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December 2002

  • 31/12 - [Happy New Year]

    I just wanted to thank each and every one of you who visits this site and wish you all the best in the coming year. 2003 is going to be quite the year for this character. And nobody is more excited about it than me. Happy New Year everyone!

  • 31/12 - [GBA ad in comics]

    The Comics Continuum has posted a GBA ad that Encore produced that will appear in many comics this week. Have a look!

    Comics Continuum

  • 30/12 - [Shipping update]

    January 3 (Canada may have on the 2nd)
    * Alias #18
    * Daredevil #40
    * Daredevil Visionaries Vol.1, 2 and 3 (O/A) HC

    January 8
    * Daredevil #41
    * Elektra #19
    * Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #4
    * Toyfare DD Movie Toy Cover

  • 29/12 - [Ecko DD Clothing]

    "Finboy" let me know that Ecko has a Marvel line of clothing and DD has shirts, jackets, fleece suits and more!


  • 28/12 - [DaredevilMusic.com update]

    Head over to the DaredevilMusic.com site and see their new design. It uses Flash so you'll need the plug-in. In the future will be sections for video, audio, links and more. The album will be released February 4, 2003.


  • 24/12 - [GBA interview]

    The Pulse had a chance to speak with Daredevil video game producer Eric DeMilt, who goes over his research into the character and what the game has to offer!


  • 23/12 - [Shipping update]

    Daredevil #40 is expected January 2, and hopefully the other two issues for January will ship as scheduled.

    December 26 (due to Christmas)
    * Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #3
    * Paradise X #8
    * Daredevil Over Figure and Title T-Shirt $15.95
    * DF Daredevil Death of Elektra Statue $189.99

    January 2 (due to New Year's)
    * Daredevil #40
    * Daredevil Movie TPB $12.99
    * Alias #18

  • 23/12 - [DD in Cinescape #68]

    January 2003's Cinescape issue #68 (out now!) features a DD cover and article. If you currently subscribe to the magazine, you can read the article online as well.


  • 23/12 - [DD Presentation at LA Con]

    Comics2Film got a tip that DD director Mark Steven Johnson will be appearing at the LA Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention on January 19, 2003 and with all paid admissions will be a free DD poster and medallion! More details below:


  • 21/12 - [Updated Soundtrack listing]

    SHH! got a tip that Saliva's song "Bleed For Me" from the DD soundtrack is available to hear online. They also have an updated listing of all the groups involved so far:
    * Evanescence
    * Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie
    * Fuel
    * Nickelback
    * The Calling
    * Saliva
    * Chevelle
    * Hoobastank
    * Moby
    * Seether
    * Finger Eleven

    SHH! also says there are nine more songs... for more details on the songs' titles...


  • 19/12 - [Dinner For Five]

    It looks like January 20th is the day for IFC's Dinner For Five program with the cast of Daredevil. Here's a press release from IFC:

    The Independent Film Channel (IFC) original series DINNER FOR FIVE created and hosted by Jon Favreau (Swingers, Made, Daredevil) will premiere six new episodes beginning Monday, January 20 at 8:00PM(ET/PT). The season opener will feature Favreau's Daredevil co-stars Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears), Jennifer Garner (ABC's Alias), Colin Farrell (Minority Report) and director Kevin Smith (Clerks).

    DINNER FOR FIVE features Favreau and four guests sharing an evening of food and off-the-cuff conversation. Continuing the standard set in the first season, the program seats screen legends next to a variety of personalities from film, television, music and comedy, resulting in an unpredictable free-for-all.

  • 18/12 - [March 2003 Previews items]

    Check out today's update for info on comics shipping in March. Here's some other stuff that will appear in next week's Previews for order! Lots and lots of T-Shirts, Movie stuff etc.

    * Daredevil #45, Elektra #22, DD Vol 1 HC, DD Vol 2 HC (O/A)
    * DF Spider-Man Daredevil Collector Plate $49.99
    * Hey, look what's back! Daredevil Vs. Vapora #1 $1.99
    * You can also get it signed! $9.95
    * Topps Daredevil Movie Card Set
    * Daredevil Elektra T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil Yellow T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil VII T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt $23.95/$26.95
    * Daredevil II Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil II Long Sleeve T-Shirt (O/A) $23.95/$26.95
    * Classic DD I Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Classic DD II Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Marvel Classic DD T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Marvel Classic DD Long Sleeve T-Shirt (O/A) $23.95/$26.95
    * Daredevil Logo T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil I T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil III T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil IV Miller T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil V T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil VI Fabry T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil Symbol (Women's) T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil Circle T-Shirt $16.95
    * Daredevil Digital Interchangeable Face Watch $9.95
    * Daredevil Movie Affleck Poster $5.49
    * Daredevil Movie Group Poster $5.49
    * Daredevil Movie Garner Poster $5.49
    * Elektra Foil Poster $8.99

    Whew! Hopefully next week I'll post images for some of these items...

  • 18/12 - [Official Site update]

    The DaredevilMovie.com site has updated its Conceptual Art section again, this time with 5 more images, so head over and take a look! A reminder that you can enter the new sweepstakes for your own Daredevil Standee, just like the one in theatres right now.


  • 18/12 - [Wizard #137 Movie Items]

    Today's Wizard #137 has many DD-related items:

    * Included is the third promo card which features Elektra and DD
    * Ultimate DD & Elektra #1 is in the "Heat Index"
    * There are details of issues #46-50 ("Hardcore") with gangs fighting over the Kingpin's former empire
    * Page 81 has an ad for the cards that I've featured on manwithoutfear.com a few weeks ago
    * Page 90 has the Coming Attractions feature on the DD set, with some new pics of MCD as Kingpin and Colin Farrell as Bullseye
    * Mark Steven Johnson talks about the location (downtown L.A.) where Josie's Bar is being filmed
    * There is also mention of shots in a studio that will be the Kingpin's offices
    * Jon Favreau also discusses his role as Foggy and talks about comics in general
    * Page 96 shows the upcoming Daredevil Mini-Bust and Page 97 talks about the card set
    * Daredevil #168 is #7 on the Hot 10 comics

  • 18/12 - [Volume 1 Hardcover]

    Today's Marvel solicits features the details on the first hardcover volume for DD. It will contain #1-11, and #13-15. 336 pages for $29.99, available in March!

  • 17/12 - [Marvel Legends Daredevil]

    The movie action figure for DD is now appearing on eBay... take a look!

    Daredevil figure

    And if you're looking for more movie stuff... someone is auctioning a pair of glasses, starting at $299.99.

    DD Glasses

  • 16/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 18
    * Daredevil Quesada Poster
    * Wizard #137 (DD set report)
    * Marvel Select Elektra Action Figure

    December 26
    * Daredevil Legends Vol.1 Yellow TPB
    * Ultimate DD & Elektra #3
    * Ultimate DD & Elektra TPB??

  • 16/12 - [Win a DD Standee]

    There's a new addition to the official movie site and this time you can win one of the Daredevil standees that are in theatres right now!


    Also, today is the last day to enter the Fan Art Contest! Be sure to get your entry in TODAY!

  • 11/12 - [News tidbits]

    * Wondering why DD#40 didn't ship? On his message board, Brian Michael Bendis says: "manuel the artist dissapeared, terry dodson pitched in. it is done. it is on the way." (Thanks to rco and CBL)
    * Elektra #18 begins a new tale with the Hand!
    * The Devil Hunter appears once again in Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan #3
    * Daredevil gets a few mentions in last week's Alias #17
    * The deadline is fast approaching for the Fan Art Contest... if you want to get an entry in, do so in the next few days!

  • 11/12 - [DD Game Goes Gold]

    Encore has provided the site with a press release detailing the success of the GBA game coming next year!


    Videogame featuring the Marvel Comics Super Hero to release in conjunction with Daredevil live-action film in February 2003

    Los Angeles, CA - December 11, 2002 - Encore, a majority-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation (NASDAQ: NAVR), today announced that its Nintendo Game Boy(R) Advance version of Marvel's Daredevil has gone gold. The game is anticipated on store shelves in conjunction with the February 2003 premiere of the highly anticipated New Regency/20th Century Fox/Marvel Studios Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The "E" rated game -- which incorporates many elements of the feature film including its characters, costumes, and Hell's Kitchen, New York setting -- will retail for approximately $30.

    The remainder of the press release is in the VIDEO GAMES section.

  • 09/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 11
    * Elektra #18
    * Elektra Vol. Introspect TPB
    * Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan #3
    * No Daredevil #40??

    December 18
    * Daredevil Joe Quesada Poster

  • 09/12 - [DD#41 advertisement]

    Marvel was kind enough to send me a copy of the ad that appeared in Wizard that promoted January's #41 25 cent issue.

    Make sure to pick up copies for yourself and all your friends!

  • 05/12 - [DaredevilMusic.com update]

    Subscribers to Wind Up Records mailing list for DaredevilMusic.com got their first message today detailing some exciting news. The Daredevil Movie album will be in stores February 4, 2003. On Friday December 6 at 5PM CST, www.kegl.com will have Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie live on the air debuting "Man Without Fear". Also, the official site has a clip of Fuel's song "Won't Back Down", which is on the album as well.


  • 04/12 - [Last Rites Revisited]

    Newsarama has an excellent overview of the "Last Rites" storyline by D.G. Chichester and Lee Weeks that ran in volume one of DD (#297-300). Alex Segura, Jr. speaks with Chichester and Weeks as well. If you've never read this arc, go check out the article and see what you've missed in DD's history!


  • 04/12 - [Miller on DD set]

    Daredevil movie producer Gary Foster talked with the Comics Continuum about a set visit by Frank Miller!

    Comics Continuum

  • 03/12 - [DaredevilGame.com opens]

    Encore Software's official site for the Daredevil Movie Video Games has opened, with downloadable trailers, info on the GBA game and much more! DaredevilGame.com

    www.daredevilgame.com offers a first look at upcoming Nintendo Game Boy Advance videogame

    Los Angeles, CA - December 3, 2002 - The Daredevil videogame for Nintendo Game Boy Advance -- scheduled to launch in conjunction with the February 2003 premiere of the highly anticipated New Regency/20th Century Fox/Marvel Studios Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner -- now has its own website: www.daredevilgame.com. Encore, a majority-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation (NASDAQ: NAVR), today announced that this website is now live, offering up-to-the-minute information on the videogame, a brand-new trailer, screenshots, and links to recent publicity and Daredevil fan sites.

    Daredevil for Game Boy Advance, based on the popular Marvel Comics character, is being published by Encore and developed by Griptonite Games. The "E" rated game is scheduled to arrive on store shelves in February 2003 and will retail for approximately $30.

    "Daredevil fans, gamers, movie goers, and comic book enthusiasts are all eagerly anticipating the upcoming Daredevil movie and videogame," said Michael Bell, Encore's CEO. "This new website will give them their first look at the game's imagery and action with characters including Marvel Comics' Daredevil, Elektra, the Kingpin and others. The momentum for Daredevil is building, and we are excited both about the franchise and the videogames we have in development, including this Nintendo Game Boy Advance version as well as versions for next-generation consoles launching next summer."

    Daredevil Battles the Kingpin in New York's Hell's Kitchen

    New York's crime gangs have escalated their activities to intolerable levels, and Daredevil is out to stop them. In this action-filled sidescroller, players get to be Daredevil as he fights his way through the underbelly of New York's Hell's Kitchen to defeat these criminals and their boss, the Kingpin. Daredevil will run, jump, fight and perform acrobatic maneuvers as he battles with the Kingpin, Elektra, Bullseye^Ù and the Sewer King, as well as ninjas and mafia thugs.

    One of the game's unique features will be "Radar Sense," which allows players to "see" with Daredevil's four other super-keen senses. The game also features 23 levels set in gritty New York locations;15 characters and 6 bosses; Daredevil's signature billy club; and secrets and pick-ups including movie stills, alternate costumes and comic covers.

    Platform: Nintendo Game Boydvance Availability: February 2003
    Price: Approximately $30
    ESRB Rating: "E" rating, with violence

    About Encore

    Encore, a majority-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation (NASDAQ: NAVR), is a leading interactive publisher in the videogame and PC CD-ROM markets. The company recently began shipping Phantom Crash, a 3D mech game, and upcoming releases include such highly anticipated console games as Dragon's Lair 3D and Daredevil. Encore also offers a broad range of PC titles under internationally recognized brands such as Sesame Street, Dragon Tales, National Geographic(R) and Kaplan.

    Encore products are sold in thousands of retail outlets nationwide, and in major international markets. For more information on Encore and Navarre Corporation, visit www.encoreusa.com and www.navarre.com.

    About Marvel Enterprises, Inc.

    With a library of over 4,700 proprietary characters, Marvel Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: MVL) is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Marvel's operations are focused in four divisions: entertainment (Marvel Studios), licensing, toys (Toy Biz) and comic book publishing. Marvel facilitates the creation of entertainment projects, including feature films, television and DVD/home video, based on its characters and also licenses its characters for use in a wide range of consumer products and services including video and computer games, apparel, collectibles, snack foods and promotions. Marvel's characters are created by its comic book division which continues to maintain a leadership position in the U.S. and worldwide while also serving as an invaluable source of intellectual property. For additional information visit the Marvel Web site at http://www.marvel.com.

    About Griptonite and Amaze Entertainment

    Griptonite Games is the handheld and mobile gaming studio of Amaze Entertainment, one of the world's largest independent interactive entertainment development companies. The company creates high-quality games for virtually any platform, from popular handheld devices and PCs to today's advanced game consoles. Known for creating top-selling handheld titles such as Harry Potter^Ù and The Sorcerer's Stone^Ù, Griptonite Games pushes the technology and sophistication of handheld devices to new limits with outstanding control, vibrant graphics and unsurpassed playability. For more information about Griptonite Games and Amaze Entertainment, visit www.griptonite.com and www.amazeentertainment.com.

  • 02/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 4
    * Alias #17
    * Daredevil Vol. 2 HC
    * Elektra #17
    * Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #2
    * Wizard Postermania 2003

    December 11
    * Elektra #18
    * Elektra Vol. 1 Introspect TPB
    * Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan #3

    November 2002

  • 30/11 - [Movie update]

    Comics2Film has posted images and info of the Reactrix interactive ads that was talked about a few weeks ago.


