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04/16 - Daredevil News Items

Some quick news items from the week so far...

The Daredevil (2003) movie will be added to Disney+ in the USA this May 1st...

Phase Zero had a chance to interview Alaqua Cox to discuss her show and what the future holds for her character...

The Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire series that ran on SerialBox (which is not available in audio form anymore) is now available as a digital book on Kindle and other services... you may remember this story featured Matt Murdock in a supporting role...

If you were wondering who was behind the Coca-Cola x Marvel commercial...

Agency: GUT
Production: Partizan
VFX: Electric Theatre Collective
2D Design/Animation: Electric Studios
VFX: Landia
Production service: Stillking
Edit: Work Editorial
Sound: Nomad

Sneak peek of the Marvel Portfolio of David Mack: Daredevil!

Last week Marvel reprinted Daredevil #2 in a free comic "Marvel Must-Haves"...

With this month's Daredevil: Epic Collection V7: The Concrete Jungle, this only leaves V8-11, covering issues #155-233 left... wondering if they will print the O'Neil issues next, considering most of the other issues have been reprinted in multiple forms...


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