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December 2000

  • 27/12 - [DD items shipping]

    December 28
    * Daredevil: Ninja #2
    * Marvel Knights #8
    * Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #2

    January 4
    * Black Widow: Breakdown #2

    January 17
    * Daredevil #14 (was November 29th)

  • 18/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 20
    * Daredevil/Spider-Man #2 * Elektra Assassin TPB

    December 28
    * Daredevil: Ninja #2
    * Marvel Knights #8
    * Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #2

    January 17
    * Daredevil #14 (was November 29th)

  • 14/12 - [DD14 ships Jan.17]

    DD Assistant Editor Kelly Lamy is quoted at Comics Newsarama saying that DD#14 will ship January 17, 2001. More here.

  • 13/12 - [DD Yellow editions]

    Watch for the newest Previews this month where you can place your order for Daredevil Yellow #1, to ship in March. Dynamic Forces is offering an alternate cover (signed $39.99) and a sketch edition ($69.99). Watch for scans of these covers... coming soon. Daredevil Yellow is going to be $3.50 US for each issue, with cardstock covers.

  • 13/12 - [Buy a Billy Club?]

    The Comics Continuum is reporting that CCGR is teaming with Marvel to produce merchandise based on many Marvel characters, including DD. Can a replica Billy Club be on the way?

  • 11/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 13
    * No DD items scheduled to ship

    December 20
    * Daredevil/Spider-Man #2

    * Daredevil #14 (was November 29th)
    * Daredevil Ninja #2 (was November)
    * Elektra Assassin TPB (was October)

  • 08/12 - [DD: Yellow cover and more]

    Comics Newsarama has the cover for the upcoming DD: Yellow #1. Check it out here. Also, there are rumours that there will be a Marvel Knights newstand magazine and Echo may be getting a series by David Mack.

  • 06/12 - [Quesada Q&A]

    Newsarama spoke with Joe Quesada and he had some interesting things to say about DD... along with everything else going on with Marvel. Check it out here. Thanks to Tony McIntosh for pointing out the news to me.

  • 05/12 - [Sneak Peek: Elektra]

    The new Elektra Assassin TPB reprint will have a new cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. Check out the Marvel site for a scan of the cover! Go here.

  • 04/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 6
    * No DD items scheduled to ship

    December 13
    * No DD items scheduled to ship

    * Daredevil #14 (was November 29th)
    * Daredevil Ninja #2 (was November)
    * Elektra Assassin TPB (was October)

  • 04/12 - [DD:Yellow in March]

    The Comics Continuum is reporting that Daredevil: Yellow, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale will debut in March. The first issue's title is 'The Championship Season'.

    November 2000

  • 29/11 - [Kieth draws DD]

    In a press conference today, Marvel revealed that Sam Kieth will be drawing a Spidey/DD story in the Ultimate Spider-Man And... series. Also, Terry Moore of Strangers In Paradise fame will be drawing a Black Widow story for the series as well. For more info, check out Comics Newsarama or the Comics Continuum.

  • 27/11 - [Shipping this week]

    November 29
    * Black Widow: Breakdown #1
    * Marvel Knights #7
    * Spider-Man The Mysterio Manifesto #1
    * Daredevil/Spider-Man DFE Alternate Cover #1

    * Daredevil #14 (was November 29th)
    * Daredevil Ninja #2 (was November)
    * Elektra Assassin TPB (was October)

  • 27/11 - [Tim Sale interview]

    There's a new interview with upcoming Daredevil: Yellow artist Tim Sale at the Fandom site. It is conducted by Russell Lissau and can be read here.

  • 24/11 - [DD14 update]

    David Mack, on his message board at www.wfcomics.com/boards/mack, revealed that the art for DD14 has been sent to him to proof. Mack also said that comics play a big part of the Unbreakable movie that opened this week. Some Daredevil covers actually make an 'appearance' as well.

  • 22/11 - [Miller hardcover]

    Graphitti Designs is offering the Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller in a limited edition hardcover. There will only be 2500 copies, with a numbered signature page with new art by Miller. It is available for order in this week's Previews on page 352. It retails for $69.95 US.

  • 20/11 - [No DD14 on list]

    Diamond has updated its shipping lists and DD#14 isn't on the tentative list for November 29th.
    Here's what known:

    November 22
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller TPB (confirmed)
    * Darkdevil #3 (confirmed)
    * Dardevil: Ninja DFE #1 cover (confirmed)
    * Daredevil & Spider-Man Lithograph (confirmed)

    November 29 (expected)
    * Black Widow: Breakdown #1
    * Marvel Knights #7
    * Spider-Man The Mysterio Manifesto #1

    * Daredevil #14 (was November 29th)
    * Daredevil Ninja #2 (was November)
    * Elektra Assassin TPB (was October)

  • 14/11 - [Shipping updates]

    November 15
    * Daredevil #1 Lithograph ships
    November 22
    * Darkdevil #3 ships

    No official word yet on DD#14, MK#7, DD:Ninja #2, Black Widow #1, DD Visionaries: Frank Miller, Elektra Assassin TPB.

  • 13/11 - [Smith hardcover?]

    In Comics Newsarama last week, Kevin Smith hinted that he and Joe Quesada may work on a Daredevil hardcover book next year. More details here.

  • 08/11 - [New DD Masterworks?]

    Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, in an interview with Fandom, has revealed that if the latest Masterworks edition of Fantastic Four sells well, the next Masterworks edition will be Daredevil #11-20 [Brevoort probably means #12-20, since #11 was included in the first DD Masterworks]. Check out the article here for more details.

  • 08/11 - [Shipping news]

    Here's the latest:
    November 8
    * Daredevil/Spider-Man #1 will ship

    November 15
    * Darkdevil #3 (unconfirmed)

    November 22
    * Marvel Knights #7 (unconfirmed)

    November 29
    * Daredevil #14 (unconfirmed)
    * Black Widow: Breakdown #1 (unconfirmed)
    * Spider-Man: Mysterio Manifesto #1 (unconfirmed)

    Still waiting on:
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller TPB
    * Elektra Assassin TPB
    * Daredevil Ninja #2 was scheduled for Nov.8, now undetermined.

  • 03/11 - [Stuart Moore interview]

    Your Man at Marvel has posted his interview with new Marvel Knights editor Stuart Moore. Check it out here.

    October 2000

  • 31/10 - [Visionaries price reduced]

    For those of you wondering where the first volume of the Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller is, there may be a reason why it's late. With the announcement of 3 volumes, the first volume has been reduced in size to 176 pages, and the cover price is now $17.95 (down from $24.95). Could this change in format be the reason it's late?

  • 30/10 - [Shipping news]

    November 1
    * Daredevil: Ninja #1
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith Ltd. HC (offered again)

    November 8
    * Daredevil/Spider-Man #1

    * Daredevil #14 - November 29th?
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller
    * Elektra Assassin TPB

  • 30/10 - [DD: Ninja preview]

    Mile High Comics has the cover and first three pages of Daredevil: Ninja #1 at their site. Check it out here under the First Look section.

  • 25/10 - [Quesada interview]

    Russell Lissau conducted another interview for Fandom this week, this time with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. Find out what's ahead for Marvel. Go here.

  • 23/10 - [Limited UK Elektra statue]

    Previews UK is advance soliciting an Elektra statue (21 cm tall) cast in aluminum and limited to 88 copies, this month. It will actually ship in March 2001 for 699 pounds! THIS ITEM WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN EUROPE.