    Comics Continuum has more details and pics of movie items I posted on the 27th (below in "Previews details", mainly the Daredevil vs. Spidey DVD and the "Head Knockers" of DD and Elektra.

    Comics Continuum

    The Daredevil Fan Art Contest is coming to a close in a few short weeks, so if you want to get an entry in, be sure to read the rules carefully and submit your wallpaper!

    Daredevil contest

  • 27/11 - [Previews details]

    Here are all the details you need for ordering Daredevil merchandise from this month's Previews Magazine for items shipping in February 2003. If you need more details, email me at devil @ manwithoutfear.com.

    Signed by Joe Quesada and Stan Lee

    PAGE 364 - COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #99 - $5.95
    Focus on Marvel, with DD/Bullseye (and other characters) on cover

    PAGE 370 - CINEFANTASTIQUE VOLUME 35 #4 - $6.99
    "Year of the Superhero", Daredevil movie cover

    PAGE 374 - WHIZ BANG - $6.99
    "2003 Comic Movies", Daredevil movie cover

    Maleev DD picture

    Offered again

    31x43 scrolls, either by Mack or Quesada

    PAGE 464 - ELEKTRA IN RED SCROLL - $17.99
    31x43 scroll by Greg Horn

    7" tall, based on movie

    6" tall, made of poly resin

    PAGE 472 - ELEKTRA HEAD KNOCKER - $10.99
    7" tall, based on movie

    Movie images of DD & Elektra on set of 2 shooters

    Movie images on box and container

    PAGE 523 - DAREDEVIL VS. SPIDER-MAN - DVD - $19.99 - VHS - $14.99
    "Sins of the Father" episodes from 90's Spider-Man, a 1966 episode of Spider-Man, a Fantastic Four episode with DD, and Stan Lee's Soapbox

    And remember, there are various reprints of trades, and "Out" is collected. Check the UPCOMING COMICS section for more details!

  • 27/11 - [Paradise X DD]

    For those of you following the exploits of the Earth X version of DD (and if you don't know who he really is, check out last month's "Devils" special), there is an appearance in today's Paradise X #7.

  • 27/11 - [Movie dotComic]

    Marvel has posted a dotComic preview of the Daredevil Movie Adaptation, by Bruce Jones and Manuel Garcia!


  • 25/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 27
    * Daredevil Pit Fighter T-Shirt

    December 4
    * Alias #17
    * Elektra #17
    * Ultimate DD & Elektra #2
    * Wizard Postermania 2003

  • 25/11 - [Kingpin/Elektra Banners]

    Have a look at two of the DD banners in theatres now...

    JoBlo.com - Kingpin
    JoBlo.com - Elektra

  • 22/11 - [Official Site Additions]

    Fox has informed me that the official Daredevil Movie site has added new Concept Art in the Production section. You'll find them by clicking on 'more' once the first screen comes up.


  • 21/11 - [February Previews Items]

    Here's a list of items you should be on the lookout for in next week's Previews Magazine of items shipping in February 2003.

    * Daredevil #43
    * Daredevil #44
    * Elektra #21
    * Daredevil Vol.5 Out TPB
    * Dynamic Forces Daredevil Canvas Giclee Double Signed $699.99
    * Daredevil "Fearless" T-Shirt $21.95
    * Daredevil by David Mack Wall Scroll $17.99
    * Daredevil by Joe Quesada Wall Scroll $17.99
    * Daredevil Head Knocker $10.99
    * Daredevil Spring Clock $24.99
    * Daredevil Movie Glass Shooter Set $9.25
    * Daredevil Movie Tin Lunch Box w/ Drink Container $17.99
    * Elektra Head Knocker $10.99
    * Daredevil vs. Spider-Man DVD

  • 20/11 - [Wizard #136 items]

    Today's Wizard #136 comes with 3 covers, including one of Ben Affleck as DD. There is an interview with Mark Steven Johnson, and some pics from the movie. There is also a coupon for the Daredevil ACE Edition of #1 (Vol.1)! Next issue promises more news from the set.

  • 20/11 - [Video game Screenshots]

    Encore USA has once again provided the site with more info on the Game Boy Advance game! Check out the Video Games section of the site for about 17 screenshots of the game. Thanks to Encore once again for this sneak peek. You will find some shots exclusive to the site that you won't find anywhere else.

    manwithoutfear.com Video Games section

  • 19/11 - [Reactrix Systems Ads]

    SHH! has posted news that California company Reactrix Systems has built an advertising program that will be in place in malls which uses images from the movie. For more details:


  • 19/11 - [Final DD Logo]

    Fox sent JoBlo.com the finalized Daredevil logo:


  • 19/11 - [DD on Extra! this week]

    The Comics Continuum has updated their site with news that Daredevil will be featured all this week on Extra!, the daily entertainment show in syndication.

    Comics Continuum

  • 19/11 - [New Elektra pic]

    JoBlo.com has posted a new picture of Jennifer Garner as Elektra:


  • 19/11 - [More movie sites]

    Wind-Up Records has opened www.daredevilmusic.com, which has info on the soundtrack. Check out Comics2Film for details.


    And keep a look out for another new site, www.daredevilgame.com, which will have info on the video game posted below! It should be going live soon.

  • 19/11 - [Video Game Trailer!]

    Encore USA has provided the site with a first look of the Game Boy Advance Daredevil game, coming next year! Due to the size of the trailer, I'll have to restrict access due to bandwidth costs at some point. The Quicktime movie is over 9 Megs in size. Many thanks to Encore for the file! If the trailer is not available (I'll post a note), several other sites will be getting copies of the trailer later today (19th).

    The game is side-scrolling, and there are secret areas where you can appear in the yellow costume too. As Daredevil, you can fight Kingpin, Bullseye and Elektra (in their movie costumes).

    Update: Due to the massive amounts of hits, the trailer is now offline. I'll post info on where the trailer is posted on other sites later today. Hope you guys enjoyed the sneak peek of the trailer!

  • 18/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 20
    * Daredevil #39
    * Wizard #136 (DD cover)
    * Daredevil cover poster - Joe Quesada

    November 27
    * Daredevil: Underboss TPB

  • 18/11 - [More soundtrack additions?]

    SHH! is posting that members of Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie may be contributing to the movie soundtrack. More details below:


  • 18/11 - [David Mack interview]

    Jen Contino at the Pulse talks with David Mack about Echo, his return to DD next year and more!

    David Mack interview

  • 11/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 13
    * Daredevil: The Target #1

    November 20
    * Daredevil #38
    * Wizard Daredevil Movie Cover #136
    * Daredevil Cover Poster (Target #1) $5.99

  • 11/11 - [Daredevil re-shoots]

    Latino Review got a chance to chat with Joe Pantoliano, where "Ben Urich" said he and Ben Affleck will be filming scenes in NYC next week. Thanks to SHH! for the tip.

    Latino Review

  • 08/11 - [Topps Movie Card Ad]

    Thanks to Ben who sent me a copy of the advertisement for the movie cards from Topps!

    Topps Movie Card Ad

  • 07/11 - [Trailer images]

    Many sites are posting images from the trailer that debuted last night. Check them out if you can't download the trailer.

    Comics Continuum

  • 07/11 - [Trailer is online]

    The Daredevil trailer appeared on Entertainment Tonight and E!, and it is now online as well. Check it out in Quicktime format!

    Daredevil trailer

  • 06/11 - [A Million Hits]

    As I write this, the main page of the site has been visited 999,175 times. More than likely in the next few hours, the 1,000,000th hit will come through. If any of you have been here from the beginning, way back in 1996 when the site was on my university server, you know how much this site has grown. I used to get excited if I got 10 hits in a day back then. I still work on it every single day because I know there are many people who love this character as much as I do. I've had the chance to discuss DD with readers all over the world, interview many DD creators, and now be part of the promotion for the movie... a movie I thought I'd never see in my lifetime. It's been fun and I hope I can continue keeping this site going for as long as I can. Many thanks to each and every one of you. This site only exists because of your continued support. Thanks, Kuljit.

  • 06/11 - [Large Poster image]

    The Comics Continuum has posted a large image of the Daredevil Movie Poster, that was provided to them by Fox.

    Comics Continuum

  • 04/11 - [Online Trailer Wednesday]

    Superherohype has confirmed with Fox that the Daredevil trailer will be online at the daredevilmovie.com site on Wednesday night.


  • 04/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 6
    * Alias #16
    * Elektra #16
    * Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan #2
    * Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #1

    November 13
    * Daredevil: The Target #1

  • 04/11 - [DD Theatre Standee]

    "Adam" sent me some pics of the Daredevil Movie Standee that's now in theatres. One pic is the standee at the theatre, and the other is the box it comes in (alas, an empty box). "Adam" says there were two different size boxes, so there may be two standee versions out there. Thanks "Adam"!

    Standee in theatre
    Empty Standee box

  • 02/11 - [Official Site Update]

    There has been a massive redesign and update to the official movie site, so go check it out!


    Producer Gary Foster spoke with the Comics Continuum and mentioned that there will be at least two trailers in theatres by the end of this year.

    Comics Continuum

  • 01/11 - [DD on 60 Minutes II]

    Matt e-mailed and informed me that there were some DD movie items in the 60 Minutes II segment on comics on the Wednesday night show.

    On the Wednesday episode of 60 Minutes II there was a few behind the scenes clips of the Daredevil movie including Matt fighting Elektra in a playground and shots of Avi Arad on the set.

    Thanks Matt!

    CBS has a transcript of the episode on their site if you are interested.

    60 Minutes II transcript

  • 01/11 - [Poster, card images]

    Someone was selling a DD movie poster on eBay yesterday and subsequently many movie sites started displaying it... hopefully Fox will provide an official jpeg of it soon, but in the meantime, Countingdown.com, Comics2Film, JoBlo.com, Superherohype.com etc. all have a copy to view. Also, Comics2Film has an image of the Topps Movie Promo card as well.


  • 01/11 - [Dodson draws DD40]

    Brian Bendis updated his news from a few days ago, with the revelation that artist Terry Dodson will be drawing Daredevil #40! Also, an image of DD#43's cover was posted on Jinxworld.

    DD#43 cover

    October 2002

  • 30/10 - [Movie Merchandise]

    Today's Previews has info on a lot of DD Movie Merchandise, so here's a quick recap:

    * There are several new images being used to promote the comic adaptation in the Marvel section
    * Wizard #137 will have a set visit article, as well as a FREE Daredevil Movie Promo Card from Topps!
    * Speaking of Topps, they will be producing a 72-card base set of the movie, with autographed cards, memorabilia cards and special inserts. There will be 7 cards per pack ($1.99 ea), and 36 packs in a box. Please see page 374 of Previews for more info!
    * Toyfare #67 will feature a DD Movie Toy Cover.

  • 30/10 - [January Previews Update]

    Just a reminder to check today's Previews for DD merchandise. There is a listing of comics from the 24th on this page below, but here's a listing of merchandise you can order. If anyone wants to know what page it's on in the Previews mag, just contact me in e-mail.

    * Marvel Universe Daredevil Bust $45.00
    * DF Marvel Collector Plate Jusko Bullseye $49.99
    * DF Marvel Collector Plate Jusko Elektra $49.99
    * DF Marvel Collector Plate Quesada Daredevil $49.99
    * DF Daredevil Definitive Lunch Box (O/A) $10.00
    * DF Classic Spider-Man/DD Litho (O/A) $24.99
    * Toyfare Daredevil Movie Toy Cover #67
    * DF Daredevil Collector Magnet $4.99
    * Topps Daredevil Movie Trading Cards Box $1.99 ea
    * Daredevil/Elektra Love Hate T-Shirt $15.95
    * Elektra Greg Horn Poster

  • 30/10 - [Trailer now Nov.8]

    JoBlo.com got confirmation from Fox that the DD trailer will now be released on November 8, with 8 Mile, the new Eminem movie. It will also be shown on Entertainment Tonight November 7.


  • 30/10 - [Bendis updates DD]

    In a post on his message board, Daredevil writer Brian Michael Bendis had this to say:

    Look for me in an upcoming issue of FHM. I know it’s a scary concept, but there I will be, hopefully not in a bikini. I will also be featured in the spring Abercrombe and Finch catalogue with a very special guest illustrator taking a shot at the mighty baldness. Also, as I glom onto some DD movie press… look for me in premiere magazine kissing frank miller’s ass.

    Also, The interview in the November issue of comics explorer came out pretty damn good.

    ITEM! ALEX MALEEV is back in America and back to work! I will be posting new covers soon. They are amazing. But who is drawing DD 40? Which top ten artist i have never worked with has stepped in to wind up the trial of the century- stay tuned…

  • 28/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 30
    * Essential Daredevil Vol.1
    * Paradise X #6

    November 6
    * Alias #16
    * Elektra #16
    * Ultimate DD & Elektra #1

  • 25/10 - [Evanescence on DD Soundtrack]

    The official Evanescence web site has confirmed that the group will be part of the DD movie soundtrack, available in January 2003. The single "Bring Me To Life" can be heard in streaming media. Thanks to Ben for the tip!


  • 24/10 - [January items]

    As seen in the press release from Marvel (two articles below), January will have lots of DD material to coincide with the movie. Here's a list of items to look out for in next week's Previews magazine...

    * Daredevil The Movie Adaptation
    * Daredevil #41
    * Daredevil #42
    * Elektra #20
    * Ultimate DD/Elektra #4
    * Daredevil The Movie TPB
    * Ultimate DD/Elektra TPB
    * Daredevil Legends Vol.1: DD Yellow TPB
    * Daredevil Born Again TPB
    * Daredevil Parts of a Hole TPB
    * Daredevil/Elektra Love and War HC

    * Marvel Universe Daredevil Bust $45.00
    * DF Marvel Collector Plate Jusko Bullseye $49.99
    * DF Marvel Collector Plate Jusko Elektra $49.99
    * DF Marvel Collector Plate Quesada Daredevil $49.99
    * DF Daredevil Definitive Lunch Box (O/A) $10.00
    * DF Classic Spider-Man/DD Litho (O/A) $24.99
    * Toyfare Daredevil Movie Toy Cover #67
    * DF Daredevil Collector Magnet $4.99
    * Topps Daredevil Movie Trading Cards Box $1.99 ea
    * Daredevil/Elektra Love Hate T-Shirt $15.95
    * Elektra Greg Horn Poster

    As always, more details will be posted once Previews comes out next week.

