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December 2001

  • 28/12 - [Knights preview]

    Newsarama has the first 8 pages and cover of the new Marvel Knights series coming in March. Also, the script (not final) is presented as well. The relaunched series is written by John Figueroa and drawn by Alberto Ponticelli.


  • 27/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 28
    * Elektra #6 $2.99
    * Paradise X: The Heralds #3 $3.50

    January 4
    * Daredevil Yellow #6 $3.50
    * Alias #5 $2.99

  • 21/12 - [Next week]

    Just a reminder that next week's comics will ship on Friday Dec. 28. Elektra #6 ships (preview is on front page) and also, in case you missed it, DD#26 is reprinted in Mighty Marvel Must Haves #2. Next week's Previews will also have details of a new Daredevil T-Shirt featuring the Women of Daredevil, the 'Nuff Said Elektra poster, and more!

    Have a safe holiday, and I'll be back later next week!

  • 20/12 - [Misc. Stuff]

    * DD#28 came out on Wednesday, and you can read the rest of the plot at the Marvel site when they post it.
    * There's an interview with Mark Steven Johnson in the latest Wizard. He talks about Ben Affleck, Elektra and the DD costume.
    * A new interview with inker Kim DeMulder is now up on the site, and look for interviews with penciler Luke McDonnell and inker Bill Reinrold, coming soon.
    * The site passed 600,000 hits on the main page!

  • 17/12 - [Shipping update]

    From Diamond:

    NOTE: Due to the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the following changes to shipping dates and lists will take place: Products for the week of December 24 will arrive in stores on Friday, December 28. Products for the week of December 31 will arrive in stores on Friday, January 4, 2002.

    December 19
    * DAREDEVIL #28 $2.99

    December 28
    * ELEKTRA #6 $2.99

  • 13/12 - [DD appearance]

    In case you missed it, DD has a few posters in this week's Marvel Poster Book. One is DD Yellow, by Tim Sale and the other is DD by David Mack.

  • 10/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 12
    * ELEKTRA #5 $2.99

    December 19
    * DAREDEVIL #28 $2.99

  • 10/12 - [MK Previews]

    The Comics Continuum has some preview pages from 3 upcoming MK titles. Punisher, Daredevil and Elektra are featured. Check out the pages from DD#28, by Alex Maleev.

    Comics Continuum

  • 06/12 - [Lots of news]

    * According to Variety, actor Colin Farrell is the lead contender for the role of Bullseye in the upcoming Daredevil movie.
    * Alias #4 has a 'non-appearance' of Matt Murdock; namely his voice on the phone with Jessica Jones.
    * Dynamic Forces has a limited litho of 'Heroes Vs. Villains' which features DD's battle with Sub-Mariner from DD#7 and also Elektra vs. Bullseye.
    * DF also has Daredevil/Spider-Man #1 issues signed by Paul Jenkins, Alex Ross and Phil Winslade available.
    * DD makes an appearance in the Mini-Marvels #1 which reprints some of his Bullpen Bits which ran in Marvel comics.
    * Darkdevil will make an appearance in next month's Spider-Girl #42.
    * DD is also in this week's Marvel Knights: Millennial Visions 'pin-up' comic, in about 3 pics (the last one is DD doing some advertising for his own hamburgers!).

  • 04/12 - [Simulated Comics w/ DD]

    Simulated Comics, the weekly column at ComicBookGalaxy.com by Brian Lynch is featuring a new comic strip with DD, Spidey and Ben Affleck! What happens when the Marvel heroes meet the man who's going to be the movie DD?...

    Simulated Comics

  • 03/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 5
    * DAREDEVIL III T/S (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * ELEKTRA STATUE $150.00

    December 12
    * ELEKTRA #5 $2.99

    November 2001

  • 29/11 - [Misc. Stuff]

    * The 'dead' Daredevil in Paradise X makes another appearance in this week's Heralds #2. This Daredevil will have a starring role in the Paradise X series which debuts in February.
    * A DD bust appears in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #9. I know it's a stretch, but I know some of you collect anything remotely DD-related.
    * There's a special Dynamic Forces 'GICLEE' canvas print of Alex Ross and Joe Quesada's Spider-Man vs. Daredevil available for order in this week's Previews. It's limited to 99 copies, and is signed by both creators. It can be yours for $599.99 US., and it ships in February.

  • 28/11 - [Foggy's Mom explained]

    Lots of people have been asking who the woman in DD#27 is, since they believe 'Razor' Sharpe is Foggy's mother. Well, yes and no. 'Razor' Sharpe is Foggy's biological mother. Anna Nelson is Foggy's step-mother, but she is, for the most part, responsible for Foggy's upbringing. If you want to read up on the how's and why's, check out DD Vol.1 #360, by Karl Kesel and Cary Nord.

  • 26/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 28

    December 5

  • 26/11 - [DD Yellow Flash Promo]

    DD fan Jason Micallef has made a Flash Daredevil Yellow 'promo' for the series. Check it out in the Flash Animations section!


  • 21/11 - [DD in Greatest Marvels]

    For those of you who are DD completists, be sure to pick up the Greatest Marvels of All Time, where DD#181 checks in at #22 and DD#227 soars high at #11. It's yet to be revealed if DD is among the top 5.

  • 21/11 - [DD#28 Sneak Peek]

    Thanks to Robin Hotter, who informed me that DD#28 page 16 is available in the Sneak Peek section of Marvel's site. It's drawn by Alex Maleev, and the preview is in black and white. Hurry, it'll only be there for the week.


  • 20/11 - [Misc. stuff]

    * PopImage's Dan Coyle has a new interview with former DD writer Ann Nocenti. Check it out!


    * There's a new interview with Brian Bendis and Jim Mahfood at PopCultureShock. Bendis touches on DD a bit.


    * DD appears in the Amazing Spider-Man #36 WTC issue, helping out in a few panels

    * Watch for a new interview with Matt Ryan soon. Ryan inked over Cary Nord a few years ago, and now is at CrossGen Comics.

    * According to Wizard, Mark Steven Johnson, the writer/director of the DD movie, has hired a blind 'consultant' to help with scenes involving Matt Murdock.

    * From Your Man At Marvel, there will be a reprint of DD#26 in the Mighty Marvel Must-Have Format in December.

    * Also, in March, be on the lookout for the Complete Frank Miller Spider-Man oversized hardcover edition. This reprints Miller's first DD work in the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man.

    Your Man At Marvel

  • 19/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 21
    * Daredevil #27
    * Daredevil Yellow #5
    * Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer #1
    * Marvel Knights Magazine #6
    * Elektra Sai T-Shirt

    November 28
    * No DD-related items

  • 12/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 14
    * DD Visionaries: Miller Vol. 3
    * Elektra #4
    * Elektra (III) T-Shirt (O/A)

    November 21
    * Daredevil #27
    * Daredevil Yellow #5
    * Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer #1

  • 08/11 - [Should Elektra be Greek?]

