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December 1998

  • 31/12 - The Earth X Sketchbook came out yesterday, and it features more designs of Daredevil that didn't appear in the sketchbook that came bundled with Wizard magazine previously.
  • 24/12 - The DC Comics online newsletter is informing readers that one-time DD artist Joe Orlando passed away on Dec.23. Orlando had left Marvel for a position at DC in the late 60's. While he was not well-known for his DD work, I count his issues (#2-4) as some of my favourites. Be sure to check out his DD work in the upcoming reprint of Marvel Masterworks.
  • 23/12 - For all you completists out there, make sure to pick up today's issue of Wizard for the second Marvel Knights Sketchbook. You may also notice that DD#1 is the #1 comic on their 'Top Ten Comics' list.
  • 23/12 - There have been some grumblings here and there that DD#5 will have 2 covers. Remember, DD#5 is supposed to have a real shocker and my guess is that it ties in with the new Black Widow series that's coming out next year.
  • 21/12 - Marvel has made a special section on their website for the new Black Widow series. You can check it out at this address.
  • 21/12 - Look for a sequel to the Marvel Super-Heroes Contest of Champions in 1999. Hopefully DD will appear.
  • 17/12 - The DD Marvel Masterworks will be coming out in March 1999, and so will another DD T-Shirt. The Marvel Masterworks book will also come in a signed edition by Stan Lee.
  • 16/12 - Watch for the January issue of the Comics Journal, where former DD writer/artist Frank Miller will be interviewed.
  • 16/12 - DD#4 has shipped today, for all of you waiting for it since Dec.2.
  • 16/12 - You may notice that Marvel has discontinued the gatefold covers on its comics.
  • 11/12 - The upcoming Wizard Postermania 1999 will feature a poster of Daredevil by Joe Quesada. $3.99 US.
  • 11/12 - There is some news on most of the Marvel Knights series at the Comic Book Continuum site. Check it out here.
  • 08/12 - For those of you who are fans of Black Widow or Elektra, you may want to check out Wolverine #134 (out tomorrow) and #135, where they guest-star.
  • 08/12 - Former DD artist Cary Nord is continuing his stint on Mutant X with issue #7.
  • 05/12 - More on DD#4. it appears now that the issue will arrive in stores on the 16th, making it two weeks late.
  • 02/12 - Due to some problems with colour separations, DD#4 will not be coming out this week. Hopefully it will come out next week.
  • 02/12 - For the Elektra fans out there, you may want to check out the new Battlebooks designed by Billy Tucci. Elektra's comics came out today.

    November 1998

  • 30/11 - Gene Colan is alive and well, for all those people believing that rumour in the newsgroups. To repeat, Mr. Gene Colan is NOT dead. It's a shame we still have to deal with rumours like that on the newsgroups.
  • 28/11 - Rich's Ramblings, the rumour site by Rich Johnston, is saying that Marvel will not be renewing the contract for the Marvel Knights guys when it ends next year. If Mr. Quesada or Mr. Palmiotti are reading this, can you set the record straight on that?
  • 27/11 - Just a question to ask. does anyone know if the Hand Drawn Marvel Authentix version of DD#1 came out? You know, the one with only 300 copies?
  • 27/11 - Mark Steven Johnson, the rumoured director of the DD movie at Disney has informed me that the project is not under his development at all. It is still with Chris Columbus and his 1492 Productions.
  • 27/11 - There will be a chat with Joe Quesada at www.planet-fiction.com tomorrow morning at 10am (EST). Go to the site and click on 'communaute'. The site is in french and you will have to login. but the chat is in english.
  • 26/11 - Kabuki writer/artist David Mack is featured in this week's Comic Buyer's Guide (#1307), and he talks about his upcoming work on DD.
  • 25/11 - This week's Wizard #89 has lots of news on DD related stuff, so here's what you should know:
    * The artist for Mark Waid's short story in the Marvel Knights annual in April will be Bruce Timm (Batman/Superman Adventures).
    * The next Marvel Knights title will be a still untitled series by Quesada and Palmiotti with Pat and Alvin Lee (Darkminds).
    * There's a feature on Stan Lee, and he says DD#47 ('Brother, Take My Hand') is one of his favourite stories he's written.
    * DD has been pegged to be the 'Best Hero' in 1999.
    * Kevin Smith has been named 'Wizard World's 1999 Guest of Honour' (July 16-18, 1999).
    * Joe Quesada will be one of the creators on hand at the second Toronto Comicon in January (9th, 10th).
  • 23/11 - In an interview with me, Kevin Smith has said that he plans on doing 8 issues for the current arc, and is planning to return after David Mack's run to do another 4 issue arc.
  • 20/11 - Wizard #90 will have another Marvel Knights insert, this time with the Black Widow, Dr. Strange and David Mack's DD.
  • 19/11 - Preliminary orders for Daredevil #3 are placing it around 12 or 13th for the month, rising from issue #2's position. I hope to have the actual numbers up soon.
  • 19/11 - I stumbled across some info about a Daredevil book called Blind Justice. It apparently came out in 1992 in hardcover. Anyone know anything about it?
  • 16/11 - For all the people out there using AOL, there is a chat tomorrow night at 8PM (EST) with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti.
  • 16/11 - Details magazine (December issue) has Daredevil at the top of its 'cool meter' due to Kevin Smith's involvement with the comic.
  • 12/11 - Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti are among the many guests at this weekend's Big Apple Comic Con in New York.
  • 11/11 - DD makes another cameo this week, this time in the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 issue.
  • 11/11 - Former DD artist Cary Nord's issue of Mutant X #4 came out today for those of you who are interested.
  • 11/11 - The limited edition Daredevil iris print by John Romita is supposed to come out today for anyone who ordered it. It retails for $150.00 (US).
  • 06/11 - The first wave of Battlebooks by Billy Tucci have been delayed until November 18. The Elektra book is part of the first batch of titles.
  • 05/11 - DD makes another guest appearance in Avengers #11, which continues the story from last month. It's only a very small appearance, maybe a few panels.
  • 04/11 - Get ready Canadian DD fans, your issues of Daredevil are going to cost you $3.75 now. The price has been raised as of issue #3.
  • 02/11 - For those of you who didn't pick up the Marvel Authentix DD#1 edition, here's what was in it: A black and white cover with the art from DD#1 (regular cover), and on the back was pencils for DD#3's cover. The first third of the comic was only the pencils for DD#1, the next third had inked art, and the last third was the fully coloured and finished art. There is also a small section at the back with some initial designs based on Kevin Smith's script (which is also printed, but not ALL the script). If you've got the cash, pick it up!
  • 02/11 - It's not like I have to tell you, but Daredevil #3 is scheduled to ship this Wednesday the 4th.

