #7, which leads into the Daredevil/Deadpool '97 issue next week.

    June 1997

  • 26/06 - This month's Wizard #72 has a profile of Joe Kelly.
  • 26/06 - Watch for my interview with Steve Englehart. Coming soon to the page.
  • 26/06 - Be sure to take a look for Thunderbolts '97, which has 5 pages drawn by Gene Colan, and DD makes an appearance.
  • 26/06 - In Sept., DD#369 will be drawn by Ariel Olivetti. Olivetti will be the artist for the upcoming Satana series from Marvel.
  • 20/06 - Check out this week's comics for a profile of editor Jaye Gardner
  • 09/06 - There's a rumour going around that Joe Kelly will be writing the X-Men as of issue #70. Will he stay on Daredevil and Deadpool?
  • 09/06 - Due to a computer problem at Diamond Distributors, most comics will arrive on Thursday, not Wednesday. DD#366 'should' come out that day.
  • 04/06 - Daredevil #366 didn't come out this week as expected.

    May 1997

  • 31/05 - Now that Flashback month is 'over', we return to DD #366 next week, and the continuation of the Mr. Fear storyline. The new Gladiator is introduced. The story apparently will be taking place in a prison, and DD is caught in the middle of a riot.
  • 31/05 - Some stuff I've heard... Black Widow will be appearing soon with the Soviet Super Soldiers, and watch for Omega Red to drop on by too.
  • 31/05 - DD will be guest-starring in Elektra #11 and #12
  • 21/05 - There has been some debate as to whether Bullseye really knows Matt is Daredevil. Does he? The debate is about the 'Roulette' issue by Miller. Is DD talking to Bullseye, or only thinking the story to himself? Your thoughts on this are???
  • 21/05 - I've posted the interview I had with Tony Isabella in the new Interviews section. I have also moved Reviews into its own section too.
  • 04/05 - DD fans may want to check out Elektra #-1, where she first meets Stick. The DD #-1 issue will feature Matt and his father.
  • 04/05 - Visit the page soon, when I will post my interview with ex-DD writer D.G. Chichester.
  • 04/05 - Check out Marvel Vision #19, which has an interview with Gene Colan.
  • 04/05 - Daredevil #367 will lead directly into the summer DD/Deadpool '97 issue. This story will tie-in with the Elektra series as well.
  • 04/05 - Deadpool #6 has some more sketches by Bernard Chang for the DD/Deadpool '97 annual.
  • 04/05 - Deadpool #6 also has the return of Typhoid Mary, who will play a big part in the crossover with Daredevil.

    April 1997

  • 21/04 - Karl Kesel has 'confirmed' that he will be writing the next Access limited series for Marvel and DC. Kesel had been rumoured to be interested in writing Fantastic Four as part of the Heroes Return. Didn't Kesel leave Daredevil because he had too much work? Makes you wonder what really made him leave the comic.
  • 21/04 - Comicraft has been hired by Marvel to revamp the look of all Marvel titles in June. This will include new logos, letters pages, and the Bullpen Bulletins. Stan Lee has returned to do his 'Soapbox' too.
  • 21/04 - Most readers, from what they are telling me, are pleased with Joe Kelly's writing and are recommending Deadpool as a series to pick up. Speaking of Deadpool...
  • 20/04 - The DD/Deadpool '97 issue will be drawn by Bernard Chang. Sketches by Chang appear in Deadpool #4. Readers may know Chang from his work with Valiant/Acclaim.
  • 17/04 - The Comics Journal has an in-depth interview with David Mazzucchelli. Mazzucchelli talks about his early years and why he left comics to start a music career. He also discusses his return to comics and his independent series 'Rubber Blanket'. Pick it up if you are a fan of his 'Born Again' work.
  • 11/04 - That rumoured 'new look' for Marvel is going to increase the price of Marvel Comics to $1.99 U.S.. Apparently, all titles will now have a couple of pages of plot summaries for readers to know what is going on....
  • 10/04 - Venom:On Trial #3 finally came out.
  • 06/04 - This week #365 comes out, with the conclusion to the Mr. Fear storyline. This is also Cary Nord's final issue.
  • 06/04 - The new Gladiator arrives in issue #366 (June).
  • 06/04 - Cary Nord pencils Silver Surfer #130 in June. Is he the new penciler? Hmmmm....
  • 06/04 - Venom:On Trial #3 has been delayed since Mar. 23. If you don't know, Matt Murdock/Daredevil appears in this series.

