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06/07 - Daredevil Terminal Degree Episode 10

Episode 10 from the Daredevil: Terminal Degree adventure has been released today on Marvel Move. This episode concluded the story.

Marvel Move is a fitness app where you walk, jog or run alongside Marvel superheroes in interactive adventures.

Here's the main plot of the adventure:

Terminal Degree

When you’re taken under the wing of distinguished lawyer Matt Murdock, it's not long before you become entangled in his daring extra-curricular activities. You’ll need skills and speed to take down a dark criminal underworld that’s surprisingly close to home. Luckily, you have Daredevil on your side...

Episode 10: Closing Statement

With S.H.I.E.L.D. on the scene and your enemies in custody, you're safe and in the clear... right?

The adventure is written by Bilal Dardai, directed by Ella Watts, with Sound Design by the Six to Start Sound Team.

Full credits are available (and summaries too) on the website under spoilers. Matt Murdock is portrayed by Samuel Brewer.

Daredevil Terminal Degree


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