  • 23/10 - [Wizard DD Movie Preview]

    Today's Wizard Magazine has about 20 new pics from the movie, along with some comments from director Mark Steven Johnson. There is a cover by Greg Horn of DD/Elektra and also an interview with Kevin Smith where he talks about the movie a little bit.

  • 22/10 - [January is DD Month]

    October 21, 2002


    DAREDEVIL #41 -- Marvel's 1st Quarter Comic -- Kicks Off A New Story Arc!

    INCREDIBLE HULK's Bruce Jones Writes DAREDEVIL: THE MOVIE, The Official Comic Book Adaptation!


    A month before the highly anticipated Daredevil film hits the bigscreen, Marvel is offering retailers an arsenal of tools to bring movie-hungry crowds into their stores. Starring Ben Affleck, Alias's Jennifer Garner, The Green Mile's Michael Clark Duncan and Minority Report's Colin Farrell, Daredevil is being pegged by many Hollywood insiders as the next winner in Marvel's string of hit films that began with X-Men, Blade and Spider-Man. To help retailers profit from this pop culture event -- and provide curious readers with a wealth of Daredevil and Elektra excitement -- Marvel is publishing the following items in January 2003:

    DAREDEVIL: THE MOVIE -- This 48-page issue, priced at only $3.50, is the only official comic book adaptation of the blockbuster film. Featuring art by Manuel Garcia, DAREDEVIL: THE MOVIE is written by Bruce Jones, who is currently thrilling readers with his critically acclaimed run on INCREDIBLE HULK.

    DAREDEVIL: THE MOVIE -- This 128-page softcover graphic novel, priced at $12,99, not only features the comic book adaptation of the film, but also contains a selection of classic Daredevil, Elektra and Kingpin stories -- including the highly regarded TANGLED WEB: SEVERANCE PACKAGE by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso!

    DAREDEVIL #41 & #42 -- Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev begin the next big story arc, starting with an issue that will only cost readers 25 cents! And to keep the excitement going, the second chapter of "Lowlife" will go on sale only two weeks later!

    ELEKTRA #20 -- The Hand, the evil clan of ninja that trained Elektra, are coming to claim their property... but are they up to the task? Acclaimed crime writer Greg Rucka and penciler Carlo Pagulayan present an important chapter in the life of the world's most dangerous assassin!

    ULTIMATE DAREDEVIL & ELEKTRA #4 -- Greg Rucka and Salvador Larroca conclude their Ultimate look at comics' ultimate couple! When the stakes are raised, what will Elektra choose: the man she loves... or her own brand of justice?

    DAREDEVIL LEGENDS VOL. 1 - DAREDEVIL: YELLOW -- This 144-page softcover graphic novel, priced at $14.99, collects all six issues of the acclaimed Marvel Knights series by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale!

    DAREDEVIL LEGENDS VOL. 2 - DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN -- This new printing of the 176-page softcover graphic novel, priced at $17.95, presents the classic story in which the Kingpin -- armed with DD's secret identity -- sets out to destroy Matt Murdock's life!

    DAREDEVIL VOL. 2 - DAREDEVIL: PARTS OF A HOLE -- This new printing of the 176-page softcover graphic novel -- priced at $17.95 -- reprints David Mack and Joe Quesada's introduction of the femme fatale known only as Echo!

    ULTIMATE DAREDEVIL & ELEKTRA -- This 128-page softcover graphic novel, collecting all four issues of Jeph Loeb and Salvador Larroca's miniseries, updates the blind adventurer and the sai-slinging shadow warrior for the 21st Century! Priced at only $11.99, this is the perfect introduction for new readers into the world of Daredevil.

    DAREDEVIL/ELEKTRA: LOVE & WAR HARDCOVER -- This 328-page hardcover graphic novel -- priced at $29.99 -- collects both ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN and DAREDEVIL: LOVE AND WAR (both written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz) into one oversized volume.

    Retailers are also reminded that the following softcover graphic novels are also currently available:

    Every item listed above -- each with an Initial Order Cut-Off Date of December 6th -- can be ordered through the next edition of Diamond's Previews catalog.

    Your Man @ Marvel,
    Bill Rosemann
    Marketing Communications Manager
    Marvel Comics

  • 22/10 - [More Movie pics]

    Some sites have posted new pics from the movie. JoBlo.com talks about the trailer release date of Nov.1, with a new pic of Colin Farrell as Bullseye.


    Moviegod.de has posted a new batch of pics of Matt, Elektra, Bullseye and more. Thanks to Superherohype for the tip.


  • 21/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 23
    * Elektra: Glimpse and Echo #4
    * Wizard Daredevil Movie Cover #135

    October 30
    * Essential Daredevil Vol.1
    * Paradise X #6

  • 20/10 - [Alias/DD storyline]

    Michael Sangiacomo's Journey Into Comics column on Newsarama is reporting that Alias and Daredevil will be involved in a storyline starting with Alias #16 and DD #41. For more details:

    Journey Into Comics

  • 18/10 - [Music Single Art?]

    Thanks to Ben for this...
    AICN has posted what it says are two pieces of art for the first music single for the DD movie. Does Evanescence have the first single? Hmmm... Find out more about the group in an interview at Stranger Things Magazine below.

    Also, they've posted 3 new pics from the movie that were included in the Fan Art Contest download that is running on my site. AICN is having problems displaying the images, so the images may not show up right away.

    Interview with Ben Moody of Evanescence - 09/2000

  • 17/10 - [Daredevil Fan Art Contest]

    Make sure you visit the CONTEST page for an official Daredevil movie contest! Design your own DD wallpaper and win prizes! Be sure to read the rules carefully! And good luck!

    If you aren't going to participate, you can still download the images, because there are new shots of Bullseye, DD, Kingpin and Elektra that haven't been seen before!

  • 17/10 - [Foster updates DD]

    Daredevil movie producer Gary Foster spoke with the Comics Continuum about Jennifer Garner's abilities as an actress, and also about the promo material that will be coming Nov.1.

    Comics Continuum

  • 16/10 - [DD Comic Adaptation]

    The Daredevil movie comic adaptation will be written by Bruce Jones, drawn by Manuel Garcia and Scott Hanna, and coloured by Chris Sotomayor. Newsarama has the first preview images of the comic, that will be released in January. The Andrew Lis edited comic will be 48 pages.


  • 16/10 - [Official site update]

    The Official Daredevil movie site at www.daredevilmovie.com has added two new pictures in the gallery. One is Jennifer Garner as Elektra, and the other is Ben Affleck and Joe Pantoliano, as Matt Murdock and Ben Urich, respectively.


  • 16/10 - [Bid on a DD bucket]

    Loews Cineplex is holding an auction to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. One of the items up for auction is a popcorn bucket autographed and designed by Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and Colin Farrell. The auction ends on the 18th, so place a bid to help the charity!

    Charity auction

  • 14/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 16
    * Daredevil #38

    October 23
    * Elektra: Glimpse and Echo #4
    * Wizard Daredevil Cover #135

  • 14/10 - [Johnson talks Bullseye]

    Daredevil movie writer/director Mark Steven Johnson spoke with the Comics Continuum and the topic of Bullseye's costume came up. There are also quotes from Ben Affleck and Joe Quesada on the movie.

    Comics Continuum

  • 12/10 - [Premiere, other Magazines]

    In addition to the Jennifer Garner article in the November 2002 Premiere Magazine is an article about the DD movie itself, with quotes from Mark Steven Johnson and a pic of Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock. If you don't get a chance to pick up the magazine, Premiere's site has the article.


    If you are buying movie-related magazines with articles on the DD movie, the latest issues of Total Film #69 and Film Review #622 have some pics and info. The pics are ones you've seen before.

    Also, be on the lookout for Starburst Special #55, Starlog #307 and Wizard #136, which all promise to have DD-related movie news and pics in the coming weeks.

  • 11/10 - [IGN updates DD news]

    IGN Filmforce talked with their trusty DD source and learned some news on the New York filming that's going on and the potential Elektra movie.

    IGN Filmforce

  • 10/10 - [DD#41 for 25 cents!]

    Newsarama has posted an article detailing a new promotion by Marvel. January's DD#41 will be available for 25 cents! And, DD#42 will follow two weeks later. More details and a pic of DD#41 at the link below...


  • 09/10 - [Morse talks Elektra]

    Jen Contino at the Pulse has interviewed Elektra: Glimpse and Echo artist Scott Morse. He talks about what first got him interested in Elektra and what he thinks about the final product.

    Morse interview

  • 09/10 - [Earth X DD revealed!]

    The mystery of who's in the Daredevil costume in the Earth X series of books has been revealed in today's Paradise X: Devils one shot. We know it's not Matt Murdock, and the person in the costume has the power of 'not dying'... so who do you think it is? I won't spoil it for you...

  • 08/10 - [Garner talks with Premiere]

    Jennifer Garner is featured on the Premiere magazine site and she talks about her role as Elektra and what was involved with doing the stunts etc. Thanks to Superherohype for the tip.


  • 07/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 9
    * Marvel Encyclopedia HC
    * Glenn Fabry DD: Target Poster
    * Paradise X: Devils
    * Marvel Shot Glasses

    October 16
    * Daredevil #38

  • 02/10 - [DD-related this week]

    Be sure to pick up the following books this week if you're interested in anything DD-related:

    * Elektra #15
    * Alias #15 is a direct tie-in to Daredevil #36
    * Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan #1 features the manga version of DD (see the preview below this news article)
    * Spider-Girl #52 has an appearance by Darkdevil

  • 01/10 - [Manga DD Preview]

    Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider Clan #1 ships this week, so I asked writer Kaare Andrews if he could send me some info on the manga version of Daredevil that appears in the series, because some of you may not know about it. He sent me info, AND also sent me some sketches by artist Skottie Young and the cover to issue #2! Here's what Andrews said about DD:

    Let me introduce you to the version of Daredevil premiering in the first issue of Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider Clan with a couple of pics. The first is the original character designs by Skottie Young and the other is the cover for issue 2. Please note that Matt Murdock is a different design than what you see here. Who is this version of Daredevil? He's someone whose true love was taken away from him by dark and evil forces. He's been chasing these forces ever since, punishing himself for what happened and preventing the darkness from spreading in this world, at any cost. He's a pretty extreme character, both physically and emotionally.
    Many thanks to Kaare Andrews for this sneak peek of this version of DD!


    September 2002

  • 30/09 - [Shipping update]

    October 2
    * Elektra #15
    * Spider-Man Legend of the Spider-Clan #1 (Manga DD will debut in this series)

    October 9
    * Daredevil poster by Glenn Fabry
    * Paradise X Devils

  • 30/09 - [Pompeo, soundtrack news?]

    Superherohype updated their site this weekend with some DD news.

    First, SHH got Ellen Pompeo, who plays Karen Page, to comment on her role and working with Ben Affleck and Jon Favreau.

    SHH Ellen Pompeo article

    Then comes news that Our Lady Peace *may* have a song on the DD soundtrack.

    SHH Our Lady Peace article

  • 27/09 - [Trailer date pushed back]

    The Comics Continuum was told by DD movie producer Gary Foster that the DD movie trailer will come to theatres November 1, instead of October 11.

    Comics Continuum

  • 26/09 - [New MCD Kingpin pic]

    CHUD has posted a new pic of Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin. Thanks to Superherohype for the tip. UPDATE - This pic, along with a new pic of Matt and Elektra, appears at the official DD movie site.

    Daredevil Movie site

  • 25/09 - [Lots of news]

    If you are interested in picking up Wizard, there are a few DD-related items this month:
    * p.31 - Greg Rucka article on Ultimate DD/Elektra
    * p.66 - Jan Duursema pic of DD (with other characters) for a Bill Jemas article
    * p.69 - Ultimate DD/Elektra full page ad
    * p.71 - DD: Target full page ad
    * p.82-86 - Halloween costume contest - Bullseye and DD costumes
    * p.92 - article on Daredevil movie, with pics
    * p.130 - July 23 last day of Daredevil movie filming; went on for 20 hours straight
    * p.134 - Daredevil #1 back on Top Ten list
    * p.174 - ad for Wizard #135 with Greg Horn cover of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
    * p.176 - director John Carpenter is a DD fan

    I also had quick look through Previews and here's what you may be interested in that you may not catch at first glance:
    * p.187 - Daredevil poster by Joe Quesada
    * p.190 - Black Widow figure
    * Wizard #136 will have a DD movie cover and will also have a coupon for a Wizard Daredevil #1 ACE Edition (more details on this soon...)
    * Wizard Postermania has a DD/Elektra poster
    * p.408 - DD: Target T-Shirt by Glenn Fabry
    * p.412 - DD Over Figure and Title T-Shirt (big pic on back, small logo on front)
    * p.412 - DD Digital Watches (3 different styles) for $9.99 each
    * p.412 - DD Watch Gift Set $19.99 (comes in lunchbox container)
    * p.464 - Spider-Man/DD (by Alex Ross) Wall Scroll $17.99

    Some other quick news:
    * Matt Murdock is mentioned in The Hood #5 from last week
    * The magazine Kid Planet has a Lee Weeks pic of DD (with other characters) on the cover, and a small article on superhero movies
    * Elektra: Glimpse and Echo #3 came out today
    * The Daredevil hardcover is intentially solicited as Volume 2. Volume 1 will eventually be released, but what will it contain?
    * The cover originally solicited for #37 is now for #40
    * If anyone picked up the Love's Labor Lost TPB today, can you please let me know what extras it may contain?
    * As always, if you've seen or heard any DD news, please drop me a line!