    March 1997

  • 30/03 - Guess what? Deadpool's new girlfriend is... Typhoid Mary! Coming soon...
  • 30/03 - This year's DD Annual has Deadpool as guest-star.
  • 30/03 - Jaye Gardner is the new editor on the comic and Gene Colan comes aboard with #-1 (the Flashback issue).
  • 30/03 - Spider-Man and DD team up in Silver Surfer #128 this month.
  • 30/03 - Check out this month's Wizard #69, which has an interview with Joe Kelly. Send me mail if you want to know details about it...
  • 19/03 - Summer '97 will have a Kingpin one-shot by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr., according to the Bullpen Bulletins this month...
  • 18/03 - From http://www.aint-it-cool-news.com/coolnews.html, check this out...
    Also, if you have doubts about Chris Columbus based on his directing past, he has just co-written a script called Daredevil, which yes it is that guy who knows no fear, that is even better than the FF script. This one includes Elektra, Kingpin, Bullseye, Foggy Nelson, and battling Jack Murdock! This one doesn't wink once at the screen, and carries a sai through the throat. Kiddies stay at home, as this one will shock your auditory senses in a digital THX auditorium. And you get that just from the script. Chris has been in John Hughes' shadow for way too long, and will break out onto the scene with amazing poignancy with these two projects, that if get filmed with these scripts will shock the nation with coolness seeping from every marvel-ous page. SPAWN will be a primer for these films, the gauntlet they will pick up. Nuff Said.
  • 09/03 - Daredevil #364, the conclusion to the Insomnia story, is now out. This is also the last issue by Karl Kesel as he leaves to concentrate on his Superman titles. Joe Kelly takes over with #365 and Gene Colan takes over as penciller with #366. Where does this leave Cary Nord and Matt Ryan? Who's inking Colan? Who's the editor? I'll let you know as soon I can get some answers from my sources.
  • 09/03 - Check out Venom:On Trial (#1 and #2 are out) where Matt Murdock defends Eddie Brock in court. Other guest-stars include Carnage and Spider-Man. This limited series is by Larry Hama, Josh Hood and Derek Fisher ($1.95/$2.75).
  • 09/03 - [SPOILER] - Don't read this if you haven't read #364 yet... this is your warning... Was anyone else surprised that the Kingpin wasn't involved with WFSK? And now that Mr. Fear knows that Matt is DD (well, who doesn't know? :) ), what does Joe Kelly have planned with this development?
  • 02/03 - In June, Marvel is planning a 'Flashback' month, with most of the titles having a '-1' issue. The stories will deal with events that occurred before the Fantastic Four formed, and before Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. The Daredevil issue will be done by Joe Kelly and Gene Colan, and focus on 'Battlin' Jack Murdock's life with his son Matt. Should be interesting. From Marvel Vision - In this previously untold tale, "Battlin'" Jack Murdock hangs up the boxing gloves to take his blind son Matt to the ivy covered walls of academia.
  • 02/03 - For those of you who don't know, in Deadpool #2, it is mentioned that Daredevil and Deadpool will team up for an issue in the Summer.
  • 02/03 - A couple of years back, D.G.Chichester made some interactive demos for both Daredevil:Fall From Grace and Elektra:Root of Evil. If you missed them, I recently got copies of them from Mr. Chichester. Both of these demos are on AOL, but if you want to view these demos, let me know and I'll get back to you on how to get a hold of them. Keep in mind, both demos can only run on a MAC.
  • 02/03 - If you haven't checked it out, I've posted the final survey results from last year. Check out the SURVEY section. And if you don't mind, fill out the new survey on the same page. Thanks to everyone who voted!
    Older news...

  • Check out last month's Wizard #67 (with a variant DD cover) which has all the info you need to know about WHY Kesel left the comic
  • If you don't have access to Wizard, basically Kesel has cited that his workload was heavy and he had to drop DD.
  • James Felder has left for 'personal' reasons.
  • Also in that issue are a profile on DD and an interview with Gene Colan
  • Marvel Vision #16 has an interview with Cary Nord
  • As of DD#362, the price has gone back up to $1.95US/$2.75CAN
  • Look for Overstreet's Fan #20 with DD and Shi on the cover. It also has an interview with Bill Tucci
  • Check out Wizard #65 for an in depth interview with Karl Kesel and look at what could have been...
  • Anyone have the Spider-Man cartoons where DD appears? If you have them taped, get in touch with Brandon Berthelot (berthelo@sprynet.com). He is putting together a Daredevil desktop theme and he needs some sample sounds from those DD episodes...
  • There's a rumour going around that DD will be farmed out to Top Cow so Marc Silvestri can oversee it...however, Marvel denies this, so don't take it seriously...
  • Is anyone else disappointed that DD only appeared for a few panels in All Access?
  • Check out Wizard #61 for a profile on DD, and also a little preview of the Elektra series.

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