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December 1999

  • 29/12 - [Norrington to direct DD film?]

    The Corona Coming Attractions site is reporting through an anonymous tipper that Steve Norrington, the director of Blade, is currently in talks to direct Daredevil. The site is also reporting that a writer named Carl Baker is writing the screenplay. This info is still rumour for now.

  • 28/12 - [Behind the scenes on DD9 and DD11]

    If you're looking to see how the art for DD9 and DD11 were created, check out Ron Wm. McElman's NohTV.com website, which provides a fantastic overview of David Mack's work. He has preliminary sketches of the covers and more. The scans are in the ACTION section.

  • 28/12 - [New interview with Quesada and Palmiotti online]

    Check out Alan David Doane's site for a new interview with the Marvel Knights guys. The site is here.

  • 23/12 - [Cameos in DD 10]

    Watch for some appearances by creators David Mack and Brian Michael Bendis in Daredevil #10 when it ships. Bendis mentioned this on his web site message board.

  • 22/12 - [Wizard news on DD]

    The latest issue of Wizard has plenty of news about DD...
    * Wizard has confirmed that David Mack's issues will run to #14, and there will be a 3-issue fill-in before Bob Gale starts with #18
    * Bob Gale's story will feature DD getting sued, with Matt Murdock defending him
    * Joe Quesada has said that a batch of old villains will appear in Gale's run. One of those villains will be the Matador!
    * And Wizard has said there is a rumour of a second monthly Daredevil comic in 2000...

  • 20/12 - [No DD#10 this year]

    Diamond has updated its shipping lists, and the way it looks right now... DD#10 will not ship this year. Your guess is as good as mine.

  • 13/12 - [No DD this week or next]

    The latest Diamond shipping list is out, and DD#10 is not listed for this week or the week of December 22.

  • 13/12 - [Mack hints at more DD work]

    On the NextPlanetOver message boards, David Mack had this to say about DD:

    "Speaking of DD, after this current 6 issue series, I have set some time aside (before the start of the next Kabuki storyline) to paint a 3 issue story in DD directly following my 6 issue run. This will be really fun."
    Rumours continue to swirl around a Marvel Knights project with David Mack and Brian Michael Bendis of Jinx fame, and here's what he said about that in a post way back in September:
    "As for other mainstream characters...well, there is a project at Marvel Knights that you won't hear about for a while. I'm not allowed to say what it is. But I'm writing it with Brian Bendis. If I mentioned the character or the artist's name, you would be very happy and very stunned. I will tell you as soon as I'm allowed. When we announce the artist, get ready to be happy."

  • 10/12 - [Jenkins talks about DD/Spidey]

    Paul Jenkins had this to say about the upcoming DD/Spidey limited series, from NEWSARAMA:

    "[It's] 'mostly humorous'... It's a sort of crime/mystery that goes bananas in a big way with the last issue, and we're going to try and bring back some villains that have previously been very goofy in an attempt to make them less goofy."

  • 10/12 - [Ennis talks about DD in Punisher]

    Garth Ennis, in an interview with Matt Brady at the Mania site, had this to say about DD's upcoming appearance in the new Punisher series.

    "Daredevil is the one exception to the no costumed heroes rule I'm sticking to with the Punisher," Ennis says [to Matt Brady]. "I'm putting him in issue #3 because it's become traditional that he should show up, and he and Frank [Castle] should have their little debate followed by their showdown with sickening, mind-wrenching violence. I basically wanted to do my particular twist on the Daredevil/Punisher relationship. While he's no less a superhero and a costumed crimefighter than any of the others, he is one that I know a little more about simply by virtue that I've read the Frank Miller issues. Most comics readers who don't care for superheroes but read the greats like Frank Miller will probably have read those Daredevil issues - his original run and the Kingpin/Nuke storyline. "I just had to put my two pence worth in on that. Apart from Daredevil, no super-heroes."

  • 09/12 - [Villainy of Doctor Doom]

    There's a reprint out now of Doctor Doom stories from the FF, and DD is featured in it. The stories are FF 39 and 40.

  • 09/12 - [Ant-Man special]

    Okay, this news segment only applies to those DD fans who must get *every* appearance of DD, no matter how small. This is for those guys who must get every issue where someone even mentions DD's name or is thinking about him in a flashback. Anyway, in this week's Ant-Man special, there is a Christmas card hanging on the Avengers' wall from Murdock Nelson and Associates, based out of San Fransisco. The issue is $5.95 US! so consider how much you really want this 'non-appearance'. Oh yes, the Black Widow shows up in one panel too.

  • 09/12 - [Murdock the Blind in Avengers Forever]

    You can add another alternate reality appearance of DD to the growing list. Murdock the Blind, who last appeared in the Timeslip: The Coming of the Avengers special, makes a small appearance in the last issue of Avengers Forever. The Earth-X DD made an appearance in the previous issue #11.

  • 06/12 - [Darkdevil in latest Spider-Girl]

    For those of you who collect Darkdevil appearances, he shows up in Spider-Girl #17, along with Kaine and the Kingpin. Foggy Nelson even makes an appearance, and we get more details into who Darkdevil really is.

  • 06/12 - [Daredevil movie site]

    Entertainment Weekly has written that Sony has already registered the site for the Daredevil movie. Apparently the site will be located at www.daredevilthefilm.com.

    Here's the result of an Internic search:
    Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
    Referral URL: www.networksolutions.com
    Name Server: NS2.POWER.NET
    Name Server: NS1.POWER.NET

  • 03/12 - [DD/Spider-Man mini by Jenkins/Winslade]

    The Psycomic site is reporting that Paul Jenkins will be writing a mini-series with DD and Spidey that will probably be out next summer. Phil Winslade, who did the Ant-Man Christmas Special will do the art.

  • 02/12 - [Bullseye in Latest Deadpool]

    Fans of Bullseye should check out this week's Deadpool #36, where he makes another guest appearance.

  • 01/12 - [DD 171 featured in Comic Vault]

    The Comic Vault at http://www.ryaninteractive.com/comicvault has picked Daredevil 171 as their comic pick of the week. Michael Ryan reviews the issue during Frank Miller's original run.

    November 1999

  • 30/11 - [DD wins in Essential Gene Colan poll]

    Kevin Hall's mailing list for Gene Colan at Onelist had an Essential Gene Colan poll this month. The results were taken from members of the list. They were asked their favourites of all the Gene Colan work out there. DD did well in voting. Among the honours were:
    * Favourite Single Story (Daredevil #47)
    * Favourite Ongoing Series
    * Favourite Main Character
    * Favourite Supporting Character (#1 - Foggy, #2 - Black Widow)
    * Favourite Villain (#3 - Jester)
    * Favourite Collaborator - Writer (#1 - Marv Wolfman, #3 - Stan Lee)
    * Favourite Collaborator - Inker (#1 - Tom Palmer, #2 - Syd Shores, #3 - Dan Adkins

    Fans of Gene Colan can join the list through Onelist, or go to Gene Colan's website at www.genecolan.com.

  • 29/11 - [DD appearance in cybercomic]

    There's a new Cybercomic on the Marvel site starring Spider-Man and Howard the Duck. Several characters make very small (and I mean really small) cameos during this comic. DD makes a split second appearance, for all you DD appearance hunters out there.

  • 25/11 - [Earth X DD appearance]

    For you 'DD' collectors, Earth X DD makes a small appearance in this week's Earth X #10 issue.