    October 1998

  • 28/10 - The newest issue of Wizard has a Marvel Knights contest where you can win art, statues etc. Check it out on page 128 of the magazine. Also, who's in the Top Ten list of Heroes and Villains?? DD makes a rare appearance at #10. DD also makes an appearance at #10 on the Top Ten Comics list too.
  • 28/10 - Joe Quesada has mentioned on his web board on the Event site that they are planning a Marvel Knights annual and it will have several short stories. There will be a DD story by Mark Waid.
  • 28/10 - For those of you who ordered them many months ago, the Dynamic Forces signed edition of DD#1 is in stores today. The unsigned edition was available earlier this month, but it is being offered again in Previews if you missed it the first time. Also coming out today is the DD#1 Marvel Authentix edition. I'm not sure if the limited editon (300 of them) is coming out today too.
  • 24/10 - Radio listeners in the New York area will want to check out WBAI-FM (99.5) on November 1 at midnight (technically November 2.) for an interview with DD writer Kevin Smith.
  • 23/10 - NEWSARAMA is reporting that several editors were let go today at Marvel. Some of them are ex-DD editors, including Tim Tuohy, Jaye Gardner and Julio Soto. Others let go include Rampaging Hulk writer Glenn Greenberg, Mark Bernardo, Joe Andreani, Jason White, and John Dokes. This follows the dismissals of President Joseph Calamari and Vice-President Shirrel Rhoades earlier this week. NEWSARAMA is also reporting that more layoffs are anticipated.
  • 23/10 - Marvel will reprint the first three issues of the current Daredevil series in a new TPB coming out in January.
  • 22/10 - DD#1 had orders that placed it at #10 on Diamond Distributor's Top 100 list of comics. DD#2 (both covers) placed at #14. I hope to have the actual sales data up on the site soon.
  • 21/10 - For all the Wally Wood fans out there, Avalon Communications has just released the title Wally Wood War #1 today.
  • 19/10 - Marvel plans on launching a new MC2 title in 1999, and they are letting the fans decide which character should get a title. Let Marvel know if you want a title based on Darkdevil and maybe it'll happen.
  • 14/10 - Former DD writer Karl Kesel has signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics. He will continue his work on Superboy and will write a World's Finest limited series.
  • 14/10 - Another DD T-Shirt makes its appearance today in stores. it's the cover to DD#7 by Wally Wood. $16.95/$19.95 (US).
  • 13/10 - The X-Force/Champions '98 annual comes out tomorrow and it features the Black Widow, for all you BW fans out there. Also, Spider-Girl #3 comes out as well, and Phil Urich 'reveals' some of his former identities to May Parker.Could he be Darkdevil?
  • 13/10 - The DD #0 Cybercomic is being featured on the Macromedia Shockrave site. Check it out at this location if you haven't seen the comic yet.
  • 07/10 - The newest DD Shirt comes out today. It's the 'DD Radar' shirt by Quesada and Palmiotti. $16.95/$19.95 (US) depending on size of shirt.
  • 05/10 - Not like I have to tell you, but Daredevil #2 (both covers) arrives in stores this Wednesday.
  • 05/10 - In recognition of DD's sellout, Marvel has produced a Flash 3 animation on the Marvel Knights section of their official site. Check it out at this location, and be sure to click on 'The Man Without Fear'. This is the same animation that was seen a few months ago on the Lockblok site, so you may have seen this already in an initial phase of development.
  • 04/10 - Former DD artist Lee Weeks will be doing the art chores on an upcoming X-Men project. Also former DD writer Marv Wolfman and former DD artist Gene Colan's Curse of Dracula limited series just concluded last week.
  • 02/10 - The title of the forthcoming DD novel by Madeleine Robins will be 'The Cutting Edge'. It will arrive in stores sometime in 1999.

    September 1998

  • 30/09 - DD makes a cameo in the new Avengers #10 issue out today, for those of you out there collecting DD appearances.
  • 30/09 - There's another DD T-Shirt coming out, this time in December. It's black with the picture of DD from Daredevil #1 by Quesada and Palmiotti.
  • 30/09 - Today's Wizard #87 features an article on the variant cover of DD#2 by J. Scott Campbell. The 2nd cover to DD#2 will feature DD and the Black Widow. The issue also has a feature on the Top Ten Dangerous Villains in Comics, and Bullseye places at #10.
  • 29/09 - The Dynamic Forces DD variant cover to #1 is coming out tomorrow for $6.95 (US).
  • 28/09 - The conclusion to the Nighthawk limited series comes out this Wednesday. For those of you who don't know, DD guest-stars in all 3 issues.
  • 28/09 - I got a scan of the DD statues I talked about a few days ago. Click here to check them out. The designs are by Randy Bowen. The yellow costume is a one-time edition. The red costume is limited to 4000.
  • 25/09 - Elektra and the Black Widow are some of the guest stars in the first issue of Wolverine by Erik Larsen, coming in December. Also, former DD artist Cary Nord will be drawing Mutant-X in December. He can be seen on the new Wolverine #131 (the controversial 'racial slur' issue) as well.
  • 24/09 - For those of you with LOTS of spare cash, next week's PREVIEWS magazine will showcase:

    1) Limited Resin Statue of DD in his yellow costume
    2) Limited Resin Statue of DD in his red costume

    SRP - $150.00 (US) ea.

  • 23/09 - The CSNider.com site is reporting that Daredevil #1 is sold out.
    Daredevil--Sales Without Peer:

    Steve Warble of Diamond Comics has told CSNsider that "Daredevil #1 is sold out. Marvel has told Diamond that we will receive a limited supply of additional first printing copies of the first issue of the new Daredevil series. Due to the limited number of copies we will be receiving, I cannot guarantee which orders will fill and which will not." Even with a strong overprinting, it's likely that this book will sell out on the retail level in the next few days, so grab a copy while the grabbing's good!.