  • 23/10 - [Shipping confirmations]

    October 25
    * Marvel Knights #6
    * Darkdevil #2
    * Daredevil: Ninja T-SHIRT

    November 1
    * Daredevil: Ninja #1

    * Daredevil #14 - Nov.29?
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller - ??

  • 20/10 - [Mack video interview]

    Fans of David Mack will want to check out the npo.com site for a streaming video interview. The video doesn't get into any of Mack's work on DD. It focuses more on Kabuki. Go here.

  • 18/10 - [CBG article]

    This week's Comics Buyer's Guide has the cover to Black Widow #1, along with a full-length article on the Widow series and the Daredevil: Ninja series.

  • 18/10 - [Grayson interview]

    Russell Lissau conducted an interview with Black Widow writer Devin K. Grayson, at the Fandom site. Check it out here.

  • 16/10 - [Shipping woes continue]

    Daredevil #14 - November 29th.
    Daredevil: Ninja #1 - Not listed for this week or next.
    Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 1 - Not listed for this week or next.

    Marvel Knights #6 and Darkdevil #2 are shipping October 25th, for sure.

  • 12/10 - [Smith talks DD]

    The Comic Wire has some comments from Kevin Smith on his DD arc. He focuses on Karen Page's death and also Mysterio. Check it out here.

  • 09/10 - [Dave Ross helps out]

    Thanks to Konine for letting me know about this news:
    Comics Newsarama is reporting that Dave Ross will be helping Joe Quesada complete issues #14 and #15. Ross will complete issue #14 (Quesada has done half) and Ross will pencil over Quesada's layouts for issue #15. No word on when these issues will ship, but Marvel has listed #14 as shipping November 29th, on the Marvel.com site. For the full article, go here.

  • 09/10 - [Grayson, Rucka interview]

    Comics Newsarama has a new interview with Black Widow writers Devin Grayson and Greg Rucka. Check it out here.

  • 07/10 - [DD: Ninja artwork]

    Courtesy of artist Rob Haynes comes some sketches and art from the new DD: Ninja series. Here's a look at the sketches for all the covers, and the artwork for pages 4 and 5 of issue 1. Many thanks to Rob Haynes for providing this look at the comics for the site.

  • 07/10 - [DD in FF#36]

    Appearance seekers should buy this week's FF#36, where DD helps save some people from a burning FF headquarters.

  • 03/10 - [DD#14 watch continues...]

    Daredevil #14:
    * October 4? No.
    * October 11? No.
    * October 18? No.
    How about November 29th?
    The Marvel site has posted that Daredevil #14 will ship the last week of November!

    September 2000

  • 28/09 - [MK ships, Previews alert]

    The new issue of Marvel Knights arrived this week, with DD and Moon Knight on the cover (see the front page for a cover scan). A quick check of Previews magazine reveals that Brian Bendis will be the focus of Sketch Magazine in December. AND, The Comics Journal will have an in-depth interview with DD legend Gene Colan!

  • 27/09 - [DD:Ninja preview]

    Thanks to Keith Giles, who let me know that the newly redesigned Marvel.com site has a four page preview of the upcoming DD:Ninja series by Brian Bendis and Rob Haynes. Check it out here.

  • 21/09 - [The new MK editor is...]

    Wizard is reporting that former Vertigo editor Stuart Moore will take over the editor position from Joe Quesada in October. They are also reporting that another former Vertigo editor is joining Marvel. Axel Alonso will be editing some mainstream titles for Marvel. Alonso starts on the 25th of September. For more on the new editors, go here.

  • 20/09 - [Darkdevil ships]

    Be on the lookout today for Darkdevil #1, by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom. We get hints as to the identity behind the mask. Please reference the links from the 8th to see a preview. Also, if you haven't read the interview with Tom DeFalco, go to the INTERVIEWS page.

  • 12/09 - [Quesada chat, interviews]

    New EIC Joe Quesada will be conducting a chat tomorrow (Wednesday) at Fandom.com. Check out their site here to register and take part.

    Entertainment Tomorrow has an audio interview up at their site. Check it out here. It's a half hour discussion on Quesada's new job, what's ahead for Marvel and the new Ultimate line.

    Hero Realm has an interview as well, and DD is discussed in this one. Check it out here.

  • 08/09 - [First look: Darkdevil #1]

    The Comics Continuum site has the cover and first three pages of Darkdevil #1 posted. Check it out here.

  • 07/09 - [Got Milk?]

    The back cover to many of this week's comics have a new ad for the Got Milk? campaign by Marvel. DD is in the top right corner with his milk moustache.

  • 06/09 - [New Mazzucchelli Art!]

    Fans of David Mazzucchelli, who probably haven't seen much comic art from him in a while, will want to pick up Superman & Batman: World's Funniest, when it ships in November. A long list of comic creators lend a hand to this issue, including Frank Miller, Alex Ross, Evan Dorkin, Bruce Timm, Jaime Hernandez & Ty Templeton.

  • 06/09 - [Shipping this week]

    Not many DD-related items shipping this week, but fans of lithographs may want to pick up the DD#1 litho that ships this week, by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti.

    August 2000

  • 30/08 - [Quesada named EIC]

    It's official. Joe Quesada has been named editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. Comics Newsarama has a full report on the announcement, along with comments from Bill Jemas (Marvel's President of Publishing). Check it out here.

    Joe Quesada has confirmed he will be stepping down as editor of the Marvel Knights, but he also said the imprint will continue... who is going to take over?...

  • 30/08 - [Harras out, Quesada in?]

    Several comic news sources, including Comics Newsarama (www.fandom.com/comics) and Comics Continuum (www.comicscontinuum.com) are reporting that Marvel Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras was let go yesterday. There is speculation that Marvel will issue an official press release today, and it has been rumoured that Joe Quesada is being considered for the position.

  • 30/08 - [Bendis interview]

    CBR has a new interview with upcoming DD writer Brian Bendis. He touches on DD along with all his other projects. Check it out here.

  • 29/08 - [DD in Spidey game]

    Thanks to Mike P and JediX606@aol.com, who let me know that DD makes an appearance in the new Spider-Man game on Playstation. Apparently he appears after you (as Spidey) defeat the Scorpion.

  • 29/08 - [Shipping this week]

    Be on the lookout for these items tomorrow at your comics store:
    * Dynamic Forces Signed Marvel Knights #1
    * Marvel Knights #4
    * Wizard #109 with Marvel Knights cover
    * Daredevil #1 German Edition
    * Marvel Classics DD T-Shirt Long Sleeve
    * Marvel Knights T-Shirt

  • 28/08 - [First look-Marvel Knights #4]

    Mile High Comics has the cover and the first 3 pages of this week's MK#4. Check it out here and go to the First Look section.

  • 27/08 - [DD resolicitations]

    With the release of solicitations for November from Marvel, DD#15 and #16 will 'ship' that month. This leaves September or October to get the #14 issue. Look for the preview blurbs in UPCOMING COMICS either today or tomorrow. The changes made are shown on the front page of the site.

  • 27/08 - [DD hardcover ships]

    The long delayed DD Visionaries hardcover from Graphitti Designs finally shipped this week for $80 US. Ask your store if they ordered one, or buy it directly from the Graphitti Designs web site (www.graphittidesigns.com).

  • 27/08 - [First look-DD/Spidey]

    The Comics Continuum site has the cover and a few pages of the upcoming mini series. Check it out here.

  • 16/08 - [Colan interview]

    There's a new interview with DD legend Gene Colan at the CBR site. Check it out here.