  • 23/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 25
    * Daredevil: Loves Labor Lost TPB
    * Elektra Glimpse and Echo #3
    * Elektra Lives Again New Printing HC

    October 2
    * Elektra #15
    * Marvel Encyclopedia HC

  • 22/09 - [DD Target Preview]

    Newsarama has 4 preview pages of the Daredevil Target mini-series. The interview with Kevin Smith from July at MoviePoopShoot.com is also posted again.


  • 21/09 - [An Analysis of Appeal]

    Troy Brownfield has written an article for Comicon.com's Pulse about Daredevil, and what makes him a character that fans enjoy reading. It's really good, so check it out!


  • 20/09 - [Inside Arts DD Exhibit]

    Angela Jackson, at Inside Arts in London, England, forwarded me some info on an exhibit her company is currently running. Artist Dario Illari has produced some DD work and here's more info if you want to check it out!


    Bright Lights And Superheroes

    Dario Illari

    Bright Lights And Superheroes, by Dario Illari, is a collection of artwork inspired by two of America's biggest fantasy factories: Las Vegas and Marvel comics.

    Aged 20, Dario was one of a group of anarchic artists creating havoc with their nocturnal installations in the city of Perugia, Italy. It seems only fitting that, a decade later, his work is inspired by Las Vegas, the ultimate embodiment of the city as playground.

    In Bright Lights And Superheroes, his stunning, large-scale prints celebrating the motels and neon of Nevada are joined by "DareDevil", a series of screenprints of the 1960s comic hero.

    Bright Lights And Superheroes is showing at: Soho 601, 71 Dean Street, Soho London W1D 3SF throughout September and October 2002.
    Please ring ahead to view - 020 7439 2730.

    For more information on the show, or to buy or commission a piece, please contact curator Angela Jackson at Inside Arts:

    T 020 7247 2460 : E info@insidearts.co.uk W www.insidearts.co.uk

  • 20/09 - [Farrell talks Bullseye]

    Cinescape has posted a little interview with Colin Farrell, where he discusses his work on DD and Phone Booth. Thanks to SuperheroHype for the tip.


  • 20/09 - [Ultimate DD/Elektra DotComic]

    Check out Marvel's site this Friday (20/09) for an 11-page preview of Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #1, by Greg Rucka, Salvador Larroca and Danny Miki. If the DotComic thing is not your style, Newsarama has preview pages as well, along with a Greg Rucka interview from last month. Read about the Ultimate version of Matt and Elektra.


  • 19/09 - [Bendis updates DD]

    Here's a posting from Brian Michael Bendis's message board, reprinted here with permission:

    first off we just recieved word that sales had a nice spike with the new story starting- pretty happy about that because we have been A'BUSTING OUR ASS!!

    marvel got the director of the DD movie to write the intro to the DD hardback- which i am mighty excited about. there will be big extras- leaning on the truly interesting artistic process the book goes through.

    DD 50 is officially a huge event. i just pitched my eloborate idea and shockingly joe went for it. if you liked the effort put forth on the spidey special- hold on to your yamakas.

    and did someone say something about typhoid mary? huh? what?


  • 19/09 - [December DD items]

    I'll be adding Previews info this week for December 2002, but here's a listing of what to expect in next week's magazine. There's lots of merchandise because of the movie!

    * Daredevil #40
    * Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #2
    * Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #3
    * Elektra #18
    * Elektra #19
    * Daredevil Vol 2 Hardcover
    * Elektra Vol 1 Introspect
    * Daredevil Movie Comic Adaptation Poster
    * Spider-Man and Daredevil Wall Scroll
    * Daredevil Over Figure and Title T-Shirt
    * Daredevil Digital Watch Gift Set
    * Daredevil Digital Clip Strip Watch
    * Daredevil VI by Glenn Fabry T-Shirt
    * Wizard Comics #136 Daredevil Movie Cover

  • 17/09 - [Movie tidbits]

    * According to Superherohype, the new DD trailer will be attached to The Transporter, on October 11th.
    * Ben Affleck spoke with Live with Regis and Kelly on their special this evening. Daredevil was discussed and Regis couldn't help but marvel at Affleck's pic in 'spandex'...
    * Jennifer Garner was also on the show later, but she discussed Alias...
    * Daredevil may be coming to an Imax theatre as well next year...

  • 16/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 18
    * Daredevil #37
    * Elektra #14
    * Daredevil IV T-Shirt by Frank Miller (O/A)
    * Spider-Man/Daredevil T-Shirt by Vatche Mavlian

    September 25
    * Elektra Lives Again HC

  • 10/09 - [Movie Action Figures]

    According to a report from the Comics Continuum, Toy Biz will be producing movie toys next year. The Marvel Legends II line will have a movie version of DD and will ship in spring 2003. The Marvel Studios II line will have DD and Elektra in fall 2003.

    Comics Continuum

  • 09/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 11
    * DF Classic Spider-Man/Daredevil Litho Signed $49.99

    September 18
    * Daredevil #37
    * Elektra #14

  • 08/09 - [Late Marvel Books Returnable]

    Newsarama has posted an interesting article on late books from Marvel that are now allowed to be returned for credit by retailers. These comics are from the past five years and many Daredevil titles are on this list (as I'm sure most people don't forget how bad the shipping was on DD the past few years). Included on the list are:

    Black Widow: Breakdown #3
    Daredevil #6-11, 14, 15
    Daredevil: Ninja #2, 3
    Daredevil: Yellow #5, 6
    Elektra #8-10
    Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer #3
    Marvel Authentix Daredevil Printed Sketch Cover #1
    Marvel Knights #11-15
    Marvel Knights Magazine #5, 6
    Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #8


  • 06/09 - [Foster gives Movie update]

    Daredevil movie producer Gary Foster spoke with the Comics Continuum and provided an update on the progress of post-production.

    Comics Continuum

  • 04/09 - [Misc. News]

    * If you're a completist, be sure to pick up Alias #14, which continues the story of a missing girl who just happens to be a big DD fan...
    * Did you remember to pick up Paradise #5, which has DD in his red costume?
    * If you are collecting DD Movie news in the various magazines out there, the latest issue of Dreamwatch #96 has a few pages of pics and an article on the press conference from the Biltmore hotel
    * I've been receiving many subsmissions for Fan Fic and hope to post many stories in the next few days
    * Want to rate the latest DD comics? Drop me a line with your ratings for the latest issue #36 out of 10 and a one sentence review. Check out the new FAN VIEWS in REVIEWS of DD#36.
    * In the coming weeks... an interview (hopefully) with an actor from the movie... and a contest!

  • 04/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 4
    * Alias #14 (may have DD references...)

    September 11
    * Nothing DD-related yet...

    August 2002

  • 30/08 - [Take the DD Movie Quiz]

    The Official DD Movie site has been updated with a quiz to test your perception skills. Try your luck at:


    You need Flash installed to view the site and play the quiz game.

  • 28/08 - [Movie Storyboards]

    Today's Wizard Magazine has a few pages of storyboards by Collin Grant for the DD movie. Check them out on page 88!

    Daredevil is also the Book of the Month on page 108.

  • 26/08 - [DD Movie Novelization]

    Info on the DD movie novel has begun to appear, and scooper Gary has let me know that Barnes and Noble has the Daredevil Movie Tie-In listed for release December 24, 2002. The paperback will be written by author Greg Cox, whose credits include Star Trek novels and X-Men & Avengers. More details:

    Barnes and Noble

  • 26/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 28
    * Daredevil Underboss TPB
    * Marvel Knights #6
    * Paradise X #5 (DD appearance in red costume)
    * Daredevil Visionaries Miller Vol. 2 Ltd HC (O/A)

    September 4
    * Alias #14 (missing girl who's a fan of DD)

  • 23/08 - [Rucka talks Ultimate DD/Elektra]

    Newsarama caught up with writer Greg Rucka and editor Jenny Lee to discuss the Ultimate Daredevil/Elektra project, coming out later this year. Lots of good reading on why this project is "ultimate" and how it mainly deals with Elektra's origins in this alternate universe. Thanks to Shoegaze99 for the tip.


  • 22/08 - [Toronto Comic Con]

    If anyone in the Toronto area is going to the show this weekend, I'll be there on Saturday in the morning, wearing my red Daredevil T-Shirt. Say "Hi" if you think it's me! :) Daredevil fans may want to get autographs from John Romita, Jr., David Ross, Vatche Mavlian and Kane Hodder. Want details on the show? Check out:


  • 21/08 - [November DD items]

    Here are some of the items that may be of interest to you in next week's Preview Magazine for November shipment.

    * Daredevil #39
    * Daredevil: The Target #1
    * Daredevil: The Target Signed #1 (Richard Isanove) $19.99
    * Elektra #16
    * Elektra #17
    * Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #1
    * Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan #2 (Manga DD!)
    * Daredevil/Elektra: Love and War HC (still available)
    * Daredevil Cover Poster by Joe Quesada $5.99
    * Wizard #135 (DD report, Greg Horn cover)
    * Daredevil Premier Lunchbox $10.00

  • 21/08 - [Favreau talks Foggy]

    Actor Jon Favreau spoke with MoviePoopshoot's Chris Ryall about his role in the DD movie and his other projects on the go.


  • 21/08 - [Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra]

    Newsarama has learned that a new limited series set in the Ultimate universe will star Daredevil and Elektra. It will be a 4-issue series starting in November, and will be written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Salvador Larroca. Find out more on this and other crossover news...


  • 19/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 21
    * Daredevil #36
    * Elektra Glimpse and Echo #2
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up HC (Sienkiewicz DD story reprinted)
    * DF Complete Frank Miller Spider-Man HC Signed

    August 28
    * Daredevil Underboss TPB

  • 19/08 - [Coolio talks DD]

    The Sci Fi Channel's Sci Fi Wire recently talked with rapper/actor Coolio about his role in the Daredevil movie. He discusses his role and who he thought could have been a good Bullseye.

    Sci Fi Wire

  • 14/08 - [Horn Wizard Cover]

    Elektra cover artist Greg Horn has been asked by Wizard Magazine to create the cover to their magazine's #136 issue. The cover will feature Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in their movie costumes. To view the work in progress, check out Greg Horn's site! Thanks to Benjamin for the tip.

    Greg Horn's site

  • 13/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 14
    * Sais of Elektra $184.95

    August 21
    * Daredevil #36

  • 13/08 - [Sex Degrees of Separation]

    Tribute Magazine has an interesting article this month on Daredevil actor Ben Affleck. There's an illustration of Affleck as DD and lots of info on his connections to other actors. I'm not sure if the magazine is available outside of Canada (it's free in theatres). But if you can't get a hold of it, here's the article from the Tribute site. Thanks to Loren and Vinny for letting me know about the article.

    Sex Degrees of Separation: Ben Affleck

  • 13/08 - [Teaser Poster update]

    It appears the DD Movie Teaser Poster mentioned on the 11th is a 'window cling' poster. For more details:

    Comics Continuum

  • 11/08 - [DD Teaser Poster]

    SuperheroHype has posted an exclusive look of the Daredevil Movie Teaser Poster!


  • 09/08 - [Trailer next month]

    In a conference call for Marvel investors, Avi Arad (CEO Marvel Studios) said the Daredevil movie should end up with a PG-13 rating and a new trailer will be in theatres next month. More details at Comics2Film.


    The Comics Continuum added to this story by speaking with Gary Foster. A new teaser will debut in September, and the full trailer will come out in November.

    Comics Continuum

  • 08/08 - [Random Notes]

    * Spider-Man/Daredevil #1 shipped yesterday. If you'd like to find out more about the creative team of Brett Matthews and Vatche Mavlian, check out the interview I did with them last month.
    * Elektra #13 also shipped, and continues the storyline with Elektra trying to fend for herself in the desert.
    * Alias #13 doesn't have a DD appearance, but a radio show discusses the recent secret identity revelation.
    * I'm still updating the various news sites' San Diego reports... watch for the joblo.com report later today or this week.
    * Daredevil #28 is now available as a dotComic at the Marvel site here.

  • 07/08 - [San Diego Reports - UPDATED]

    Here are the various comics/movie sites reports on the Daredevil panel from yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con. I'll keep adding to this list as the sites update their content. Please note, some reports contain SPOILERS.

    Ain't It Cool News

    Any more out there, let me know!

  • 06/08 - [Paradise X #5 Preview]

    Courtesy of former DD inker Bill Reinhold comes this preview image of Paradise X #5, where DD will appear in costume! The art is by Doug Braithwaite and Bill Reinhold and is, of course, TM Marvel Characters, Inc. Many thanks to Mr. Reinhold for sending this image along!

    Paradise X #5 preview

  • 05/08 - [DD in Cinescape]

    Cinescape Magazine #64 has an article on the DD movie, written by Executive Editor Eric Moro. Producer Gary Foster talks about the history of the production, writer/director Mark Steven Johnson, and a possible sequel. Moro also speaks with Ben Affleck and stunt coordinator Jeff Imada. Cinescape's September 2002 issue is $6.99 US/$9.99 CAN, with a Vin Diesel or Spider-Man cover.

  • 05/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 7
    * Spider-Man/Daredevil #1
    * Elektra #13
    * Alias #13 (missing girl who's a fan of DD)

    August 14
    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 03/08 - [Affleck at Comic-Con]

    The Comics Continuum has learned that Ben Affleck will appear with Mark Steven Johnson at the Daredevil movie panel today in San Diego. Colin Farrell, who was originally scheduled to appear had to cancel due to a family illness. Also, there will be a toy line for the DD movie. Watch for more news later on as all the comic news sites update with info from the show today!

    Comics Continuum

  • 02/08 - [DD Trades List]

    In response to the many requests I get for a listing of the various DD-related trades/hardcovers that may interest new readers, here's what I've come up with. If you think there should be more on this list, drop me a line!

    Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil
    Stan Lee, Bill Everett et al
    Vol.1 reprints V1 #1-11
    Vol.2 reprints V1 #12-21

    Essential Daredevil
    Stan Lee, Bill Everett et al
    Vol.1 reprints V1 #1-25

    Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller
    Frank Miller, Roger McKenzie, and Klaus Janson
    Vol.1 reprints V1 #158-161, 163-167
    Vol.2 reprints V1 #168-182
    Vol.3 reprints V1 #183-191, Bizarre Adventures #28, What If? #25, 28

    Daredevil: Marked For Death
    Frank Miller, Roger McKenzie, and Klaus Janson
    Reprints V1 #159-161, 163, 164

    Daredevil: Gang War
    Frank Miller and Klaus Janson
    Reprints V1 #169-172, 180

    Daredevil: Love's Labor Lost
    Denny O'Neil and David Mazzucchelli/Frank Miller and John Buscema
    Reprints V1 #215-217, 219-222, 225, 226

    Daredevil: Born Again
    Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli
    Reprints V1 #227-233

    Daredevil: Fall of the Kingpin
    D.G. Chichester and Lee Weeks
    Reprints V1 #297-300

    Daredevil: Fall From Grace
    D.G. Chichester, Scott McDaniel and Hector Collazo
    Reprints V1 #319-325

    Marvel's Finest: Daredevil
    Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti
    Reprints V2 #1-3

    Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti
    Reprints V2 #1-8

    Daredevil: Parts of a Hole
    David Mack, Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, Rob Haynes, and David Ross
    Reprints V2 #9-15

    Daredevil: Wake Up
    Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack
    Reprints V2 #16-19

    Daredevil: Underboss
    Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev
    Reprints V2 #26-31

    Daredevil Volume 2 Hardcover
    Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev
    Reprints V2 #26-37

    Limited Series

    Black Widow
    Reprints Black Widow #1-3 and Black Widow: Breakdown #1-3

    Daredevil: Love and War
    Original Graphic Novel

    Daredevil: The Man Without Fear
    Reprints Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #1-5

    Daredevil: Ninja
    Reprints Daredevil: Ninja #1-3

    Daredevil/Elektra: Love and War Hardcover
    Reprints Daredevil: Love and War GN and Elektra: Assassin

    Reprints Daredevil/Spider-Man #1-4

    Daredevil: Yellow Hardcover
    Reprints Daredevil: Yellow #1-6

    Elektra: Assassin
    Reprints Elektra: Assassin #1-8

    Elektra Lives Again
    Original Hardcover (also in TPB form)

    Elektra Saga
    Reprints Elektra Saga #1-4 (edited version of DD issues)


    Greatest Spider-Man and Daredevil Team-Ups

  • 01/08 - [Smith FAQ]

    In response to the DD/Bullseye: Target feedback from yesterday at Newsarama, Kevin Smith has decided to make a "FAQ" to comment on the concerns voiced by readers.


    July 2002

  • 31/07 - [Wizard, Paradise X]

    Today's Wizard #132 has some DD info in case you want to pick it up.

    * Pages 16-17 pretty much detail what we found out today about the Kevin Smith/Glenn Fabry Daredevil project
    * Pages 54-60 detail Wizard's visit to the sets of many of the Marvel films being produced, including Daredevil. There's lots of stuff about the actors, the roles, the video game etc.
    * Daredevil #32 has reached #7 on the Hot 10 Comics list.

    In other news, Paradise X #4 features Matt Murdock again, so if you collect DD-related appearances, be sure to pick it up.

  • 31/07 - [Smith on Target!]

    Yes, the rumours were true. Kevin Smith is going to be writing Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target! Thanks to Niko for the link:


  • 29/07 - [News tidbits]

    * I stumbled across this on eBay today. Even if this is 'authentic', why are they using my site logo for the Daredevil movie? :)
    * The official Daredevil website at www.daredevilmovie.com has added a new intro Flash piece with Elektra.
    * If anyone is going to the San Diego Comic-Con and wouldn't mind writing up a report on DD-related stuff, like Mark Steven Johnson's panel on the DD movie, just let me know.
    * For the people who are looking for Alex Maleev art, check out AnthonySnyder.com. He is representing the DD artist, and many prints and original art are for sale.

  • 29/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 31
    * May be interested in Paradise X #4 and Marvel Visionaries: Gil Kane, which do have some DD-related material

    August 7
    * Alias #13 (Missing girl who's a DD fan)
    * Marvel Masterworks DD Vol. 2
    * Spider-Man/Daredevil #1

  • 25/07 - [Klaus Janson interview]

    The Slush Factory's Peter Dyson had a chance to to speak with Klaus Janson about a variety of topics. Janson touches on DD, Miller, the current series, Elektra and more!


  • 24/07 - [Daredevil: The Target]

    If you've picked up Previews today, check out page 184. Marvel has solicited a DD poster, painted by Glenn Fabry. The blurb associated with it proclaims "Daredevil: The Target" to be a huge Marvel project coming in November. The image has DD with a blue and white bullseye behind him. Hmmm... anyone care to speculate on this one? Is this the rumoured Kevin Smith DD book?

    The cover to Daredevil #38 is printed as well, and I hope to have that available for you to view later.

    Some other stuff you may be interested in ordering:

    The Daredevil/Elektra: Love and War Hardcover reprints Elektra: Assassin and Daredevil: Love and War, both by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz. Details on page 181.

    Elektra is getting her own Marvel Select Action Figure, not available in the mass market. Check out page 189 for details.

    If you're interested in comic magnets, go to page 287. Marvel covers are available on magnets, $4.99 each.

    Tripwire Magazine returns with Volume 5 #1 as they focus on everything to do with Daredevil, from the comic to the movie. It's $5.95. More details on page 350.

  • 23/07 - [Trial of the Century]

    Daredevil writer Brian Michael Bendis posted some news on his message board at www.imagecomics.com. Regular artist Alex Maleev will be taking a break from his penciling chores for issues #38-40. The three issues will be published in two months and Maleev will return with #41.

    The arc will be called "Trial of the Century" and will feature many guest-stars. Manuel Gutierrez will be handling the art.

    Here's the DD-related part of Bendis's post:

    Ok. DAREDEVIL- sadly Alex has to take a small break, if he wants to tell you why that is his biz- But I HATE fill in issues. Always did and always will. Never had one yet and I am not about to do one now- so, instead...drumroll...

    DAREDEVIL 38- 40 will be nothing even resembling fill in issues. In fact, its turned into a great ‘hopping on’ point called ‘TRIAL OF THE CENTURY.’

    We are squeezing a three issue arc into two months to give Alex his time and to give him a good head start on our next arc which will take us into the DD movie area and heaving towards the big, big, big DD fifty.

    ‘TRIAL OF THE CENTURY’ is a big, dramatic, heavily researched trial in the marvel universe. It focusses on Matt the lawyer but I don’t want to ruin the surprise of who is on trial or for what. But with the way the story is going in DD- it could be anybody.

    You will see guest stars galore: Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, Power-man and Iron fist, the Sons of the dragon, and Jessica Jones. All kinds of intrigue with actual dramatic repercussions. Don’t believe me... ask the team of legal experts that helped me craft this story.

    All drawn by Manuel Gutierrez who did some damn fine work in Marvel Double Shots recently and I am really excited to see what he does here.

    Think Law and Order Marvel Knights style.

  • 23/07 - [Affleck interview, new pics]

    Ben Affleck spoke with Sci-Fi Wire and discussed the delays the production of the movie has experienced. Also, 3 new pics have been added to the official DD movie web site. Check them out there, or at Comics2Film below.


  • 22/07 - [DD in Film Review]

    In the latest Film Review Special #40, which focuses on Superheroes, the Daredevil movie is featured on pages 62-63. It has a quick rundown on who DD is, and the cast etc. Also, on page 96-97 is an interview with Colin Farrell and Michael Clarke Duncan along with a big picture of Ben Affleck in costume (the same one you've probably already seen). The magazine is a bit pricey at $11.99US/$14.95CDN.

    In other movie news, Premiere Magazine has a very tiny article in the latest issue, where it's written that actress Bridget Moynahan had the role of Elektra before studio execs changed their minds. Their reason for not choosing Moynahan? She was starring with Ben Affleck in Sum of All Fears and with Colin Farrell in The Recruit. Premiere reports that preliminary sketches of Elektra were already drawn based on Moynahan but were changed once Jennifer Garner got the role.

  • 22/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 24
    * Daredevil: Wake Up TPB $9.99
    * Marvel Knights #5

    July 31
    * Nothing DD-related, but you may want to check out Paradise X #4 and Marvel Visionaries Gil Kane TPB

  • 20/07 - [DD Style Guide]

    Newsarama has posted images from the Official Daredevil Style Guide. This guide is sent to companies that may want to use DD as part of their product line. It is produced by Jolly Roger Studios. For some images and more details, check out the link!


  • 20/07 - [DD at Comic-Con]

    SuperheroHype has found through the San Diego Comic-Con web site that on Saturday August 3, DD footage will be shown by Mark Steven Johnson. Colin Farrell will also attend. It will be in Room 20 at 5PM (PDT).

    Also, the Comics Continuum talked with DD producer Gary Foster and he said production ends this Tuesday, not last week as Yahoo Movies reported.

    Comics Continuum

  • 19/07 - [Movie News]

    (Thanks to SuperheroHype for this info...)
    According to Yahoo Movies, production of the DD movie wraps up this week.
    Scott Terra, who can be seen in "Eight Legged Freaks", talked with Sci-Fi Wire about his role in the DD movie as the young Matt Murdock. Also, the official site has added a new wallpaper and some preview images.

    Sci-Fi Wire
    Official DD Movie site

  • 18/07 - [October Previews]

    Here's a quick listing of DD-related stuff that is coming in October. Full details when Previews comes out this month, but some this stuff looks 'interesting':

    * Daredevil #38
    * Elektra #15
    * Elektra Glimpse and Echo #4
    * Daredevil/Elektra Love and War HC (Hmmm, what's this?)
    * Mighty Marvel Poster Glenn Fabry Daredevil The Target (Is this the mystery Smith project?)
    * Marvel Select Elektra Action Figure
    * Daredevil Pit Fighter T-Shirt

  • 16/07 - [DD Set Pics]

    El Machette from the LatinoReview.com site has confirmed that some pics they posted earlier as Terminator 3 pics, are actually pics from a DD set in Downey (and if you've been reading my message board, Geohound78 mentioned this yesterday). There are lots of spoilers about the story, so don't read the article if you don't want to ruin anything. Thanks to Kellvin and SuperheroHype for the tip.


  • 15/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 17
    * Daredevil #35
    * Alias #12 (story with missing girl who is a fan of DD)
    * Elektra Glimpse and Echo #1

    July 24
    * Daredevil Wake Up TPB
    * Marvel Knights #5

  • 12/07 - [DD#27 dotComic]

    Marvel has posted the second part of Underboss in their dotComics archive!

    DD#27 dotComic

  • 11/07 - [DD#35 preview]

    The Comics Continuum has posted some pages from next week's DD#35, along with some comments from Alex Maleev and Joe Quesada.

    Comics Continuum

  • 09/07 - [Morse Elektra preview]

    Newsarama has posted some preview images of the upcoming Scott Morse Elektra: Glimpse and Echo #1, out July 17!


  • 08/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 10
    * Some DD-related stuff, like a signed copy of Mighty Marvel Must Haves, which reprint some DD issues, and also PERVERTS PEDOPHILES AND OTHER THEOLOGIANS GN SGN (MR) which has some Gene Colan DD art in it! $29.95 US

    July 17
    * Daredevil #35
    * Alias #12 (continuing tale of missing girl who likes DD)
    * Elektra Glimpse and Echo #1

  • 08/07 - [EW Daredevil info]

    Comics2Film has posted some info on an article in Entertainment Weekly about the DD movie by Liane Bonin.


  • 08/07 - [Echo mini-series]

    Russell Lissau spoke with David Mack on the weekend at the Wizard World con, and got details of the Echo mini-series in development!


  • 06/07 - [Wizard World]

    Several sites have posted articles about what's been going on at Wizard World, so check them out! There's some info on the Marvel Knights imprint and DD's secret identity etc.

    Russell Lissau at CBR
    Comics Continuum

    Any more, just let me know!

  • 03/07 - [Random notes]

    * Marvel Knights #4, Marvel Knights: Double-Shot #4 and Elektra #12 all came out today
    * Alias #12 features a story about a missing girl who turns out to be a BIG Daredevil fan
    * Darkdevil returns to the pages of Spider-Girl this week in issue #49
    * Actual quote from USA Today - "ManWithoutFear.com is a veritable shrine to every muscle flex and billy club swing of comicdom's favorite sight-impaired superhero."

  • 02/07 - [Dinner for Five]

    The Daredevil movie's Foggy Nelson, actor Jon Favreau, will be producing an episode of his "Dinner for Five" program on the Independent Film Channel with his DD co-stars. Check out Comics Continuum and Comics2Film for more details!

    Comics Continuum

  • 01/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 3
    * Elektra #12
    * Marvel Knights: Double-Shot #4
    * Marvel Knights #4

    July 10
    * Nothing DD-related yet...

    June 2002

  • 28/06 - [Interview with Colin Farrell]

    IGN Filmforce had a chance to speak with "Bullseye" Colin Farrell about his DD work and his work on other high-profile movies.

    IGN Filmforce

    If you want to find out more about Farrell, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Vanity Fair!

  • 26/06 - [MTV Daredevil article]

    MTV has posted an article on the DD movie, with several of the cast members making comments about the characters and filming. Thanks to Shoegaze99!


  • 26/06 - [Wizard articles]

    There are some DD-related items in today's Wizard #131, if you are interested:

    * Last Woman Standing features Elektra vs. Scarlett of G.I. Joe
    * Artist Phil Noto showcases his sketchbook, which features Elektra
    * In the "Top 100 Trade Paperbacks of All Time", DD has several places - #67 for Daredevil: The Man Without Fear, #29 for Daredevil: Yellow, #18 for Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Vol. 2 and #7 for Daredevil: Born Again
    * Pages 82-83 is a feature on the DD movie, with the pic of Ben Affleck as DD that has been seen before, and a brief interview with Michael Clarke Duncan
    * Page 94 has a pic of the new Bullseye mini-bust!
    * Page 97 has info on the DD video game
    * Page 158 has a Kevin Smith Comic Checklist

  • 24/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 26
    * Call of Duty Mighty Marvel Must-Have (reprints of two DD issues)

    July 3
    * Elektra #12

  • 22/06 - [Trailer images]

    As mentioned last night, the DD official site is online. Comics Continuum has taken some vidcaps of the trailer that is available on the site.