  • 22/09 - The Shi/DD Banzai edition is available tomorrow for those of you who ordered it from Previews.
  • 21/09 - Warren Ellis' DD novel has now been pushed back to 2000, but scheduled for next year is a new DD book by Madeleine E. Robins. More info as I get it.
  • 16/09 - This week's Comic Buyer's Guide has an interview with the Marvel Knights guys, with a DD cover too!
  • 15/09 - The new Daredevil T-Shirt (Black with red DD symbol) should be available on Wednesday.
  • 14/09 - Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti are having an AOL chat tomorrow night at 8pm EDT, for those of you with AOL access.
  • 11/09 - Black Widow fans may want to check out this week's Iron Man issue, since she is still guest-starring in that title. Also, in October, she will be part of the Champions when they combine with X-Force in an annual (X-Force/Champions '98).
  • 09/09 - Tom Brevoort has mentioned in the RACMU newsgroup that DD is tentatively scheduled to be the first release of reprinted Marvel Masterworks, in 1999. Everyone knows how hard it is to find some first printings of this book, so it will be good to see Marvel reprinting it. Brevoort also informed me that there are no plans at this time to issue an Essential Daredevil book.
  • 07/09 - This is the week many fans have been waiting for. this Wednesday sees the release of Daredevil #1. Also out on Wednesday are: The Time Slip Collection (featuring a pin-up reprint of an alternate universe DD by Tim Sale) and Spider-Girl #2, which features the debut of Darkdevil.
  • 07/09 - Thanks to Edward for letting me know that the interview with Smith, Quesada and Palmiotti that appeared in Wizard #86 is online at the Wizard World site. You can check it out at this address without buying the issue.
  • 01/09 - The Marvel Famous Covers series with Daredevil, Black Widow, Mr. Sinister and Falcon have finally been released. Anyone pick one up yet? They could have made DD's gloves a bit better couldn't they?
  • 01/09 - In case anyone missed it, Timeslip:The Coming of the Avengers finally came out. It has an appearance by 'Murdock the Blind' in this alternate reality. The issue is a bit pricey at $5.99 US/$8.40 CDN.
  • 01/09 - Spider-Girl #2, out soon, introduces the character Darkdevil, who may or may not be related to the 'deceased' Daredevil in the MC2 universe.
  • 01/09 - The Marvel Site is offering a way to purchase all the Marvel Knights #1 issues (along with their variants) online. If you can't order from your store, you may want to check it out.

    August 1998

  • 25/08 - From Wizard 86's interview with Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti comes more info on the upcoming relaunch.
    * DD#1 jumps forward 6 months after the events of Flying Blind (Vol. 1 #376-379)
    * There will be no Kingpin, no Elektra, but maybe Bullseye and Mephisto
    * David Mack will focus on the Kingpin in his arc (#7-12)
    * Karen doesn't work at the radio station anymore
    * If DD is still being done by Event, Kevin Smith may return with #13
    * If Smith were doing a movie, he would cast Matt Damon as DD
  • 25/08 - Also in Wizard, Devin Grayson, the upcoming writer of Black Widow says the Widow will have a relationship with Daredevil, but this Widow is NOT the original Black Widow.
  • 24/08 - Marvel has developed a Marvel Knights section of their website and it has preview art, contests and more. The site is located at: http://www.marvel.com/mknights.
  • 24/08 - Make sure to check out the Daredevil #0 Cybercomic on the Marvel Knights site, which will provide a lead-in to the series. It is written by Kevin Smith and drawn by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, the upcoming team on the series.
  • 24/08 - According to Kevin Smith on his View Askew wwwboard, orders for Daredevil #1 are '5 times the numbers for the past few years'. This means orders for DD#1 are well over 100K, assuring DD a place in the Top Ten.
  • 21/08 - For all you Black Widow fans out there, be sure to check out many of the recent Iron Man issues. She has been making several guest appearances.
  • 21/08 - Watch for the upcoming Wizard issue (with the DD cover) which has an interview with the Marvel Knights creators. As well, also be on the look out for an upcoming Comic Buyer's Guide, where Matt Brady talks with the creators as well.
  • 19/08 - According to NEWSARAMA, former Daredevil writer Marv Wolfman and former artist Gene Colan WILL be getting a credit as creator for the upcoming Blade movie.
  • 17/08 - Tomorrow night at 8pm is an AOL chat with upcoming DD artists, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti. On Thursday night, there is also a chat with Tim Tuohy at 7pm.
  • 17/08 - There is a Daredevil theme available for download at this address. Check it out!
  • 14/08 - The Mania/Another Universe site has an interview with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti about the Marvel Knights line. Check it out at this address.
  • 14/08 - Nighthawk #2, originally scheduled for release Aug. 26, will now ship September 2. Timeslip:The Coming of the Avengers, which was supposed to come out this past Wednesday, will now ship next week, Aug. 19.
  • 11/08 - For the Elektra fans out there, be sure to pick up Peter Parker: Spider-Man/Elektra '98 Annual, out next Wednesday.
  • 11/08 - D.G. Chichester, writer of DD#380 wants to know what you thought of the special final issue of volume 1. Mail him at dgchi@aol.com with your comments.
  • 07/08 - My apologies to anyone who has tried to access my site today. My wonderful ISP crashed and burned and I haven't been able to access anything since this morning. If you sent me mail, please re-send it. I'm sure I'm missing a few e-mails.
  • 06/08 - Only die-hard DD fans will want to pick up the Marvel Knights Tourbook that came out yesterday. It is only about 10 pages and it is $2.99 US!
  • 03/08 - The Comics2000 mailing list is being shut down on August 8. I created another DD list through my server, and everyone who was on the list at Comics2000 was automatically subscribed to my list. If you have any questions about the new list, please contact me. There are a few minor changes, and hopefully things run smoothly. So, we still have a DD list for now.
  • 03/08 - This Wednesday, watch for the final issue of Daredevil Volume 1. It will be a special issue by Dan Chichester and Lee Weeks. If you haven't checked out the preview art, please click here.
  • 03/08 - Also check out the Marvel Knights Tour Book, which is available tomorrow as well.
  • 03/08 - Terrence, of Third Millennium Entertainment, has updated his journal on the progress of his Daredevil script. Check out his site at this location for details.