  • 15/08 - [Bendis chat]

    Fans of Brian Bendis may want to stop by the Fandom.com site on Wednesday, where the upcoming DD writer will be taking part in a chat session. Go here and register.

  • 14/08 - [More Loeb/Sale comments]

    The Comic Wire at Comic Book Resources has more comments from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale about their upcoming DD:Yellow mini-series. Check it out here.

  • 09/08 - [DD appearance]

    For those of you who collect DD 'appearances', you may want to pick up Iron Man #33 this week. DD is on the cover and has a tiny panel in the comic. However, it should be noted it really isn't Daredevil at all... it's a costume party with someone in a DD costume.

  • 09/08 - [Loeb, Sale talk DD]

    Daredevil: Yellow creators Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale spoke with the Comics Continuum site about the upcoming mini-series. Check it out here.

  • 08/08 - [Wizard Authentic Editions]

    Wizard and Dynamic Forces are teaming up to produce a line of autographed comics and collectibles. Be on the lookout in September's Previews for a lithograph of the cover to Wizard #108, which featured DD and Spidey, as drawn by Joe Quesada and painted by Alex Ross. The lithograph should ship in November.

  • 08/08 - [First look: DD/Spidey]

    The Comics Continuum site has some comments from writer Paul Jenkins, and art by Phil Winslade of the upcoming DD/Spidey series. Check it out here.

  • 07/08 - [Wizard World DD News]

    Comics Newsarama (www.fandom.com/comics) posted some info today concerning upcoming Marvel Knights titles and info on DD projects. About DD: Yellow, writer Jeph Loeb had this to say:

    "It will be dealing with the period between when Matt Murdoch (sic) first put on the yellow costume, and will end when Matt decided to change into his red costume," said Loeb. "But it's not just about the costume. The idea at the very beginning was to try to figure out why he made this change. I started looking at the costume and there was something there. It symbolized a time in his life that we don't know any more.

    "Early on, he was really an action-adventure kind of guy, much closer to Spider-Man then Batman. After he avenged the death of his father, he got over it, unlike Batman. During that time, he was more like Indiana Jones, having a good time and bumping into Marvel characters. This will show the light, adventuresome, early days of a hero, when he didn't know any better."

    Joe Quesada also hinted that if fan reaction is positive and some creators jump on, Echo may have her own special project from Marvel Knights.

    There will also be a 3rd Frank Miller Daredevil Visionaries collection, though no date has been announced. The first collection ships in October, and the second in February 2001.

  • 01/08 - [Widow series in December]

    Your Man At Marvel (www.marvel.com/yourman) has posted that the Black Widow limited series by Devin K. Grayson, Greg Rucka and Scott Hampton, will be released in December. Hopefully DD makes an appearance.

    July 2000

  • 31/07 - [First Look: DD #13]

    If you can't wait for Wednesday, check out the Mile High Comics site for the cover and first three pages of DD #13. Go here.

  • 26/07 - [Daredevil: Yellow]

    Today's issue of Wizard Magazine will officially reveal that Jeph Loeb and Time Sale will be working on a DD project. Entitled Daredevil: Yellow, the 6-issue series will be set in the days when DD wore his yellow costume. The first issue will ship in January. Loeb and Sale say the story will have a lighter tone than recent DD issues.

  • 26/07 - [DD vs. Spidey]

    Also in today's Wizard, read an article that decides which hero is better - Daredevil or Spidey. It's written by the Wizard staff and compares stories, art, villains, etc. Guess who wins?

  • 24/07 - [More DD in October]

    For DD fans with extra cash, in addition to all the other DD comics coming out (see UPCOMING COMICS), there are other items to look out for:
    * Daredevil: Ninja #1 will have a Dynamic Forces alternate edition (signed/unsigned)
    * Daredevil Ninja Fighter T-Shirt (L,XL - $17.95 / XXL - $20.95)
    * Elektra Assassin new printing of TPB ($24.95) More details when I get this week's Previews.

  • 24/07 - [Shipping this week]

    It's official, Daredevil #13 will ship August 2. To tide you over until next week, here's some DD-related items shipping this week.
    * Marvel Knights #3 by Chuck Dixon, Eduardo Barreto & Klaus Janson
    * Universe X #0, which may feature the future DD
    * Wizard #108, with a DD/Spidey cover and lots of info on upcoming DD projects (including the new DD mini)
    * Marvel Classics DD T-Shirt, offered again

  • 24/07 - [Quesada leaves Iron Man]

    Comics Newsarama reported today that Joe Quesada has stepped down from his writing gig on Iron Man. More details about this and how it related to DD at this location.

  • 23/07 - [Another DD mini?]

    Watch for news VERY SOON of another DD mini coming soon. It will be a 6-issue mini-series and the two creators involved are well-known for their portrayal of a certain character at DC.

  • 21/07 - [DD 13 - finally!]

    Reports from the San Diego comic convention say DD #13 went to the printers and will ship August 2.

  • 21/07 - [DD/Spidey news]

    The DD/Spider-Man limited series by Paul Jenkins and Phil Winslade will ship in December. Alex Ross will be painting the covers for this 4-issue series. Several well-known villains from the past will make appearances, including everyone's favourite, Stilt-Man.

  • 20/07 - [More Wizard DD info]

    With the permission of Wizard Entertainment, here's a cover scan of next week's issue #108, along with the preview blurb passed along by the good folks at Wizard.

    Daredevil, Marvel's top solo hero! Daredevil has surpassed Spider-man as Marvels number 1 hero, read why in Wizard the Comics Magazine #108. Plus, Wizard EXCLUSIVE news on what's in the works to spotlight the Man Without Fear, including the return of Daredevil's yellow outfit to comics. You can also find news on some upcoming Marvel Knights projects featuring everyone's favorite self-righteous vigilante, the Punisher. On the cover this month is a brilliant painting of Spider-man vs. Daredevil by Joe Quesada and Alex Ross! Ross also paints the second cover, depicting Universe X. Also in this issue, a look into Alex Ross' upcoming project, Universe X, the sequel to the blockbuster series, Earth X.

    Wizard #108, on sale at your local comic shop beginning July 26th.

  • 20/07 - [Wizard DD next week]

    Watch for next week's Wizard #108, where DD will be the main focus. I'll post some more details later, but it appears DD may be making another appearance in his yellow costume. With Wizard's permission, I may post more info and a scan of the cover later on.

  • 19/07 - [Preview blurbs]

    Marvel solicitations for October 2000 are now out, and Daredevil is not listed in an attempt to 'catch up'. The blurbs for other DD-related titles are now in UPCOMING COMICS.

  • 17/07 - [Elektra TPB]

    Your Man At Marvel (www.marvel.com/yourman) revealed in today's column that the reprinting of the Elektra Assassin TPB will ship in November. Also, early 2001 should see the release of another Miller reprinting of DD.

  • 17/07 - [DD13 watch continues...]

    June 19? Nope.
    June 26? Nope.
    August 2? Find out next Monday.

  • 16/07 - [The Mysterio Waltz]

    Newsarama (http://www.fandom.com/comics/editorial.asp?action=page&obj_id=219589) is reporting that Tom DeFalco, Lee Weeks and Bob McLeod will be working on a new Spider-Man/DD limited series called The Mysterio Waltz. The series will be accessible for new readers of the characters, but will also tie in to the Guardian Devil storyline and explain how/why Mysterio was appearing in _Spider-Man_ after he seemingly killed himself in _Daredevil_.

  • 14/07 - [Daredevil: Ninja]

    Upcoming Daredevil writer Brian Bendis posted some news to his web board last night at www.wfcomics.com/boards/bendis.
    Bendis, along with Rob Haynes and David Self, will produce a 3-issue limited series titled Daredevil: Ninja.