    Casting of the DD movie is apparently under way, and Harry Knowles of the Ain't It Cool News site asserts that Elektra should be played by someone who at least looks Greek. When you think of Lucy Liu, do you see her playing Elektra? Whether or not you agree with him, his views are quite the read.

    Ain't It Cool News

  • 08/11 - [Appearances]

    Just in case you missed it this week, there are some appearances in other comics that may interest DD fans.
    * Alias #3 - Matt Murdock makes a cameo
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #8 - the conclusion of the Punisher storyline with the 'Ultimate' version of DD
    Some other recent appearances:
    * Heroes
    * Paradise X: The Heralds #1
    Any others??

  • 05/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 7
    * Alias #3 (may have Matt Murdock cameo)
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #8

    November 14
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Miller Vol. 3
    * Elektra #4
    * Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer #1

    October 2001

  • 30/10 - [DD movie rumours]

    IGN FilmForce has posted some news/rumours pertaining to casting of the DD movie. Among the actresses being considered for Elektra (according to their source) are: Penelope Cruz, Lucy Liu, Angie Harmon, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Claire Forlani and Bridget Moynahan.

    IGN FilmForce

  • 29/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 31
    * Elektra (V) T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95

    November 7
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Miller Vol. 3
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #8

  • 25/10 - [Sneak - DD#28 Page 6]

    Marvel has posted a sneak peek of DD#28 page 6 on their web site. It's a double page spread which features many characters, drawn by Alex Maleev.


  • 25/10 - [DD movie news]

    Dark Horizons is reporting that two casting breakdowns are out for Elektra and a young Matt Murdock.

    Elektra Natchios - Age Range 21-31. Elektra is the daughter of a Greek business tycoon. Exotic, intelligent, raised in private schools in a life of priviledge. Very beautiful, athletic and trained in martial arts".

    Young Matt Murdock - Age Range 12-14. Brown hair and brown eyes. Matt Murdock as a young boy - smart, articulate, sensitive yet strong. Idolizes his father, who is a boxer. He is struck in the eyes and goes blind, only to find other senses have been heightened. Trains his body to gymnast levels.

    Also, Wizard Magazine this month has published a rumour that Penelope Cruz is up for the role of Elektra. But then again, they still say Vin Diesel is involved with the movie...

    Dark Horizons

  • 23/10 - [DD movie fan poster]

    DD fan Adam Thur has made his own version of a DD movie poster. His choices for the stars of the movie include Ben Affleck and Eliza Dushku. Check it out!

    DD movie fan poster

  • 22/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 24
    * Daredevil Born Again TPB

    October 31
    * No DD items scheduled

  • 22/10 - [Misc. DD stuff]

    * Be sure to pick up Heroes, the special book that benefits the true heroes of New York. DD makes an appearance in a couple of images.
    * A character we haven't seen in a long time will make a return to the pages of DD in February's issue #29.
    * There is a special Dynamic Forces Daredevil Yellow #1 edition that is limited to 25 copies. It is called the 'Battling Jack' edition, with a sketch of Matt's father, and also signed by the creators, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

  • 15/10 - [Double Shot preview]

    Cinescape has a preview of Marvel Knights Double Shot, with several b&w images of the new title.


  • 15/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 17
    * Daredevil #26
    * Marvel Masterworks DD Vol.2 HC

    October 24
    * No DD items scheduled

  • 15/10 - [Misc. Stuff]

    * Check out the front page of the site for changes to shipping dates for many DD-related titles
    * Elektra #4 was delayed at the request of Brian Bendis
    * Fox/New Regency has bought the domain for the Daredevil movie. It's www.daredevilmovie.com. Nothing there yet...

  • 10/10 - [Bendis interview]

    The 'This Is Not News' site has a new interview with upcoming DD writer Brian Bendis. He touches on his arc with Alex Maleev, and reveals how the first story arc will be structured.

    This Is Not News interview

  • 08/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 10
    * Marvel Knights #15 (Final issue)
    * Daredevil Visionaries Vol.1 HC
    * Daredevil Visionaries Vol.2 HC

    October 17
    * Daredevil #26

  • 04/10 - [DD script review]

    With Ben Affleck seemingly becoming the lead contender for the role of DD, with Variety reporting he's set to sign up, FilmForce has a review of the DD script. There are minor spoilers...


  • 04/10 - [Knights preview]

    The Comics Continuum has a preview of the first eight pages of Marvel Knights #1, that will debut next year.

    Comics Continuum

  • 03/10 - [Affleck as DD?]

    Comics2Film is reporting that Ben Affleck is the lead contender for the role of DD in the upcoming movie.


  • 01/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 3
    * Daredevil #25

    October 10
    * Marvel Knights #15 - Final issue

  • 01/10 - [New Marvel Knights]

    Newsarama is reporting that the new creative team on the relaunch of Marvel Knights has been named. Debuting in March 2002, the series will be written by John Figueroa and illustrated by Alberto Ponticelli. More details on the team is here:


    September 2001

  • 28/09 - [Shipping changes]

    Check out the front page of the site for updates on shipping dates. Elektra, DD Yellow, Double-Shot, Marvel Knights have all had their next issue ship dates changed by Marvel.

  • 26/09 - [Meeting Frank Miller]

    Your Man At Marvel recently had a chance to meet his idol, Frank Miller. Read as his 'inner-fanboy' reveals itself!

    Your Man At Marvel

  • 25/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 26
    * DF Elektra #1 Remarked
    * Elektra Mouse Pad #1, #2

    October 3
    * Daredevil #25

  • 24/09 - [DD/Elektra info]

    The Diamond Distributors web site has info on the upcoming "Nuff' Said" issues of DD and Elektra, along with a scan of the DD cover. Thanks to Robin for this info.

    Diamond Comics

  • 21/09 - [Elektra #3 pulped]

    It seems Elektra #3 is a second printing of the comic... find out what happened with the first printing...


  • 20/09 - [Movie update]

    Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige spoke with the Comics Continuum about the progress of the DD movie. He comments on the Vin Diesel rumours, as well as the casting efforts for other characters.

    Comics Continuum

  • 18/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 19
    * Daredevil #24
    * Elektra #3
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #7
    * DF Elektra #1 Signed
    * Elektra IV T-Shirt

    September 26
    * No DD-related items shipping

  • 17/09 - [Update]

    Upcoming updates to the site include reviews, fan fiction, a DD wallpaper and more... but after the events of the past week, I'm really not in the mood for updating the site just yet.

  • 10/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 12
    * Daredevil: Man Without Fear TPB
    * Marvel Knights Magazine #5
    * Daredevil V T-Shirt

    September 19
    * Daredevil #24
    * Elektra #3

  • 10/09 - [Vin Diesel as DD?]

    According to Newsarama, The Hollywood Reporter has published news that Regency Pictures has offered the DD movie role to Vin Diesel. No word if this is true or not...


