09/08 - DEVIL'S REIGN Cover Process

Upcoming DEVIL'S REIGN artist Marco Checchetto took to social media to share some of his process for the cover.

Devil's Reign 1

Devil's Reign 2

Devil's Reign 3

Devil's Reign 4

Writer Chip Zdarsky also talked about the series in his newsletter, mentioning that the logo was designed by himself and Marvel's Jay Bowen.

So, last week Devil’s Reign was announced in amongst a bunch of other fun stuff. People seemed excited? I don’t really know as I’m not on twitter. If you announce a Marvel Event but you’re in a forest, does it make a social media impact? Big question and I don’t care about the answer it turns out??

Anyway! That was last week and then yesterday the cover for issue one debuted by my partner in crime/justice Marco and our cover colour guru Matt Wilson! I worked on the logo/design with Marvel’s graphic bigwig Jay Bowen and I think … it works??

GodDAMN that Marco can draw.

Marvel put out a press release with more details as well. I don’t want to give too much away, but it all kicks off in Daredevil #36, when Wilson Fisk encounters something wildly unsettling that pushes him over the edge. He’s maybe my favourite character to write, so getting to have him unleashed has been a lot of fun. And look at that lineup of heroes! Luke Cage! Sue Storm! Spidey! It’s almost unfair that I’ve seen so many amazing Marco pages from this and you haven’t!



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