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12/25 - Vincent D'Onofrio talks Kingpin

SPOILERS if you haven't watched HAWKEYE!

I've waited a few more days than most sites online, but here's most of the Vincent D'Onofrio interviews related to his appearance in HAWKEYE.


"I think from my point of view, like a lot of the Avengers stuff, a lot of the MCU stuff, they tried to connect as many dots to the original canon as they can, and some dots are just not possible to connect. And that's what we've done with connecting to Daredevil and vice versa. There's some dots [that] are connected. Like in the Hawkeye show, Fisk is obviously physically stronger and can take more physical abuse. But the key to his being an interesting character, in my mind, will always be the fact that he has this emotional life that grounds him, that makes everything work, as far as I'm concerned."

Screen Rant


"[I was approached] earlier this year," the actor tells us. "Kevin called me and of course I said, 'Hell yeah.' I was told from my representatives that he [Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige] wanted my phone number and he called me directly."



“I didn’t know that Daredevil was going to end when it did, I thought it was going to continue for a few more years,” D’Onofrio said. “There was a lot to explore there, there were many facets of my character to explore.”



“I know as much as you do. I can only hope that I get to continue to explore the different facets of this guy. I just love playing him so much.”

Toronto Sun


"Then when they put out the shot of me on Kate Bishop's phone in the [penultimate] episode of Hawkeye and that was out in the world, then Charlie and I talked again. So yeah, we constantly fill each other in when stuff has happened so that we can, No. 1, be nostalgic, and No. 2, we can share things as friends."

Entertainment Weekly


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