09/15 - DEVIL'S REIGN First Look

The first issue of DEVIL'S REIGN is not coming out for another few months, but there's already a preview available on IGN.

So if you don't mind spoilers, you can click on ahead.

In the meantime, Chip Zdarsky had a few comments about the series:

"From the beginning I had Fisk's catalyst figured out, the thing that propels him to, well, lose it," Zdarsky told IGN. "But the fallout and what it meant for New York was something I worked on in the background as the series went along."

Zdarsky continued, "Part of what shaped the story is the fact that, when I pitched the Daredevil storyline to the Marvel editors and writers, the feedback kept making it bigger. Like, originally it was a big Daredevil story, and then it was suggested we make it a mini event and then when I submitted the first outline it became clear this is much bigger than Daredevil and the street-level heroes, so it got the green light as a big ol’ event!"

"He’s trying to sway the public using cherry-picked examples of various incidents, Matt’s recent troubles being one of them," Zdarsky said. "He’s a politician and he’s actually pretty good at it, which is a problem for our heroes. But, beyond that, he has some aces up his sleeves that are definitely not about politics."

Zdarsky continued, "What makes Fisk an elevated threat is his mind, not his fists. That’s always been the case. Sure, Thor could turn him into paste, but Fisk knows that and has planned for it. And Marvel superheroes aren’t about to overthrow democracy."



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