    July 1998

  • 29/07 - For all you Gene Colan fans out there, make sure to pick up Curse of Dracula #1, which came out today.
  • 28/07 - Watch for Nighthawk #1 tomorrow, with Daredevil guest-starring. DD will appear in all 3 issues of the limited series. Check out UPCOMING COMICS if you want to read the preview blurb about it.
  • 28/07 - As part of Marvel's 60th anniversary next year, they plan on reprinting comics from '39 to '99. Hopefully DD is part of it.
  • 22/07 - This month's Comic Book Marketplace has a feature on Stan Lee. Lee comments about his career and the various people he worked with, including Gene Colan, Jack Kirby and Roy Thomas.
  • 22/07 - There is a special preview section for the new Dr. Strange series through Event Comics at the Marvel Comics site. This makes the total of series 6 published through Event - DD, Inhumans, Punisher, Black Panther, Black Widow and Dr. Strange. Click here to go the the preview.
  • 21/07 - For those of you with AOL access, you may want to check out the chat tonight with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti at 8ET. Stan Lee is scheduled to chat tomorrow night at 8:30ET.
  • 21/07 - Look for one of DD's most popular villains in the issues of Daredevil by Smith, Quesada and Palmiotti, according to NEWSARAMA.
  • 18/07 - Joe Quesada has confirmed (in NEWSARAMA) that Devin Grayson is indeed writing a new Black Widow series through the Event Deal with Marvel. It will apparently be 3 issues, and may feature someone new as the Black Widow. The art will be done by J.G. Jones, who did the Painkiller Jane/Darkchylde comic.
  • 17/07 - Check out some preview art from Daredevil #380, coming out next month. Thanks to Dan Chichester for sending me the art (by Lee Weeks) for the preview!
  • 15/07 - Marvel will be at this weekend's Wizard World in Chicago, and several past and present DD creators will be there. Also, the Marvel Knights Tourbook will be available before it goes on sale next month.
  • 12/07 - There is a feature on Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob comic in this week's Comic Buyer's Guide.
  • 08/07 - DD makes a guest appearance in this month's Amazing Spider-Man #438 for you completists out there.
  • 07/07 - Joe Quesada has mentioned on the Marvel Boards that Issue #1 of DD will have the number '381' written by the signature box. Issue #2 will have '382' etc They are doing this in recognition of DD's long history and all the faithful DD fans out there who may be questioning the relaunch at #1 (instead of continuing the issue numbering at 381).
  • 07/07 - Debuting tomorrow July 8, is the Daredevil CyberComic on MarvelZone/AOL. It is by Dan Chichester and Daerick Gross. The story will continue for 4 weeks.
  • 02/07 - Former DD artist, Scott McDaniel, has signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics.
  • 02/07 - It appears DD will have a new Marvel Knights logo on the book, as well as a slightly modified Daredevil title logo.
  • 02/07 - A limited edition print by John Romita, Jr. is available in September. It is a print of the last 2 pages of Daredevil:The Man Without Fear limited series.
  • 02/07 - The Shi/Daredevil Banzai Edition is now available through Previews magazine for $10.00 US. It was previously only available through Crusade Comics.
  • 02/07 - Former DD inker Al Williamson has an interview in this week's Comic Buyer's Guide, for those of you who are interested.
  • 02/07 - Now available for order in Previews are 3 Daredevil T-Shirts. The first is black with the DD logo (similar to the all red shirt from a few months ago). The second is DD drawn by Joe Quesada and the third is the cover of DD#7 by Wally Wood.
  • 01/07 - Daredevil #2 (in October) will feature two covers. One is the regular cover by Quesada/Palmiotti, and the other cover will be drawn by J. Scott Campbell and will feature DD and the Black Widow.

    June 1998

  • 28/06 - Daredevil #379, part 4 of Flying Blind will ship on July 1.
  • 26/06 - Dynamic Forces will be selling alternate covers for all the Marvel Knights books coming out in September.
  • 26/06 - The Canadian Comic Expo starts today in Toronto, and goes until Sunday. Guests include Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Romita, Jr., and many others. Mail me if you want details on it.
  • 26/06 - Spider-Man:Made Men #1 finally came out on Wednesday after many delays. It is $5.99 US. Of course, DD hardly appears in it. It's not worth getting for that price.
  • 25/06 - Diamond is showing in Previews that DD #1 will cost $2.50 US for 32 pages.
  • 25/06 - DD will be one of the covers of Wizard #86. There will also be an interview with Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and Kevin Smith.
  • 24/06 - The new issue of Wizard is speculating that Kevin Smith may return after David Mack's arc to do another story arc. hmmm.
  • 24/06 - The Marvel Knights sketchbook is out today. It comes in today's Wizard #84.
  • 23/06 - Devin Grayson on Black Widow? Comic Book Resources is reporting that Grayson is writing Black Widow as part of the Event deal with Marvel.
  • 23/06 - Check out the Lockblok site for a Flash movie with Daredevil. Click here to go to the site.
  • 19/06 - For those of you with AOL access or have a subscription to Marvel Zone, you may want to check out the CyberComic sometime this summer. There will be a DD story, written by D.G. Chichester, called 'Protection Racket'. The Kingpin, Bullseye and a new villain named Badlands, all appear.
  • 19/06 - The new MC2 line from Marvel features a villain named Darkdevil, who may be related to the 'deceased' Daredevil. MC2 is Marvel's new 'next generation' line, featuring Spider-Girl, J2 and A-Next.
  • 19/06 - September brings a ton of comics featuring DD. Check out UPCOMING COMICS for details.
  • 19/06 - D.G. Chichester was kind enough to send me some information about the upcoming final issue #380 of Daredevil vol. 1 that he and Lee Weeks are working on. Chichester says that the story will not be based on any continuity of the past or future. Both Chichester and Weeks have not followed the book for many years. What they intend to do with this story is show the essence of what Daredevil is all about. The story revolves around an explosion in NYC harbour of a Russian cargo ship and a client that Matt is defending that he knows is innocent. The client has been accused of another crime in the city. Who's really involved? Kingpin, Bullseye, Bushwhacker, and maybe even The Hand. There will also be appearances by Ben Urich, Sister Maggie, but Chichester notes there won't be an appearance by Stilt-Man. :)
    In the upcoming weeks I'll start posting some art from the issue that will be provided by Chichester and Weeks, and I'll provide a link to Chichester's site that will showcase more info about the issue.
  • 18/06 - Spider-Man:Made Men has been pushed back again. This time it should arrive next week. Maybe.
  • 18/06 - The title of Dan Chichester and Lee Weeks' double-sized issue #380 is 'Just One Good Story'. Recent preview blurbs have been incorrectly referring to the former DD creators as 'The team that brought you Fall From Grace'. Ugh.
  • 16/06 - Al Williamson fans may want to check out the Al Williamson sketchbook that is arriving in comic stores this week. It is $12.95 US.
  • 15/06 - Spider-Man:Made Men is finally coming out this Wednesday. $5.99 US.
  • 15/06 - Timeslip - The Coming of the Avengers, has an appearance by Matt Murdock on a parallel world to our own.
  • 12/06 - Marvel #3 will focus on the new Marvel Knights books and will have a Daredevil poster by Joe Quesada.
  • 12/06 - Next month's Comic Book Marketplace has a feature on Daredevil co-creator, Stan Lee.
  • 07/06 - It seems the Elektra GN that I mentioned a few days ago has mysteriously disappeared from Another Universe's listings. Did it sell out? Did anyone order one?
  • 07/06 - Something I just noticed. Issues #376-379's covers all form one interlocking picture by Cully Hamner and Jason Martin. You can see issue 379's cover on the last page of #378.
  • 06/06 - Comic Book Artist #2 (coming in August) features articles on Gene Colan, Bill Everett, Stan Lee and many others from Marvel's history. Roy Thomas is the editor.
  • 06/06 - Comic Book Profiles #4 (also out in August) features an interview with John Romita.
  • 04/06 - Another Universe (www.mania.com) is selling a softcover edition of Elektra Lives Again (by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley) for only $5.56 (US).
  • 01/06 - Matt Damon as DD? With the Daredevil movie now rumoured to be at Disney, another rumour seems to be circulating that Matt Damon is interested in the role. As with all the other news about the DD movie, I won't take this seriously.