  • 24/11 - [New Wizard Casting Call]

    Wizard Magazine has decided to do another DD Casting Call, but this time with the Marvel Knights guys choosing the roles. Their choices were:
    * Matt Damon as DD/Matt Murdock
    * Oliver Platt as Foggy Nelson
    * Robin Wright as Karen Page
    * Sigourney Weaver as Razor Sharpe
    * Jose Quesada (Joe's Dad) as The Priest
    * Anne Bancroft as Sister Maggie
    * Angelina Jolie as Black Widow
    * Harley Quinn Smith (Kevin's daughter) as Karen (the baby)
    * Mike Starr as Mr. Gabriel
    * Alec Baldwin as Bullseye
    * Robert De Niro as Kingpin
    * Kevin Spacey as Mysterio
    * And Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith doing the movie
    When I get some time, I'll scan in all these photos for the movie section.

  • 23/11 - [Sony to develop DD film]

    According to Michael Fleming of Variety, the Daredevil movie is now going to be made at Sony. Here's the article:

    Sony dares to buy Marvel's Daredevil series

    SONY EYES DAREDEVIL: Sony Pictures Entertainment is near a deal to acquire rights to turn the Marvel Comics fixture Daredevil into a live-action feature. The deal comes after Sony fast-tracked Spider-Man and earlier this year acquired Dr. Strange (Daily Variety, July 13) for screen treatment. Daredevil is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel arsenal. Sony hopes to fast-track the story of how a blind lawyer becomes a superhero by overcoming his handicap using the heightened perception of his other senses.

    Much like Spider-Man, which once had James Cameron ready to direct, Daredevil has its share of big names poised to make the film at Fox. Chris Columbus was set to write and direct, then passed it to Carlo Carlei when Columbus made a deal to do yet another Marvel staple, Fantastic Four.

    Fox has Fantastic Four, the summer 2000 Bryan Singer-directed tentpole X-Men and Silver Surfer in development. Each is a big-budget special effects-heavy summer pic possibility, and Marvel decided to spread the superhero wealth around town. Impressed by Sony's quick progress on Spider-Man after years of legal entanglements, Marvel Enterprises prexy Avi Arad made the deal there. He'll exec produce, with Col's Matt Tolmach steering the project.

  • 22/11 - [WCW Raven figure with DD shirt]

    The wrestler Raven (formerly?) of the WCW has a figure from Toybiz where he is wearing a T-Shirt with DD on it. He is part of the Bruisers line of WCW figures. Check out a scan here.

  • 20/11 - [DD vs Punisher in Marvel Melee]

    Check out the Marvel Zone (www.marvelzone.com) and vote for DD in his fight with the Punisher. You have to be a member to vote. Punisher is leading by 2000 votes as I'm writing this.

  • 19/11 - [Special DD hardcover book with CD-ROM]

    Look for a special DD reprint hardcover collection of the Guardian Angel storyline by Smith, Quesada and Palmiotti, in February 2000. It will feature a CD-ROM containing DD#0 (the cybercomic), audio and video commentary, sketches, and lots of other stuff. It's limited to 2500 copies, and it will go for $79.95 US. You can order it in next week's Previews magazine.
    More details in UPCOMING COMICS.

  • 19/11 - [Shipping update]

    No word on when DD#10 will ship (probably December), but here's the latest on the other issues.
    * DD#11 will now ship January 26, 2000.
    * DD#12 will ship February 16, 2000.
    * The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe reprint which features DD will ship February 9, 2000.

  • 19/11 - [DD merchandise]

    February will see many DD related items for sale.
    * The Toyfare DD is offered again for those who missed it
    * There's a new denim T-Shirt of DD drawn by Frank Miller
    * The DDI and DDIII T-Shirts by Joe Quesada are offered again for sale.
    * The DD Laser Mat is offered again as well.

  • 12/11 - [Earth X DD appearance]

    For those of you who collect 'DD' appearances, the Earth X version of DD makes a surprise appearance in the latest Avengers Forever #11. Since I don't want to spoil it for anyone who reads the series, I won't explain why he is there.

  • 11/11 - [Smith explains Karen's death in National Post]

    Check out this link from yesterday's National Post which features Kevin Smith. He talks about his recent stint on DD and why he doesn't understand fans who are so upset with Karen's death.

  • 10/11 - [www.manwithoutfear.com is launched!]

    As most of you saw this past week, my site has been down and there have been many problems with server performance. I decided to remedy it by moving my site completely from Interlog and hosting it somewhere else. So, I hope you guys like the new easier to remember domain name and hopefully the transition didn't break too much. :)

  • 09/11 - [Isabella and Newell on Daredevil in March]

    Former DD writer Tony Isabella has said in his Tony's Online Tips column that he is working on a special DD project with Eddy Newell that will be probably be released in March 2000. It's not known if they are the 'mystery fill-in team' or this is another project for DD altogether.

  • 02/11 - [DD#9, Batman/DD out Wednesday]

    Just a reminder that the long delayed DD#9 written by David Mack is definitely shipping this Wednesday. Also, the Batman/DD: King of New York prestige format book is also shipping.

    October 1999

  • 29/10 - [DD to appear in new Punisher series]

    Garth Ennis, the writer of the upcoming Punisher series by Marvel Knights, has said in Wizard Magazine that Daredevil will guest star in one of the first few issues of the series.

  • 27/10 - [Tripwire Magazine interviews David Mack]

    Tripwire Vol. 3 Number 4 has a review of DD#1-8 and a short interview with David Mack. The Magazine has the cover to DD#9 on its cover. $2.25 US.

  • 27/10 - [Sneak Peek at Batman/DD art]

    The DC website has the cover art from next week's Batman/DD book by Alan Grant and Eduardo Barreto. Check it out at this address.

  • 26/10 - [Punisher kills the Marvel Universe reprinted]

    For those of you who mised out on the Garth Ennis written Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe book from a few years ago, you'll be able to buy a reprint next year, according to 'Your Man At Marvel'. The story features Daredevil, as well as Kingpin, Captain America, Spider-Man and more.

  • 25/10 - [DD 9... finally!]

    After weeks of delays, DD #9 appears on the shipping list for November 3. Also, Batman/DD ships that day too. Gambit #11 ships this week.

  • 23/10 - [Fill-in issues of DD]

    Joe Quesada sent a message to the DD mailing list and said that they are considering letting some creators do fill-in issues of DD, but do not want to announce the creators until something official is set in stone. Could the rumoured Brian Michael Bendis of _Jinx_ fame be involved? Or does this have anything to do with what David Mack posted below??

  • 21/10 - [More DD from Mack?]

    David Mack has been answering questions on the NextPlanetOver site, and here's a little excerpt from one of his postings:

    "There have been some recent developments that will make you happy. I'm going to wait until Jimmy and Joe break the news. Suffice it to say that the six DD issues that I write, will not mark the end of my DD involvement."

  • 20/10 - [No DD in January 2000 Previews]

    Daredevil is not listed among titles shipping from Marvel in January 2000. This could be a move to not solicit issues until DD has fixed its delays problem.

  • 20/10 - [DD in Wolverine Wizard Special]

    DD is featured in the Wolverine Wizard Special out today. Basically Wolverine is put against many heroes and Wizard decides how the fight would go. DD has a small picture on the cover and a picture inside drawn by Cary Nord.

  • 19/10 - [Kabuki Reflections #3 in January]

    January's Kabuki Reflections #3, the book where David Mack presents art and stories from Kabuki, will have some behind the scenes art from the upcoming DD covers. DD fans may remember there was DD art in Kabuki Reflections #2 as well, with DD in an embrace with Black Widow.