    Comics Continuum

  • 21/06 - [Movie site online]

    What are you waiting for? The Official DD Movie site is now available! Thanks to SuperheroHype for the heads up.

    Official DD Movie site

  • 21/06 - [Access Hollywood segment]

    In case you missed it, PopCultureShock.com has the segment from Access Hollywood, which shows the teaser as well as commentary by Ben Affleck. The official online version will be up soon. Thanks to Keith.


  • 20/06 - [Press Conference - UPDATED]

    Here are all the various sites' press conference details! UPDATED with CHUD's Part 2, JoBlo's report, and SuperHeroHype's report. Many thanks to all these sites for letting me know when they posted the reports. Thanks guys!

    Comics2Film transcript and pics
    JoBlo.com transcript and pics PART 1
    JoBlo.com transcript and pics PART 2
    CHUD transcript and pics PART 1
    CHUD transcript and pics PART 2
    SuperHeroHype transcript and pics
    Comics Continuum transcript and pics
    Dark Horizons transcript
    LationReview.com transcript
    LatinoReview.com pics
    Sci Fi Wire transcript
    SuperHeroHype pics
    Slush Factory transcript

    Any more out there, just let me know!

  • 20/06 - [DD Previews items]

    I had a quick glance at what's coming up in the next Previews and here's what looks interesting:

    Paradise X: Devils (does this have anything to do with DD?)
    Essential Daredevil is finally going to be made!
    Spider-Man/Daredevil T-Shirt
    Daredevil LTD HC Hmmm, what's this for $79.95?

    More details on these and other comics in the coming week.

  • 19/06 - [More Movie pics!]

    Kellvin at LatinoReview.com informed me of new pics from the movie that he posted. There are pics of MCD as Kingpin, Colin Farrell as Bullseye, sketches by Warren Manser and others. Due to the overwhelming demand on his server, you may find that the LatinoReview.com site may be down, so please be patient.


    Comics Continuum updated their page from today with new images as well...

    Comics Continuum

    Soon reports from the press conference will start coming in...

  • 19/06 - [Movie promo card]

    SuperHeroHype has posted images of a DD promo card for the movie. It has pics of the main characters and little background on DD.


  • 19/06 - [Movie update]

    According to SuperHeroHype, the DD Teaser will be shown on the TV Show "Extra" tonight, so check your local listings.

    The Comics Continuum has posted pics and a description of a scene being filmed in the Biltmore Hotel in L.A.

    Comics Continuum

    Meanwhile, USA Today has the first look of Colin Farrell as Bullseye!

    USA Today

    There will be a press conference today, so hopefully details will follow from one of the great sites following DD movie news.

  • 18/06 - [Comics2Film views Teaser]

    Rob Worley at Comics2Film had a chance to view the DD Teaser as well and describes it as "Fast-paced and Gritty!" More details:


  • 17/06 - [SHH views Teaser]

    The good folks of SuperHeroHype.com got a chance to see the Daredevil Teaser Trailer at a Sneak Peek of Minority Report today. For full details, check out their site. Thanks to Jim and Raiden for the heads up.


  • 17/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 19
    * Daredevil #34

    June 26
    * Call of Duty #1 Mighty Marvel Must-Haves (reprints 2 DD issues)

  • 17/06 - [DD #26 dotComic]

    Marvel has just added DD#26 to its growing dotComic inventory. Elektra #10 is also available. Have a look at them here:

    Marvel dotComics

  • 16/06 - [Knights Series Axed]

    In an update to the story from 13/06, Newsarama learned that editor Bronwyn Taggart was let go and the Marvel Knights series is being canceled, apparently with issue #6.


  • 13/06 - [Moore leaving Marvel]

    Marvel Knights editor Stuart Moore has announced he's leaving Marvel to pursue other interests. What does this mean for the imprint and Marvel? Check out the article at Newsarama...


  • 13/06 - [Daredevil Teaser next week]

    The Daredevil teaser has been confirmed for next week. Check out the Comics Continuum for more info on this and the upcoming press conference.

    Comics Continuum

  • 12/06 - [Daredevil Sequels?]

    USA Today has reported that Fox is already touting a second and third film for the DD franchise. Check out Comics2Film for more details.


  • 11/06 - [Daredevil Domains]

    Comics2Film has posted an article detailing the various domains that Fox/New Regency has bought in preparation for the Daredevil movie. There's DaredevilMovie.com, DaredevilTheFilm.com, DaredevilTheMovie.com, and my favourites, DaredevilManWithoutFear.com and DaredevilManWithoutFearMovie.com. ManWithoutFear.com is still mine. :) No word on when the official site will open.


  • 10/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 12
    * Black Widow: Pale Little Spider #3
    * Elektra #11
    * Ultimate Spider-Man Special #1
    * Classic Daredevil I Symbol T-Shirt
    * Classic Daredevil II Symbol T-Shirt

    June 19
    * Nothing on list (in fact, only 1 comic is on the list!)

  • 10/06 - [Custom Statues]

    Jamie Follis runs the Wook's Workshop site, where he showcases custom statues that he has created. He's recently added pics of DD, Elektra and Bullseye statues. Click on the link and visit the MISC section to see his work!

    Wook's Workshop

  • 08/06 - [DD Set Article]

    Thanks to Joe who told me about a set report from El Machette at the LatinoReview.com web site. They describe a helicopter scene being filmed.


  • 07/06 - [Smith talks Teaser]

    Kevin Smith posted on his View Askew message board and gave some details about the DD Teaser that may be shown with Minority Report. For more details, please click on the link:

    View Askew Message Board

  • 07/06 - [DD issues reprinted]

    Marvel is reprinting The Call of Duty: The Brotherhood #1 in a Mighty Marvel Must Have edition due to its immediate sell-out at stores. Fans of DD should take note... two issues of the current Daredevil series will be included in this edition as well. The issue will cost $2.99, so if you've missed any DD issues recently, you can save some money picking up this issue.

  • 06/06 - [Bullseye concept image]

    Comics2Film has posted something that appeared during the MTV Movie House segment... a concept image of Bullseye's costume! Will this be the final version of the costume? Go take a look...


  • 05/06 - [Extra news items]

    * Be sure to pick up Alias #10 this week. I won't ruin anything for you...
    * For some reason Wizard shipped late for me, so I only picked it up this week... but there is an article with Mark Steven Johnson which describes the opening scene of the movie and details Kevin Smith's cameo (page 108)
    * Also in Wizard is an interview with members of the DD video game production team (page 118)
    * Kabuki Reflections #4 shipped today. David Mack showcases some of his art from Daredevil.
    * Marvel Double-Shot #3 also shipped, with an Elektra story by Greg Horn.

  • 04/06 - [MTV Movie House]

    I wasn't able to view this show up here in Canada, but check out these links from the MTV site for more info on what aired tonight:

    Rob Zombie interviews Ben Affleck
    Movie House: Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Suit Up For 'Daredevil'

    Be sure to check out the flipbook of pictures!

    If you want more details, check out Comics2Film's report:


  • 04/06 - [AICN visits the DD set]

    Ain't It Cool News has posted news of a set visit that "Moriarty" made, and he goes into great detail about the scenes he saw and the actors involved. He also talks with Mark Steven Johnson.

    AICN Set Visit

  • 04/06 - [Another Matt/Foggy pic]

    Comics2Film has posted an image of Ben Affleck and Jon Favreau from an Italian magazine called CIAK. It's almost identical to the one we've seen before, but shows some crew members as well.


  • 03/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 5
    * Kabuki Reflections #4
    * Marvel Knights Double Shot #3
    * Daredevil Visionaries Miller Vol. 3 Ltd. HC $39.95
    * DF Classic Spider-Man/DD Litho $24.99

    June 12
    * Black Widow: Pale Little Spider #3
    * Elektra #11
    * Ultimate Spider-Man Special #1

  • 03/06 - [Elektra costume!]

    The Comics Continuum has just posted a picture of Jennifer Garner in her Elektra costume.

    Comics Continuum

  • 03/06 - [Movie, Game news]

    The Comics Continuum spoke with Coolio about his cameo in the DD movie. Also, Encore Software provided the Continuum with details about the video game.

    Comics Continuum

  • 02/06 - [News tidbits]

    * In case anyone missed it, Tangle Web #13 had appearances by the Matador and Stilt-Man. You should also read the "You Can Call Me Al" serial that is running through several Marvel comics for more Stilt-Man!
    * I know some of you collect issues where DD is mentioned, so be sure to pick up The Hood #1.
    * A reminder that this Tuesday's MTV Movie House has footage of the Daredevil movie.
    * Wizard #130 has a pic and some more words from Mark Steven Johnson about the movie.
    * Friday's Toronto Star featured an interview with Ben Affleck and presented the same Daredevil costume pic seen elsewhere.
    * The Daredevil Yellow hardcover has shipped, with a price tag of $29.95 US / $47.95 CAN. Stan Lee provides the introduction.

    May 2002

  • 31/05 - [DD Movie Update]

    The Comics Continuum has posted images from the MTV Movie House segment this week. They also say the first image of Elektra's costume will be appearing "soon".

    Comics Continuum

    Ben Affleck continued his promotion of The Sum of All Fears on the TV show "The View" today and Daredevil was brought up. An image of Affleck in costume was shown (the same one from USA Today) and Affleck discussed how the movie is the same and differs from other comic movies. He also discussed how the success of Spider-Man will probably bring an audience to see Daredevil who may never have before.

  • 29/05 - [DD Video Game]

    Gamespy.com has a new article on the Daredevil video game being produced by Encore Software. There are also some screenshots.


    For those of you wondering about the game, I've put together a quick section for the site:

    ManWithoutFear.com - Video Games

  • 29/05 - [DD on MTV]

    Thanks to Matt, and also the good people at SuperHeroHype.com who have informed me that scenes from the Daredevil movie will be shown next week Tuesday on MTV's Movie House. Ben Affleck was on the show this week answering audience questions. For more details, check out the link at SHH:


  • 28/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 30
    * Daredevil Yellow HC $29.95
    * Elektra #10
    * DF Black Widow Codename Widow SGN #1 $19.99

    June 5
    * Kabuki Reflections #4
    * Marvel Knights Double Shot #3

  • 28/05 - [New DD TPB!]

    I've just heard that a new DD TPB is on the way reprinting some DD material that has never been collected before. Be on the look out for Daredevil: Love's Labor Lost, which will reprint Daredevil #215-217, 219-222, 225, 226. This includes issues by Denny O'Neil, David Mazzucchelli and the special issue by Frank Miller and John Buscema in #219. There will be a cover by David Mazzucchelli and it will cost $19.99 US for 208 pages.

  • 28/05 - [DD's wardrobe]

    An anonymous photographer sent me a pic of a rack with DD costumes. No word on where or how the photographer got the picture. Once again, I've provided the pic to Comics2Film. If you look closely, you can see the 'DD' on the costume.


  • 27/05 - [Affleck appearances]

    On Monday, Ben Affleck dropped by Muchmusic here in Toronto, Canada as part of his promotion for The Sum of All Fears. At the end of his interview with 'Rick the Temp', Affleck was asked about Daredevil, and he mentioned his co-stars Michael Clark Duncan, Jennifer Garner, and confirmed Coolio's cameo appearance. He also told the audience that the movie will be released in February of next year. One fan in the crowd outside got their Daredevil figure autographed, and Affleck showed the figure on screen. The segment is repeated Tuesday morning at 10:30 AM EDT in case you missed it.

    Affleck will be appearing on Tuesday morning's Live with Regis and Kelly, in New York.

  • 24/05 - [New Release Date]

    Thanks to everyone who e-mailed... it appears the release date for the DD movie has been moved again, back to the original February 14, 2003. Apparently this is being done to take advantage of the President's Day weekend. More details:


  • 23/05 - [Elektra previews]

    The Comics Continuum has posted some preview images of Marvel Knights: Double-Shot #3 and Elektra #11.

    Comics Continuum

  • 21/05 - [Tim Sale interview]

    Russell Lissau has an interview with Spider-Man: Blue artist Tim Sale at the CBR site. They discuss how the Spidey series compares with DD: Yellow and other topics.

    Tim Sale interview

  • 20/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 22
    * Marvel Knights #3

    May 30 (due to holiday)
    * Daredevil Yellow HC
    * Elektra #10

  • 17/05 - [More set pics]

    'M' has sent me some more pics of a DD set on the historic Arcade building in downtown L.A. Once again I've provided the pics to the good folks at Comics2Film. Enjoy!

    Movie set pics at Comics2Film provided by 'M'

  • 17/05 - [Larger costume images]

    Thanks to everyone who's sent me the larger image of the DD costume. In this scan, you can clearly see the horns and details around the eyes.

    Larger DD costume scan


    Ain't It Cool News posted another costume scan that is even larger and more detailed! Thanks to Kevin.

    Even larger DD costume scan

  • 16/05 - [DD costume!]

    Thanks to everyone who e-mailed to let me know of the USA Today story that features DD's costume from the movie. Go have a look!

    USA Today

  • 13/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 15
    * Daredevil #33
    * Black Widow: Pale Little Spider #2

    May 22
    * Marvel Knights #3

  • 09/05 - [New DD/Spidey One-Shot]

    Newsarama has posted details about a new one-shot starring DD and Spider-Man coming out in August. It will be written by Brett Matthews (writer on Buffy TV series) and drawn by Vatche Mavlian (DH's Star Wars).


  • 09/05 - [Johnson talks cast]

    Entertainment Weekly spoke with DD movie writer/director Mark Steven Johnson about the casting. It's posted on their web site.


  • 07/05 - [Affleck talks DD]

    Cinescape's Michael Tunison has an interview with Ben Affleck. They talk about stunt work, Matt's blindness and more. Check it out!