  • 10/09 - [DD figure contest]

    The Amazing Justice League of Julius Marx is a column at the Action Figure Times web site. He is running a contest to win the hard to find DD yellow figure in the Spidey Classics 2 line. There are 14 questions and the deadline is Sept.22, so check out the site if you want a chance to win the prize!

    Action Figure Times

  • 10/09 - [Comic Reader award]

    The Comic Reader has awarded this site its Aug/Sept Site Award. Thanks! Visit their site for online comics, reviews and more.

    The Comic Reader

  • 06/09 - [DD script review]

    13th Street has a review up on the DD movie script. Check it out if you're interested.

    13th Street

  • 06/09 - [David Mack interview]

    David Mack talks about Kabuki, DD and his other projects at the Sequential Tart site this month!

    Sequential Tart

  • 05/09 - [Knights Millennial Visions]

    From Your Man At Marvel:

    Marvel Knights Millennial Visions: Daredevil! Moon Knight! Cloak and Dagger! An all-star cast of top talent conjures up future images of the cool characters that patrol Marvel's mean streets! Featuring the work of Tim Bradstreet (Punisher), Alex Maleev (Daredevil), Adam Pollina (X-Force), Darick Robertson (Fury), J.H. Williams III and more! On sale December 5th, this 48-page one-shot includes no ads -- but it does have a killer cover by Tony Harris!

    Your Man At Marvel

  • 04/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 6 [due to Labour Day]
    * Daredevil #23
    * Daredevil Yellow #4

    September 12
    * No DD items shipping

    Check out front page of site for latest updates on other shipping dates.

  • 04/09 - [Bob Gale interview]

    BTTF.com, an excellent Back to the Future web site, has an interview with current DD writer Bob Gale.


  • 04/09 - [Double-Shot preview]

    Cinescape has a preview of the Double-Shot anthology series, with some art from the DD story by Rob Haynes.


    August 2001

  • 31/08 - [Hogestyn in DD movie?]

    The Coming Soon web site is posting RUMOURS that Days of our Lives actor Drake Hogestyn has a role in the upcoming DD movie. Any of it true? You decide:

    Coming Soon! News

  • 28/08 - [Date with Destiny]

    Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada have worked on a special comic for the New York Times that details Smith's first kiss with his wife. DD even makes an appearance in this hilarious comic called 'My Date With Destiny!'.

    New York Times

  • 27/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 29
    * Wizard Green Arrow/DD cover #121
    * DF Marvel Knights #1 Bonus Pack
    * DF Elektra Painted Litho Remarked
    * Elektra II T-Shirt

    September 6
    * Daredevil #23
    * Daredevil Yellow #4

  • 20/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 22
    * Daredevil #22
    * Marvel Knights #14

    August 29
    * DD Man Without Fear TPB New Printing
    * Wizard Green Arrow/DD Cover #121

  • 20/08 - [Bendis' DD/Elektra plans]

    Brian Bendis had some more news at the Wizard World convention over the weekend. See what he has planned for DD and Elektra's Silent Month in December!

    Comics Continuum

  • 18/08 - [Wizard World News]

    From various (noted) sources at Wizard World:

    * DD#30 will depict superheroes in the media that's never been done before at Marvel (CBR)
    * 2002 may see the release of an Echo mini-series written by David Mack. He may also illustrate another Echo story too (CBR)
    * Marvel Knights (the series) will be relaunched with a new creative team (CBR)
    * Greg Rucka's first Elektra storyline will delve into Elektra's past and is set in Greece (Newsarama)
    * Marvel Knights Double Shot is now 5 issues. It will continue annually with 4-5 issues a year (Newsarama)
    * There is a Typhoid Mary project, but is not written by Ann Nocenti, although Joe Quesada said Nocenti is welcome to pitch (Newsarama)
    * Frank Miller is providing covers for a secret project in February or March (Newsarama)


  • 17/08 - [DD figure review]

    Michael Crawford, of the ComicBookGalaxy.com site, has a new review of the DD figure in the Spider-Man Classics Series 2 line. The figure is now available in stores, and Crawford has many scans of the figure up at the site.

    DD figure review @ ComicBookGalaxy.com

  • 16/08 - [DD in Vancouver!]

    Just as ACTRA offered a deal to Fox, it appears the production will move west to Vancouver. The Montreal Gazette is reporting that after production begins in L.A. in November, the film will move to Vancouver.

    Montreal Gazette

  • 14/08 - [ACTRA offers deal]

    Comics2Film.com is reporting that ACTRA has offered a no-strike waiver to keep the DD film production in Montreal. More details:


    There are also RUMOURS that the production may be shifted to British Columbia...

  • 13/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 15
    * DD/Spider-Man TPB
    * Elektra #2 (2 covers)
    * DF DD Yellow #1 Sketch Edition
    * DF Elektra Painted Litho Signed
    * Elektra Poster
    * Elektra T-Shirt

    August 22
    * Daredevil #22
    * Marvel Knights #14

  • 13/08 - [Out of Montreal?]

    Sneak Peek is reporting that the DD movie has been pulled out of Montreal due to the threat of a strike by 18,000 ACTRA members. More info:

    Sneak Peek

  • 10/08 - [DD in Montreal?]

    Wizard World is reporting that the DD movie may be shot in and around Montreal. Director Mark Steven Johnson said that late November looks like a date for filming to start.

    Wizard World

  • 07/08 - [Elektra dotComic]

    Marvel.com has posted the new Elektra dotComic today. The DD#168 dotComic is also still available too.


  • 07/08 - [DD news @ WizardWorld]

    Brian Bendis posted on his message board that this month's Wizard World will feature a panel discussion about his upcoming DD arc with Alex Maleev.

    Bendis Message Board

  • 06/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 8
    * Daredevil #21
    * Daredevil Red Mini-Statue

    August 15
    * DD/Spider-Man TPB
    * Elektra #2a&b

  • 03/08 - [Maleev DD#27 pic]

    Alex Maleev has posted an early cover scan of DD#27 on the Bendis board. Check it out!

    Maleev DD#27 cover

  • 01/08 - [False Movie Info]

    I'm sure many of you saw postings on several sites about the 'casting' of Matt Damon on the DD movie. I didn't post it here, because I knew it wasn't official. Now comes info from AICN that the whole thing was false.


    July 2001

  • 30/07 - [Shipping update]

    August 1
    * Daredevil Yellow #3
    * DFE Elektra Painted Litho $24.99

    August 8
    * Daredevil #21

  • 30/07 - [Moore interview]

    Russell Lissau has an interview with editor Stuart Moore at the Cinescape site. Check it out!

    Interview with Stuart Moore

  • 27/07 - [Making of DD fan film]

    Cine-courts.com has posted a 'Making of' documentary of the DD fan teaser by David Sarrio. It's in French, but there's a lot of behind the scenes shots.

    Making of DD fan teaser

  • 27/07 - [Marvel watches]

    Design your own custom Marvel watch! Choose from several Marvel characters, including 4 pics of DD.