  • 18/10 - [DD #9 where are you?]

    I know it's a broken record, but here's the latest...
    DD#9 was supposed to ship September 29th.
    It has still not appeared on Diamond's shipping list and it doesn't look like it will appear in October either, since the listing for October 20th or 27th doesn't show it.

  • 13/10 - [The mystery of Mysterio]

    DD fans should check out a 'non-appearance' of DD in Amazing Spider-Man #12, out Wednesday. There's a long 'explanation' of Mysterio's recent dealings with DD, along with a flashback sequence.

  • 12/10 - [Shipping update]

    * DD #9 - It's not listed for this week, or the 20th.

  • 11/10 - [Marvel Universe Two-Pack]

    For people who missed the 10" yellow costumed DD figure, there is now a two-pack of that figure packaged with Spider-Man 2099. There is also a new package for the other figure with Marvel Knights written on the box.

  • 06/10 - [Marvel Monopoly]

    The new Marvel edition of Monopoly does not have DD as one of the game pieces, but does have a 'property' of Daredevil 189 that is the first space after 'GO'. I'm not sure if DD is featured on any of the game cards.

  • 05/10 - [Shipping update]

    * DD #9 - not on the shipping list this week or next. Oct. 20???
    * DD TPB - ditto
    * Contest of Champions #4 will ship Wednesday, which features DD's bout with Deadpool.

  • 05/10 - [Marvel Millennium Lithograph]

    For those of you interested in merchandise associated with DD, you may want to check out the Marvel Millennium Lithograph available for order in the recent Previews. It's by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway and painted by Jose Villarrubia. It should ship in December and is priced at $19.99 or $49.95 signed. Check out the image here to take a look.

    September 1999

  • 30/09 - [Cover to DD 10 in Quesada's Quickies]

    Check out the Marvel site to check out the latest installment of Quesada's Quickies. This time he has some of the sketches for Daredevil #10's cover.

  • 29/09 - [Bullseye and Elektra figures ship]

    The Previews exclusive Marvel's Greatest Moments figures of Bullseye and Elektra shipped today. You may want to be selective of which package you get, because some of the figures I saw had Elektra looking cross-eyed.

  • 28/09 - [DD 9 and TPB update]

    DD#9 was supposed to come out September 29th, but it appears it won't be shipping until October 13th (at the earliest). The TPB doesn't have a set ship date either. More details as I find out when these comics will ship.

  • 24/09 - [Bullseye & Kingpin in Deadpool 34]

    Fans of Bullseye or Kingpin will want to check out a story from Deadpool's past in the latest issue #34 by new writer Christopher Priest. DP and Bullseye fight over who should be Kingpin's assassin.

  • 22/09 - [Toyfare figure, #1/2 issue, T-Shirt available]

    Check out next week's issue of Preview magazine where you can order the Toyfare DD limited figure, as well as the limited DD#1/2 issue, in case you didn't get a chance to send in your coupons to Wizard. The figure is signed by Joe Quesada for $24.95 (US). The #1/2 issue is available in stores already, but if you can wait, it will also be available signed by Joe again for $19.95. Also, the Black DD Symbol T-Shirt is now available as a full sleeve shirt. For details on all these things, check out the UPCOMING COMICS section.

  • 21/09 - [Daredevil vs Deadpool]

    We still haven't seen the results of this bout from the Contest of Champions series yet, but at the Marvel site you can vote again for DD in the Marvel Melee. Check out the Marvel site at www.marvel.com.

  • 21/09 - [Shipping update]

    Diamond is not listing the Daredevil Visionaries TPB among the comics shipping this week. This TPB reprints the Guardian Devil storyline from issues #1-8. Also, it appears DD#9 is not shipping next week too. It isn't listed for next week's releases. That list may be updated, so I'll keep an eye out on that if there are any changes.

  • 21/09 - [Message Board and Want Ads back online]

    Due to a server misconfiguration, the message board and want ads were unavailable for about a week. Thanks to everyone who waited patiently for me to deal with my ISP to fix the problem. Both sections should be working fine now.

  • 17/09 - [Message Board and Want Ads downtime]

    My ISP has changed some server settings, and essentially have made the message board and want ads sections not function correctly. I hope to have these sections back up soon.

  • 17/09 - [Quesada's Quickies]

    Check out this address for a preview of Daredevil #9, page 5, from the Quesada's Quickies section of the Marvel site.

  • 13/09 - [Downtime for message board]

    Due to some server changes on September 15th, the message board and other sections of the site will be unable to function correctly. This is only supposed to be from 0001-1201 that day, so hopefully full functionality will return once my ISP does its changes.

  • 12/09 - [You can interview Quesada and Palmiotti]

    Charles T. Glover, the editor of The Comic Zone! E-Magazine has informed me that he will be accepting questions on their website for an interview with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti. He will take the best questions from the submissions and send them off to the Event Comics guys. If you want to submit a question, check out the website at this address.

  • 09/09 - [Recent appearances]

    Here are some comics you may want to check out for DD appearances. Spider-Man Chapter One #12 had a few panels of a yellow costumed DD. This week's Contest of Champions #3 has a one panel fight between DD and Firestar. And Spider-Girl #14 has Darkdevil guest-starring. I think DD also appeared in a recent issue of FF too, but I can't seem to get my hands on an issue around here.

  • 08/09 - [DD 1/2 and figure]

    The Toyfare DD figure is in comics stores, but is selling for an inflated price. I have no idea when Wizard will be shipping it to people who sent in the coupon. And in addition, the DD #1/2 is in stores too, and there are reports some people have received it in the mail.

  • 06/09 - [I'm Back!]

    As most of you know, I was away for over 3 weeks, so I haven't been checking e-mail and the like, so I'll be busy trying to get back up to speed with the site. Thanks to everyone who sent congratulatory messages. I (and my wife) appreciate it. So, what did I miss?

    August 1999

  • 25/08 - [DD in Avengers 21]

    Well, here's another 'non-appearance' for all you guys who collect DD appearances. DD is mentioned in Avengers 21 when someone is checking out the history of Ultron-13. There's just a small panel of DD's smiling face. Also, the latest issue of Earth X has an appearance by Daredevil (The Earth X version).

  • 25/08 - [Daredevil 8]

    Yes, Daredevil 8 came out today.

  • 13/08 - [Batman/Daredevil II]

    The Comic Book Continuum site has posted that there will be a second Batman/DD crossover in November. It will be written by Alan Grant and drawn by Eduardo Barreto.

  • 10/08 - [Ben Affleck to write DD intro]

    The Daily Buzz has written on their site that actor Ben Affleck will be writing the introduction to the Daredevil Visionaries TPB that will be released in September. The TPB will reprint issues #1-8 of the current DD run through Marvel Knights.

  • 10/08 - [Shipping update]

    The long delayed DD#8 is not listed for this week, nor next week on the Diamond Distributors' shipping lists. More than likely, it will come out August 25th, to make it consistent with Daredevil #9's scheduled ship date of Sept. 29th. In other DD news, the Daredevil and Elektra Battlebooks, which were supposed to come out in April of this year, have both been canceled and (maybe) they'll be resolicited at a later date. It appears close to 20 different Battlebooks orders were canceled.

  • 09/08 - [Marvel Knights in San Diego]

    For those of you going to this weekend's San Diego Comic Convention, make sure to visit the Marvel Knights booth on Friday from 11-12, where Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, David Mack and others will be holding a panel discussion. Joe Q and Jimmy P will also be signing the day before, along with John Romita, Sr..

