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10/17 - She-Hulk Interviews

Hopefully this is enough time for spoilers, but if you haven't seen the last two episodes of SHE-HULK, maybe skip the following...

Charlie Cox and Tatiana Maslany have spoken with many media outlets the past few days, and some more promo pics have been released.

Let's first start with the promo pics:






Tatiana Maslany - Extra TV

Extra TV

Tatiana Maslany - The Hollywood Reporter

“I keep texting him being like, ‘Am I required for set today?’ And he says, ‘We’ll let you know by lunch.’ But he just keeps putting it off. I’ve been waiting outside the set in my She-Hulk costume, so just put me in, coach,” Maslany says half-jokingly.

The Hollywood Reporter

Charlie Cox - GQ

It's mad. It's a mad experience. As you say, I have spoken about the fact that, emotionally, I had moved on. We'd had a really great experience making the shows that we made, and I'd loved playing the character. I felt like it had been a success. Did I feel like there were scratches left to itch? Yes. Sometimes, it's just the way it goes. I think it had been almost two years since I'd heard from anyone, so I really expected everything to move on.

Then, to suddenly now be, weirdly, at the start of the journey again—we feel like we're just beginning again—I feel incredibly blessed, incredibly fortunate, and really excited to crack on and play this character some more.


Charlie Cox - Variety

I don’t like to speculate; I’ve learned over the years that when you get excited in an interview and you talk about things that could happen, the problem is that they then litter the internet. People talk about it, and then if it is a good idea, you end up ruining it for the fans. The only thing I’ll say is that I had such a blast working with Tatiana. She’s such an extraordinary actor, and the characters’ chemistry was really strong. There’s more fun to be had there, so whether we can go on that journey a little longer and our lives can collide again, I don’t know but I’d certainly be in support of that, if it can happen.


Charlie Cox - Entertainment Weekly

The thing that I'm most intrigued about and really interested in is to see how and why Marvel have chosen this character to appear in an 18-episode series. There has to be a reason why this character has been chosen. I think probably the fact that he's a lawyer, which in and of itself lends so many story possibilities to us, is probably the main reason. But I'm just fascinated to see what we are able to do in terms of storytelling with that many episodes. It's such a huge task. It's such a huge undertaking, but I think if we get it right, to have that many episodes to tell a number of stories is really a really fun challenge and potentially incredibly gratifying.



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