    Bendis said, "The one aspect of Daredevil that I didnt get to explore in my run in the Daredevil series is the kung fu movie side of Daredevil. I love this part of him and it has gone untouched for a long time. I had some big ideas about doing this in a really fun way that wouldnt just be ripping off Frank Miller;s run. Joe really liked my ideas about bringing the art of the kung fu movie into Daredevil and finally giving me an opportunity to help choreograph new types of comic book fight scenes. I mean, all comic book fight scenes use the same five moves and I wanted to try some new stuff. New choreography."

    Bendis also revealed that he and David Mack will be producing another issue of DD, bringing their total to 4 issues. It will also be a Ben Urich themed story.

    Dardevil: Ninja will be released in October.

  • 11/07 - [DD movie sites]

    With the X-Men coming to theatres this week, there's more talk of other Marvel properties in development. Here are some sites that have info and rumours on what's up with the movie.
    Daily Variety
    Coming Attractions

  • 10/07 - [Daredevil 13 revisited]

    July 12? Nope.
    July 19? Nope.
    July 26? Find out next Monday.

  • 05/07 - [DD HC News]

    The limited edition HC of the DD Visionaries: Kevin Smith story, by Graphitti Designs, may ship this month, according to some fans who have called the toll-free number on the Graphitti Designs site.

  • 03/07 - [Daredevil 13?]

    Diamond has updated its tentative shipping lists, and it appears DD#13 will not ship July 6 or July 12. This leaves July 19 as the earliest date it may ship.

    June 2000

  • 28/06 - [Potential Knights Creators]

    While still unconfirmed, here is a list of creators who *may* be working on Marvel Knights projects:
    * Mark Millar - mentioned he's working on a Knights project in a recent NEWSARAMA
    * Brian Michael Bendis & Rob Haynes - Bendis mentioned the two have a project lined up, on his message board a few months ago
    * Alex Ross - The next issue of Wizard has Ross and Quesada together in an article... hmmm...

    Projects confirmed but not yet solicited include:
    * Black Widow, by Greg Rucka, Devin K. Grayson and Scott Hampton
    * Daredevil/Spider-Man, by Paul Jenkins and Phil Winslade

  • 27/06 - [Marvel Knights Year 3?]

    Joe Quesada talked with the Comics Continuum site on Monday about the possibilities of a Marvel Knights Year 3. You can read his comments here.

  • 27/06 - [Isabella DD plots]

    Anyone wanting to read the origins and plots of the Marvels Comics DD by Tony Isabella & Eddy Newell should check out recent Tony's Online Tips to get the full details. Isbella has posted his pitch and his working plot. Go here.

  • 26/06 - [Maximum Security, Miller news]

    Your Man At Marvel (www.marvel.com/yourman) revealed that Marvel Knights #6 will be part of the Maximum Security 'event' in October. Also, there may be plans in the works for a DD Visionaries hardcover of Frank Miller's work.

  • 26/06 - [Marvel Knights #2 preview]

    Mile High Comics' First Look has the cover and first three pages of Marvel Knights #2 available to preview. Check it out here.

  • 26/06 - [DD artwork]

    A long-time fan of comic books, Eric King enjoys bringing to life the heroes of his childhood in the drawings he creates. To see more of his artwork, go to his website at www.homestead.com/kingart/one.html or go straight to his gallery at www.homestead.com/kingart/two.html. Eric does commissioned artwork and currently has DD prints for sale.

  • 26/06 - [Daredevil Skins]

    Azrael (azrael@midsouth.rr.com) has created some Daredevil skins for your hotbar, ICQ or Winamp apps. They are based on the Guardian Devil art by Joe Quesada.

    DD Hotbar Skin

    DD ICQ+ Skin

    DD Winamp Skin

  • 21/06 - [DD merchandise in September]

    More details will be made available soon, but look for these items for order in September's Previews:
    * Dynamic Forces Marvel Knights #1 Lithograph $19.95
    * Dynamic Forces Death of Elektra Lithograph $19.95
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 1

  • 19/06 - [Elektra Assassin TPB]

    Your Man At Marvel (www.marvel.com/yourman) has revealed that the Elektra Assassin TPB reprint will be released in November to coincide with the Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller TPB.

  • 19/06 - [No DD in June]

    Diamond has updated its shipping lists and DD #13 is not among the comics shipping June 21 or June 28. Marvel Knights #2 will ship June 28 on time.

  • 16/06 - [Runner-up Best Non-X-Men site]

    X-Fan announced its winners of the Exys, and the site came runner-up as Best Non-X-Men site of the Year. Thanks to all of you who voted for the site. X-Fan Exy Awards

  • 13/06 - [Bendis interview part 2]

    Part two of Popimage's interview with Brian Bendis is now up. Check it out here.

  • 09/06 - [Darkdevil in Spider-Girl #23]

    Darkdevil makes another appearance in Spider-Girl. Be on the lookout for issue #23, shipping June 14. You can go to the Comics Continuum site to view a three page preview. Go here.

  • 06/06 - [Bendis interview]

    There's a new interview at the popimage.com site with Brian Bendis. He talks about all his work including his upcoming Daredevil arc. Go here.

  • 05/06 - [Dixon interview]

    Chuck Dixon spoke with the good people of the Sequential Tart web site for their June issue. Check it out here. Dixon touches on the new Marvel Knights series as well as his other titles.

    May 2000

  • 31/05 - [Confirmed - DD Movie optioned]

    The Daredevil movie has been optioned to New Regency Pictures, with all the previous participants still involved. Mark Steven Johnson will direct and Gary Foster will produce.

  • 30/05 - [Frank Miller TPB in October]

    Your Man At Marvel (www.marvel.com/yourman) has announced this week that there will be a new Daredevil Visionaries TPB of Frank Miller's work coming October 18. Supposedly there will be other volumes to follow. $24.95 US gets you 256 pages of Daredevil by Miller.

  • 30/05 - [Shipping this week]

    Some DD-related comics ship this week (Thursday). Marvel Knights #1, the team book by Chuck Dixon, Eduardo Barreto and Klaus Janson ships, with a DF variant cover too. Fans of Black Widow may want to pick up the Grimm and Logan #1 debut issue. It's by Larry Hama and Kaare Andrews, and will be a 3 issue limited series.

  • 22/05 - [New Daredevil inker]

    Joe Quesada, through Your Man at Marvel, has informed fans that the new inker on DD to finish David Mack's 3 issues is Mark Morales. Morales is well-known for his work on X-Force. No word on if Kevin Nowlan is inking Bob Gale's arc following the Bendis/Mack arc.

  • 22/05 - [Darkdevil limited series]

    With news from both Your Man At Marvel and the Comics Contiuum site (www.marvel.com/yourman and www.comicscontiuum.com), the official word is out that Darkdevil has a limited series coming out in September. Writer Tom DeFalco says that Darkdevil's identity will be revealed. Ron Frenz is the artist.

  • 19/05 - [Miller interview]

    There's a new interview with Frank Miller at the Wizard World site. He touches on Daredevil just a bit, but the main focus is on Dark Knight Returns II. Check it out here.

  • 16/05 - [At the Marvel site...]

    Visit the Marvel site at www.marvel.com to cast your votes in the Marvel Melee, with DD taking on Punisher. Also read part 4 of the DD story in the To Be Continued section.

  • 16/05 - [Quesada interview]

    There's a new interview with Joe Quesada, this time at the Slush Factory site. Check it out here.