  • 05/08 - [Daredevil vs Vapora]

    If anyone wants copies of the Daredevil vs Vapora comic, you can contact GAMA (Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association) and request 50 comics for $10. Of course you don't need that many copies, so why not give some away to help promote our hobby?
    The address is:

    GAMA (Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association)
    c/o Loran Nordgren and Co.
    4 West Nebraska Street
    Frankfort, IL 60423

  • 05/08 - [Server back up]

    After losing half the site two days ago, I've got most of the site back online. There are some sections that still don't work, but if you want those particular files, just let me know and I'll send them to you.

  • 03/08 - [Server failure]

    There will be some problems with some sections of the site (for who knows how long) since one of the servers I kept files on has died. I hope to get those sections back up soon. Thanks for your patience.

  • 02/08 - [Miller interview at Sequential Tart]

    Frank Miller had an interview at the Sequential Tart site, and he talks about Elektra, his working relationship with Klaus Janson, and his other projects. Check it out when you get some time.

    July 1999

  • 28/07 - [More Earth X DD]

    For those of you who collect ALL Daredevil related appearances (and you know who you are), there's a ONE panel appearance of the Earth X Daredevil in the latest issue of Earth X #6.

  • 26/07 - [Smith on Howard Stern]

    For those of you who missed Kevin Smith's appearance on the Howard Stern show, you can check out the NEWS ASKEW site to hear some of the interview in Real Audio. Also, there is a link to a website that recently conducted an interview with Kevin Smith and he talks about his stint on DD.

  • 26/07 - [San Diego Comic Con Press Release]

    Kieron Dwyer forwarded me a copy of a press release he prepared for the upcoming San Diego Comic Convention. His booth will have many former and upcoming Daredevil related pros, including Dwyer himself and David Mack.

    For immediate press release:


    San Diego Comic-Con 1999 will officially KICK ASS with the presence of an Island Booth to rival all others!

    Hyperbole? You be the judge! Here's the line-up:

    DAN BRERETON (writer/artist on "Giantkiller," "Nocturnals," and much more) Nocturnals

    KIERON DWYER (artist on "Superman:The Dark Side," "Captain America," and creator of underground sensation "LCD: Lowest Comic Denominator") www.lowestcomicdenominator.com

    JOHN ESTES (artist on "Batman/Deadman," graphic novel, "Tales To Astonish," and more) John Estes Illustration

    DAVID MACK (writer/artist of acclaimed comic series, "Kabuki" and more)

    BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (writer/artist of acclaimed "JINX," "Sam and Twitch," and more) JINXWORLD

    MIKE MANLEY (Writer/artist of "Monsterman" from Action Planet Comics, penciller/inker on "Batman," and much more) Action Planet Comics!

    JOHN HEEBINK (Artist on "Elvira," writer/artist of "Wrathbone and Bitchula" from Action Planet Comics and more) Action Planet Comics!

    RICK REMENDER & HARPER JATEN (Creators/writers/artists of "Captain Dingleberry) Captain Dingleberry

    DON HUDSON (writer/artist of upcoming "Forever Amber" from Image) Mad Science Media

    RON LIM (At one time or another, Penciller on nearly every major DC or Marvel character!)

    DARICK ROBERTSON (artist, Vertigo's "Transmetropolitan," and more) Transmetropolitan.com

    BRANDON McKINNEY (artist/writer of upcoming "Journeyman" from Image , and more) Journey-Man Home PAGE

    So, if you're at the show ...stop by BOOTH 633 and pick up some great comics, original art, limited edition prints, posters, merchandise, and MUCH MORE!

  • 22/07 - [More on Marvel novels situation]

    Keith R. A. DeCandido, freelance editor at Byron Preiss, had this to say in response to a query about the Marvel novels situation in the Marvel newsgroup:

    Warren [Ellis] did not lie -- beyond that, I really can't say much as everything is up in the air (and in the hands of folks with law degrees, mostly), but basically the Marvel novels are on hold until the present dispute between Marvel and BP Books is resolved.

    Sadly, this means that the third book in the GAMMA QUEST trilogy is on hold.

    As soon as I know something a bit more concrete, I will let folks hereabouts know, but I'm just a freelancer in all this -- I haven't been on the salaried staff of BP in over a year, and haven't been actually running the novels program since October.

  • 21/07 - [DD will guest-star in Gambit series]

    Watch for Gambit #11 in October which will feature DD, along with the villain Constrictor, and maybe even Wolverine. By Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce and Rob Hunter.

  • 20/07 - [Warren Ellis DD novel]

    As most of you know, Warren Ellis was writing a DD novel that was expected to ship in summer 2000. Well... here's what he had to say on the newsgroups about it:

    "I've just been informed that the Marvel Books program has been frozen following some kind of difficulty between Marvel and Byron Preiss books. The odds seem fair to middling that the Daredevil novel won't actually happen at all...I'm waiting on further developments, but right now, it's down-tools..."

  • 19/07 - [More news on Marvel Knights]

    Check out the Mania site for an article on what was revealed at the Wizard Comic Con at this address. Apparently DD #1/2, offered by Wizard, will show just how Mysterio learned so much about Daredevil from the Kingpin.

  • 19/07 - [Marvel Knights interview]

    Check out the Marvel site at this address to hear what the Event guys have in store for the upcoming books from Marvel Knights.

  • 17/07 - [More Quesadas Quickies]

    Check out the Marvel site for more Quesada's Quickies, this time of DD#8 pg. 19.

  • 16/07 - [Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison join Marvel Knights]

    The Daily Buzz is announcing that Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the team behind Preacher for Vertigo will be doing a 12-issue Punisher series for Marvel Knights. Also, Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones will be the creative team on Marvel Boy, a 6 issue limited series. Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, the current team on Inhumans will launch a title, but no details were released about it.

  • 12/07 - [Marvel Knights panel at Wizard Con]

    If anyone is going to the Wizard World comic con in Chicago, be sure to look for the Marvel Knights panel where more info will be revealed about upcoming MK titles and the creators involved with them.

  • 12/07 - [Darkdevil appearance in Spider-Girl]

    Darkdevil makes a return visit to Spider-Girl this week in issue #12. Apparently more clues will be given about his identity.

  • 08/07 - [DD appearance in Wolverine-Punisher book]

    For those of you who collect all DD appearances, you may want to check out the latest Wolverine/Punisher:Revelation issue (#3). It's not really a guest appearance, it's just someone thinking of DD on the first page.

  • 08/07 - [More Marvel Knights news]

    The Comic Book Continuum site (http://detnews.com/comicbooks/) talked with Jimmy Palmiotti recently, and he let them know some info on upcoming DD related projects. Palmiotti says there will be a new Black Widow mini-series next year, which will feature both Widows as well as Daredevil. To celebrate DD's 35th anniversary (which is really this year...), there will be a number of one-shots and maybe even a crossover with another comics company (not Event). He also says that Jae Lee *may* be involved with a DD project too.

  • 06/07 - [Ant-Man, Quesada's Quickies and more]

    Your Man At Marvel has provided more details about Bob Gale's new Marvel Knights Christmas Special. The star of the special will be Ant-Man. Phil Winslade will do the artwork. You may also want to check out Quesada's Quickies (in the Marvel to the Minute section) for DD#8 Page 10. A certain Marvel hero will make a guest appearance. And I probably don't have to tell you that DD#7 ships this week. For those of you interested in T-Shirts, the upcoming cover to DD#9 by David Mack is featured on a T-Shirt that is on sale this week too.

