Daredevil #6

Title:"Trapped By... The Fellowship Of Fear!"
Writer:Stan Lee
Penciler:Wally Wood
Inker:Wally Wood
Cover:Wally Wood
Letters:Sam Rosen
Editor:Stan Lee
Assistant Editor:None
Date:Feb. 1965
Cover Price:0.12


Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Mr. Fear (Zoltan Drago)

Daredevil #5

Daredevil #7

Stan Lee
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Wally Wood
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Issue Summary

Summary/Review by Michael Deeley

The Ox and The Eel are robbing a bank while pretending to film a commercial. Daredevil sees through their ruse and attacks. Suddenly, he's confronted by a man in a blue skull mask and a purple costume-Mr. Fear. Mr. Fear shoots a gas pellet at Daredevil. Our hero is suddenly filled with terror! He runs away and the crooks flee. The next day, the news is calling Daredevil a coward and Matt wonders if they're right.

Meanwhile, we learn the origin of Mr. Fear. Zoltan Drago was a wax museum owner obsessed with bringing his wax statues to life. After experimenting for months, he discovers a formula that fills anyone with absolute terror. He quickly decides to become a criminal and creates the identity of Mr. Fear. He recruits the slippery Eel and the strong Ox to pull off his first crime. Since Daredevil intervened, Fear plans to trap our hero at his museum.

Drago announces a new wax figure of Daredevil on display. Murdock, Foggy, and Karen go to see it. Murdock learns the Ox is hiding in the museum. He doesn't know Foggy also saw the Ox. Later that night, he returns as Daredevil and fights all three villains at once. Foggy blunders in, and Mr. Fear tries to use him as a hostage. Foggy tries to rip off Fear's mask, but the Ox swats him aside. The three villains escape again. Daredevil rushes Foggy to a hospital.

Karen is called, and Matt thinks he hears love for Foggy in Karen's voice. Little does he know that it is he whom Karen loves. She just wishes Matt wasn't so unemotional. Our evil trio finds Foggy's hospital and go to "shut him up" before he can identify Mr. Fear. Luckily, Daredevil was watching Foggy's room for just such an attack. DD drives them away, then follows them back to the wax museum. It's a long, hard fight, but Hornhead beats down the Ox and Eel. Fear is revealed to be a coward, naturally. Foggy recovers from his injuries and returns to the office. The story ends with Murdock saying, "One thing we can be sure of is. . . (Daredevil) is NOT one of us." That doesn't sound the least bit suspicious, now does it?

Mr. Fear seems like a natural arch-nemesis for a "Man Without Fear". Sadly, Drago would be killed off-panel years later by Starr Saxon, (aka Machinesmith), who stole his evil persona to destroy Daredevil.

If you don't recognize the Ox and the Eel, there's a reason for that. The Eel was a minor annoyance in the Marvel Silver Age. I believe he was killed by the Toad in an issue of 'Wolverine'. The Ox was one of the Enforcers, three villains who worked for the Green Goblin in 'Amazing Spider-Man'.

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