  • 15/05 - [DD Satire at CBR]

    This week's You'll All Be Sorry column at the CBR site features Gail's attempt at writing a DD story. Check it out here.

  • 11/05 - [Darkdevil limited series]

    Watch for news soon of a Darkdevil limited series by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. The series will be 3 issues.

  • 09/05 - [Wizard DD cover by Quesada/Ross]

    August's Wizard #108 will feature a DD cover with Spider-Man, penciled by Joe Quesada and painted by Alex Ross. The preview blurb suggests there is a reason why Ross is painting over Quesada...

  • 09/05 - [Marvel Knights ship date]

    It appears the debut issue of Marvel Knights has been pushed back to May 31st. For more info, check out the Diamond News site.

  • 07/05 - [Essay on Born Again arc]

    Alan David Doane has written an essay on the Born Again arc by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Read what he has to say here.

  • 04/05 - [First look: Marvel Knights]

    The Comics Continuum site has a preview of the cover and first three pages of the upcoming Marvel Knights #1 issue. Check it out here.

  • 01/05 - [Mack interview]

    Russell Lissau talks to David Mack, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti in an interview at the AnotherUniverse.com site. Check it out here.

  • 01/05 - [Marvels Comics DD#1 this week]

    The Marvels Comics 5th week event happens this week. Be sure to pick up DD#1 by Tony Isabella and Eddy Newell. Also, make sure to ask your comics store for a copy of The History of Marvels Comics too.

    April 2000

  • 27/04 - [Redlines is back]

    After a long delay, Redlines is back this week with a larger than usual edition that has #18, #19 and #20's contents. There is some new info on the latest Wizard, and Bullseye's appearances (and 'DD's') in Gambit.

  • 20/04 - [DD in the Threaded Web]

    If you're one of those people who's dying to write a DD story, why don't you visit the Marvel site and write the next chapter in the Threaded Web story about DD? The first part is already up, by Shoshana Sternlicht. Go here.

  • 20/04 - [DD#1 Preview]

    Check out the Comic Book Resources site to view some preview art from the upcoming Marvels Comics Daredevil #1 by Tony Isabella and Eddy Newell. Go here.

  • 19/04 - [Palmiotti resigns from Marvel Knights]

    Jimmy Palmiotti has resigned his position with the Marvel Knights and Kevin Nowlan is now the regular inker on DD as of issue 15. Read all the details at the Mania site here and the Wizard World site here.

  • 17/04 - [Bendis interview]

    Check out this week's Your Man At Marvel for a small interview with upcoming DD writer Brian Michael Bendis. Go here.

  • 15/04 - [DD#12 mystery shipping]

    Joe Quesada informed the mailing list this past week that even though he wanted to send the badly printed DD#12 back to the printers, it seems Marvel sent it back on their own and 'fixed' it at their original printing location. Diamond still has it listed to ship this coming week and Quesada himself has seen a rough copy of the issue. What this means is that the delay that was supposed to happen *may* not happen now and the issue might ship on the 19th as originally planned.

  • 12/04 - [Shipping today]

    Both Punisher #3 and Daredevil vs. Punisher ship today. DD guest-stars in Punisher, and the DD/Punisher is a reprint book with the classic Miller story from 183-184, and the Nocenti/Romita Jr. story from 257.

  • 11/04 - [Sienkiewicz talks DD]

    Bill Sienkiewicz, whose name has been mentioned in the past few days with all the Frank Miller-DD rumours, let me know that nothing is official or approved yet. Sienkiewicz said:

    "Frank and I are in discussions with Marvel to make it a reality. When it's nailed down concretely, you'll be the first to know."

  • 10/04 - [Miller rumours]

    The Comic Wire and The Comic Reader are both reporting rumours from WonderCon that Frank Miller will be teaming up with Bill Sienkiewicz on a DD project. At this time, it's probably safe to say that it's not a done deal yet...

  • 10/04 - [DD movie axed because...]

    There are new reports that the DD movie that was being developed at Sony was axed because... of Stan Lee. Apparently, Marvel wanted to produce a 30 minute Internet movie about DD to go with the movie, to compete with Stan Lee Media. But that idea wasn't agreed on, and the movie was let go. Full details at Comicon.com.

  • 06/04 - [DD #12 in 4 weeks]

    Rather than release a badly printed book, Joe Quesada has told Marvel to go back to press to reprint the issue. This will push the release date back another 2 weeks. Joe wants to know your opinions... did he do the right thing by sending it back to the printers? Or should he have just let the issue ship in the state it was in? Post your comments on the message board.

  • 04/04 - [DD movie axed]

    Variety is reporting that Columbia Pictures has decided to pass on the Daredevil movie that was to be developed by Mark Steven Johnson. Columbia also passed on the Dr. Strange movie as well. Variety notes that in order for the movie to be made now, the principles will have to shop it as a free agent.

  • 03/04 - [DD #11 preview]

    For those of you who are getting impatient, you can check out the first three pages of this week's DD #11 at the Mile High Comics site. Go here.

  • 03/04 - [Darkdevil limited series]

    There is news that Darkdevil will be getting a limited series later this year, following the release of the Buzz limited series. If it sells well, it may become a regular series from the MC2 line.

    March 2000

  • 27/03 - [DD #11 ships in April]

    April 5 should see the release of the delayed DD #11. It's listed on Diamond's Tentative Shipping List.

  • 27/03 - [DD art for sale]

    Here's an e-mail I received from the Event Comics guys this week. It's a reminder that artwork from the current DD series is for sale.

    Be sure to check out the Event Comics website. Artwork from Kevin Smith's Guardian Devil series is now up for sale. Artwork is in original form and is signed by Kevin, Joe and Jimmy. Great for fans and collectors. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to own a piece of Daredevil history.

    Event Comics Online

  • 21/03 - [Punisher #3 cover, reprint info]

    The Diamond Comics site has a scan of the Punisher #3 cover by Tim Bradstreet and also some info on the DD vs. Punisher reprint. Both issues come out in April. Check it out here.

  • 17/03 - [Universe X Sketchbook]

    Look for Wizard #106 in June. It will have a free sketchbook by Alex Ross of characters that will appear in the followup to Earth X, called Universe X. The future version of Daredevil will most likely be in it. Remember, the Earth X #1/2 offer is in Wizard #105, in May.

  • 17/03 - [Miller, Elektra reprints]

    Diamond Distributors had their spring meetings with comic shops recently, and some news was announced from Marvel concerning DD. This fall will see a reprint collection of the Miller run on Daredevil. No word on if this is 'everything' that Miller did on DD, or just his first stint. Also, there will be an Elektra collection. Not sure if this is the Elektra Assassin series, or just Elektra appearances. More details as I get them...

  • 16/03 - [DD Cybercomic]

    The Daredevil cybercomic, Protection Racket, is finally available again on the Marvel site. For those of you who missed out on it when it was part of the Marvel Zone (when you had to pay for it), check it out now!
    DD cybercomic

  • 13/03 - [DD#11, #12 news]

    Joe Quesada stopped by his message board at the Event Comics site to let fans know what's up with DD. He says:

    DD #11 is done and somewhere in the production process. Jimmy and I have finished writing DD #12 and Rob Haynes has handed in a magnificent issue, that is also in the production stages. For those of you who are expecting Rob to be a clone of my style, you're going to be sorely disappointed. The reason Rob is doing DD is because his stuff is so unique that we feel it will capture its own audience.

  • 13/03 - [Quesada interview at OzComics]

    Check out the Ozcomics site for a new interview with Joe Quesada. He touches on the Knights, and his work on Iron Man. You can read it here.