    May 1998

  • 31/05 - DD#378 should be arriving in stores on June 3.
  • 31/05 - The delayed Spider-Man:Made Man one-shot, which features DD, has been delayed and should now come out in June.
  • 22/05 - It appears a DD movie is in development at DISNEY and Mark Steven Johnson (Grumpy Old Men!) is involved with it. Chris Columbus is apparently not involved with the project anymore.
  • 19/05 - There is an AOL chat tonight with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, if anyone is interested.
  • 15/05 - Upcoming AOL chats include: John Romita, Sr., May 18, 8PM, Tim Tuohy, May 21, 7PM, John Romita, Jr., May 25, 8PM, Stan Lee, May 27, 8PM.
  • 12/05 - Entertainment Weekly has a campus edition of their magazine distributed through colleges. The recent issue has a feature on Kevin Smith and his upcoming work on Daredevil. anyone seen this?
  • 11/05 - Black Widow fans may want to check out her appearance this week in Iron Man.
  • 09/05 - That's Entertainment presents Gene Colan, acclaimed artist of Tomb of Dracula, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Detective, Howard the Duck, and a host of other titles over a career that has spanned six decades. Colan is noted for his uniquely dynamic and cinematic style of storytelling. The appearance will be on Saturday, July, 11, 1998 from noon to 4 p.m., at 244 Park Avenue, Worcester, MA 01609. Details are available at 508-755-4207, and at www.thatse.com (Thanks Kevin!)
  • 08/05 - Current DD writer Scott Lobdell will be taking over writing Wildcats, with Travis Charest as penciler.
  • 06/05 - Foggy makes an appearance in the newest issue of Ka-Zar, out today.
  • 06/05 - With the planned DD movie on hold, there are rumours floating around that a writer/director from Marvel is pitching the movie to a large studio. The writer/director is NOT Kevin Smith. This is all according to Joe Quesada on his Event Comics bulletin board.
  • 04/05 - Current DD artist Tom Morgan will be at the 'Comics and Collectables Convention' in Toronto on May 31 at the Toronto Hilton. If anyone wants further details, please e-mail me.
  • 04/05 - Coming in July from Dark Horse Comics - The Curse of Dracula, by the team of Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. It's going to be a 3 issue limited series.
  • 04/05 - Can it be? The Stilt-Man is in this week's issue of Cable #56, coming out Wednesday. The Soviet Super Soliders guest-star in this week's Maverick issue as well.
  • 03/05 - There's more news on the next DD novel 'New York Underground' being written by Warren Ellis. It will be released in May 1999, and the cover will be drawn by Bob Larkin. The chapter-heading illustrations will be drawn by Darick Robertson. Thanks to editor Keith DeCandido for this info.
  • 02/05 - DD makes an appearance in the new Nighthawk limited series, coming July 29.
  • 01/05 - DD#377 will be released on May 6. It is the second part of 'Flying Blind'.
  • 01/05 - According to Rich's Ramblings, Kevin Smith's story will deal with Matt Murdock's loss of faith.

    April 1998

  • 29/04 - The new dolls of DD, Black Widow, Falcon and Mr. Sinister are now available for order in this month's Previews magazine. The suggested retail price is $15.99 each (US).
  • 29/04 - Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti will be appearing at the Canadian Comic Expo, this June in Toronto. Others scheduled to appear include John Romita, Jr., Greg Capullo, Humberto Ramos, Dale Keown, Christina Z. & Stephen Platt. The show is June 26-28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If you want more details, please feel free to e-mail me.
  • 29/04 - Wizard #82 features some articles on DD. First there is an analysis of DD vs. Batman. And secondly there is a review of issues #368-375. Check it out if you buy Wizard.
  • 27/04 - Former DD penciler John Romita, Jr. has his AOL chat tonight at 8pm.
  • 27/04 - A transcript of Stan Lee's AOL chat is now available at http://www.marvelzone.com/members/stan/chat_sched/chat.html for those of you who are subscribed to Marvel Zone.
  • 21/04 - Stan Lee has an AOL chat on Wednesday at 8:30pm EDT, for those of you who are interested. He also has a new section of the Marvel Zone where you can ask him questions and win prizes. It's free for AOL users, but you need to join the Marvel Zone to access it otherwise.
  • 20/04 - Kevin Smith may have enough material ready for 7 issues instead of the 6 planned. This was mentioned in an AOL forum with Joe Quesada.
  • 19/04 - Daredevil is on the cover of Wizard's August issue (released in July) and there will be a free preview 'sketchbook' of all the Marvel/Event comics.
  • 17/04 - NEWSARAMA reports Daredevil #1 will launch September 9th. The other Marvel Knights books will be released the following 3 consecutive weeks.
  • 16/04 - D.G.Chichester and Lee Weeks back on DD! Tim Tuohy, editor of Daredevil, confirmed in his AOL chat that D.G. Chichester and Lee Weeks will work on issue #380 of Daredevil before Event takes over the comic. More details soon!
  • 15/04 - Remember, DD#376 comes out today. It has been delayed since April 1.
  • 13/04 - Some AOL chats you may be interested in: Joe Kelly, April 13, 8PM, and Tim Tuohy, April 16, 7PM.
  • 08/04 - The Black Widow makes a cameo appearance in Iron Man #5, and will be guest-starring in #6.
  • 08/04 - The line-up of titles that will be produced by Event Comics will be called 'Marvel Knights'.
  • 08/04 - Former DD writer Ann Nocenti has a new X-Men novel out this month entitled X-Men: Prisoner X. It's from Byron Preiss Multimedia, $6.99 US, $8.99 CAN.
  • 07/04 - Check out the latest issue of Cable to see a one panel cameo of Matt and Karen.
  • 03/04 - From Warren Ellis' website (http://www.warrenellis.com) - here's some info on the next Daredevil novel by Mr. Ellis.

    A novel based upon the Marvel Comics character, written for Keith DeCandido at Byron Preiss via Berkeley books. Release date is set as June 1999. This is going to be a lot of fun; as straight a crime novel as I can manage, full of drugs, torture and sick movies. only with Daredevil in [it]. My notion of what the comic should be like, I guess.

  • 03/04 - Check out Marvel's site (www.marvel.com) for a preview of issue #376, by Scott Lobdell, Cully Hamner and Jason Martin.
  • 03/04 - Also check out http://www.mgallery.com/marvel/edge.html to buy some prints of DD, Elektra and more!
  • 01/04 - The red DD T-Shirt is available again in Previews, along with a new Elektra T-Shirt.
  • 01/04 - Check out Marvel Vision #30 for a feature on Josie's Bar, the infamous place where DD usually sends a criminal crashing through the window.
  • 01/04 - Also in Marvel Vision #30, check out an interview with Tommy Lee Edwards, who will be working on a DD one-shot, coming this year! There is also a feature on Bill Everett.