    June 1999

  • 30/06 - [What's ahead for the Marvel Knights]

    Check out Wizard #96 today to read a feature on the Marvel Knights line. There is news that Black Widow will return in a series, and there may be a mini-series that will tie in with Daredevil. Bob Gale will begin on DD with issue #15, and he plans on introducing a new supporting cast (don't worry, Foggy isn't going anywhere...). Gale is also working on a Marvel Knights Christmas Special and the 35th anniversary DD project. Wizard is saying Kevin Smith will return after Gale's arc of four issues. Some names mentioned on Joe Quesada's wish list include: Garth Ennis, Stan Lee, John Singleton, John Cassaday, Jeph Loeb, Joe Casey, Michael Lark and the Wachowski Bros. Other creators from the first year like Paul Jenkins, Jae Lee, J.G. Jones and Devin Grayson will all have upcoming Knights projects.

  • 30/06 - [Daredevil 1/2 offer]

    Just a reminder that today's Wizard #96 contains the coupon needed to order Daredevil 1/2.

  • 28/06 - [Terrence's DD script completed]

    Terrence, of Third Millennium Entertainment, has informed me that his script for a DD movie called Blind Justice is now complete. You can check it out at this address and let him know what you think about it. He has been working on this script for many months now, so be sure to give him some feedback.

  • 28/06 - [New date for DD 7]

    Daredevil 7 should ship (hopefully) on July 7th if there aren't any unexpected new delays.

  • 24/06 - [Earth X Daredevil]

    For those you who collect 'DD' appearances, this week's Earth X #5 has an appearance by the future Daredevil.

  • 22/06 - [Shipping updates]

    I won't even mention Daredevil #7's release date... September will see the Daredevil TPB of issues #1-8. Hopefully we'll see 7 and 8 by then. Also, Black Widow #3 is now scheduled to ship June 30. Daredevil #9's orders have been canceled again, and is now being solicited for a September release. It was supposed to come out in May. Then it was supposed to come out in August. Fans of Kabuki writer/artist David Mack may want to check out an upcoming Wizard in September, which will have an offer for Kabuki 1/2. The Gang War TPB is also being re-solicited in September as well.

  • 22/06 - [Previews exclusive Bullseye and Elektra figures]

    Check out Previews, coming out later this month, to see a special exclusive two-pack of Bullseye and Elektra figures. The description of the package is in the UPCOMING COMICS section.

  • 18/06 - [Karen's funeral]

    If you check out the Marvel site in the Quesada's Quickies section, you can see the pencils for the funeral scene from Daredevil #8.

  • 14/06 - [DD 7]

    Once again, DD 7 is not listed among the titles shipping this week from Diamond. Anyone have an idea when it will be shipping?

  • 14/06 - [Joe Quesada to write Iron Man]

    The Your Man At Marvel section of the Marvel site is announcing that Joe Quesada will be taking over the writing chores of Iron Man when both Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern leave the comic at #25. Check out the Marvel site for full details. Also, the new Marvel Knights projects will be unveiled at Wizard World next month.

  • 09/06 - [Amazing Spider-Man villain]

    For those of you who collect the Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil, you'll notice this week's Amazing Spider-Man #8 features a villain DD readers know well because of the recent storyline. However, the Spidey story takes place AFTER DD's story arc, so it gives away what happens to him.

  • 09/06 - [Toyfare DD offer]

    Toyfare #24 came out yesterday, and it has the offer for the limited DD figure in his yellow costume.

  • 03/06 - [DD 1/2 Cover]

    At the Marvel site, in the Quesada's Quickies section, they are featuring the sketch for what may become the cover to the Daredevil 1/2 issue from Wizard. Check it out at this address.

  • 02/06 - [Shipping today]

    Still no DD#7 this week, but you may want to check out some other DD related stuff coming out today. The Marvel Authentix Sketch Cover of DD#1 is out. Also, the newest Marvel Classic T-Shirt of Daredevil is out. For fans of the Black Widow, you should check out the new T-Shirt of the new series, as well as the limited edition action figure from the Marvel Gold line. For fans of the 'Lasermat' collectibles, the DD one is offered again too.

  • 01/06 - [Official Press Release]

    The official press release for the Marvel Knights contract extension is online at the Marvel site. You can check it out at this address.

  • 01/06 - [Marvel Knights Year Two]

    Matt Brady has an interview with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti at the Mania site. You can check it out at this address. They discuss upcoming stuff for DD, as well as what we could expect for future titles from the Knights line.

    May 1999

  • 26/05 - [Wizard buzz]

    This week's new issue of Wizard #95 is speculating that Bob Gale (currently on Batman) is interested in writing DD. He's apparently interested in writing the title after Kevin Smith's return to the comic after David Mack's run. Mack's run should go to issue #14.

  • 25/05 - [Shipping tomorrow]

    DD#7 is not on the shipping list for tomorrow, but there are some DD related comics and books. The Dynamic Forces edition of Black Widow ships, as does the Stan Lee signed Marvel Masterworks. Also, for those of you who can't find a copy of The Cutting Edge novel by Madeleine E. Robins, it ships to comics stores tomorrow as well.

  • 24/05 - [Marvel Knights contract extended]

    The word has finally come from Marvel... the Marvel Knights contract has been extended until the end of the year 2000. More details soon as an official press release is in the works...

  • 18/05 - [Shipping update]

    Marvel is saying DD#7 is out tomorrow. However, it is not listed among the comics shipping tomorrow on the$ listing. It is rumoured that the issue will be at the printers in the next two weeks. Black Widow #2 will ship tomorrow, though. In other news, orders for Daredevil #11 have been cancelled and it will be resolicited in a later Previews.

  • 16/05 - [Appearance in Avengers 1999]

    DD makes a small cameo in the recently released Avengers 1999 Annual, by Moore & Manco.

  • 12/05 - [New DD Novel in stores]

    The new Daredevil novel - The Cutting Edge - by Madeleine Robins, is in stores now. It's $6.50 US, $8.99 C$ is about 250 pages.

  • 10/05 - [Daredevil 7 out May 19]

    Daredevil #7 will ship May 19th (according to the Marvel site). You can check out some preview art from the issue at this address (click on the DD#7 preview art link).

  • 08/05 - [Vote for DD]

    Cast your vote for Daredevil at the Marvel site to win his bout with Deadpool in the Contest of Champions limited series. Voting started May 7th and ends May 14.

  • 07/05 - [Cover to DD 7]

    Check out the Marvel site to see Joe Quesada's sketch of the cover to DD 7. Be warned, if you haven't read #6, you shouldn't look at this cover...

  • 06/05 - [Got Milk ad]

    If you look in select Marvel comics which came out this week, you will find some 'Got Milk?' ads featuring some Marvel characters. You will also find a special card insert which features Daredevil.

  • 05/05 - [Marvel Makeover]

    Check out the Marvel Makeover section of the Marvel site to add your contribution to a scene from a Daredevil comic. Deadline for entry is May 10.

  • 04/05 - [Guest artists on Daredevil 1/2 comic]

    Joe Quesada posted another message in the newsgroups today mentioning who the artists will be for the Wizard Daredevil 1/2 comic. The list includes: Legend John Romita, Sr., Preacher artist Steve Dillon, Kabuki writer/artist David Mack, Black Widow artist J.G. Jones, Inhumans artist Jae Lee, Kevin Nowlan and others. The events in this comic take place in between panels of DD#7, but this issue doesn't have to be read to understand the complete story. The usual team of Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti are involved with this comic too.