  • 13/03 - [Squiddy Results]

    Many thanks to whoever voted for my site in the 1999 Squiddy Awards. It seems I tied for 4th place for Best Focused Comics Web Site of 1999 with 3 votes. Other DD-related nominations included Best Comics Creative Team of 1999 (1 vote), Best Multi-Part Comics Story of 1999 (2 votes), Best Ongoing Comic Series of 1999 (1 vote), Best Single Comic of 1999 (DD#8 2 votes, DD#9 2 votes), Best Comic Character of 1999 (1 vote), Best Limited Series of the 1990's (DD: Man Without Fear - 1 vote), Best Comics Penciler of 1999 (Joe Quesada - 1 vote), Best Comics Inker of 1999 (Jimmy Palmiotti - 10 votes - 2nd place), Best Comics Colorist of 1999 (Richard Isanove - 2 votes).

  • 10/03 - [DD vs Black Panther in Marvel Melee]

    Check out the Marvel site at www.marvel.com, and vote for DD in his Marvel Melee matchup with the Black Panther.

  • 10/03 - [DD Creators on TV, Radio]

    Kevin Smith fans may want to check out tonight's Dennis Miller live, at 11:30 on HBO, when the former DD writer stops by to discuss religion. Also, Joe Quesada phoned in to Howard Stern a few days ago to hype DD, but Stern didn't exactly give Quesada much chance to say anything before he was cut off. Stern had been talking about his favourite comics.

  • 07/03 - [Shipping this week]

    Things are really slow on the DD news front, but there are a few DD-related items shipping this week. The first issue of Sketch magazine is out, and it features David Mack. Also, the Wally Wood sketchbook is shipping in softcover. The limited hardcover came out a few weeks ago.

  • 03/03 - [DD related appearances]

    For those of you who collect DD-related character appearances, keep a look out for the following:
    * Earth X #1/2 - coupon will be in Wizard #105 in May
    * Spider-Girl #22 in May will have Darkdevil guest-starring
    * Gambit #18 will have Bullseye among other villains

    February 2000

  • 25/02 - [More Marvel Knights at Wizard World]

    If anyone missed this week's Wizard, you can check out some art from Marvel Knights, along with some info from Chuck Dixon, at the Wizard World site. Check it out here.

  • 24/02 - [Marvel Knights Page posted at Dixonverse]

    Chuck Dixon, the upcoming writer of Marvel Knights has posted a page of the series drawn by Eduardo Barreto and inked by Klaus Janson. Check it out at this address.

  • 24/02 - [Elektra Assassin Exhibit at Words and Pictures]

    The Words and Pictures Museum site is featuring Elektra Assassin in an exhibit online. You can get a chance to view the artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz with or without lettering. Check it out here.

  • 23/02 - [Daredevil Punisher Wizard Cover]

    Be on the look out for Wizard #105 in May, which will feature a Daredevil/Punisher cover. More details soon about interior articles.

  • 21/02 - [DD voted in Top Ten]

    The IGN site has posted their opinion on the top ten comics you should be reading, and Daredevil made the list. Check out their view on DD at this address.

  • 18/02 - [DD movie rumours]

    According to the Ain't It Cool News site, Mark Steven Johnson is back on board as the writer/director of the DD movie. You may recall about a year ago, Johnson's name was mentioned after it seemed Chris Columbus and Carlo Carlei were out of the running. Is this info true? Maybe an official announcement will come soon.

  • 14/02 - [Shipping this week]

    Some DD-related books are shipping this week. First up, the reprinting of the Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe comic by Garth Ennis. Next, the Kabuki: Reflections #3 book finally ships, with sketches of DD art by David Mack. And last, the Wally Wood sketchbook (hardcover) is shipping too. Look for all these comics/books Wednesday in your comics store.

  • 11/02 - [Marvel Knights #1 DF Cover]

    Dynamic Forces will produce a variant cover to the Marvel Knights #1 comic that makes its debut in May. Check it out here at the Mania site.

  • 11/02 - [Jenkins interview at Mania]

    Paul Jenkins, the upcoming writer of the Spidey/DD crossover, says a few things about the series, as well as his work on Hulk, his mysterious new project with Jae Lee, and other work. Note, this is the second of a two part interview. Check it out here.

  • 09/02 - [Gene Colan Annual]

    Matt Poslusny, of Comic Book Profiles, has prepared a special book for the legendary former penciler of Daredevil, Gene Colan! Knowing that DD fans wanted more info on the book, I asked Poslusny to give some details on the project:

    "The book will be distributed through Diamond and through several other smaller distributors. Diamond's solicitation is in the February issue (on sale now) and will be in the book section.

    "The book will be 120 pages, perfect bound, and will include a 2 page insert bound inside. The retail price of the book will be $19.95. It is being published by As You Like It Publications, publishers of Comic Book Profiles."

    Material in the book includes:
    * a brand new wrap around cover
    * excerpts from comic strips that Gene had planned out at an early age
    * a look at the evolution of Gene's 'take' on such characters as Batman, Daredevil and Dracula
    * Gene's latest comic strip "B'twixt and B'tween", previously only available on the web
    * a series of essays on comics and on life written by Gene
    * character designs for previously unpublished characters
    * a bibliography of Gene's work from the 1940's and 1950's
    * commentary by Gene running throughout the book
    * photos of Gene in his studio
    * a 16 5/8 x 10 1/2 special insert
    * an introduction by Marv Wolfman and an afterword by Don McGregor

    The Gene Colan Annual: Painting With Pencil is now available for order and will ship in April.

  • 07/02 - [Quesada interview at Psycomic]

    Randy Lander conducted an interview today with Joe Quesada at the Psycomic site. It is online here.

  • 05/02 - [Isabella talks about DD]

    I recently got in contact with upcoming Daredevil writer Tony Isabella to get a few words about the project he and Eddy Newell are doing for the Marvels Comics 5th week line. While Isabella is excited about the comic, he wants fans to be excited about it too.

    "While I appreciate your interest in the Daredevil comic I'm doing with Eddy Newell, I'm trying to keep the details of the book as secret as possible. In this age when readers know so much about what happens in the comics before they read them, I'd like to see if I can't surprise them for a change."

    When asked about his views on writing Daredevil again after several years and his teaming with former Black Lightning penciler Eddy Newell, Isabella had this to say:

    "I can't answer the first question without giving away plot elements, but I can say that it's been an absolute delight to work with Eddy again. He can draw better than 99% of the guys out there and it's all in service of the story. I hope this is just the first of many more Isabella/Newell collaborations to come."

    New fans to Daredevil may want to check out Daredevil (vol.1) #119-123, where Isabella teamed with Bob Brown on an excellent run which featured HYDRA and SHIELD.

    Marvels Comics Daredevil #1 will ship in May.

  • 04/02 - [Daredevil digital comic strip]

    Boris Sirbey, a French artist, got in touch with me and wanted to showcase his Daredevil comic strip he created. Boris is looking for comments on his work because he wants to use it as a way of submitting his work to Marvel. Check it out and let him know what you think of it. (sirbey.boris@easynet.fr)
    * Boris Sirbey's DD comic

  • 04/02 - [Info on Rob Haynes]

    Since so many people were asking me about Rob Haynes, the recently announced fill-in artist on Daredevil, I wanted to provide some links to some of his work. Most of you will remember his excellent Daredevil Flash movie he made. Be sure to visit:
    * Lockblok
    * Rob Haynes Commisions

  • 01/02 - [Cover to issue 13]

    This is the cover to Daredevil 13, by Quesada, Palmiotti and Mack. It's solicited to ship in April 2000. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

    January 2000

  • 31/01 - [Gil Kane 1926-2000]

    Legendary artist Gil Kane passed away today. Long time DD fans may remember his cover art and his issues he drew for the title. Fans of Kane may want to pick up last month's Comic Book Marketplace #74, where Kane talked about his most famous work with Green Lantern. He will be missed.