    Marvel Watch Designer

  • 26/07 - [Wizard stuff]

    Matt Murdock appears in the Paradise X insert in this week's Wizard magazine. Also, DD goes up against Dr. Mid-Nite in the Last Man Standing section.

  • 26/07 - [Supermodel Elektra]

    Elektra has been signed to a modelling agency. Really.


  • 25/07 - [DD movie update]

    The Comics Continuum talked with Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige, and the DD movie could start filming later this year. More details:

    Comics Continuum

  • 23/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 25
    * Daredevil #20 (Originally listed as Mature Readers, Previews has noted this was not the case - now listed as Note Price - $3.50)
    * Marvel Knights #13
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #6
    * DF Daredevil Yellow #1 Signed $39.99
    * Elektra III T-Shirt ($17.95/$20.95 XXL)

    August 1
    * Daredevil Yellow #3

  • 23/07 - [October DD items]

    Things to look out for in the upcoming Previews magazine for items shipping in October include:
    * DF Double Shot Signed #1 $29.99
    * DF Elektra Wall of Fire Litho (Signed/Remarked) $49.99/$69.99
    * DD Visionaries Frank Miller Volume 3 $24.95
    * Marvel Masterworks DD Volume 2 HC $49.95
    * Daredevil Mini-Bust $45.00
    * Elektra III T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95 XXL
    * Elektra V T-Shirt (NEW) $17.95/$20.95 XXL

  • 23/07 - [Elektra/DD news]

    Check out Comics Newsarama for a wrap-up of news from the past weekend's San Diego Comic Con.

    * There will be a Wolverine/Elektra graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Yoshitaka Amano
    * Greg Rucka is the writer on Elektra #7 onwards
    * Some news from Bendis on his arc and his panel from the show

    Comics Newsarama

  • 20/07 - [dotComic Part 2]

    Part 2 of the DD#168 dotComic at the Marvel site is now online.

    DD#168 dotComic Part 2

  • 19/07 - [DD figure news]

    Daredevil's new figures in the Spider-Man Classics line will be shipping in the next two weeks, according to the Comics Continuum. For a peek of the Yellow version, click on the link below.

    DD figure

  • 18/07 - [Bendis interview]

    Christopher Allen has a new interview with Brian Bendis at the ComicBookGalaxy.com site. Bendis discusses his early work, DD, Elektra, Alias, and more.

    Bendis interview

  • 17/07 - [DD-related appearance]

    Of course DD/Matt appears in a few panels of Elektra #1, but you may have missed an alternate reality version of DD called 'Battlin' Jack' who appeared in last week's Fantastic Four Annual 2001. 'Battlin' Jack' wears a costume very similar to Daredevil Yellow (and the issue just happens to be written by Jeph Loeb).

  • 17/07 - [Bendis/Austen in the house!]

    Marvel Dog talks with Brian Michael Bendis and Chuck Austen about the Elektra comic at the Marvel site. Also, the comic is in the spotlight too, with more preview pages.

    In the House
    Elektra spotlight

  • 16/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 18
    * Elektra #1
    * Marvel Knights Magazine #4
    * Wizard Presents Kevin Smith
    * Miller Death of Elektra Litho (O/A)

    July 25
    * Daredevil #20
    * Marvel Knights #13
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #6

  • 16/07 - [MK Year 4]

    Your Man At Marvel has info on the 4th year of Marvel Knights, including several images of upcoming DD art!

    Your Man At Marvel

  • 12/07 - [Elektra that never was]

    Universe X writer Jim Krueger, on his new Spinerrack.com column, has posted an Elektra proposal he pitched some time before the Marvel Knights imprint began. Interesting reading, considering it was approved *twice* but failed to get published.

    Jim Kruger column at Spinnerrack.com

  • 10/07 - [November DD filming?]

    Daredevil movie producer Gary Foster has told Popcorn.co.uk that filming will begin in November. There's even a video where you can see and hear what he has planned for the movie! Go here.

  • 10/07 - [DD in the house!]

    Marvel's new columnist, Marvel Dog, has an interview with Stuart Moore and Bob Gale. Check it out here. I think it's just a 'new' version of older interviews with the two, but if you haven't read those interviews before, head on over...

  • 10/07 - [French DD film]

    Check out this 3 minute film prepared by David Sarrio! Go here. It's not bad at all!

  • 09/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 11
    * Daredevil #19
    * Marvel Master Prints
    * DF Spider-Man/DD #1 Sketch Cvr Remarked ($99.99 US)

    July 18
    * Elektra #1
    * Wizard Presents Kevin Smith

  • 09/07 - [Marvel.com online]

    The redesigned Marvel.com is now online and you can buy a DD T-Shirt through the site for a limited time! Check it out here.

  • 07/07 - [DD/Widow mini-bust pics]

    Bowen Designs has updated their site and have pics of the DD and Black Widow mini-busts coming out in October. Thanks to Kevin for the tip. Check it out here.

  • 06/07 - [DD dotComic online]

    DD#168 gets the dotComic treatment at the Marvel site today. Part 1 is now playing, with part two coming in a few weeks. Check it out here.

  • 06/07 - [Jeph Loeb interview]

    Jeph Loeb talks about DD Yellow at the Comics Newsarama site. Check it out here.

  • 04/07 - [Bendis interview]

    There's a new interview with Brian Bendis at the Sequential Tart site. Check it out here.

  • 02/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 5
    * Daredevil Yellow #2

    July 11
    * No DD-related items listed yet

  • 02/07 - [David Mack interview]

    There's a new interview with David Mack at the PopCultureShock site. Check it out here.

    June 2001

  • 29/06 - [Rucka, Horn interview]

    Newsarama has an interview with the creative team of the new Black Widow series coming from Max Comics, the Marvel mature imprint. Check it out here.

  • 27/06 - [Elektra statue]

    Bowen Designs have posted 3 images of the Elektra statue that will be available in November. Check it out here.

  • 27/06 - [Marvel Knights Double-Shot]

    Newsarama has some info on the new Marvel Knights Double-Shot series that will come out in October. It will be a 4 issue limited series, and each issue will contain two 10-11 page stories. The first issue will have a Rob Haynes written and drawn DD story. Also, there is a Garth Ennis/Joe Quesada Punisher story. More details here.

  • 25/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 27
    * Black Widow TPB
    * Daredevil Ninja TPB
    * Marvel Knights #12
    * Wizard #119 (Elektra cover and preview)
    * Daredevil Logo T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Elektra II T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95

    July 5 (due to holiday)
    * Daredevil Yellow #2
    * Will see if DD #19 appears on shipping list next week

  • 25/06 - [Smith Spidey/DD series?]

    Check out Previews magazine on Wednesday. Wizard is promoting their September issue with a blurb that Kevin Smith is working on a Spider-Man/Daredevil series. The issue will also have a Green Arrow/DD cover by Joe Quesada. UPDATE - More info here.