  • 04/05 - [Continuity in Black Widow series]

    Matt Murdock's appearance in the Black Widow series has caused some confusion as to when the story takes place. Joe Quesada has posted on the r.a.c.m.u. newsgroup that the story takes place after DD#8. Because of the delays with DD, that issue didn't come out before BW #1 did.

  • 04/05 - [Spider-Man Chapter One ships NEXT week]

    For those of you looking forward to this week's issue of Spider-Man Chapter One, which has an appearance by DD... the issue is not listed among comics shipping this week. It has been pushed back to May 12.

    April 1999

  • 29/04 - [Earth X Daredevil T-Shirt]

    Previews' May 1999 issue has a Daredevil related T-Shirt listed. It's on page 378 and it's a black T-Shirt with the Earth X Daredevil's symbol on it. It's $16.95/$19.95 (US) depending on size. Gene Colan fans may also be interested in the Iron Man T-Shirt that's listed on the same page too.

  • 28/04 - [Daredevil and Black Widow arrive in stores]

    Daredevil #6 and Black Widow #1 both shipped today (finally). The mystery villain is revealed in DD. The Kingpin makes an appearance too. Over in Black Widow (with multiple covers), Matt Murdock makes a cameo.

  • 26/04 - [Cover to Daredevil 6 at NewsAskew site]

    The cover to this week's long delayed Daredevil #6 is available at the NewsAskew website (www.newsaskew.com). You can check it out by clicking here.

  • 22/04 - [Kingpin and Bullseye appearance, Lee Weeks on Cap]

    This week's Peter Parker: Spider-Man #6 has a Kingpin guest appearance, with Bullseye apparently taking back his job as the Kingpin's main assassin. It's by Howard Mackie and John Romita, Jr.

    Also, for you fans of ex-DD artist Lee Weeks, you can check out the latest double-sized issue of Captain America #18 for his artwork.

  • 20/04 - [Shipping updates]

    Diamond is listing both Daredevil #6 and Black Widow #1 among the comics shipping the week of April 28th. Also, the DD Marvel Masterworks ships this Wednesday.

  • 20/04 - [DD gets some awards]

    Daredevil has done well for nominations and wins in several comic awards for last year. The recent Eisner Awards nominations include one for Best Cover Artists for Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti. The Harvey Awards just handed out include one for Kevin Smith in the Best New Talent category. The Guardian Devil story arc came second in voting in the CBG awards. And the Daredevil #0 web comic won in the recent Squiddies. When's the last time you saw this many awards for DD?

  • 20/04 - [Daredevil vs Deadpool - You decide]

    The upcoming Contest of Champions II limited series by Chris Claremont will feature a duel between Daredevil and Deadpool. Marvel is making a web site devoted to the series, and letting you decide who the winner will be. DD will have his fight in issue #4. At the upcoming site (http://www.marvel.com/champions), you can cast your vote. Voting for DD and DP's fight begins on May 7 and ends May 14.

  • 19/04 - [Cover to DD 11 and Marvel Melee]

    Check out the Marvel site for some more Quesada's Quickies, this time of DD#11's cover. Also, cast your votes on a fight between DD and the Black Panther in the Marvel Melee!

  • 16/04 - [Darkdevil appearance in Spider-Girl]

    For those of you who collect appearances of Daredevil related characters, this week's Spider-Girl #9 issue has a guest appearance of Darkdevil.

  • 15/04 - [Daredevil 1/2 offer]

    Wizard #96, coming out in a few months, will have a special offer on a Daredevil 1/2 issue. No word on the creative team on it yet. More details soon...

  • 14/04 - [Smith, Quesada, Palmiotti signing appearances]

    Fans of Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti who live in Los Angeles will want to check out their appearance at the Golden Apple store tomorrow. They will also be appearing at the WonderCon this wee$ National Sci-Fi Expo in Toronto on August 27-29. Tickets for the Expo go on sale May 1.

  • 13/04 - [New dates for DD No. 6 and Black Widow No. 1]

    Don't look for DD#6 or Black Widow#1 anytime soon. It looks like DD has been pushed back again for 2 weeks along with the Widow's first issue. The new date is April 28.

  • 12/04 - [The Mystery of DD No. 6]

    Joe Quesada visited his message board on the Event site this morning and left this in one of his postings:

    DD [#6] has been done and at the printers for close to a month now, don't ask me what's holding it up, I honestly don't know.

  • 08/04 - [Late issues]

    Here's a list of comics that are late and when you may expect them in stores.
    * Daredevil #6 (February) - expected April 14th, but could be delayed again by Marvel
    * Daredevil #7 (March) - expected in May (12th or 19th)
    * Daredevil #8 (April) - June?
    * Daredevil Marvel Masterworks (March) - no word on when it should ship
    * Black Widow #1 (April) - issues are completed, delayed at printer for a few weeks

  • 05/04 - [Black Widow delayed]

    The Black Widow series by Devin Grayson and J.G. Jones, which was supposed to come out this week, has been delayed for at least 3 weeks. Apparently there are problems at the printers. However, the Black Widow:Web of Intrigue reprint should ship this week.

  • 05/04 - [Cover to Cutting Edge novel]

    For those of you who want a peek at the cover to the new novel coming from Byron Preiss this summer, check out this address. It's a link to the Worlds of Westfield site. Daredevil: The Cutting Edge, by Madeleine Robins will come out in June.

  • 01/04 - [New DD merchandise]

    Check out the latest issue of Previews to find some DD-related merchandise. There's a new T-Shirt of Elektra by Frank Miller. It's $25.95/$32.95 depending on size. Also, Marvel has endorsed the Whisper 2000 company. Want to know what it's like to have DD's hearing ability? For only $350.99 (US), you can put on the special headset and hear everything that's going on around you, without anyone noticing! It comes in 3 different colours - yellow, red or shiny armour colour.

    March 1999

  • 31/03 - [Wizard World Exclusive Wave 2 Edition]

    Wizard is offering a special 'Wizard World' edition of the Marvel Knights Wave 2 comic that came out a few months ago to all advance ticket purchasers. Wizard World '99 happens July 16-18. Check out pg.179 of today's Wizard for details.

  • 29/03 - [DD Marvel Masterworks]

    Marvel is saying the DD Marvel Masterworks is out this Wednesday, but I haven't seen it listed on Diamond's listing or the NCRL listing. Anyone know??

  • 29/03 - [DD Volume 2 TPB in September]

    The Your Man At Marvel site is saying that the complete DD arc by Kevin Smith (#1-8) will be reprinted in a TPB in September (entitled Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith). Let's hope DD actually has 8 issues out by September...

  • 29/03 - [More DD#6 art by Quesada]

    If you want to see more art from DD#6, check out the Your Man At Marvel section of the Marvel site (http://www.marvel.com/yourman). You may also be interested in checking out all the cameos Joe Quesada has put into that one page.

  • 25/03 - [New David Mack DD and BW T-Shirt in June]

    The cover to DD#9 by David Mack will be turned into a T-Shirt to ship in June. It's $16.95/$19.95 depending on size.

  • 25/03 - [Limited edition Daredevil figure offer in Toyfare]

    Toyfare: The Toy Magazine #24 in June will have an offer for an exclusive limited edition figure from Toy Biz. This figure will feature DD in his yellow and red costume. Retailers get a special premium for ever 25 issues ordered, too.