  • 06/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 8
    * Marvel Knights Double-Shot #2
    * Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer HC $29.95
    * DF Elektra Premiere Ltd Ed Lunch Box $15.99

    May 15
    * Daredevil #33
    * Black Widow: Pale Little Spider #2

  • 02/05 - [Movie, comic stuff]

    Comics2Film has a pic of editor-in-chief Joe Quesada on the set of DD. No word if he was just visiting, or making a cameo.


    CountingDown.com recently spoke with producer Avi Arad and they discussed the costume, casting etc. Check it out!


    Bullseye makes a small cameo in this week's Deadline #2

    April 2002

  • 29/04 - [Stan Lee set pic]

    Comics2Film has posted a pic of Daredevil co-creator Stan Lee on the set of the DD movie. If you want to be spoiled as to what Lee's role in the movie will be, check out the Comic2Film site.


  • 29/04 - [Ellen Pompeo info]

    For those of you looking for pics and info on Ellen Pompeo, who will be playing Karen Page in the DD movie... Miqque, of Miqque on the Web, has updated his site with some background on her. Be sure to check it out. There's a link to a film that stars Pompeo as well.

    Miqque on the Web

  • 29/04 - [Shipping update]

    May 1
    * Nothing DD-related

    May 8
    * Double Shot #2
    * Wolverine & Elektra The Redeemer HC

  • 24/04 - [DD misc. news]

    * There's a little history of DD in a few pages of Paradise X #2 this week
    * Marvel Knights #2 and Elektra #9 both shipped this week as well
    * In addition to the previews I posted earlier today, also be on the look out for a Kingpin bust and Daredevil magnets in today's Previews.
    * The preview image for Daredevil #35 is in Previews Magazine. Hopefully it will be available online soon.
    * Alex Maleev posted a few images of DD on Brian Bendis's message board
    * Dark Horizons says that the first official look at Ben Affleck in costume will appear in a future issue of Newsweek
    * Yahoo! Movies has a production pic of Jennifer Garner on the set of DD blowing out the candles on her 30th birthday cake

  • 22/04 - [Another set pic]

    Ain't It Cool has posted a pic reported to be from the DD set. It's of DD on top of a building. Check it out!

    Ain't It Cool News

  • 22/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 24
    * Elektra #9
    * Marvel Knights #2
    * Paradise X #2

    May 1
    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 22/04 - [Movie news items]

    * Dark Horizons posted a pic of a DD movie costume. It's probably a fake, but take a look if you're interested. Thanks to Gordon and Gregg.
    * Several additions were made to the cast, including Kane Hodder, Paul Ben-Victor and David Doty.
    * Ben Affleck talks about his DD role in this week's Entertainment Weekly.

  • 19/04 - [Bendis talks DD#32]

    Brian Bendis spoke with Newsarama about the revelations in DD#32 and where he plans to go with this new storyline.


  • 19/04 - [DD items in July]

    I don't have the solicitations just yet, but here's a listing of what to expect in July that is DD-related.

    * Daredevil #35
    * Elektra #12
    * Double Shot #4
    * Elektra Glimpse & Echo #1
    * Marvel Knights #5
    * Paradise X #4
    * Elektra Lives Again NEW PRINTING HC $24.99
    * Daredevil Underboss TPB $14.99
    * DF Death of Elektra Statue $189.99
    * DF Elektra Glimpse & Echo Remarked #1 $99.99

  • 17/04 - [DD hits the Bullseye]

    Comics2Film has a scoop from an extra on the DD set. The source details a scene with Colin Farrell as Bullseye. They've also scanned the 'Daredevil Extra' tag that the extras wear on the set.


    In other news, a scooper for Ain't It Cool News was an extra for a scene with DD in costume. Check out his opinion of what he saw...

    Ain't It Cool News

  • 16/04 - [DD game preview]

    And the news today keeps on coming... Gamespot has a preview of the upcoming Daredevil game, with some screenshots and interviews with the developers!


  • 16/04 - [DD promo coin]

    JoBlo.com has posted some info about a promo coin that they received for the DD movie! Check it out!


  • 16/04 - [Bullseye Mini-Bust]

    Thanks to MikeP for passing along this info. Bowen Designs will be releasing a Bullseye Mini-Bust in September. For pics and info, check out the Bowen Designs site.

    Bowen Designs

  • 16/04 - [Pics of LA area]

    'M' has provided me with some pics of the LA area he was talking about in his last e-mail. Since I don't have the bandwidth to keep the pics here, I've provided them to Comics2Film.com. Please check out the pics of the Arcade building and water towers 'M' talked about!


  • 15/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 17
    * Black Widow Pale Little Spider #1
    * Daredevil #32

    April 24
    * Elektra #9
    * Marvel Knights #2
    * Paradise X #2

  • 15/04 - [Affleck/Favreau pic]

    Thanks to Comics2Film and Gregg Paulsen who pointed this out to me... People magazine has a photo of Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock and Jon Favreau as Foggy Nelson. Check it out!

    People Magazine

  • 15/04 - [Death of Elektra statue]

    Dynamic Forces will be producing a limited edition statue of the Death of Elektra that will come out in September. For more details, check out the figures.com web site. Thanks to Ian for sending this info along.


  • 12/04 - [Movie Set Construction]

    I got an e-mail from 'M' who works in an office close to a DD set under construction in L.A. He provided the following info:

    Giant wooden water towers were constructed and set on top of the Historic Arcade Building at 541 S. Spring St. yesterday in preparation for filming.

    The 12-story Beaux Arts building consists of two towers separated by an interior retail section that stretches from Spring to Broadway. The structure was built in 1924 and at that time it was the heart of the city, fronting on two of Downtown's main thoroughfares--Spring Street's financial district and the Broadway theater and commercial district.

    When asked if he thinks this area of L.A. can substitute for New York, 'M' had this to say:

    Let me first say that I am from New York. This part of downtown LA looks more like NY at some times than NY does, especially if you've only seen NYC on TV or in films. For example, nearly 90% or more of filming for NYPD Blue is filmed here, often on S. Main street and S. Spring street. There is a long list of NY type films that are filmed, at least in part here, in what is known as the "Historic Core" of downtown LA.

    Hopefully we'll hear more from 'M' as filming begins!

  • 11/04 - [Loeb talks DD hardcover]

    Daredevil Yellow writer Jeph Loeb talks with Newsarama about the upcoming hardcover collection of the mini-series. Stan Lee will be providing the introduction!


  • 10/04 - [News tidbits]

    * Fan Rob Smith wrote in to tell me that there are several DD references in the Spider-Man novelization now out in stores. Who knows if these references will stay in the final movie.
    * Soundwave709 also let me know that DD's appearances in the Spider-Man animated series are available at www.videoflicks.com
    * Check out the movie section for links to sites that features news on the DD movie. Ben Affleck was recently on Good Morning America talking about the costume, and Michael Clarke Duncan has to get BIGGER for his Kingpin role!
    * Many thanks to all of you who checked out the interview with Mark Steven Johnson. It set a record for most hits on my site ever in one day (and it's cost me A LOT of money in bandwidth... :))

  • 08/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 10
    * Complete Frank Miller Spider-Man HC $29.95

    April 17
    * Black Widow: Pale Little Spider #1
    * Daredevil #32

  • 04/04 - [Stuff this week]

    * Be sure to pick up Marvel Knights: Double-Shot #1, with a DD story by Rob Haynes. Of note is the cover which is signed May '01
    * Spider-Girl has a one panel appearance of Darkdevil
    * Deadline #1 has an appearance of Josie's Bar, and everyone's favourite bad guy, Turk

  • 03/04 - [Bendis talks DD]

    Brian Bendis continues his interview with HeroRealm and discusses the Kingpin's situation in Underboss. Check it out!

    HeroRealm.com interview with Bendis

  • 03/04 - [DD movie pics]

    Joblo.com has some exclusive pics from the DD movie set!


    In other news, Karen Page has been cast, according to IGN FilmForce. Ellen Pompeo has won the role.

    Karen Page casting (from Joblo.com through FilmForce)

  • 01/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 4 (due to holiday)
    * Marvel Crossover Classic Vol. 3 $24.95
    * Marvel Knights Double Shot #1 $2.99

    April 10
    * Daredevil/Ka-Zar '98 (just kidding)

    March 2002

  • 27/03 - [News tidbits]

    * Kevin Smith posted on his official web board that he will be making a cameo in the DD movie
    * Wizard #128 (out today) has an article with DD movie director Mark Steven Johnson, mainly going over the casting.
    * Lots of DD-related stuff out today, including Elektra #8, Marvel Knights #1 and Matt Murdock continues his role in Paradise X #1, along with the Kingpin and someone else who's playing an important part in the main DD title
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #14 features the Black Widow
    * Preview blurbs for June will be posted soon, but if you're looking for the cover image to DD#34, check out the Previews magazine for a picture

  • 26/03 - [Movie news]

    Comics2Film has posted an announcement from Fox about the DD movie. It is revealed that Scott Terra will play the young Matt Murdock. Also, several of the production team are mentioned.


    The Comics Continuum has the same info, but also has cast bios for all the major roles. Check it out!

    Comics Continuum

  • 25/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 27
    * Elektra #8
    * Marvel Knights (II) #1
    * Paradise X #1
    * Ultimate Marvel Team Up (with Black Widow) #14
    * Wizard #128 (Mark Steven Johnson interview?)
    * Daredevil Symbol Women's T-Shirt ($17.95)

    April 4 (due to Easter)
    * Marvel Knights Double Shot #1

  • 22/03 - [Mack talks Echo]

    Keith Giles recently spoke with David Mack about his upcoming projects, at CBR. Mack reveals he is already at work on an Echo mini-series and more Kabuki. For more info, please visit CBR.

    Catching Up With David Mack

  • 20/03 - [Appearance in Spider-Man]

    Matt Murdock makes a brief cameo in this week's Peter Parker: Spider-Man #41, written by Paul Jenkins, with art by Mark Buckingham.

  • 19/03 - [Movie stuff]

    * Be sure to check out my new interview with writer/director Mark Steven Johnson! * Several sites are posting IGN FilmForce's news of Joe Pantoliano being the front-runner for the role of Ben Urich, which Johnson confirmed in the interview
    * Filming of the movie begins this week, in L.A.
    * Fans of Ben Affleck may want to check out Bravo on Friday night where he will be interviewed on Inside the Actors Studio by James Lipton. It is scheduled for 8PM ET. This is a past appearance on the show.

  • 18/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 20
    * Daredevil #31

    March 27
    * Elektra #8
    * Marvel Knights #1
    * Paradise X #1
    * Wizard #128 (interview with Mark Steven Johnson)

  • 11/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 13
    * Elektra TPB $15.95

    March 20
    * Daredevil #31
    * John Romita Sketchbook $16.95/$27.95 (SC/HC)

  • 11/03 - [Morse talks Elektra]

    Writer/artist Scott Morse talks about his upcoming Elektra mini-series, with CBR.

    Scott Morse interview

  • 11/03 - [News tidbits]

    * Brian Bendis mentioned on his board that the Wake Up storyline he did with David Mack will be collected this summer in TPB form.
    * Bendis also mentioned that he and Jason Pearson *are rumoured* to be working on a DD project together.
    * Actor David Keith looks to be the front-runner for the role of 'Battlin' Jack Murdock in the DD movie.

  • 05/03 - [Rucka talks Elektra]

    Newsarama has an in-depth interview with Greg Rucka where they discuss his thoughts on Elektra as a character and what the future holds for the title.


  • 04/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 6
    * WIZARD POSTERMANIA 2002 (O/A) $4.99

    March 13
    * Nothing scheduled yet...

  • 01/03 - [Elektra news]

    Marvel has announced some big changes and additions to Elektra. There's a new art team with issue #11, and there will also be a mini-series in July by Scott Morse called Elektra: Glimpse and Echo. For preview pages and more details, please visit Newsarama.


    February 2002

  • 26/02 - [Jay and Silent Bob DVD]

    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is now available on DVD and most DD fans know that 'Daredevil' makes an appearance in the movie. The 2nd DVD of the 2-disc set also contains deleted scenes. An extended scene with DD was cut, but you can view it under the title 'COMICS!' in the Deleted Scenes section.

  • 26/02 - [Earth X DD busts]

    Thanks to Ian for pointing this out to me. Dynamic Forces is creating a line of busts for Earth X, and this incarnation of DD has a bust available in 2 versions - regular and bronze. For a quick peek from figures.com, check out the links.

    figures.com - both busts
    figures.com - Bronze Earth X DD
    figures.com - Standard Earth X DD

  • 25/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 27
    * Daredevil #30
    * Mighty Marvel Poster Elektra $5.95
    * DF Elektra Wall of Fire Litho Remarked $69.99
    * DF Joe Quesada Marvel Origins Litho Remarked $69.99

    March 6
    * Elektra TPB $15.95
    * Marvel Crossover Classics III TPB $24.95

  • 25/02 - [Paradise X, movie stuff]

    * Matt Murdock plays an important role in Paradise X, so be sure to pick up Paradise X: O. The Kingpin also makes an appearance.
    * Rhythm and Hues, a California special effects company, has won the contract to do work on the Daredevil movie.

  • 21/02 - [Previews items]

    Previews hits stores next week, but here's a look at what you can be ready to order from your comic store:

    * DAREDEVIL #33 $2.99
    * MARVEL KNIGHTS VOL 2 #3 $2.99
    * BATMAN DAREDEVIL (STAR10224) $5.95
    * BLACK WIDOW TP (STAR13934) $15.95
    * DAREDEVIL BORN AGAIN TP (STAR14467) $17.95
    * DAREDEVIL GANG WAR TP (STAR10175) $15.95
    * DAREDEVIL NINJA TP (STAR13939) $12.95
    * DAREDEVIL SPIDER-MAN TP (STAR13940) $12.95
    * ELEKTRA ASSASSIN TP (STAR12388) $24.95

    Special items:
    * DFE MARVEL MUST HAVES SGN #2 $29.99 (Reprints Underboss Part 1)
    * SAIS OF ELEKTRA (C: 4) $184.95

  • 20/02 - [FavreauasFoggy?]