  • 25/06 - [Knights Cancelled]

    The Comics Continuum has confirmed with editor Stuart Moore that Marvel Knights (the series) is cancelled with issue #15. Find out what will be replacing it here.

  • 25/06 - [Maleev DD pics]

    Upcoming DD artist Alex Maleev posted some DD pics to the Brian Bendis message board over the weekend. Check out the pics, here and here.

  • 21/06 - [Mature Widow series]

    Newsarama is reporting that next week's Wizard issue details more series in the Mature Line from Marvel. One of the series will be the Black Widow, written by Greg Rucka with art by Greg Horn. Other interesting titles include Howard the Duck by Steve Gerber and Phil Winslada, and Cage, by Brian Azzerello and Richard Corben. More details here.

  • 20/06 - [Knights cancelled?]

    The already late Marvel Knights comic may be done with issue #15. According to posts in the RACMU newsgroup, Comics International magazine has an article about it that reads:

    "Citing a combination of factors, editor Stuart Moore told CI that Marvel Knights is being cancelled with issue #15. In a related move, issue #12 has been pushed back from April 25 to June 27 and #13 from May 23 to July 11."

    Anyone have a copy of this CI issue to verify this?

  • 20/06 - [Sienkiewicz interview]

    Keith Giles has an interview with Elektra Assassin artist Bill Sienkiewicz at the Hero Realm site. Check it out here. Be sure to check out my interview with Mr. Sienkiewicz in the interviews archive as well!

  • 19/06 - [Daredevil dotComics]

    Marvel has released a schedule for their dotComics on their web site. DD fans will want to visit the site on July 6th and July 20th, when Daredevil #168 will be published (parts 1 and 2). There are several dotComics at the site right now, so take a look at what you can expect here.

  • 19/06 - [Horn interview]

    Newsarama has an interview with Greg Horn, the cover artist on the upcoming Elektra series. You can check it out here.

  • 18/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 20
    * DD Original costume figure (Wizard) O/A
    * DF Miller Death of Elektra Litho Signed (Res) $49.99

    June 27
    * Black Widow TPB $15.95
    * Daredevil #19 has been pushed back one week
    * Daredevil Ninja TPB $8.95
    * Marvel Knights #12
    * Wizard #119 (with Elektra preview and cover)

  • 18/06 - [DD#19 delay]

    According to the Marvel Mailer #180, DD#19 will be delayed one week and will ship July 4. MK#12 is still on the schedule for June 27, and MK#13 is July 11.

  • 13/06 - [McDaniel interview]

    Keith Giles has a in-depth interview with former DD artist Scott McDaniel at the CBR site. McDaniel talks about his DD work and his interest in maybe returning to DD one day... check it out here.

  • 13/06 - [DD in 2002?]

    Corona Coming Attractions has some interesting rumours about the DD movie. Apparently at a NYC licensing show, Marvel revealed DD's movie will come out in 2002. HOWEVER, they may be changing the title of the movie. Check out this link for more info on these rumours.

  • 13/06 - [Gale talks DD]

    Newsarama has an interview with upcoming DD writer Bob Gale. Check it out here.

  • 12/06 - [DD bi-weekly]

    Diamond has a little article on the DD bi-weekly comics coming next month. Check it out here.

  • 11/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 13
    * No DD-related items shipping

    June 20
    * Daredevil Ninja TPB

  • 11/06 - [Article on DD Yellow]

    The Seattle Times has an article about DD Yellow, and features quotes from Tim Sale. Go here.

  • 08/06 - [500,000 hits!]

    Just wanted to thank everyone for getting the site to this milestone this weekend.

  • 07/06 - [You write the lines!]

    You have until Monday June 11 to fill out this week's panel of DD Yellow #1 at the Marvel site's 'You Write The Lines!' section. Check it out here.

  • 07/06 - [Want to meet DD?]

    Marvel has a way for you to book some of their characters for store signings or school appearances. Surprisingly, Daredevil and Elektra are but two of the many characters you can get. Check out this link for some pics at the Marvel site.

  • 07/06 - [Marvel Poster Book]

    In case you are a DD completist, make sure to pick up yesterday's Marvel Poster Book. There are posters of Elektra, DD, DD: Yellow and Typhoid Mary. It's magazine sized for $3.50 US.

  • 04/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 6
    * Daredevil Yellow #1
    * Marvel Knights Magazine #3
    * Daredevil #1 Litho (O/A)

    June 13
    * No DD-related items scheduled

  • 04/06 - [Misc. DD News]

    * There's an interview with Elektra artist Chuck Austen at Newsarama
    * Keith Giles speaks with upcoming DD artist Alex Maleev at HeroRealm.com
    * The Comics Continuum learns from Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige that there could be an announcement within the month about the Daredevil movie.
    * Your Man At Marvel confirmed the Man Without Fear TPB and Born Again will be reprinted later this year.

    May 2001

  • 29/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 31 (Might ship in Canada on May 30)
    * Daredevil #18
    * Universe X #10 (DD makes a small appearance)
    * DD Ninja Chrome Signed Edition $29.99

    June 6
    * Daredevil Yellow #1
    * Marvel Poster Book Summer 2001

  • 25/05 - [DD appearance in Universe X]

    For DD fans who collect his appearances in other books, check out Universe X #10 next week where Daredevil (in his yellow costume) appears in one panel on page 3.

  • 25/05 - [Tim Sale Interview]

    Matt Brady speaks with DD: Yellow artist Tim Sale at the Newsarama site. Go here.

  • 25/05 - [August DD items]

    In addition to the comics listed in the UPCOMING COMICS section of the site, be on the lookout for these DD-related items available for order in the JUNE Previews magazine, coming out next week.

    * Back in print - DD Visionaries: Kevin Smith TPB
    * Offered again - DD/Spider-Man TPB
    * Back in print - DD: Man without Fear TPB
    * NEW! Tripwire Magazine #7 (with Stuart Moore, Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb on Marvel Knights projects)
    * NEW! DD Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 2 Limited Edition Hardcover $39.95 US
    * NEW! Daredevil (V) T-Shirt by David Mack ($17.95, $20.95 XXL)
    * Elektra T-Shirt by Frank Miller ($17.95, $20.95 XXL)
    * Offered again - Elektra Cold-Cast Statue $99.00 US
    * NEW! Elektra Poster 24x36 $5.99 US

  • 25/05 - [DD Mini-Bust Pic]

    Bowen Designs has updated their site and you can see a tiny glimpse of what the DD Mini-Bust will look like. You can also see a even tinier pic of the Black Widow Mini-Bust too. Check them out here.

  • 22/05 - [Visionaries Vol.3 News]

    Marvel Collection Editor Ben Abernathy, in an interview posted on the site today, revealed that DD Visionaries Volume 3 will contain more than just issues #183-191. The third volume will also contain two What If? stories (What If Matt Murdock Were An Agent of SHIELD? & What If Elektra Had Lived), and the Elektra story from Bizarre Adventures #28. Also, Born Again will be going back into print later this year, as well as the Man Without Fear series. Check out the interview for more info!