  • 25/03 - [Bullseye appearance in Deadpool]

    For fans of Bullseye, you should check out Deadpool #28, which came out yesterday. It's by Joe Kelly and Pete Woods. $1.99/2.99.

  • 23/03 - [DD#6 expected in 3 weeks; #7 4-5 weeks following]

    DD Managing Editor Nanci Quesada has informed me that DD#6 is scheduled to ship in 3 weeks. She also expects DD#7 to ship 4-5 weeks following DD#6's release.

  • 23/03 - [Earth X #2, New DD statue out this Wednesday]

    This week's Earth X #2 will feature its incarnation of Daredevil. Also, the red costumed DD statue by Randy Bowen finds its way into stores this Wednesday as well. Earth X is $2.99 (US) and the DD statue is $150.00 (US).

  • 16/03 - [Marvel Knights Wave 2 site]

    Marvel has finally unveiled their mini-site dedicated to the new wave of Marvel Knights books. You can check out info on Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Wolverine/Punisher and Daredevil. It's at this address.

  • 15/03 - [More art from DD#6 at Marvel site]

    The 'Your Man at Marvel' section of the Marvel site is once again featuring some penciled pages by Joe Quesada of DD#6. Check it out at this address. Also, congrats to Mr. Quesada, who got married yesterday to DD managing editor Nanci Dakesian.

  • 15/03 - [DD merchandise shipping this Wednesday]

    The red DD T-Shirt ships this Wednesday. It's the same design as the red DD shirt from last year but with long sleeves. It's $22.95 or $25.95 depending on the size. Also, the first of the Randy Bowen DD statues comes out. The limited yellow costume statue should be in stores this Wednesday as well. It's $150.00 (US).

  • 15/03 - [More info on David Mack's DD]

    At the Comic Book Continuum site, there is an interview with David Mack where he talks about his upcoming arc. Check it out at this address.

  • 11/03 - [Daredevil #6 still late]

    DD #6 did not ship this week and is not listed among the comics shipping next week from Diamond. The comic is now over 5 weeks late. DD #7 is now a week late too.

  • 11/03 - [Darkdevil & Kingpin in latest Spider-Girl]

    For those of you who collect Spider-Girl, this week's issue has Darkdevil and also an appearance by the Kingpin.

  • 09/03 - [DD#6 art on Marvel site]

    The 'Your Man At Marvel' section of the Marvel site is featuring an 'in progress' page of DD#6 by Joe Quesada. You can reach the site at this address.

  • 04/03 - [Update on Daredevil statues]

    Many DD fans are anxiously awaiting the Randy Bowen designed Daredevil statues which were supposed to come out in January. I contacted Mr. Bowen and asked for an update on the statues. Here is what he said:

    "We are receiving the shipment of Yellow Daredevil sculptures today. The Red Daredevils are due this Friday and should be in comic shops within two weeks. There was a problem with the paint scheme so we had to reject the run and re-do the entire production run to ensure high quality."

  • 03/03 - [New Daredevil and Black Widow T-Shirts]

    Graphitti Designs has created two more T-Shirts that may interest DD fans. On page 360 of this month's Previews, check out the new white DD T-Shirt, with DD walking on a tightrope. It's drawn in a Kirby/Wood style. There is also a new Black Widow T-Shirt, with the cover to the upcoming limited series. Both T-Shirts are $16.95(US)/$19.95(US) depending on the size.

  • 03/03 - [Dynamic Forces signed DD comics]

    For those of you who want to get your DD comics autographed by DD creators, you can order Daredevil #8 from last month's Previews with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti's signature for $29.99(US). This month's Previews has a Daredevil #9 comic that you can order with Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti AND David Mack's signatures on it. It is also $29.99(US).

  • 03/03 - [More words from David Mack]

    There's an interview with David Mack in this month's Previews Magazine, where he talks a bit more about his Kingpin story, and his views of Daredevil. He hints at some new love interests for DD! Check it out on page 148.

  • 02/03 - [Kevin Smith nominated for Harvey]

    The nominations for the Harvey Awards have been announced, and Daredevil writer Kevin Smith has won a nomination for Best New Talent.

  • 02/03 - [David Mack talks about his story arc]

    Here's a quote from David Mack, taken from the Comic Buyer's Guide:

    "The Kingpin is a huge, menacing bad guy in the Marvel Universe, but people don't just start out saying that they're going to be bad guys. I want to explore and see what motivates him, what gives him his ambition, and why it's led him to where he is today. The same holds true with Daredevil. I want to take the most defining aspects of Daredevil - why he's doing the lawyer aspect, why he's doing the DD aspect, and see what he hopes to accomplish by both. Safe to say, it's going to be a very character-motivated plot."

    February 1999

  • 25/02 - [Why Daredevil #6 is late]

    Jimmy Palmiotti visited the Message Board a few days ago and let DD fans know why DD#6 is running late:

    The reason that 6 is also running late is mainly that Joe's mom is REALLY sick and he has gone down to Florida to see her again and again as she is in and out of hospitals. In between all of this, he is trying to do the book, but this is next to impossible at this point, for his mom needs a lot of care and family support at this time. We are trying our best to get 6 out as soon as possible for you and it will be late, BUT, it is the best drawn, in my opinion, of all the issues. What Joe needs is support and prayers right now.
    Thanks, Jimmy Palmiotti

  • 25/02 - [Elektra in Mutant X]

    For those of you who haven't picked up any issues of Mutant X, the alternate universe comic featuring Havok from X-Factor, there is a recurring character named Elektra who just happens to use sais as weapons. Check it out if you're interested.

  • 24/02 - [Latest info from Wizard Magazine]

    Today's issue of Wizard (#92) has some stuff pertaining to DD:
    * In the Last Woman Standing section, Black Widow takes on Catwoman, with the Widow winning...
    * Kevin Smith gives his choices for who he'd like to have star in a Superman movie
    * DD's #6 on the Top Ten Heroes and Villains list
    * Kevin Smith is the #1 Writer and Joe Quesada is the #7 Artist on their listings
    * Daredevil #1 has slipped to #3 on the Top Ten Comics list
    * There's a feature on Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns series

  • 23/02 - [Daredevil #6 and #7 shipping update]

    For those of you anxiously awaiting the next issue of DD, you'll have to wait even longer now. Daredevil #6 has been pushed back another week to March 10. Daredevil #7 has been pushed back even further to March 24.

  • 22/02 - [Need info on David Mack's Kabuki?]

    With David Mack's upcoming work on DD, many fans are deciding to check out his series, Kabuki, which is currently being published with Image. If you want to read the whole series so far, here is a run down of the series in order:
    * Circle of Blood
    * Dreams
    * Masks of the NOH
    * Skin Deep
    * Kabuki (current series)
    Most of these stories are reprinted in TPB and HC versions too.

  • 22/02 - [Daredevil original art for sale]

    The Kapow Comics and Stuff comic site is offering original pencils by Cully Hamner of his two recent Daredevil issues (376 and 379 of Volume 1). The pieces range from $50 to $160 (US). Check out the site at this address and click on the Comic Art section and then the Daredevil subheading.

  • 20/02 - [Gene Colan featured in Comic Book Profiles]

    I know I've mentioned it before, but if you're a fan of Gene Colan's work, make sure to pick up Comic Book Profiles #6, which came out on Wednesday. It has interviews with Colan, along with other comic pros' opinions on Colan's work. And a special 'congratulations' to Kevin Hall of the Daredevil Resource who got his Gene Colan interview into the magazine. If you've never read Kevin's interview, check out my interview section, or go to my DD Links section and then go to Kevin's site.