    Variety has confirmed that Jon Favreau is in talks to play Foggy Nelson in the DD movie. Also, the release date has now been changed to January 17, 2003. A teaser trailer will be shown with 'Minority Report' in June. Other roles still awaiting casting include Ben Urich and Elektra's father. Filming begins late March in L.A.

  • 18/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 20
    * Daredevil: Parts of a Hole TPB $17.95
    * Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer #3 $5.95
    * Paradise X: O $4.50

    February 27
    * Daredevil #30
    * Mighty Marvel Poster Elektra $5.95

  • 15/02 - [News tidbits]

    * Comics Buyer's Guide this week continues Bob Ingersoll's look into the legal errors in Bob Gale's Playing to the Camera arc.
    * Dark Horizons is reporting that the DD teaser trailer will appear in June with Minority Report.
    * DD#30 disappeared off the Diamond shipping lists, after supposedly being available for Feb.13. No word on if it will ship next week as originally scheduled.
    * If you are looking for the Trial of the Incredible Hulk DVD and you live in Canada, check out your local Wal-Mart stores. They are carrying it for $9.88. It is being distributed by Top Ten New Media. This was the TV movie that featured a black costumed DD played by Rex Smith.

  • 12/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 13
    * Elektra #7
    * DF Elektra Wolverine SGN #1 $29.99
    * DF Marvel Knights Convention SGN $69.99
    * DF Joe Quesada Marvel Origins Litho SGN $49.99

    February 20
    * Daredevil Parts of a Hole TPB $16.95
    * Elektra Wolverine The Redeemer #3 $5.95
    * Marvel Crossover Classics Vol. 3 TPB $24.95
    * Paradise X O $4.50

  • 12/02 - [Server problems] Many of you probably tried to access the site yesterday and found the site was unreachable. My hosting company was attempting an upgrade which caused a serious error. My site was down for most of the day, and any e-mail that was sent to me bounced back. If you sent me any e-mail, please re-send it. Hopefully all scripts are working, but if any part of the site doesn't work for you, please let me know.

  • 09/02 - [Bandwidth costs]

    The cost of running this site is getting to a point that I can't afford the bandwidth. Lots of people are linking to images of the site, and I end up paying for that. PLEASE, if you want to use an image off the site, copy it to your own server. Don't directly link to it. I can't keep paying these costs forever. Thank you, Kuljit.

  • 08/02 - [Johnson on casting]

    WizardWorld.com has some comments by DD movie writer/director Mark Steven Johnson on the casting of Michael Clarke Duncan, Jennifer Garner and Colin Farrell.


  • 06/02 - [Random news]

    * Darkdevil appears in a few panels in this week's Spider-Girl
    * Spider-Man makes a few comments about DD (no actual DD appearance) in Ultimate Spider-Man this week
    * Jon Favreau looks to be the lead contender for the role of Foggy Nelson in the DD movie

  • 04/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 6
    * No DD-related items shipping

    February 13
    * Daredevil #30
    * Daredevil: Parts of a Hole TPB
    * Elektra #7

  • 03/02 - [CDN price rises]

    Marvel fans in Canada will find that prices on titles this week have increased. Comics usually at $3.50 ($2.25US) are now $3.65. Daredevil will now cost $4.75, up from the $4.50 ($2.99US) price. American prices remain the same, for now.

    January 2002

  • 31/01 - [New DD mini?]

    This week's Wizard has some interesting rumours... In a profile of writer John Ney Rieber, the upcoming writer of Captain America, Wizard suggests that Rieber may have a DD mini series in his future with artist Jae Lee.

  • 31/01 - [Jeph Loeb interview]

    Russell Lissau has a new interview with Daredevil Yellow writer Jeph Loeb at the CBR site. Loeb discusses how his new Spider-Man: Blue series will compare to Yellow and his other work.

    Jeph Loeb interview at CBR

  • 29/01 - [Garner, Duncan on board]

    After checking with my sources, it is now time to officially confirm that Jennifer Garner is playing Elektra, and Michael Clarke Duncan is playing Kingpin! Colin Farrell is also signed to play Bullseye.

  • 28/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 28
    * DF ELEKTRA DOUBLE SGN #1 $49.99

    February 6
    * No DD-related items shipping

  • 25/01 - [Movie date change]

    The Daredevil movie's release date has been pushed back to February 14, 2003. For more details, check out Wizard's site.


  • 24/01 - [Previews items]

    The solicitations for April 2002 have been delayed, but here are some special items you may be interested in ordering in February's Previews.

    * Daredevil Yellow Hardcover $29.95
    * Dynamic Forces DD: Man Without Fear Hardcover $89.99
    * Dynamic Forces DD: Man Without Fear Hardcover Head Sketch $149.99

    As always, tradepaperbacks are available for order. Marvel has added a few DD-related titles to its backlist.

    * BATMAN DAREDEVIL (STAR10224) $5.95
    * DAREDEVIL BATMAN #1 (STAR7020) $5.99
    * DAREDEVIL BORN AGAIN TP (STAR14467) $17.95
    * DAREDEVIL GANG WAR TP (STAR10175) $15.95
    * DAREDEVIL SPIDER-MAN TP (STAR13940) $11.95
    * DAREDEVIL NINJA TP (STAR13939) $8.95
    * ELEKTRA ASSASSIN TP (STAR12388) $24.95

  • 22/01 - [Ultimate Spidey Special]

    Brian Bendis posted info about his upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man Special. For a complete list of creators, check out his message board. Bendis revealed that artist Scott Morse will draw the Daredevil chapter and Frank Cho will draw Elektra!

    Bendis Board

  • 21/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 23
    * Nothing DD-related shipping

    January 30
    * Nothing DD-related shipping

    Late books include: Elektra, Double-Shot, DD: Parts of a Hole TPB

  • 17/01 - [Appearances]

    * DD makes a cameo appearance in Spider-Man #39 this week
    * Darkdevil makes another appearance in Spider-Girl #43
    * The second part of Bob Ingersoll's analysis of Bob Gale's DD arc is in Comics Buyer's Guide #1470 * If you missed it last week, DD makes an appearance in Bluntman and Chronic. Ben Affleck also wrote the afterword.

  • 16/01 - [6 years!]

    Way back in 1996, I put together a really simple page (and I call it that because it really was one page) about my favourite super-hero, Daredevil. It was just a way to waste some time in between classes at school. I didn't think it would end up being the site it is now. Never in a million years.

    Some of you have been here from the beginning. Some have dropped by because of the Marvel Knights relaunch. Others are visiting because of the upcoming movie.

    Now, the site is 6 years old. What do you have to look forward to this year?

    * The Daredevil movie will obviously be the big event this year. I'll do my best to keep updating that part of the site with casting, costumes, storylines, etc. and I guarantee, I will get an interview with Mark Steven Johnson. There's also the video game too.
    * The guys at comicboards.com have set up their own Daredevil message board. They were kind enough to ask if I had a problem with them setting it up, but I gave my blessing. There can never be enough DD promotion! :) I told them I'll keep my message board running here too, because there is a dedicated community here. If you've never checked out the message board on the site, please do so! You can also visit http://www.comicboards.com/daredevil/.
    * The Bendis/Maleev run will continue, with something important happening very soon. The Marvel Knights will return. Maybe an Essential Daredevil book. The Parts of a Hole TPB.
    * I'm working on a in-depth interview with David Mack, and hopefully, an interview with Bill Reinhold will be completed soon.
    * Anyway, I'm probably forgetting something, but I wanted to thank every one of you who is reading this and visits my site on a daily/weekly/monthly/whatever basis. Thanks for all the kind comments over the years. I hope I can continue to keep the site going for many years to come.

  • 14/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 16
    * Daredevil #29 $2.99
    * Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer #2 $5.95
    * Daredevil II Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt (O/A) $23.95/$26.95
    * DF Daredevil/Elektra by Miller Signed Litho $69.99

    January 23
    * No DD-related items shipping...

  • 14/01 - [DD Video Game]

    Encore Software announced today that it has signed an exclusive 5-year deal to create games based on Daredevil. Their first game will coincide with the release of the DD movie. Thanks to Kevin for the heads up.

    Los Angeles - Jan. 14, 2002 - Marvel's Daredevil, one of the most popular comic book superheroes of all time, will soon come to life on next-generation console systems. Encore, Inc. announced today that the company has signed an exclusive, five-year, worldwide agreement with Marvel Enterprises, Inc., one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, to publish exciting action-adventure games starring Daredevil.

    Daredevil ranks among the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe, alongside other superhero icons Spider-Man, The X-Men and The Incredible Hulk. With an avid fan base that numbers in the millions, he consistently outsells his superhero competition. Daredevil currently holds four of the top 25 comic book spots (source: Diamond Distributors, the leading comic book distributor in the world), and over the past 12 months, the comic book series has sold over 2 million copies.

    The game's release will coincide with the world premiere of the highly anticipated Daredevil movie, starring Ben Affleck, which is scheduled for debut during the 2002 holiday season. This live-action film will hopefully be the first in a series of Daredevil movies expected to release over the next five years. It is being produced by Marvel Studios, and distributed by New Regency Productions and 20th Century Fox.

    "Marvel's Daredevil is an enormously popular character with a huge fan base who are eagerly awaiting this videogame," said Michael Bell, chairman and CEO of Encore. "The debut of the console game and the live-action film, will not only dramatically expand that fan base, but also propel Daredevil into mainstream popular culture.

    "For Encore, this agreement underscores our leadership as an interactive entertainment publisher focusing on highly recognizable, mass-market brands. Daredevil will be one of many blockbuster console games our company will publish in 2002."

    Russ Brown, senior vice president of consumer products at Marvel Enterprises, Inc., added, "Videogames are a natural extension of our comic books, and a great way to introduce this core Marvel character to current and prospective fans. To make the game even more exciting, Daredevil will feature supporting roles by some of our other hot characters, including Elektra, a femme fatale from the movie who has a proficiency in martial arts; Bullseye, the ruthless assassin determined to murder Daredevil; and Kingpin, ruler of the East Coast underworld."

    Daredevil's Story Comes to Life

    Daredevil -- also known as the Man Without Fear -- is lawyer Matt Michael Murdock by day, superhuman adventurer by night. Blinded in a childhood accident, Daredevil upholds his passion for justice and rises to superhuman levels through hyper-developed senses of hearing, smell and touch, and extraordinary acrobatic abilities. He uses these skills, as well as his fighting baton and grappling hook - disguised as his blind-man's cane during the day - to battle Kingpin and other malicious criminals from his Hell's Kitchen, New York City, base of operations.

    Elektra - Femme Fatale

    The software publishing rights granted by Marvel include the character Elektra. In the Daredevil videogame, she will have a supporting role where she partners with Daredevil in his battle against evil. In the comic book series, Elektra is key as one of Daredevil's girlfriends and dynamic ally. Her current popularity is evidenced by the sales success of Marvel's recently launched Elektra comic series, and by the major role she will have in the Daredevil movie.

    About Encore, Inc.

    Encore, Inc. is a leading interactive publisher in the videogame and PC CD-ROM markets. In 2002, the company will release such highly anticipated next-gen console games as Jackie Chan Adventures, Dragon's Lair 3D and Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars. As the nation's largest privately held PC entertainment and education publisher, Encore also offers a broad range of titles under internationally recognized properties, such as Sesame Street, Dragon Tales, National GeographicÒ and Kaplan. Encore products are sold in over 35,000 stores nationwide, and in major international markets. The company has been recognized in the past two years by Inc magazine as one of America's 500 fastest growing private companies. For more information, visit www.encoresoftware.com

    About Marvel Enterprises, Inc.

    With a library of over 4,700 proprietary characters, Marvel Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: MVL) is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Marvel's operations are focused in five divisions: entertainment (Marvel Studios), licensing, toys (Toy Biz), comic book publishing and Internet/New Media. Marvel facilitates the creation of entertainment projects, including feature films, television, home video and the Internet, based on its characters and also licenses its characters for use in a wide range of consumer products and services including video and computer games, apparel, collectibles, snack foods and promotions. Marvel's characters and plot lines are created by its comic book division which continues to maintain a leadership position in the U.S. and worldwide while also serving as an invaluable source of intellectual property. For additional information visit the Marvel Web site at www.marvel.com.

  • 11/01 - [Potential Elektras?]

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, the list of actresses up for the part of Elektra is down to a group of 4. As noted earlier this week, Jennifer Garner is among them. Also in this list are: Jolene Blalock (from the show Enterprise), Mia Maestro (from the movie Timecode), and Rhona Mitra (from the movie Get Carter). So is any of this true? :)

  • 10/01 - [Appearances, news]

    * Be sure to check out the latest Comics Buyer's Guide, where writer Bob Ingersoll talks about all the 'legal errors' in Bob Gale's DD arc.
    * Black Widow fans should pick up Iron Man #50.
    * As mentioned a few days ago, Jennifer Garner is NOT officially Elektra. The role has still not been cast. There is no truth to the Monica Belluci rumour floating around as well.
    * Essential Daredevil looks to be in Marvel's plans.
    * There may be special projects that will tie-in with the DD movie. More info on those as the movie production gets underway.

  • 08/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 9
    * DF ELEKTRA ALT CVR SGN #3 $29.99

    January 16
    * DAREDEVIL #29 $2.99

  • 07/01 - [Misc. news]

    * The role of Elektra has still not been officially cast. AICN posted a rumour of Jennifer Garner getting the role, but at this point in time, it is still a rumour. Hopefully an official announcement will come soon.
    * Darkdevil appears in the latest Spider-Girl.
    * Weekly shipping is back on Wednesdays now after the Christmas holidays pushed everything back to Friday for two weeks.

  • 04/01 - [Nuff Said Plots]

    In case you haven't read them yet, the complete plots for DD#28 and Elektra #6 are now available on the Marvel site. Some future issue details are revealed, so be warned for spoilers!

    Daredevil #28
    Elektra #6

  • 04/01 - [Elektra cast?]

    Check out all the links in the Movies section today concerning the DD movie. According to E! News Daily, the role of Elektra has been cast and an announcement could come as early as today!

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