  • 21/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 23
    * No DD items scheduled

    May 31 (due to Memorial Day holiday)
    * Daredevil #18

  • 18/05 - [Daredevil Cinemascope]

    Comic artist Frank Teran forwarded me a link to a DD pic he created. It's Daredevil in Cinamascope and is available to view here.

  • 16/05 - [No MK in August]

    Fans of the Marvel Knights title may be wondering why MK#16 wasn't among the titles solicited for August. The already running late title may have not been solicited to play catch-up. When asked about this on his message board by poster JackJr, writer Chuck Dixon said "For a variety of reasons we missed shipping that month". MK#12 is now scheduled for June 27, #13 for July 11 and #14 and #15 were originally scheduled for June and July, respectively.

  • 15/05 - [Visionaries in-depth]

    Chris Ryall and Christopher Allen of the Comic Book Galaxy site have recently come together to present their views on the second volume of the Miller Visionaries TPB. If you've never read those Miller tales, or were wondering if it's worth picking up, check out their column here. This link is to the first part. The second part is available here until it is archived.

    Be sure to check out my 2 interviews with Steve Buccellato and JG Roshell, who worked on the Visionaries TPBs as well!

  • 14/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 16
    * No DD items scheduled

    May 23
    * No DD items scheduled

    May 30
    * Daredevil #18

    June 27
    * Marvel Knights #12

    July 11
    * Marvel Knights #13

  • 14/05 - [Darkdevil appearance]

    Darkdevil fans will want to pick up last week's Spider-Girl #34, where the hero tries to help out May.

  • 10/05 - [DD#17 Variant Info]

    ICv2.com has some more info on the newsstand variants of DD and other Marvel Comics. There is an image of DD#17's variant. Check it out here. Go further down the NEWS page here to see DD#16's variant cover.

  • 09/05 - [Sienkiewicz, Horn covers]

    Brian Bendis has posted scans of Ultimate Marvel Team-up #7 and Elektra #3 at his Jinxworld.com web site. Check them out here.

  • 07/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 9
    * Marvel Knights Magazine #2

    May 16
    * No DD items scheduled

  • 07/05 - [Alias Appearance]

    Brian Bendis has revealed that Matt Murdock will be among several characters who makes an appearance early in his new Alias comic. Alias will debut in the mature comics line from Marvel in September. Check out the CBR site for more details.

    Bendis has also mentioned on his message board that the second cover for Elektra #2 will be done by Bill Sienkiewicz! The regular cover is by Greg Horn.

  • 01/05 - [Smith interview]

    There's a new interview with Kevin Smith at the CBR site, conducted by Keith Giles. You can check it out here. Smith hints at a possible DD return gig...

    April 2001

  • 30/04 - [Shipping update]

    May 2
    * Marvel Knights #11

    May 9
    * No DD items scheduled

  • 25/04 - [Man without... rest]

    Your Man At Marvel has some news today of what we can expect this summer for DD. Check it out here.

  • 25/04 - [More with Bendis & Maleev]

    Newsarama spoke with Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev about their upcoming DD work. Check it out here, along with a preview pic of Maleev's DD!

  • 24/04 - [DD#16 newsstand variant?]

    DD completists may want to search newstands for a slightly different cover to DD#16. It is the same cover art as the normal issue, but the title is 'Marvel Unlimited featuring Daredevil: The Man Without Fear!'

  • 23/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 25
    * Marvel Legends cards
    * Daredevil #17

    May 2
    * Marvel Knights #11

  • 23/04 - [Upcoming special items]

    In addition to the many DD-related titles that are shipping in July, be on the lookout in this week's Previews for info on ordering the following items:
    * Dynamic Forces Painted Elektra Litho, available in regular, signed and remarked editions ($24.99/$39.99/89.99)
    * Dynamic Forces Elektra #1 Signed & Remarked editions ($19.99/$69.99)
    * Dynamic Forces Elektra Premiere Lunch Box! ($15.99)
    * Offered again - DF Death of Elektra Litho ($19.99)
    * Dynamic Forces DD/Spider-Man #1 Remarked edition ($99.99!)
    * Offered again - Wizard DD Figure
    * Daredevil Red Mini Statue - ($45.00)
    * Wizard #119 - with Elektra cover
    * Elektra III T-Shirt ($17.95-$20.95)

  • 23/04 - [More DD#17 previews]

    Thanks to cognito_rex for letting me know about this... Marvel has some more scans of issue #17 that ships this week, posted at their site. Pages 7, 11, and 14 are here.

  • 21/04 - [Bendis and Maleev on DD]

    Newsarama is reporting that next week's Wizard magazine reveals Brian Michael Bendis will be taking over the regular writing gig on DD with issue #26. Joining him will be Sam and Twitch artist Alex Maleev! More details here.

  • 17/04 - [USA Today story]

    USA Today has an article about Hollywood writers making the move to scripting comics. Kevin Smith and Bob Gale are mentioned. Check it out here.

  • 16/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 18
    * No DD items scheduled

    April 25
    * Daredevil #17!

  • 16/04 - ['DD' appearances]

    Alternate reality versions of DD made appearances in several books recently, and if you missed any, here's a listing:
    * Mutant X Annual 2001 - this timeline's DD joins the fight against the Beyonder
    * Universe X #8 - this DD makes a larger than usual appearance in the series and has a blast
    * Spider-Girl #33 - Darkdevil returns to bother May some more

  • 11/04 - [More Elektra previews]

    Your Man At Marvel has posted about 4 pages from the upcoming Elektra series. Check them out here.

  • 10/04 - [Sneak DD#20 pages]

    Marvel has posted a couple of pages from DD#20 by Phil Winslade and Tom Palmer. Check it out here.

  • 09/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 11
    * DAREDEVIL #16

    April 18
    * No DD items scheduled

  • 09/04 - [Sienkiewicz & Elektra news]

    Brian Bendis has updated his Jinxworld.com site with news that Sam Kieth has had to remove himself from his art chores for Ultimate Team-Up. Bill Sienkiewicz has decided to do all three parts of the storyline now (#6-8). A preview of a cover by Sienkiewicz is at the Jinxworld.com site. This storyline features the Ultimate version of DD. Go here for more details. ALSO, there is a preview of the Elektra series as well at the Jinxworld.com site. Check out the covers here.

  • 06/04 - [More DD TPBs]

    Your Man At Marvel has once again posted some DD-related news (http://www.marvel.com/news/yourman/yourman.html). The Black Widow TPB will ship July 4. It will reprint both Black Widow mini-series. In August, the Daredevil/Spider-Man mini-series will get collected into a TPB for $11.95 US. The Kevin Smith Visionaries TPB is also going to go back to print. This reprints Volume 2 #1-8.