  • 31/01 - [Quesada talks with Your Man At Marvel]

    Here's the latest bit on the Bendis/Mack DD arc from Joe Quesada at the Your Man At Marvel site (www.marvel.com/yourman):

    As we threatened last week, here is Part Two of Marvel Knights' never-ending crusade to try and get more DAREDEVIL into the sweaty little mitts of fans clamoring for the epitome of comic book high art and adventure.

    As mentioned last week, Jimmy and I will be writing issue #12, which will be a short interlude in David Mack's storyline. Art will be by our next MK superstar, Rob Haynes. (Hey, open up the file I sent you -- it's got some way cool Haynes preview art!) Now let's get to the matter at hand.

    Well, I'm sure you've heard rumors, and we're here to confirm it. Jimmy and I managed to get David Mack into Jimmy's Mom's basement and beat him with a laundry bag full of oranges (this keeps him from bruising while inflicting the maximum amount of pain). After twenty or so minutes, David succumbed and agreed to apply his magnificent artistic genius to the hallowed pages of DAREDEVIL. We beat him some more until he agreed to paint it, at which point we beat him again just for the heck of it! Here was the problem, we needed to make up time, and for Jimmy and I to write three issues wasn't going to help out the scheduling situation. So we set our sights high and shot for the moon. What did we come up with? Well, in typical Knights' fashion we got an early Christmas (or late, depending on how you look at your calendar). It would seem as if the very Gods of Asgard were smiling upon us as we managed to tap into the hottest craze hitting the nation...


    That's right, you've heard it here first! The incomparable Brian Michael Bendis (or just Bendis to us in the know) will be joining us here at the Castle of Concepts for a three-issue romp through the dark, gritty world of Daredevil! Bendis, better known for his creator-owned, award-winning titles like Jinx and Torso, his acclaimed Sam And Twitch book for the skinny guy with McGuire's balls, his new Image title Powers, and his upcoming screenwriting work for Miramax Films, is our newest Knight! Even Entertainment Weekly has picked up on BENDISMANIA! This week's issue gives Bendis' Hollywood tell-all comic book Fortune and Glory a rave review!

    We're all foaming at the mouth at the thought of Bendis and David Mack (applying his cornea-burning Kabuki style) collaborating for us on MK's flagship title. Their offbeat three-issue story line will begin with DAREDEVIL #16 and conclude in issue #18. This storyline is so moving that Stan Lee himself promised me he would stab me through the heart with his pencil if I gave away any of the juicy details!

    So, for those readers of DAREDEVIL who have fallen in love with David Mack's approach and are feeling like it might end too early, don't sweat it. We've got your back with more Mack, more Mack, and more Mack!

    Now I know, Your Man, that you're dying to hear more (because that's what you do), but you're just going to have to be patient. There should be another letter coming your way sometime soon -- we just need to get Bendis into Jimmy's Mom's basement first!"

  • 31/01 - [Bendis talks about DD]

    Recently announced DD writer Brian Michael Bendis talked with Michael Doran of the Mania site's Daily Buzz (www.mania.com/buzz/index.asp) about his upcoming arc with David Mack. He has good news for DD fans:

    "They're written. We didn't want to announce anything we weren't totally positive we could deliver."

    If you're looking to get any info on the storyline, you won't get it from Bendis:

    "One of the hardships about an announcement like this is that you don't want people to start trying to envision what the story will be like before the comic hits the stand. You want as much intrigue and surprise as you can muster. And in this Internet world it is not always that easy. Especially with work you are as proud of as I am about my turn on DD."

  • 31/01 - [Quesada announcement about Bendis/Mack]

    Here's the online announcement from Joe Quesada about Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack's arc on Daredevil. The 'official' Your Man At Marvel release will be posted later on today.


    As I mentioned last week, Jimmy and I have been working on ways to get DD on schedule while still maintaining the high standards that we expect each issue. We realized that the only way for this to happen was for us to start bringing in some new talent to take over the title for a few issues. this would enable us to take a breath and get to work Bob Gale's epic story arc. I'm sure you've all heard the rumors and I'm here now to confirm them. After much wining and dining and many a crank phone call pretending to be Hollywood agents interested in his work (sshhhh, I think he believes those were actual agents calling), Brian Michael Bendis is joining us and will be writing an earth shattering three part story arc. As for the art chores, well this one was a no brainer. He had a break in his schedule and fans have been raving about his writing stint on DD thus far, so David Mack has jumped at the chance at working with his good friend Bendis (sorry, I can only call him that Brian Michael crap once per press release) and continuing what he's started on DD. David will be painting issues #16-18 and Bendis will be providing the snappy dialogue. Again, this will hopefully help get DD on schedule while at the same time give fans and retailers more of "The Man Without Fear." Who would have thought that Daredevil would be in such high demand!

    It's our opinion that these two lunatics (Bendis and Mack) are really the future of comics! These creators are the spearhead of a new creative blood supply that has been growing in the far off fertile lands of indy publishing and that we're trying to bring to the dried up wasteland that has become mainstream comics. At MK, Jimmy and I are always looking at who could be the next big thing. We saw it in Paul Jenkins and J.G. Jones and we've known it about David Mack for some time, and last year we caught wind of the hurricane which we have coined "BENDISMANIA!"

    So, as always we remain open for any follow up questions you might have. As of this press release there is no preview art available.

    Joe Quesada

  • 31/01 - [Bendis and Mack confirmed for DD]

    Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack will be the creators on Daredevil #16-18. Watch for more details later this morning as I get the full press announcement. Bendis will write with Mack painting each issue while Bob Gale, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti get a head start on their arc.

  • 28/01 - [Price increase]

    As noted earlier, Marvel is increasing its prices in April. The main line is going up to $2.25 US. How does this affect Daredevil, which already cost $2.50 to begin with? Well, it looks like DD will cost $2.99 US/$4.50 CDN in April!

  • 25/01 - [Shipping update]

    The Kabuki Reflections book is not listed again to ship. Its new ship date is Feb.16. However, there will be a new DD T-Shirt - The 'Senses' shirt - available on Wednesday.
    With the recent announcements concerning DD issues, expect DD#11 to ship in late February/early March, with DD #12 and #13 shipping in April (5th and 26th respectively).
    Daredevil #1, the comic that is part of the Marvels Comics 5th week line, will ship in May.

  • 24/01 - [Quesada interview at Mania]

    Mania has just posted an interview with Joe Quesada and he talks about what's been going on with Daredevil. Check out the interview at this address.

  • 24/01 - [More on DD interlude]

    Here is more info on the announced DD#12 interlude issue from Your Man At Marvel (http://www.marvel.com/news
    /yourman/yourman.html) as Joe Quesada talks with YM@M:

    "Let it be known that in our never ending quest to get DAREDEVIL out on time, Jimmy and myself have been taking steps towards helping retailers and fans get more of what folks are saying is one of comicdom's most popular titles. As you know, Your Man ('cause that's what you do), this plan has been well under way for quite some time now. Rather than announcing it before it was appropriate, Jimmy and I (and you) have been keeping this bit of exciting news under wraps, even through the slings and arrows of heated e-mails saying we're just sitting on our laurels.