    March 1998

  • 28/03 - Daredevil #376 has been pushed back to April 15th now.
  • 27/03 - Daredevil - Fashion Model! - In the newest issue of Arena Homme Plus, a men's fashion magazine in the UK, DD, along with many other Marvel heroes are modeling new fashions. Daredevil is drawn by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmotti and is wearing a bright and stripey Yohji Yamamoto suit. Anyone seen this?
  • 26/03 - Elektra is canceled with issue #19, but in August, she appears in the Peter Parker:Spider-Man/Elektra Annual '98.
  • 25/03 - Toy Biz will be unveiling a third series of Famous Covers, subtitled Marvel Milestones. There will be 8-inch figures of Mr. Sinister, Black Widow, Falcon and Daredevil!
  • 25/03 - Bullseye makes a guest appearance in Deadpool #16, out today.
  • 25/03 - Former DD penciler Cary Nord's ST:TNG/X-Men crossover came out today, for those of you who are interested.
  • 25/03 - Check out Wizard #81 for an article on the Event deal, with more info on creative teams and the direction Kevin Smith will be taking with the title.
  • 25/03 - At the new Marvel Mania restaurant, you can try a sandwich called DAREDEVIL'S ROLLED BILLY CLUB. It's $8.95 and it has herb-roasted chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, roma tomatoes and cream cheese mayonnaise rolled together inside a whole grain flat bread.
  • 21/03 - Daredevil #376, previously scheduled to be released on April 1, has been pushed back to April 8.
  • 17/03 - John Byrne has told me in an interview that DD will make an appearance in his new Twice Told Tales series, coming in October.
  • 14/03 - NEWSARAMA is reporting that EARTH-X, the insert in Wizard by Alex Ross, is slated to become a limited series from Marvel. Maybe we'll get to see that future version of DD again.
  • 14/03 - Also, TIMESLIP, based on the feature in the now canceled Marvel Vision, will also be coming out in the future. It will have all the sketches from Marvel Vision, as well as new stories. some of you may remember the sketch by Tim Sale of DD that appeared in Marvel Vision.
  • 11/03 - In May, an edition of DD#181 is available which is signed by Frank Miller. It's limited to 250 copies.
  • 11/03 - Watch for an upcoming Shadows and Light issue where former DD artist Klaus Janson draws a DD story.
  • 11/03 - Speaking of Mr. Janson, he will be teaming with another former DD artist, John Romita, Jr., to do the monthly Thor book with Dan Jurgens in May.
  • 11/03 - The replacement copies for DD#375 that were damaged last week are available today, for those of you who missed it.
  • 06/03 - Click here to check out an article on the Event deal, at the Mania/Anotheruniverse site.
  • 05/03 - It appears all issues of DD on the West Coast were damaged, so the issue is delayed for all you guys out there.
  • 05/03 - The reports from Diamond Distributors about the Scott Lobdell story arc being only 3 issues has been changed. Apparently the story arc is back to being 4 issues, but this hasn't been 'officially' said, so let's classify that as 'rumour' for now.
  • 04/03 - Did anyone catch the news items on MTV about Kevin Smith and his upcoming DD stint? Apparently they aired today in the morning.
  • 02/03 - Congrats to Joe Kelly on his Harvey Award nomination for Best New Talent!
  • 01/03 - For those of you who missed the AOL chat with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, click here to go their website where they have a transcript of their chat.
  • 01/03 - Here are some dates for AOL chats you may be interested in:
    March 9 - Joe Kelly, writer of DD, 8PM
    March 16 - John Romita, Sr., former artist of DD, 8PM
    March 18 - Matt Idelson, editor of Ka-Zar/DD, 9PM
    March 19 - Tim Tuohy, new editor of DD, 7PM
    March 23 - John Romita, Jr., former artist of DD, 8PM
  • 01/03 - Don't forget, issue #375 comes out this Wednesday. It's double-sized and has a wraparound cover. It is also Joe Kelly's last issue of DD.
  • 01/03 - In May there is a one-shot comic called Made Men which has a story of the underworld. Spider-Man, Kingpin, Punisher and Daredevil all appear in the comic.

    February 1998

  • 26/02 - See some early DD art by Joe Quesada at Wizard's site - Click here to view.
  • 26/02 - Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti were on the AOL chat last night with an absent Kevin Smith away on the film set of 'Dogma'. The two Event founders talked about their plans for the 4 titles that are part of the deal with Marvel. Apparently the Black Widow will be having a prominent role.
  • 25/02 - Wizard #80 has an interview with Kevin Smith (before he was officially confirmed to be writing DD) and Marvel Vision #29 has an interview with ex-DD editor, Ralph Macchio.
  • 24/02 - Ummm, who voted for my site for a Squiddy?? There are two of you. thanks. just let me know who you are. And why would you vote me for RACer of the year??? It makes me look like I voted for myself. :)
  • 23/02 - Many thanks to the people who voted for my site at www.comicbookresources.com's Comic Site of the Year awards. I placed 9th out of 21. Thanks guys.
  • 22/02 - Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and Kevin Smith are on an AOL chat this Wednesday 25th at 9PM.
  • 19/02 - The new Daredevil T-Shirt is now available. It's red with the DD logo on the front.
  • 19/02 - Soon to be writer of Daredevil, Kevin Smith, will be writing Green Arrow sometime in the future, according to NEWSARAMA.
  • 17/02 - With the news of Scott Lobdell's arc being reduced to 3 issues, now it appears Cully Hamner and Jason Martin are not involved with the arc anymore. Tom Morgan and Scott Hanna are listed as the team for #377. I'll try to find out more details.
  • 17/02 - Here's the news about Event (from NEWSARAMA).

    Marvel, Event Co-Founders Strike A Deal

    The formal announcement has finally been made. The formation of a strategic packaging alliance between Marvel and Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, co-founders of Event Comics.

    Marvel has entered into an exclusive publishing agreement that has Quesada and Palmiotti producing four Marvel titles: Daredevil, Black Panther, Inhumans and The Punisher. Marvel will market and distribute the titles produced under this agreement. Based in Marvel's New York headquarters, Quesada and Palmiotti will reports to Bob Harras, Editor in Chief, Marvel Comic Group.

    With writer and director Kevin Smith already set to write the first six issues of Daredevil, Quesada and Palmiotti plan to assemble and lead an all-star team in the new genesis of story arcs for the four Marvel titles.

    "Jimmy and I are incredibly excited about the opportunity Marvel has given us," Quesada said. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a set of characters and give them a fresh and unique spin without changing the formula that Stan Lee gave the world. We will take that formula of super heroes with human frailties and bring it into the new millenium."

