Daredevil #10

Title:"While The City Sleeps!"
Writer:Wally Wood
Penciler:Bob Powell/Wally Wood
Inker:Wally Wood
Cover:Wally Wood
Letters:Artie Simek
Editor:Stan Lee
Assistant Editor:None
Date:Oct. 1965
Cover Price:0.12


Abner Jonas
Ape Man
Bird Man
Cat Man
Debbie Harris
Foggy Nelson
Frog Man
Matt Murdock
Milton Monroe
Monk Keefer

Daredevil #9

Daredevil #11

Bob Powell
Volume 1 - 9 10 11
Volume 2 - None
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Volume 6 - None
Wally Wood
Volume 1 - 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 164
Volume 2 - None
Volume 3 - None
Volume 4 - None
Volume 5 - None
Volume 6 - None

Issue Summary

Summary/Review by Michael Deeley

A man dressed as a cat frees Monk Keefer from prison under orders from The Organizer. The Organizer later contacts Frog Le Blanc and Hawk Hudson for his gang. Giving orders via a giant TV screen, the Organizer has them all dress in animal costumes that give them special abilities and orders them to commit crimes across the city. (Guess what "Frog", "Hawk", and "Monkey-fur" dress as.)

The next day, (man I'm tired of that segue), Foggy Nelson announces he's been picked as a candidate for D.A. by the new Reform Party. Matt's happy, but is suspicious of this new party. They attend a yacht party thrown by Abner Jonas, Reform Party's candidate for mayor. He introduces Deborah Harris to Foggy. The two used to have a crush on each other in jr. high.

That night, Matt overhears the Organizer giving orders to Frog Man, meaning the Organizer is someone on the boat! Matt saves Jonas from an assassination, but the Frog Man escapes. DD later finds the Bird Man robbing the Reform Party's office. He recovers the money, but Bird Man gets away. The Organizer concocts a plan to get Daredevil out of their hair. They trick DD into opening a bank vault and frame him for attempted robbery. Wanted by the police, DD still breaks up a fight at a Reform Party rally.

Murdock's realizes he's facing a clever foe. If the Organizer is a member of the Reform Party, why is he directing attacks against it? They're just making the party more popular with the voters. Foggy is looking like the next DA, which would make him more attractive to Debbie Harris. A party that night reveals dissention within the ranks. Milton Monroe feels Jonas is using the Organization's crime wave to his advantage, and he don't play that dirty pool. Milton threatens to quit. That's when the Organization strikes! DD manages to capture Cat Man, but the others kidnap Debbie.

Cat Man tells all he knows to the police, which isn't much. He's never met the Organizer in person, nor seen his real face. Ape Man's attempt to kill him is foiled by Daredevil. DD follows the Ape back to his hideout where he learns Debbie is a member of the Organization. Her kidnapping was faked to keep Nelson in line. Lost in thought, Daredevil doesn't notice the Bird Man flying his way. . .

Woof! Man, these Silver Age comics sure are packed. This is a rare two-part story from the 60's, a time when comics would tell an entire tale in one issue. Readers were challenged to figure out the Organizer's identity by a clue placed in the story. It was a real mystery that readers could have solved. That's the kind of fun I don't see in today's comics anymore. Pity.

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