  • 04/04 - [Marvel Master Prints]

    Your Man At Marvel (http://www.marvel.com/news/yourman/yourman.html) has posted info pertaining to a new line of cards that will be released in July. The cards will be 6 1/2 by 10 inches each, and be made from cardstock and laminated on both sides. DD is among the first 12 cards being released. For more info, check out the URL above.

  • 03/04 - [Mini statue images]

    An update to the Bowen statues I talked about last week... Bowen Designs has posted some images and info on them at their site. The DD statues will be the first released from a list that includes Thor, Captain America and the Black Widow. The prices will range from $45 to $60! Go here for more details.

  • 02/04 - [Movie 'news']

    The Ain't It Cool News site is once again providing some insight into the DD script. Apparently they have read it and give details about it. Want to know? Go here.

  • 02/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 4
    * No DD items

    April 11
    * Daredevil #16 (it's not listed, but it should be there on next week's list)

    Still no word on the Visionaries book.

  • 02/04 - [April Fool's]

    It seems some of you didn't get the joke of John Grisham and David Mazzucchelli working on DD... it's not true!

    March 2001

  • 28/03 - [Random DD news]

    * Daredevil: Ninja #3 does an interesting job of tying in with the Guardian Devil arc by Kevin Smith.
    * Fans of Wizard may want to check out today's issue #116, which features a first look at Elektra, and a Last Woman Standing fight between Black Canary and Black Widow.
    * Wizard is speculating that the next regular writer on DD will be either Kevin Smith, David Mack or Brian Bendis.
    * Universe X #8 (shipped today) has the future DD making a larger than usual appearance.
    * Art Adams has produced a lithograph featuring many heroes and villains, that will ship in June. DD and the Black Widow are among the characters. Suggested price: $24.99 US.
    * For those of you who ordered the Miller Visionaries Hardcover, you'll have to re-order it. All orders have been cancelled and the book will now ship in June at a lower price of $39.95 US.
    * There's a new Elektra T-Shirt as well that will ship in June. It is available for order in this month's Previews.
    * DD makes an appearance in this week's Bullpen Bits.

  • 27/03 - [New Bowen DD]

    Bowen Designs is set to make some new mini-busts this year, and DD is one of the characters that's going to get made. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to get a few pics to post. ALSO, smaller scale versions of the DD statues from a few years ago are going to be produced. They will be about 1/2 the size of the original. More details as they come...

  • 26/03 - [Shipping news]

    March 28
    * Daredevil: Ninja #3
    * Wizard #116 (with Elektra preview)

    April 4
    * No DD items scheduled

    * Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Vol. 2 (TPB): ???
    * Daredevil #16: 4/11
    * Marvel Knights #11: 4/18
    * Daredevil #17: 4/25

  • 19/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 21
    * Marvel Knights #10

    March 28
    * Daredevil: Ninja #3

    * Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Vol. 2 (TPB): 3/28?
    * Daredevil #16: 4/11
    * Marvel Knights #11: 4/18
    * Daredevil #17: 4/25

  • 16/03 - [New artists revealed!]

    Your Man At Marvel has finally revealed who will be drawing Bob Gale's arc. Artist Phil Winslade will draw issues #20-21, and #24-25, while David Ross will draw #22-23. From June to August, DD will ship BI-WEEKLY! Also, DD #20 (#400) will include a back-up story by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. Go here for more details.

    Also, shipping dates have been changed for the following:
    * Daredevil: Ninja #3: 3/28
    * Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Vol. 2 (TPB): 3/28
    * Marvel Knights #10: 3/28
    * Daredevil #16: 4/11
    * Marvel Knights #11: 4/18
    * Daredevil #17: 4/25

  • 15/03 - [Colan in Comics Journal]

    DD legend Gene Colan is featured in this month's Comics Journal. There is a DD cover drawn by Colan and an interview. For more info, check here.

  • 12/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 14

    March 21


    * DAREDEVIL #16

  • 07/03 - [DD Yellow delayed]

    Marvel has confirmed that Daredevil Yellow will be pushed back until June. More details at Newsarama.

  • 06/03 - [DD Yellow preview]

    Get a sneak peek of Daredevil Yellow #1 pages 1-6 at the Marvel site! Go here.

    In other news, it appears the first issue of DD Yellow will be pushed back to June 6th. More details as I find out...

  • 05/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 7

    Expected March 14 but not on list yet...
    * DAREDEVIL #16

  • 05/03 - [Elektra wallpaper]

    Elektra fans may want to check out the Marvel site for a new desktop wallpaper featuring art by Greg Horn. It can be downloaded in various resolutions here.

  • 05/03 - [DD Yellow interview]

    In case anyone missed the interview with Jeph Loeb from last week's CBG, the entire thing is posted at Newsarama as well. Check it out here.

    February 2001

  • 29/02 - [Moore interview]

    Russell Lissau has a new interview up at the CBR site with Marvel Knights editor Stuart Moore. Check it out here.

  • 28/02 - [DD in CBG #1425]

    Daredevil: Yellow is featured in the latest Comics Buyer's Guide #1425 this week, with an interview with Jeph Loeb conducted by Matt Brady. Also, Andrew Smith (Cap'n Comics) has a humourous Q&A session with 'Daredevil'. $3.50 US/4.98 CDN.

  • 27/02 - [Chichester interview]

    Andrea's Italian DD site has a new interview with former DD writer Dan Chichester. Check it out here.

  • 26/02 - [Back on track?]

    Your Man At Marvel (http://www.marvel.com/yourman/yourman.html) has posted info on when DD#16-19 will ship. Here's what was given:
    * Daredevil #16 - March 14
    * Daredevil #17 - April 25
    * Daredevil #18 - May 30
    * Daredevil #19 - June 27

  • 26/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 28
    * DAREDEVIL #15

    March 7

    March 14

  • 24/02 - [Jeph Loeb interview]

    Wizardworld spends a few minutes in discussion with DD Yellow writer Jeph Loeb. Check out the interview here.

  • 24/02 - [David Mack interview]

    Keith Giles has a new interview with David Mack up at the Comic Book Resources site. Check it out here.

  • 23/02 - [DD subscriptions]

    Marvel is running ads for Daredevil subscriptions for $18.97 (US) where you also can get the upcoming Daredevil Yellow limited series for $15.00. Check it out if you're interested in getting your issues this way. Hopefully the shipping is back on track with DD.

  • 19/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 21

    February 28
    * DAREDEVIL #15

    March 14

    * Black Widow: Breakdown #3

  • 17/02 - [More shipping info]

    Your Man At Marvel (marvel.com/yourman) has revealed some 'definite' ship dates for some DD-related comics.

    Daredevil Ninja will finally arrive on March 14, the same day as Daredevil 16. Marvel Knights #10, which should have been out February 28 is now on tap for March 14 as well.

  • 15/02 - [New DD figures]

    Thanks to Azlan who pointed out these pages for the new DD figures that will be in the Spider-Man Classics 2 lineup this year. For DD red, go here and DD yellow, go here.