  • 16/02 - [David Mack painted cover on Daredevil #9]

    With #9, David Mack of Kabuki fame begins his writing stint on the comic. Here's a sneak preview of the cover to Daredevil #9, which is painted by Mack. Check it out at the Marvel site here.

  • 16/02 - [Darkdevil appearance in Spider-Girl]

    Darkdevil, the sometime problem maker for Spider-Girl, appears in the newest issue, #7, which came out last week. Still no clues as to what Darkdevil's secret identity is...

  • 10/02 - [Daredevil Trade Paperback arrives in stores]

    The delayed Daredevil TPB, which reprints the first three issues of the current Daredevil series by Smith, Quesada and Palmiotti finally arrived in stores today. It has a cover price of $9.95US/$14.95(!!)CAN, and has a few pages of sketches at the end of it and comments by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti.

  • 09/02 - [Quesada and Palmiotti discuss Widow series]

    A new addition to the Marvel site is a RealPlayer interview with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti where they talk about the upcoming Black Widow limited series. You can check it out by clicking here.

  • 08/02 - [Daredevil #6 - ships March 3rd]

    There may be a longer wait than expected for Daredevil #6. The New Comics Releases List website is saying the next issue of Daredevil will come out on March 3rd. The delayed Daredevil TPB is supposed to come out this Wednesday, however.

  • 05/02 - [Joe Kelly no longer exclusive to Marvel]

    Former Daredevil writer Joe Kelly has announced that he has ended his exclusive contract with Marvel. Kelly says he will still work for Marvel but he also has some exciting projects coming up with other companies. Good luck to Joe!

  • 04/02 - [Devin K. Grayson interview in Previews]

    On pg. 154 of Previews (Feb. 1999), there is a one page interview with Devin K. Grayson, the writer of the upcoming Black Widow mini-series. She discusses the main plot of the series and her views on the current Widow.

  • 02/02 - [New DD T-Shirt ships tomorrow]

    For those of you who collect Daredevil related T-Shirts, the newest one, with the cover to Daredevil (II) #1 should be in stores tomorrow. The Spider-Girl TPB is on the shipping list too, but still no word on the Daredevil TPB.

  • 01/02 - [Shipping updates]

    The Spider-Girl TPB (that reprints Darkdevil's first appearance) has been delayed until next week or the week after. There's no word on the Daredevil TPB, but I'll post that as soon as I find out. Daredevil #6, which is supposed to come out on February 3 will be delayed at least two weeks.

    January 1999

  • 29/01 - [Daredevil TPB did not ship]

    For those of you were missed out on the first three issues of the relaunched series and were looking for the TPB... well, it didn't ship this week as expected. No word on when it will arrive in stores. There are rumours floating around that the entire Kevin Smith run will be reprinted later on, and also, there may be a hardcover reprint too.

  • 28/01 - [New Black Widow Appearance in The Inhumans]

    The new Black Widow makes her first appearance in this week's Inhumans #5 by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee. The limited series by Devin Grayson and J.G. Jones will debut in April. Daredevil is said to be making a guest appearance in that series.

  • 27/01 - [Alternate cover to DD#5]

    There are two covers to this week's Daredevil #5. Both are by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti. One is DD carrying the baby with the bullseye in the background. The other is DD holding someone's lifeless body... I won't mention who that person is.

  • 27/01 - [Latest Wizard Magazine info]

    Today's Wizard Magazine has a few things of interest to DD fans:
    * There is a rumour that there will be another Batman & Daredevil crossover this year
    * Daredevil is still the #5 'Hero or Villain' of the month
    * Kevin Smith is the #2 writer, and Joe Quesada is the #7 artist on their Top Ten Creators listing
    * For the Top Ten Comics, Daredevil #1 is still #1 and Daredevil #2 has entered their listing at #5.

  • 26/01 - [Shipping Update]

    This Wednesday will see a few Daredevil related titles shipping:
    * Daredevil #5 is finally coming out, and promises to be a shocking issue.
    * The Daredevil TPB is also coming out, for those who have been looking for issues #1-3.
    * Also, the Spider-Girl TPB is coming out, which has a reprint of Darkdevil's first appearance.
    * Earth X is coming out as well. The Earth X Daredevil may make an appearance in that. On Wednesday, be sure to check out the Marvel site for a special Earth X section.

  • 25/01 - [Lee Weeks on Captain America in April]

    The team of Lee Weeks and Robert Campanella, recently seen in Daredevil #380, will be joining Mark Waid on a special double-sized issue #18 of Captain America, coming in April.

  • 22/01 - [Marvel reprints Perez Black Widow story]

    To coincide with the release of the new Black Widow limited series, Marvel will be collecting the Marvel Fanfare arc with Black Widow (#10-#13) by Ralph Macchio and George Perez. It should arrive in stores in April.

  • 20/01 - [New Daredevil Battlebook in April]

    In April, look for an all new Battlebooks comic featuring Daredevil! Also, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti have designed an alternate game that is exclusive to Diamond. They are also re-releasing the Elektra Battlebook with a new cover and new gaming system. More info when I get it...

  • 20/01 - [Vote for Darkdevil]

    Remember to vote for Darkdevil as the next title to come from the MC2 line. Ballots should be in issues of A-Next, J2 and Spider-Girl. The next issue of Spider-Girl features Darkdevil.

  • 20/01 - [Miller interviewed in Comics Journal]

    The Comics Journal issue with the Frank Miller interviews came out today. Daredevil #5 did not ship this week. Expect it on the 27th.

  • 20/01 - [Gene Colan in Comic Book Profiles]

    Make sure to pick up the next issue of Comic Book Profiles. It features Kevin Hall's excellent interview with Gene Colan. Also be sure to check out the official Gene Colan site at www.genecolan.com, which is also designed by Kevin.

  • 20/01 - [Stan Lee unveils new site]

    Stan Lee is unveiling his new company and website today. You can check it out at www.stanlee.net.

  • 14/01 - [Matt Murdock in Mutant X #6]

    Matt Murdock makes an appearance in the Mutant X universe in that title's #6 issue. Also, that issue is by former DD artist Cary Nord, who is now the regular artist on the series.

  • 12/01 - [Update on DD #5]

    Daredevil #5 will not be coming out this week either. It has gone to the presses and should be out by the 27th.

  • 12/01 - [Stan Lee leaving Marvel?]

    WWW.COMICON.COM is reporting that Daredevil creator Stan Lee is leaving Marvel to concentrate on his own line of comics called 'Excelsior Comics'. There is also news that the new line may be in collaboration with one of Marvel's largest competitors.

  • 08/01 - [Joe Quesada at Toronto Comicon]

    DD fans in Toronto and the surrounding area may want to check out this weekend's Toronto Comicon where Joe Quesada will be making an appearance. Hopefully the weather isn't so bad that he can actually make it into Toronto.

  • 06/01 - [DD#5 not shipping today]

    For those of you venturing out to the comics store today, it doesn't appear DD#5 is shipping today. I'll try to figure out why...

  • 05/01 - [DD creators nominated for Wizard awards]

    Wizard Magazine has announced nominations for their awards. Kevin Smith has been nominated for best writer. Jimmy Palmiotti also received a nomination for best inker. DD was also nominated for best hero and best ongoing series.

  • 04/01 - [Happy New Year!]

    Happy New Year! Things have been a little slow lately with the holidays and all that, but updates to the site should be forthcoming. The new issue of DD (#5) is supposed to come out this week, but may be pushed back due to the holidays.

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