    Palmiotti added, "It is a thrill for us to put our own spin on the books we grew up with. I think of this move as a natural step for us. This will be a blast for everyone and we promise it will be obvious in the books."

    The re-invigorated titles are scheduled to hit comic book shelves near the end of summer '98.

  • 16/02 - Many thanks to all the people who submitted questions for Ann Nocenti's interview. I had to cut down the number of questions to 30. Hopefully I hear back from her soon.
  • 16/02 - The Daredevil movie is on hold for now, according to NEWSARAMA.
    Daredevil Live Action Flick on Hold

    by Rob Allstetter

    The Daredevil live-action movie has been put into turnaround. The film is no longer at 20th Century Fox, and rights have reverted back to Marvel Entertainment.

    J.M. DeMatteis said he was days away from working on the Daredevil screenplay when the movie was put into turnaround.

    "Right now I believe that there are other studios very interested in the project, but my understanding is that it's being held up until Marvel's current financial mess is sorted out," DeMatteis.

    "That said, I have no idea if anyone currently involved with the project will be around when it's resurrected. I hope so.but, Hollywood being Hollywood, I certainly won't count on it."

    DeMatteis was approached the by the film's attached director, Carlo Carlei, to write the screenplay after earlier versions were written by Carlei and producer Chris Columbus.

    "Despite the fact that I was brought in to rewrite, the two earlier scripts I read and built from, one by Chris and a rewrite by Carlo, were extremely good," DeMatteis said. "They weren't completely there yet.but they were very impressive pieces of work. And they really pointed the way for me.

    "As it stands the story begins with the origin and involves (quite logically, I'm happy to say) DD, Elektra, Bullseye, and the Kingpin. And all the characters are there for a reason."

    DeMatteis had some interesting casting ideas.

    "Nicolas Cage would make a great DD, I think. Forget Superman, Nick -- this is where you belong!" DeMatteis said. "And if we could just resurrect Orson Welles -- at, say, age 50 -- and shave his head.you'd have one helluva Kingpin."

    DeMatteis continues to work on another script, an original called Straight on Till Morning, for Columbus' 1492 Pictures. It's a modern-day Rip VanWinkle story.

  • 13/02 - The Event deal has been finalized. Marvel will be issuing a press release soon, so watch for it.
  • 09/02 - I've managed to get a chance to interview Ann Nocenti, and I know most of you out there have strong feelings about her work on DD. If you have questions you'd like answered by her, forward them to me and I can include those questions as part of my interview. Thanks.
  • 07/02 - Tommy Lee Edwards has told me that he will be doing a prestige format Daredevil book sometime this summer. The writer is known, but I can't announce it yet. More on this later.
  • 06/02 - Diamond Distributors is now reporting that Scott Lobdell's arc is only 3 issues, not the 4 previously announced.
  • 06/02 - For those of you with access to AOL, you may want to check out the online chats. Here are some dates you may be interested in:
    February 9 - 8pm - Joe Kelly, writer of DD
    February 16 - 8pm - John Romita, Sr., famed artist of DD
    February 18 - 9pm - Matt Idelson, editor of delayed Marvel Annual w/DD
    February 19 - 7pm - Tim Tuohy, new editor of DD
    February 23 - 8pm - John Romita, Jr., former artist of DD
  • 05/02 - Brian Denham is another name you can add to the list of artists for DD#375. I confirmed with him today that he has drawn 3 pages for the issue.
  • 04/02 - It appears the Marvel Annual (Ka-Zar/DD) issue was going to be drawn by Darren Auck. It's still not known if/when this will be released.
  • 04/02 - Jonathan Barron helps out Joe Kelly with writing issue #374, out today. The art is by Olivetti and Brito.
  • 02/02 - You can also add Tom Lyle to the list of artists on DD#375. And I've confirmed Bill Sienkiewicz is NOT doing a pin-up in the issue. So, confirmed to be on DD#375 are: Cary Nord, Ariel Olivetti, John Paul Leon, Rick Leonardi, Tom Lyle and Tommy Lee Edwards doing the cover. There is another artist as well, but I don't know who he is yet.
  • 02/02 - DD#374 comes out this Wednesday, by Joe Kelly and Ariel Olivetti.
  • 02/02 - It appears Tim Tuohy will be the new editor of Daredevil if/when the Event deal is finalized.
  • 02/02 - You can add John Paul Leon to the list of artists who are contributing to the double-sized #375 issue. Artists already on the book include Cary Nord, Rick Leonardi, Ariel Olivetti, and Tommy Lee Edwards (cover). There is rumoured to be a pin-up by Bill Sienkiewicz as well.

    January 1998

  • 30/01 - What would you like in a Daredevil movie? I was asked this question by Terrence (teako170@ix.netcom.com) because he is presently writing a screenplay for a Daredevil movie. He wanted input from DD fans, so here are some of the questions he's asked me to post to get input from you, the DD reader.
    What would you like to see in a film?
    What story arcs would you be interested in? Death of father? Elektra relationship (college or as assassin?) Foggy relationship? etc.
    What characters would they like to see involved? Stick? Kingpin? Bullseye? Karen Page? Black Widow?
    What concepts (in the comic) would you not like to see (in the movie)? Lawyer? Blind? Childhood?
    Drop Terrence a line at teako170@ix.netcom.com or mail me and I can forward the information to Terrence. Thanks.
  • 30/01 - For those you who are Gene Colan fans, check out Blade:Crescent City Blues, that came out yesterday.
  • 29/01 - Editor Matt Idelson, of the Marvel Annual '98, has said on his AOL chat (28/01) that the project is on hold 'indefinitely'. He didn't give a reason. Hmmm. I'm guessing it was because of low orders.
  • 27/01 - Remember that Daredevil action figure that had a spelling mistake on the package (Tank Attack Darevil!)? Well, Toy Biz finally corrected it, and the new versions are in stores now.
  • 25/01 - The Ka-Zar/DD Annual is now being called Marvel Annual '98 starring Ka-Zar and Daredevil. Jason Pearson of Body Bags fame is doing the wraparound cover. No news on who is doing the interior art yet.
  • 21/01 - Kevin Smith is back on DD, according to NEWSARAMA.

    [A]ccording to [JOE] QUESADA, news of KEVIN SMITH's departure as writer of DAREDEVIL over the weekend proved to be premature, and that Smith is still in, or more accurately BACK in, as writer of what-will-be a relaunched DD.

    Last week, Smith announced to reporters that he was NOT going to participate as has been long-rumored, and left the following explanation at his website. "I wanted to do a storyline about Matt Murdock getting his sight back. About a week ago, Joe informed me that in the lag between the Event pickup and Joe Kelly's run, Scott Lobdell was going to do 4 issues. In those 4 issues, Daredevil was, you guessed it, going to get his sight back. This left me in a bad place, as that was the storyline I was working on for a few weeks."