  • 15/02 - [Elektra covers by Horn]

    Wizardworld.com has news that Greg Horn of J.U.D.G.E. fame will be drawing the covers of the upcoming Elektra series. One of the covers is featured along with more info here.

  • 14/02 - [Bendis writes Elektra]

    Comics Newsarama is reporting that Brian Michael Bendis has signed on for the first 6 issues of an ongoing Elektra series. It will make its debut in June's Wizard magazine, and the series will start in July. The artist will be Chuck Austen. Go here for more details.

  • 12/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 14

    February 21

    * Daredevil: Ninja #3
    * Black Widow: Breakdown #3

  • 08/02 - [DD#15 - Feb.28?]

    Marvel Knights editor Stuart Moore told Newsarama that DD#15 should be out Feb.28. For more details, go here.

  • 07/02 - [MK Magazine & more]

    There's news that there will be a Marvel Knights magazine in the style of the Ultimate Marvel magazine. It will come out sometime this year with reprints of DD, Black Widow and Punisher. More details soon.

    Also, DD fans should check out Ultimate Spider-Man #6 which went on sale Wednesday. A younger Ben Urich makes an appearance, which will set up the next storyline featuring the Kingpin. Matt Murdock is mentioned as 'The Murdock Case' that Urich is working on that has something to do with the Kingpin.

  • 05/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 7

    February 14
    * No DD items scheduled

    * Daredevil: Ninja #3
    * Black Widow: Breakdown #3

  • 02/02 - [Misc. News]

    Here's some tidbits of info that will interest any DD fan:
    * Your Man at Marvel (www.marvel.com/yourman) has posted TPBs that are scheduled for release this year. The DD Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 2 is out in February. A TPB of Daredevil Ninja will also come out in June, at a cost of $9.95.
    * The newest Marvel Masterworks DD volume that reprints #12-21 has finished its reconstruction phase and will most likely ship by November.
    * DD appears in the Spider-Man comic strip this week.
    * Chuck Dixon revealed some info on upcoming Marvel Knights issues at his site (www.dixonverse.com). Luke Cage appears in issue 11. He will help the team against some old enemies. Issue 14 will be where one member leaves the team. Also, an issue will be a western with a surprise villain.

  • 01/02 - [DD appearance]

    DD appearance collectors note: Sentry vs. Void #1 has a one panel cameo of DD. $2.99 US.

    January 2001

  • 31/01 - [Latest Wizard]

    Today's Wizard has some DD-related items.
    * In Last Man Standing, Year One Batman takes on Daredevil Yellow
    * There's a full page ad for Daredevil Yellow
    * There are rumours an Elektra series is in development by a high-profile creator (not Miller)
    * And finally, there is a Joe Quesada checklist

  • 31/01 - [Rumour - DD script]

    Thanks to Konine for pointing this out. The Ain't It Cool News site has posted an article detailing the first draft of the Daredevil movie script. The person apparently has seen the script and talks about the storyline and which characters appear. Is it true or not? Who knows, but you can take a look for yourself here.

  • 30/01 - [Updated Lockblok site]

    Daredevil Ninja artist Rob Haynes has updated his Lockblok site with new artwork and several Flash movies that detail the DD animation he created a while ago. There are sketches and scans of all his comics work too. Check it out here.

  • 30/01 - [Scribbleboy Online Gallery]

    Comic artist Lee Ferguson has updated his Scribbleboy site and has some Daredevil pages on display. Check out the DD art as well as Batman, Spidey and more. Go here.

  • 29/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 31
    * Marvel Knights #9
    * Spider-Man: Mysterio Manifesto #3

    February 7
    * No DD items scheduled

    * Daredevil: Ninja #3
    * Black Widow: Breakdown #3

  • 28/01 - [More on DD card]

    In case you miss the free DD card in Previews, Marvel will be inserting it in select comics in April. The Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men titles will likely have it. The card set will debut in April, and DD will have a few cards depicting his different costumes.

  • 24/01 - [Free DD card]

    If anyone is picking up this week's Previews Magazine, make sure the free Marvel Legends card of Daredevil is included. It's drawn by Roberto Flores and Phyllis Novin, and is a promo of the upcoming card set.

  • 22/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 24
    * Daredevil #14!!!!
    * Daredevil Logo T-Shirt

    January 31
    * Marvel Knights #9
    * Spider-Man: Mysterio Manifesto #3

    * Daredevil: Ninja #3

  • 16/01 - [5 years!]

    Yes guys, it's been 5 years for this site in its many incarnations. The site began on my university account, then to Interlog, then to where it is now, at its own domain. I never thought in a million years I'd still be doing this years later. But quickly I realized there was an audience for this character... a hidden passion among DD fans that you'll rarely see in other characters. You are what makes this site thrive... the regulars who visit day after day just to see what's new in DD's world. I am honoured that you continue to let me do this.

  • 15/01 - [DD14 - Jan.24]

    January 17
    * No DD items shipping

    January 24
    * Daredevil #14!!!!

    * Daredevil: Ninja #3

  • 10/01 - [New Elektra Statue]

    Just got word from Kevin (MWOF@aol.com) that Bowen Designs will be producing a new Elektra statue. More details as they come. Remember, the new Black Widow statue was by Bowen Designs, as well as the two versions of the DD statue.

  • 09/01 - [Sneak Peek]

    Marvel has already moved the cover to the next Frank Miller collection, and in its place they are now showing the covers to DD#14 and Marvel Knights #9. Check them out here.

  • 08/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 10
    * Daredevil/Spider-Man #3
    * DFE Daredevil Ninja #1 Chrome
    * DFE Daredevil/Spider-Man #1 Signed
    * DFE Daredevil/Spider-Man #1 Concept 'Remarked' Edition

    * Daredevil #14 (Was January 17)
    * Daredevil: Ninja #3

  • 08/01 - [Ultimate DD Fanfic]

    Some of you may remember Nathan Charles' fanfic on the site entitled 'The Last Daredevil Story'. He is currently writing a version of 'Ultimate Daredevil' for the Marvel Land fanfic site. Check it out here if you are interested!

  • 05/01 - [Quitely on DD?]

    There are rumours circulating that Frank Quitely may be the replacement for Joe Quesada on DD when Bob Gale's arc starts (from Rich Johnston's All the Rage column at www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com). HOWEVER, take this news as RUMOUR because unless something major has changed, Quitely isn't the one taking over. I've heard it's someone else. :)

  • 04/01 - [DD Visionaries Vol. 2 Cover]

    Marvel.com has a sneak peek of the upcoming Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Vol. 2 TPB. The cover will have DD and Elektra in an embrace, drawn by Frank Miller. Check it out here.

  • 02/01 - [Shipping this week]

    January 4
    * Black Widow: Breakdown #2
    * DD/Spidey Lithograph Signed

    January 10
    * Daredevil/Spider-Man #3

    January 17
    * Daredevil #14 (was November 29th)

    * Daredevil: Ninja #3

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