    "We're now ready to spring some pretty cool stuff on all the Marvel Knightlites out there. Hopefully, this bit of news will help fans and retailers alike realize that we're trying to do everything within our power to get DAREDEVIL out and to the people!

    "The first step in this process will be DAREDEVIL #12, which takes an intimate look at the lives of the people that make Hell's Kitchen so steamy. Rather than just slap together any old thing, Jimmy and I have written a story that will fit in seamlessly between the gaps of David Mack's current story and give it some extra flavor without interrupting its flow. It will also help in giving me some much-needed breathing room to catch up as well.

    "Why is it written by Jimmy and me, you ask? Well, because we felt that the issue had to be respectful of Mack's tale and still retain the feel we've been bringing to DAREDEVIL for the last 10 issues. David aside, we're much more familiar with what he has planned for DD and Echo than anyone.

    "Also, our commitment to bringing fans the best comic books we can doesn't stop there. We will also introduce fans to someone who we believe will be our next bright artistic star. Much like Marvel Knights pushed the artwork of J.G. Jones to the forefront (in BLACK WIDOW), so will we once again with Rob Haynes. All we can say about Rob is that his heroic style is unlike anything we've ever seen before. Amazingly unique yet instantly appealing (but you already know this, Your Man... 'cause that's what you do!). There is no one out there drawing like this guy, and we aim to show the comic book world (he's already known online for his work on Marvel.com's EXCELSIOR THEATRE and CYBERCOMICS, not to mention the amazing art at his Lockblok Web site)! So tell everyone to watch out for DAREDEVIL #12 (hittin' the streets on April 5th), written by Jimmy and me, and illustrated masterfully by Rob Haynes. That's Rob Haynes, I say!

    "By the way, David Mack continues as writer with issue #13.

    "Now, the fun doesn't stop there! Jimmy and I will have some more exciting news involving the Man Without Fear and scheduling, but you'll have to wait until next week to find out. But you already know that... 'cause that's what you do!"

  • 24/01 - [Isabella/Newell DD #1 announced]

    As part of a special 'Marvels Comics' 5th week project in May, Daredevil will have a special DD #1 by Tony Isabella and Eddy Newell. Here is the preview blurb for it:

    Daredevil #1
    Tony Isabella/Eddy Newell
    He's a failed demon who seeks an entrance into Heaven on the Earthly plain, haunting the back alleys and mean streets of Hell's Kitchen, dispensing his brutal brand of Stygian retribution! But what happens when the Hell-born Daredevil meets an Earth-bound angel? And lurking in the shadows: the Warlord of Crime!

  • 24/01 - [Daredevil interlude announced]

    The Daily Buzz is reporting an announcement by Joe Quesada that he will not be pencilling DD #11 in an attempt to get the delayed comic back on schedule. More details are supposedly forthcoming from Your Man At Marvel, but here is what Quesada said in his announcement:

    "Today, Marvel will be releasing news about our attempts to help get back on schedule and put more product in the hands of fans and retailers. The first step will be an interlude in David Mack's story arc. After David's issue #11 hits the stands it will be followed by a short story written by Jimmy and myself and illustrated by a young artist named Rob Haynes. Rob is, in our opinion, our next Marvel Knights star. The story will be an extension of Mack's and will involve Daredevil and Echo, but will in no way interrupt, change or alter anything in David's story line. David's story line will continue with issue #13. Most of this will be covered in today's 'Your Man at Marvel' (http://www.marvelcomics.com/news /your_man/index.html)."

    "I realize that this may seem like a Band-Aid on cancer, but there is more yet to be announced Like I said, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We've been making plans for several months now to resolve this problem and we're just glad that the time has come that we can be a bit more loose-lipped about it."

  • 21/01 - [Marvel raising prices in April]

    NEWSARAMA is reporting that Marvel will raise the price of the basic comic line ($1.99) to $2.25 in April. No word yet on if the current DD price of $2.50 will be raised.

  • 21/01 - [Bendis on DD?]

    Image Comics has released information for comics shipping in April 2000, and Powers, the new comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming is listed. What is interesting is this part of the solicitation:

    ...find out in the gritty, new crime comic book series Powers from super hot comic writer and EISNER award winner Brian Michael Bendis (Sam And Twitch, Daredevil, Jinx, Batman) and art deco comic artist Mike Avon Oeming (Young Justice, Superman).
    Look for more details this week, as Bendis has mentioned on his site that his 'major project' will be announced sometime during the week. Is his major project Daredevil?

  • 17/01 - [DD 10 this week, Kabuki Reflections delay]

    Daredevil fans finally get to see DD 10 this week, after months of delays. The Kabuki Reflections #3 book that was supposed to ship this week has been delayed. It has sketches of DD by David Mack.

  • 12/01 - [Earth X Daredevil appearance]

    For those of you who collect Earth X appearances, he has a minor role in today's Earth X #11.

  • 12/01 - [Dixon talks about Marvel Knights]

    Chuck Dixon, in an interview with Mania's Daily Buzz, has mentioned that Daredevil, Punisher, Black Widow, Dagger and Shang-Chi will be the 'anti-group' featured in the first arc of his Marvel Knights book. Dixon says all the action will be concentrated in Lower Manhatten and Brooklyn. The title will feature rotating 'teams' for each arc.

  • 11/01 - [Quesada interview at Wizard World]

    Check out the Wizard World site at this address to read a new interview with Joe Quesada. He talks about the Marvel Knights, and his upcoming work on Iron Man.

  • 10/01 - [Marvel Knights Genesis Edition]

    Your Man At Marvel is reporting that Punisher #3 will be poly-bagged with a special 16 page comic which has sketches and pages from two Marvel Knights titles. One of those titles featured will be Marvel Boy by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones. The other title is by Chuck Dixon and Eduarto Barreto, and their title will focus on team-ups with characters that exist in Daredevil and Punisher's world. The title of their comic? Marvel Knights.

  • 10/01 - [DD 10 - January 19]

    The long delayed Daredevil #10 will be shipping January 19th, according to the Diamond shipping lists for this week.

  • 05/01 - [DD appearance in FF]

    Matt Murdock makes a small appearance as the FF's attorney in FF #27, out this week. How small is the appearance? It's one panel. But DD's on the cover too, for all you completists out there.

  • 03/01 - [Daredevil vs Punisher reprints]

    Your Man At Marvel is reporting that some past DD vs Punisher stories will be reprinted in a special edition in April. It will be entitled, surprisingly enough, 'Daredevil vs Punisher'. The Miller story 'Child's Play' will be a part of this reprinting.

  • 03/01 - [DD 10 - not this week, not next week]

    The ongoing saga of Daredevil #10's ship date continues, as Diamond Distributors has updated its shipping lists and DD #10 is not among titles shipping this week. It is also not on the tentative list for January 12. January 19th anyone? 26th?

  • 03/01 - [DD 13 cover scan]

    This is the cover to Daredevil 13, by Quesada, Palmiotti and Mack. It's solicited to ship in March 2000. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

  • 03/01 - [Marvel Universe 2000 Calendar]

    For those of you shopping for bargains, you may want to pick up the Marvel Universe 2000 Calandar, that's probably sitting in a discount bin right now at the mall. It has many pictures of classic Marvel characters, and DD is featured in February.

  • 01/01 - [Happy New Year!]

    Many thanks to all of you who continue to visit my site and continue to support the site. It makes all the effort worthwhile knowing DD fans actually have some use for it. :) Happy New Year, everyone!

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