Daredevil #11

Title:"A Time To Unmask!"
Writer:Stan Lee
Penciler:Bob Powell
Inker:Wally Wood
Cover:Wally Wood
Letters:Sam Rosen
Editor:Stan Lee
Assistant Editor:None
Date:Dec. 1965
Cover Price:0.12


Abner Jonas
Ape Man
Bernard Harris
Bird Man
Cat Man
Debbie Harris
Foggy Nelson
Frog Man
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Milton Monroe

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Bob Powell
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Issue Summary

Summary/Review by Michael Deeley

Daredevil has found the hideout of the Organization. He barely escapes Bird Man to "rescue" Debbie Harris, a willing participant in the Organization's plans. Matt warns Foggy that the organizer is a high-ranking member of the Reform Party. Foggy doesn't believe it, but agrees to help set a trap. They tell party leaders Bernard Harris, Abner Jonas, and Milton Monroe that they have evidence of the Organizer's identity locked in their office safe. As Matt expected, someone rifles through their office files. Foggy concedes he's been played for a dupe.

Unable to talk further with the party leaders, Murdock returns to Debbie's apartment to overhear her rebuff the Organizer's latest plan: Kill the mayor of New York. Daredevil promises to protect her in exchange for her help.

DD finds Frog Man setting a bomb at the mayor's mansion. He quickly subdues the villain, switches costumes with him, and goes to the Organizer's headquarters. He's told the police to listen in on the radio frequency the Organizer uses on Frog Man's two-way video harness. Organizer's attempt to blow up the mayor's mansion is broadcast across the city. DD is quickly overwhelmed by the rest of the gang who escape with their leader.

At Reform Party headquarters, Nelson announces he's dropping out of the race. Suddenly, the Organizer broadcasts a vow of revenge over television. Jonas accuses Monroe of being the Organizer, since he's the only party member not present. Foggy says that speech could have been pre-recorded to frame Monroe. Suddenly, Bird Man and Ape Man show up to kidnap Jonas. DD fights the villains, but tells Foggy to stop Jonas from running away. After the fight, Daredevil proves Jonas was the Organizer by the ring he wore in both identities. Debbie Harris' testimony puts him away.

Back at the home front, all is not well. Foggy feels like a chump after being played by the Organizer and Debbie. Rent on their office is overdue, since they haven't had a client in weeks. And Matt and Foggy both wonder who Karen really loves. Murdock announces he's leaving the firm to take a vacation. He thinks it will give Nelson the chance to move into a smaller, cheaper office. Foggy thinks about how this could improve his chances with Karen. And Karen decides to accept Foggy's next marriage proposal.

Some of the best Daredevil stories would follow a plot similar to this one. A villain working behind the scenes manipulates the public and/or the law to achieve his ends. Daredevil can't just fight the guy; he has to expose him or connect him to his crimes. And his friendship with Foggy and his latest romance take another hit.

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