    "Faced with this, I had to come up with a new storyline, and guess what? I couldn't. I didn't have another story arc in me. I thought and I dwelled, did a bunch of re-reading of my favorite DD storylines - I did my homework. And I still couldn't come up with one."

    HOWEVER, over the weekend, after a pep talk with Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, Smith came up with another idea. "A (bleep)in' brilliant idea, better than his original," said Quesada. According to the Event co-head, Smith has already finished the plots for the first 2 issues and will now write 6 issues, or at least as many as his filmmaking schedule will allow. "Kevs original idea was really good, this new one is epic, I don't want to give away any details but I've worked with a lot of great writers before but this has to be hands down the best 2 issues of any comic I've ever received to pencil, you can tell that Kevin was truly inspired writing this, it's not an easy task taking a much worn hero and taking him to new horizons but I believe Kevin is going that way," concluded Quesada.

    After Smith departs, writer DAVID MACK (KABUKI) will come on and finish out the year of stories the deal entails.

  • 17/01 - Now I'm hearing news from various sources that Kevin Smith's 'announcement' may be a bit premature. They are telling me that he still is going to write DD. Ah, I don't know what to believe anymore. Hopefully an announcement from Event will clear things up.
  • 16/01 - Kevin Smith announced yesterday that he will not be writing DD after all. here is the message he left on his View Askew Site

    I know, it sucks. It was a tough decision to make. In the end, I think I did what was best for me, Joe and Jimmy, and the comic.

    I wanted to do a storyline about Matt Murdock getting his sight back. About a week ago, Joe informed me that - in the lag between the Event pickup and Joe Kelly's run - Scott Lobdell was going to do four issues. In those four issues, Daredevil was - you guessed it - going to get his sight back. This left me in a bad place, as that was the storyline I was working on for a few weeks.

    Faced with this, I had to come up with a new storyline, and guess what?

    I couldn't.

    I didn't have another story arch in me. I thought and I dwelled, did a bunch of re-reading of my favorite DD storylines - I did my homework.

    And I still couldn't come up with one.

    Taking over this (and the other titles they'll be doing) is a big deal for Jimmy and Joe. I didn't want to be the guy who fucked it up because I wasn't good enough to come up with an original enough storyline.

    So I had to bow out.

    I know Joe and Jimmy were there for me in the past (they've done artwork for us on two of our three flicks). I've always been as supportive of them as I could, whenever it was appropriate (meaning, in every interview I was asked about my faves and fave creators, I always plugged Joe and Jimmy). It hurt like hell to have to tell them (which I had to do first by fax, so I didn't backpedal on the phone - I know me and that's what I would've done because I hate to let people down. especially friends), but I do believe it's the best thing for all concerned. I had nothing new to bring to the book, after my storyline was intercepted. Call me talentless, call me whatever, but that's the simple truth.

    Hopefully, something will come up in the future that I can write for the guys. But between my lack of anything new to offer and the pile of commitments I've got ahead of me ('Dogma', 'Fletch', the novel, and. well, we won't talk about that yet), I wouldn't be able to do the book the justice it deserves.

    I know this opens me up for flaming of all sorts (on the last board, I was deemed a 'homo' for letting the guys down), and it may be a letdown for folks who wanted to see what I'd do with the character. But in the end, I don't want to put something out there that I feel isn't the best I can offer (and that's the best *I* feel I can offer, so no 'Hey man, 'Mallrats' sucked' crap, please). And right now, the only thing I can offer ol' hornhead falls far below what Miller did with the character, oh so long ago.

    So that's the story on that.

  • 16/01 - It looks like Scott Lobdell's arc will be a 'What If?' type of story, with it taking place out of continuity. Check out my UPCOMING COMICS section for the preview blurb for the issue.
  • 12/01 - From Michael Doran's NEWSARAMA:


    Marvel and Event Comics continue to hammer out the details regarding a long-rumored joint publishing deal. According to Event co-head Jimmy Palmiotti, IF the current and progressing negotiations are successful, the deal will not only result in Event packaging 4 monthly Marvel titles, but also involves JOE QUESADA and Palmiotti relaunching their own titles under EVENT Comics, but distributed by Marvel and through Marvel's retail catalog.

    As for the Marvel titles will package, Palmiotti confirmed they are currently negotiating for the BLACK PANTHER, and DAREDEVIL.

    DD would be written by filmmaker KEVIN SMITH (who has committed with Event to write the title for 1 year) and illustrated by Quesada and Palmiotti. According to Palmiotti, the title will be relaunced with a new #1, probably sometime later this summer.

    Palmiotti could not confirm the other 2 titles, but rumors point to the PUNISHER, and a 4th "title" that will be made up a monthly series of one and two-shots starring a variety of Marvel characters.

    As for Event (who will move into the 13th penthouse floor of Marvel's Park Avenue NYC headquarters), Palmiotti describes their relationship with Marvel as "working partners", and they will retain total editorial control over their characters, properties, and titles, but take advantage of Marvel superior distribution system. Event is considering and hopes to lower the price of their titles from $2.95 to $2.50 (while retaining the same quality), once the deal is in place and their title relaunch

    Plans are in the works for new ASH, PAINKILLER JANE, and 22 BRIDES ongoing titles, some unrevealed "creator-owned" projects, and some crossovers with Marvel characters (but "not for a long while" according to Palmiotti). But among the 1st titles that would be distributed and cataloged by Marvel include the long-awaited 5-issue JAMES ROBINSON/Quesada/Palmiotti ASH mini-series, and the completion of GEORGE PEREZ's CRIMSON PLAGUE mini.

    Event also has plans for a series of PAINKILLER JANE crossovers. Following May's Waid/Augustyn/Leonardi VAMPIRELLA/PAINKILLER JANE one-shot with Harris, Event currently has deals with one large comic publisher, one smaller one, and are negotiating with another for crossovers in June, July and August, leading into the new PK ongoing series later this year.

  • 09/01 - If anyone lives in the Toronto area, you may want to check out the Toronto Comicon on the 17th and 18th where Joe Kelly will be one of the guests.
  • 07/01 - Ben Raab does some plot assists for issue #373, out today. The art is by Richie Acosta.
  • 02/01 - The new story arc will be entitled, 'Flying Blind', according to Cully Hamner.
  • 01/01 - Happy New Year everyone. Newsarama is reporting that Elektra is apparently being canceled with issue #19.
  • 01/01 - The Event deal appears to be making progress and some announcement should be made soon. It's 'odd' that both Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti are both listed as Marvel creators in their ad in Wizard.

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